Shura's Wrath

Chapter 197

Slaying the Giant Skeleton (2)

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Editor: TheNo1Fan

Under the threat of the Darkness Spike, Ling Chen ran at his full speed. However, he did not run in a straight line, nor did his running have any predictable trajectory or rhythm. While running, his weapons struck the Warring Palace Skeleton’s foot, but he did not slow down at all.

Because of how enormous the Warring Palace Skeleton was, as well as how small Ling Chen was comparatively, the Warring Palace Skeleton took a long time to lock onto Ling Chen’s position every time it went to attack him. Thus, the frequency of its attacks was not very high. The moment the Warring Palace Skeleton began to raise its sword again, Ling Chen stopped attacking, and distanced himself from it, and waited for its next attack.


Another Earth Splitting Slash landed, and Ling Chen easily evaded it again. Like a bolt of lightning, he once again charged to its feet, and circled around them while attacking, causing the semi-spirit girl’s Darkness Spikes to miss. Ling Chen was right about the Darkness Spikes- although they were very difficult to detect, they required a period of time to form, and could only fly forwards in a single trajectory.


The Warring Palace Skeleton’s HP fell yet again, and after attacking six times, Ling Chen distanced himself from it again. He did not dare to be greedy and attack it more times than was prudent- after all, a single mistake could result in him dying. If everything went well, it would only take another 20 rounds of this strategy to kill the skeleton!

“Fall… with … me … into … a … bleak … hell …”





The Warring Palace Skeleton’s booming voice once again sounded out, but was not able to distract Ling Chen in the slightest. Right now, he had fully immersed himself in the battle- his spirit and mind were completely concentrated, and he consistently dodged the Warring Palace Skeleton and the semi-spirit girl’s attacks. In the gap of a few seconds between the Warring Palace Skeleton’s attacks, he once again unleashed a round of 6 attacks. From the beginning, he had not been hit even once, and all of the damage he had taken was only from the reflection of damage.

Back then, the Giant Greedy Toad had not been able to hit him even once throughout the course of their 9-hour battle. Although this skeleton was physically massive, it definitely wouldn’t be able to hit him either. Ling Chen hit it again and again with his normal attacks, occasionally using potions to replenish his HP. With his absolute hit and absolute pierce, as well as occasional critical hits, even normal attacks did an incredible amount of damage. After 10 rounds of 6 attacks, the Warring Palace Skeleton’s HP had been depleted to only 50,000 or so.

Good, let’s continue like this…

Although every single one of its attacks had missed, the Warring Palace Skeleton continued to take time to lock onto Ling Chen’s position. After all, it only had a bit of its will, not intelligence or battle sense, left. After the tenth time Ling Chen retreated from it, it did not raise its sword, but instead raised its right food then stomped down.

Ling Chen couldn’t help but laugh. He focused on the skeleton’s right foot, and the instant it hit the ground, he jumped.


This was the Warring Palace Skeleton’s Earth Shaking Stomp. If he was hit by tremors, he would be stunned, which would definitely result in him being hit afterwards. However, although Ling Chen wasn’t able to escape outside the massive AOE of the Earth Shaking Stomp, the information that Xiao Hui had transmitted to him told him that it only affected enemies on the ground… as such, if he could grasp the timing, he would be able to avoid the tremors.

As a massive boom sounded out, the ground shook violently. Under the semi-spirit girl’s Darkness Lock, his jumping ability had been reduced, but it was still enough to avoid the tremors. After jumping in the air for about one second, he landed on the ground. Some residual tremors caused his body to sway, but he did not become stunned. Ling Chen grinned, and charged up, his Soaring Cloud and Zephyr Blade relentlessly striking the Warring Palace Skeleton’s foot.


The Earth Splitting Slash posed no danger to him, and the Earth Shaking Stomp was easily avoidable. As long as he was able to dodge the Darkness Spikes, he would have no problems defeating this giant skeleton.

Yet another round of attacks wiped out another 7,000HP, after which Ling Chen retreated and replenished his HP, waiting for the skeleton’s next attack. As he carried out these attacks again and again, the Warring Palace Skeleton’s continuously decreased, from 20% to 15% to 10%.


