Shura's Wrath

Chapter 249

Cai’Er’s New Friends

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Having eaten flower nectar, pollen and dew for her entire life, what sort of reaction would this little Fairy have upon eating the delicious human food?

Ling Chen originally thought that the way Tian Tian ate was the most terrifying eating style in the whole world, but he found that he was wrong. The moment Cai’Er floated over to the table, she began to devour the food like a cyclone. Because Cai’Er was quite small, she almost landed inside the plate, and ravenously devoured everything in front of her. Seeing her almost inhale all of the food, Ling Chen’s jaw almost hit the ground. After all, she was already hungry, and was someone who loved to eat yummy things. After finding food that she felt was so delicious, she was unable to control herself.

Fairies did not eat any human food. Perhaps this was why they were called the purest creatures, free from any contamination or pollution. However, this didn’t mean that they didn’t like to eat human- it was just that, sealed away in their own world, they didn’t have any chance to eat human food.

Ling Chen had ordered nine dishes in total, and Cai’Er had already finished one in just a matter of seconds. She raised her head from the plate, and licked her lips, “Wowww… so, so yummy! I’ve never eaten something so yummy before… this is definitely the most, most, most yummiest thing in the whole world!”

After recovering, she leapt towards another plate, and after taking a small bite, her eyes flashed, “Wah! Heavens… this one… is even more delicious than the one from before!!”

Cai’Er’s yelling caused Ling Chen to become speechless. The food in the plate rapidly disappeared as Cai’Er once again started to devour everything. Ling Chen was simply amazed- how could Cai’Er’s little body fit so much food?! Seeing Cai’Er in her frenzy, he walked over to another side of the room and picked up his communication device. He softly said, “Ruo Ruo, have you eaten with Tian Tian yet? Can you get Meng Xin and the others to come to where I am? I’m at the Central Food Plaza in the Emperor Room. I’m going to introduce a very cute friend to you guys.”

After talking to Shui Ruo, Cai’Er was still feasting her heart out. Ling Chen sat next to her and watched her eat.

Ten minutes later…

“Whew…” Cai’Er comfortably sat on the table, and happily patted her little stomach. As her little tongue licked her lips, she exclaimed, “So full, so full! Human big bro, so this is what your human food is like. It’s simply too delicious.”

“Much better than your Fairy food, right?” Ling Chen smiled as he replied.

“Mhmm!” The little Fairy nodded her head earnestly, “I didn’t know there could be such yummy things in the world… you humans are so lucky.”

“If you stay in the human world, you can eat this sort of thing every day.” Ling Chen smilingly said.

The little Fairy who had cried her heart out because she was taken to the human world now had a look of deep contemplation on her face. After thinking for a while, she reluctantly shook her head, “Even though… even though I want to eat this yummy food every day, but granny said that I shouldn’t go to the human world. I’m sure they’re all very worried about me right now…”

Seeing the scraps of food left, Cai’Er swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and asked in a small voice, “Big bro, can I take some food back with me? I really want granny, dad and big sis to try some as well.”

“Sure. This place does takeaways, so I’ll order some for you now.” Ling Chen immediately agreed.

“Wah! Thank you big bro… you’re really a good person!” The little Fairy ecstatically replied. Unknowingly, she started to like this big brother more and more.

Ling Chen ordered even more food for takeaway, and put all of it in front of Cai’Er. There was so much that it could be described as a small mountain. Cai’Er gazed at all the food for a while, then waved her hand. A green glow appeared on the food, and the takeaway food disappeared.

“Alright, now I can bring all of the food back with me.” Cai’Er said as she patted her hands. She had probably put the food into some sort of special item or dimension.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door, “Big brother, are you inside?”

Inside the VIP room, even if it was the waitresses, they would first have to knock, and would have to be given permission to enter before they could enter. Hearing the voice from outside, Cai’Er panicked, and instinctively shot into Ling Chen’s cloak. Ling Chen chuckled, and replied, “I’m inside, you guys can come in.”

Shui Ruo, Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er and Mu Bing Yao walked in. Shui Ruo walked over and smiled, “Big brother, you said that you wanted to introduce us to a very cute friend- where is he or she?”

“Right here.” Ling Chen mysteriously smiled, and took off his cloak, “Cai’Er, come out, I want to introduce a few human big sisters to you.”

