Shura's Wrath

Chapter 203

Completely Filled Plains

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East of the Azure Dragon City, in the Second District of the Plains Region.

The Second District of the Plains Region contained monsters from LV14 to LV17, which was perfect for players who were farming for gold. Normally, most of the players here were between LV13 and LV15, but at this moment, the Second District of the Plains Region was completely packed. Everyone stood close together, unable to move. This was no exaggeration.

There was a sea of heads and no matter where you looked, you couldn’t see the end of it. The crowd was so vast that anyone looking at the scene would break out in cold sweat. Despite the huge number of people flowing in, they had left a very large empty space. These players were clearly not here to train. These immeasurable groups of players were all swarming here for a purpose. They all wanted to personally witness Mystic Moon’s first ‘official fight’. On one side, the super cool, super dark horse Ling Chen stood against the greatly supported, number one player of China – Sword Emperor!

Ling Chen was the first to actively challenge the Sword Emperor since he became famous. In addition, the stakes for this fight were also a cause for excitement – on one side was the Guild Creation Token, but on the other were 2 Celestial Grade Weapons!

The fight was initiated yesterday morning and news of it had spread so far throughout China that not a single person didn’t know about it. Such awareness naturally brought the attention of major media, who only served to add fuel to the flames. And then the news was quickly exaggerated to a point where the whole world knew. Even the mere challenge of the Yan Huang Alliance in the public was insulting enough for the press to descend upon them. After all, both parties were already world famous people – especially the Sword Emperor. The number of times that the Sword Emperor had used his moves in public was very rare. The people all earnestly hoped that they would be able to witness the Sword Emperor’s power with their own eyes.

It was high noon and Yun Meng Xin, Xiao Qi, Su’Er, Mu Bing Yao who still hadn’t come out of the First District of the Plains Region were startled by the sight of the immeasurable crowd before them. They had been afraid that many people would want to observe and so there would be no space, which was why they decided to come early. This was just way more than they expected. Xiao Qi stuck out her tongue, and looked to Yun Meng Xin, “Big sister Meng Xin, what do we do? With so many people there’s no way we can force our way in.”

Yun Meng Xin didn’t hesitate for long and gently shook her head, “Lets go back. When the time comes there should be a live broadcast.”

“But I want to see big brother Ling Tian beat Sword Emperor with my own eyes. It will be incredible! Su Su, you want to see it with your own eyes too don’t you?” Xiao Qi’s said reluctantly, her lips curled.

In this fight, not many people favoured Ling Tian to win and most people only came to witness the prowess of the Sword Emperor. After all, Ling Chen’s strength was primarily determined through the grade of the equipment he had revealed and no one knew about his true strength, whereas everyone knew the strength of the Sword Emperor. But for Ling Chen, they knew of his 3 Celestial Grade Weapons and his 2 strong pets. This equipment could be considered the finest in all of China, creating jealousy in all players who saw them. But how did he do it? The people would not forget that in the last fight of the previous virtual world, the Sword Emperor was completely covered in Silver Equipment, yet getting a single handed silver sword was not something an average player would be able to attain. There was no earring, no ring, no necklace… the highest-grade equipment the Sword Emperor had was Silver grade, and yet during the fight, the Sword Emperor easily defeated the top 5 in the Heaven Rankings. Which of the players on the Heaven Rankings was not strong? Moreover, in the late game, their equipment was of incomparable magnificence. At that point, the lowest grade was the Celestial Grade and some even had a whole body full of Heaven’s End equipment… but it was no help against the simple equipment of the Sword Emperor.

And so, even with Ling Chen’s reputation of being astonishingly strong, there was still little faith that he would be able to defeat the Sword Emperor. This was also the opinion of Long Tian Yun, who most fully understood the real strength of the Sword Emperor. On the contrary, Ling Tian appeared extremely arrogant in his eyes. Moreover, it seemed as if he had never been in the virtual world before, what with not having seen Long Tian Yun or the Sword Emperor before. And to think that one was unmatched in strength purely because of equipment grade was extremely conceited. How could this kind of person defeat the Sword Emperor.

But in the unlikely event that Ling Tian managed to actually defeat the Sword Emperor, then his reputation would rise exponentially overnight. He would have also technically beaten those the Sword Emperor had beaten. He would become the new first rank!

“Lets go back, in order to avoid danger,” Mu Bing Yao said, and then turned around to start heading back.

“Mu big sister is right. There are too many people here, which means there are many risk factors. Plus, even if we stay, it will be impossible to push to the front,” Yun Meng Xin said, “Qi Qi, Su Su, lets go back. We still have 2 more hours and even more people will arrive in that time.”

Although there was still some reluctance to leave, Mu Bing Yao and Yun Meng Xin both agreed on returning. So it was best to return together to the city, to the cabin that belonged to Heart’s Dream. Even though Yun Meng Xin had already attained 900 million gold of funds from Ling Tian, she hadn’t started using it yet and they still stayed in the small cabin, unwilling to leave it.

The girls had just returned to the Heart’s Dream cabin when there was a flash of white and the pure Shui Ruo appeared. Xiao Qi faced up and shouted anxiously and excitedly, “Ruo Ruo, is Ling Tian big brother here yet? We want to encourage him face to face! He must defeat the Sword Emperor!”

