Shura's Wrath

Chapter 240

A Decision That Would Affect The Rest of Tian Tian’s Life

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Suddenly, Ling Chen heard there were footsteps coming from behind him. By the time he had noticed, the footsteps were already very close. All of his attention was focused on making love to Shui Ruo, so he had not noticed until it was too late. Ling Chen looked over, and his eyes met a pair of shocked, widened eyes…

Tian Tian was standing behind him, her mouth wide open as she stared at their ‘union’.

Ling Chen: “[email protected]#$%&…”

Seeing Tian Tian standing behind them, Ling Chen felt as if a massive lightning bolt had hit him in the head. He froze, and stared back at Tian Tian.

Beneath him, Shui Ruo had no idea that Tian Tian was standing right there. She breathed raggedly, and licked her lips with her tongue. After feeling that Ling Chen had stopped moving, she gasped, “Big brother… don’t stop, hurry up and do me.”

Ling Chen: “…….”

A stream of cold sweat tricked down from Ling Chen’s forehead as he debated whether or not he should continue moving. Seeing Tian Tian’s reaction, he could tell that she would not be forgetting about this anytime soon. This reaction told him that her mother had already told him about ‘interactions’ between men and women, but evidently she had never seen it so up close before.



The first cry of shock and surprise came from Tian Tian. Seeing this sort of thing for the first time, Tian Tian covered her eyes, turned around and ran away while screaming. She ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. The second cry came from Shui Ruo. Tian Tian’s scream caused her to yell out in shock even louder. She quickly grabbed her clothes and put them over herself. She unwrapped her legs from around Ling Chen’s waist, and tried to move Ling Chen off herself. However, Ling Chen did not budge, keeping them connected.

Goddamit, when did that little brat come out from the game? And she had been so silent when she woke up! What the hell!

“Big brother… what to do… what to do… Tian Tian saw us… what to do…” Shui Ruo’s face became even redder, and was so embarrassed that she almost started crying. She had actually been seen like this by Tian Tian- she didn’t know how to act in front of the little Tian Tian anymore.

Ling Chen exhaled slowly, then started to laugh, “If she saw, she saw. Never mind, let’s keep going!”

“But, but… ah… ahhh…”

Ling Chen once again began to thrust, and Shui Ruo started to moan again. Although she was incredibly embarrassed by what had just happened, she simply couldn’t resist Ling Chen. Not too long after, Shui Ruo reached the peak of her pleasure, and let out a long cry. Her body softened, and the fluids leaking out soaked a large patch on the sofa.

Ling Chen quietly opened the door to the bedroom. Inside, it was completely dark. Tian Tian had completely covered herself with the blanket, and hearing the door open, she wrapped herself within the blanket even tighter.

Ling Chen helplessly look at Shui Ruo, whose face was still flushed red. Shui Ruo walked over, and gently patted the blanket, softly saying, “Tian Tian, you must be very hungry right?” Dinner’s ready, so come out and eat… if you keep hiding in the blanket you’ll feel sick.”

Tian Tian did not respond at all.

Shui Ruo bit her lips, and tried again, “Tian Tian, quickly eat dinner and we can go out to the night markets together. It’s very beautiful in Beijing at night. Oh, and look, we bought a lot of sweets for Tian Tian to eat- they’re even yummier than chocolate.”

There was still no reaction from Tian Tian. Even with such offers, she was still unwilling to come out. It seemed that the shock she had just experienced was not small.

“Let me try.” Ling Chen walked over, and gently laughed. He reached out, and directly picked up the blanket with Tian Tian inside. A cry of shock came out from within the blanket. Ling Chen moved part of the blanket aside, and Tian Tian’s little head appeared. Seeing Tian Tian like this made Ling Chen laugh loudly.

Tian Tian quickly covered her eyes with her small hands. She exclaimed, “I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see.”

Ling Chen pulled her two small hands away, and casually said, “If you saw it, you saw it. We can’t change the past, and it’s not that bad.”