Seeing that her hiding place had suddenly vanished, the little Fairy gave a cry of surprise and flew behind Ling Chen’s back, her hands covering her eyes… as if she believed that if she couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see her either. She was not fearful of Ling Chen anymore, but that did not mean that she was not scared of humans in general. After seeing so many humans approach, she couldn’t help but feel scared.

“Wah!!” Even though Cai’Er flew behind Ling Chen very quickly, the girls were still able to see what she looked like. They all let out cries of surprise- this little person was so small, and had a pair of transparent wings. Ling Chen moved aside, and used his hands to move Cai’Er in front of him. He comfortingly said, “Cai’Er, don’t be afraid, they’re all good people and won’t harm you.”

As he spoke to Cai’Er, he looked at the girls, and signalled to them not to do anything that would scare the little Fairy.

The girls were all staring at Cai’Er, their eyes were filled with curiosity and liking… it was the same way Leng’Er looked at her dolls. Indeed, none of the girls could resist this cute and beautiful little person.

“So cute! I’ve never met such a cute little girl before!” Shui Ruo was instantly smitten by this little Fairy, and she walked closer as she smiled, “Little sister, is Cai’Er your name?”

No one could resist Shui Ruo’s gentle and heart-warming voice. Hearing this voice, the little Fairy looked up, and nervously said, “I… I’m called Cai’Er.”

“Cai’Er, what a lovely name. It suits you a lot.” Shui Ruo said as she smiled.

Even if Cai’Er tried, she simply wouldn’t be able to find anything scary about Shui Ruo. Seeing Shui Ruo’s smile, she simply couldn’t stay nervous anymore.

“Cai’Er, not only are you so pretty, but your name is very pretty as well!” Xiao Qi also walked over, and looked at this little girl closely, “I’m called Qi Qi; you can call me big sister. This is called Shui Ruo, this is Su Su, this is Meng Xin, and this is Mu Bing Yao. We can all be good friends to Cai’Er.”

Seeing that Cai’Er was still a little bit nervous, Xiao Qi introduced everyone to her. Yun Meng Xin looked at Cai’Er for a while, then gently asked, “Little sister, how old are you this year?”

“Me? I’m… 103 years old this year.” The little Cai’Er replied.

Yun Meng Xin: “……”

Shui Ruo: “……”


The girls’ change of expressions was almost comical. This answer was something that they definitely had not expected. Ling Chen explained, “That’s really her age. Cai’Er isn’t a human of the Forgotten Continent, but a Fairy.”

“Fairy?” The girls were all shocked.

Ling Chen nodded and explained, “En, Fairies usually live for one thousand years or so. A Fairy who is 103 years old is equivalent to a human who is about 10 years old. Not only do Fairies live for a long time, but they also age slowly, and their mentality develops at a similar rate. As such, Cai’Er’s personality is that of a ten year old child’s.”
Subsequently, Ling Chen told them about how he had entered the Fairy Forest, followed Xiao Hui into the Fairy Realm, and taken Cai’Er out from there. The girls were all extremely shocked and amazed, and couldn’t stop letting out cries of surprise.

“Big brother, you’re so bad. I can’t believe you took Cai’Er out like that. I’m sure she was very scared at the time.” Shui Ruo rebuked Ling Chen as she bent down to comfort Cai’Er, “Cai’Er, don’t worry, and don’t be afraid. Very soon, big brother will send you back. We’ll all protect you and won’t let anyone harm you.”

“En!” Although they had been strangers, but after interacting with the girls for a while, Cai’Er was not afraid of them anymore… within her heart, she thought to herself that humans weren’t as scary or terrible as her granny had said. On the contrary, they all seemed very kind and nice.

“I’m going to take Cai’Er back today. It’s just that Cai’Er has already lived for 100 years, but this is her first time leaving the Fairy Realm. After taking her back, she might never be able to come out again. So before I take her back, do you all want to take her out to play?”

“Of course!” Shui Ruo happily replied.

“Great, great! Cai’Er, there are lots of fun places in the Azure Dragon City. There’s a massive amusement park, so we’ll take you there, okay?” Of course, Xiao Qi was completely on board with this idea.

“Um… Cai’Er, can I hug you?” Su’Er stood in front of Cai’Er and nervously asked. She looked even more nervous than Cai’Er herself. However, it was obvious from the way she looked at Cai’Er that she really, really liked this little Fairy.

“Me too, me too… Cai’Er, let big sister hug you alright?”

“Hnn… Qi Qi, don’t steal her away from me…”

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