“Ruo Ruo, did your brother go directly to the plains district?” Yun Meng Xin looked at the time. The time until the fight was still 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Shui Ruo gently laughed, “Big brother said he had some other things to do so he didn’t come with me. But you don’t have to worry about him, if he says he can defeat the Sword Emperor, then he definitely can.”

“Of course I believe Ling Tian big brother. But… that Sword Emperor is really strong. I’ll ask Ling Tian big brother where he is now,” Xiao Qi said as she picked up her communication device.

“Let it go, he definitely has something important to do. Let’s not bother him,” Yun Meng Xin said.

“Oh, okay,” Xiao Qi heard what Yun Meng Xin said and obediently put the communications device down.

The time slowly passed as people anxiously waited for the fight. The plains district was filled with more and more people as time went on, so much so that if a piece of meteorite landed in the plains right now, it would the biggest tragedy in history. Be that as it may, even more and more people kept going in. It was impossible to force your way through since so many were unwilling to leave, and yet so many continued to accumulate. Within the crowd there remained that large empty gap. The leaders of both parties had not yet arrived.

The time drew nearer still and the disturbance in the crowd grew less. They were looking at the time, anxiously but excitedly waiting for what was to come.

Finally, after a little while, there were what was probably 100 troops coming from the west. A voice rang out.

“Look! It is the Yan Huang Alliance! Leader of the alliance, the Sword emperor… and the Flame Emperor are here!”

The crowd was in turmoil and everyone tried to see past each other. Those 100 troops were led by Long Tian Yun who had the Sword Emperor on his right and the Flame Emperor on his left. With the protection of these two people, no one in the world could harm Long Tian Yun.

“It’s Long Tian Yun! The leader of the Yan Huang Alliance, he really came!! It looks like this fight is of great importance to him.”

“Of course he will be here, because of what is at stake! The two Celestial Grade equips! I suspect that Ling Tian chose to wager these two Celestial equips so as to catch the attention of the Alliance Master.

“That is the Sword Emperor? His appearance, his step, his breath… it gives off such a sense of indescribable mysteriousness. I can finally say I’ve seen the Sword Emperor with my own eyes. I hope Ling Tian can last a little longer.”

“…Ooh, someone before was taking bets that the Sword Emperor will defeat Ling Tian within 10 seconds. My stomach couldn’t take what he was saying, so I started arguing with him and we almost got into a fight.”

“Cheh! If the Sword Emperor gives Ling Tian seconds, he has already given him some respect. What about that makes you uncomfortable? Do you really think that Ling Tian, the kind of person who came from nobody knows where, could defeat the Sword Emperor?”

“That’s right, I don’t feel good about it!! Say that the Sword Emperor will defeat Ling Tian in 10 seconds again and I will knock your teeth out!! 5 seconds!! The Sword Emperor must defeat Ling Tian within 5 seconds at most! I will lose it if anyone says 10 seconds. That is an insult to the Sword Emperor!”

“Look, to his left is the Flame Emperor. Legends say that in the past, over 100 players were killed within a second when he cast his strongest move! Over a hundred! He is a Fire Elementalist and the fire that he casts is many times stronger than others. Anyone who touches it will die. When can my magic ever reach even half of his potency?”

“Cheh, if you can reach a tenth of the Flame Emperor’s strength it would be good enough already, let alone half…”

The people engaged in heated discussions, staring earnestly at them. As the Yan Huang Alliance moved through the crowd, they opened up and allowed them access to the middle. A line of 100 people altogether may have seemed extreme, but even a fool knew that wherever Long Tian Yun appeared, there would be many members of the Alliance present. In addition to the 100 members, there would also be a huge number of Yan Huang Alliance members concealed in the crowd.

Long Tian Yun and the Sword Emperor had already arrived but there was no sign of Ling Tian. Standing in the middle, Cang Yan looked around and sneered, “This Ling Tian, is very daring. He dare let the Alliance Leader and The Sword Emperor wait on him!”

Under the myriad of gazes, Long Tian Yun’s expression did not waver but deep down he was feeling uncomfortable. In the guild rankings, there was title that was maliciously hung above his name to shame him: “Underneath is the Yan Huang Alliance that the dog set up”. Anyone who opened the guild rankings could see it. That was equivalent to standing on his face and taking a dump on the Yan Huang Alliance. Until he took this down, he would forever be in turmoil on the inside.

He looked around and saw many familiar faces. The people that were stationed near to the front were not just ordinary people. They were strong leaders and even through the dark night, he could see quite a few. It looked like this fight had interested too many people.

“Xie Yu, when you are fighting, finish it quickly,” Long Tian Yun said in a low voice.

The Sword Emperor did not respond and remained still, like a statue.

“Flame Emperor, have you prepared the revival scrolls?” Long Tian Yun turned to ask.

Flame Emperor nodded, “Relax young master. When Ling Tian is killed by the Sword Emperor, I will immediately bring him back to life.”

“Ahem, such a precious revival scroll to be used on Ling Tian, what a waste of resources,” Cang Yan said in disdain.

“Although it will be a waste, the motivation behind it is wise. Firstly, it can demonstrate the kind-heartedness of the Yan Huang Alliance. Secondly, after bringing Ling Chen back to life, he will have to hand over the Celestial Equips on the spot. Otherwise if he dies and returns to the city, he can quickly throw the equips away and no one would know.”
The time was gradually closing in on 2pm until only a few minutes remained before the fight.

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