The Darkness Lock that had been ‘restricting’ Ling Chen expired, but this change went unnoticed by Ling Chen. After yet another round of attacks, the Warring Palace Skeleton’s HP fell to below 20,000.


Ling Chen slightly gritted his teeth. In just two to three rounds of attacks, he would be able to finish off this skeleton.

At this moment, a cry of fury sounded out from the Warring Palace Skeleton. It stopped moving, and raised its huge sword high above its head. A mass of grey light appeared over its body.

Ling Chen stopped retreating… when its HP fell to 10% or below, the giant skeleton would release its ultimate skill- Thundering Heavens and Shaking Earth.

However, facing its final, and strongest, skill, Ling Chen began to laugh. Not only did he stop retreating, but instead ran towards it. If it was the Heaven’s End grade Warring Palace Skeleton using this skill, Ling Chen definitely would not have done such a thing. However, after becoming Celestial grade, this skill became pretty much useless… not because of its attack power, but because it had to charge up for 10 seconds.

With its current HP, 10 seconds was entirely enough to finish it off.

However, just when Ling Chen had reached the Warring Palace Skeleton’s feet, and was about to attack, he sensed something, and looked up. The semi-spirit girl had floated down from the Warring Palace Skeleton’s hand, and was only 5 metres away.

This girl, who didn’t have a physical body, did not fear physical attacks. He became alert as the girl drifted closer to him, and watched her actions closely as he furrowed his brows. At this moment, the girl’s eyes suddenly shone with a dark glow. Ling Chen’s eyes were forcefully compelled by some unknown force to look at her in the eyes… at the same time, information from Xiao Hui was transmitted to him.

[Eternal Eyes of Darkness]: Forbidden spirit skill, uses one’s own Darkness energy to bind the target’s soul. Once successful, the target’s soul will be temporarily frozen, and will enter into a “soulless” state. The “soulless” state will persist for (10+x) seconds (x = own level – target’s level; negative numbers will be counted as 0). If unsuccessful, the user will instead suffer from the effects. The rate of success is dependent on the strength of the user’s and target’s spirit respectively.

An icy feeling spread throughout Ling Chen’s body causing his entire body to feel slightly numb. At the same time, a gust of wind seemed to be dragging something out of his body. This sort of terrifying feeling went on for about one second, when Ling Chen let out a low shout and tore his gaze away from the girl’s eyes.

The young girl’s body went stiff, and the dark glow in her eyes dissipated. She stood in the air, as if frozen.

She never expected that not only did this forbidden skill not work on this human, but after only 1 second, it was reflected back at her, causing her to lose her consciousness.

The icy feeling disappeared from his body, and immediately, Ling Chen sprinted towards the Warring Palace Skeleton that was still charging up its ultimate attack.



The Warring Palace Skeleton and Ling Chen’s HP simultaneously fell. However, after a few seconds, Ling Chen’s HP was recovered, whereas the Warring Palace Skeleton’s HP continued to fall to 10,000, then 5,000, then 3,000… that semi-spirit girl continued to hover there in the air, as if frozen by ice.

“Even the Lunar Scourge was unable to take over his consciousness, and was conquered by him; yet a semi-spirit actually tried to attack his spirit?” Qi Yue mockingly muttered. The Eyes of Eternal Darkness was a fearsome Darkness skill, which could not be used by many. This skill told Qi Yue that the semi-spirit girl’s background was definitely not ordinary… but she had chosen the wrong person to use it on, and she had been the one to suffer the consequences.


“You can go die now!”

Seeing that the Warring Palace Skeleton had almost finished charging its ultimate attack, Ling Chen yelled out in a cold voice, and stabbed the Soaring Cloud into its foot.


With that final stab, the Warring Palace Skeleton’s final shred of HP had been extinguished, and the grey light of its ultimate skill that had almost finished charging disappeared.

“Even… if … I … die … I … will … not … let ……… you……………… hurt ……………”

The skeleton’s deep, booming voice was cut off, and its gigantic body fell to the ground with a crash.

“Ding… you have killed the LV20 Celestial grade boss ‘Undying Will – Warring Palace Skeleton’, you received Fame+2,000, SP+2,000.”

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