With her hands pulled away, Tian Tian tightly closed her eyes. All of a sudden, she began to cry, “But… but mummy said that only adults can do those things, and that I can’t look at that sort of thing, otherwise I won’t be pure anymore and I’ll become a bad child. Mummy also said that my body can’t be touched by men, otherwise I’ll turn into a bad child… but you touched my hamd… wuuuu…. I’m not pure anymore, and I’m a bad child now… mummy won’t like me anymore and won’t want me anymore, wuu wuuuu…”

Ling Chen: “……”

Shui Ruo: “……”

Hearing Tian Tian say this, Shui Ruo sighed in relief. She stroked Tian Tian’s face, and gently said, “Tian Tian, your mummy’s right, and little kids must obey their mummy. But Tian Tian isn’t a little kid anymore, right?”

Hearing Shui Ruo say this, Tian Tian stopped crying as loudly. She sniffled, and vigorously nodded her head, “I… I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m a big Demon Queen. After my magic recovers I’m going to conquer the earth and go to save mummy… I’m not a little kid.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Shui Ruo smiled, “Since Tian Tian’s not a little kid anymore, Tian Tian can look at things that little kids can’t look at. Us girls can’t let men touch our bodies, because once they touch us, we’ll have to be with them forever, and only they can look at and touch our bodies. Did your mummy tell you these things?”

Ling Chen: “……” (Come to think of it, what Shui Ruo’s saying doesn’t sound quite right… oh, is she doing this on purpose)

Shui Ruo seemed to know what he was thinking, and she turned to him and winked.

Tian Tian’s face was still covered in tears, but she was not crying anymore. She said in a small voice, “… Be with them forever… like daddy and mummy?”

“That’s right! Tian Tian’s so smart.” Shui Ruo quickly nodded, “See, Tian Tian’s mummy only belongs to Tian Tian’s daddy, right? It’s just like that.”

Tian Tian looked up at Ling Chen, and stared at him for a while, “Then I… and the big bad guy… do I have to be with him forever, and my body can only be looked at and touched by him?”

Ling Chen: “……………………………”

“Exactly!” Shui Ruo elegantly nodded as she smiled. All of her embarrassment from before seemed to have disappeared, “In fact, big brother will continue to protect Tian Tian, look after Tian Tian, and won’t let anyone bully Tian Tian. He’s also going to give Tian Tian lots of yummy things to eat, so isn’t this such a good situation?”

Ling Chen was feeling more and more conflicted. Although this was just to calm her down, this little girl was believing every single word coming out of Shui Ruo’s mouth. Moreover, the sort of things Shui Ruo was saying… didn’t seem to be too good.

Tian Tian blinked a few times, earnestly listening to Shui Ruo. As she heard the last few sentences, her eyes shone. All of a sudden, there was someone who would protect her and give her lots of yummy things to eat, forever… this didn’t seem too bad.

“So I’m really still pure and haven’t turned into a bad child? So mummy won’t be mad at me and won’t want me anymore?” Tian Tian anxiously asked.

“Of course. Tian Tian’s not a little kid anymore, so what’s wrong with seeing those kinds of things? Plus, as long as Tian Tian doesn’t let any other man look at her body or touch her, it’ll be completely fine.” Shui Ruo sincerely said.

Tian Tian thought for a while, then weakly looked at Ling Chen, “Then… big bad guy… no, big bro, will you really protect me and give me lots of things to eat, forever?”

“Of… of course, little Tian Tian.” Ling Chen forced himself to reply. All of a sudden, a decision that would affect the rest of Tian Tian’s life had been made.

Tian Tian’s reaction told Ling Chen that little kids were way too easy to trick.

“Then… big sis, big bro, after eating dinner, let’s go to the night market and buy lots of yummy food, okay?”

“If Tian Tian wants to go, we’ll definitely go.”

“Yayyyy!!!” Right after crying, Tian Tian began to yell out in joy. She jumped out of the blanket, “So hungry, so hungry, let’s eat!!”

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