Shura's Wrath

Chapter 189

The Utter Humiliation

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

Waves of cheers from the Yan Huang Alliance burst forth. Right now, the focus of every person in China was on the Yan Huang Alliance. The Yan Huang Alliance, in all their glory, had once again taken the most desired spot at the top of the Guild Rankings. Of course the guild members would be cheering out of their sheer pride. At this moment, the smiling Long Tian Yun, holding the Guild Creation Token high in the air, seemed like a magnificent Emperor. Although the process was quite difficult, and he had paid a high price for this Guild Creation Token, seeing this scene, he did not have any regrets at all.

After a long time, Long Tian Yun finally put down the Guild Creation Token and gave it to the Sword Emperor beside him. The Sword Emperor took the Guild Creation Token, and under everyone’s gaze, swiftly put it away.

Long Tian Yun always gave the most important things to the Sword Emperor. This was because there was no safer place to store things than on the Sword Emperor’s body. After leaving the Auction Hall, many people may try to assassinate him to steal the Guild Creation Token away. However, who would dare to attack the Sword Emperor?

“Haha, congratulations Alliance Master Long. You are indeed a young hero; our Skyfall Dynasty acknowledges its defeat wholeheartedly.” Skyfall nodded towards Long Tian Yun. Although he had lost, he did not reveal any bitter expressions, but instead congratulated his opponent, giving off the air of a king.

Long Tian Yun immediately courteously replied, “Heavenly King Skyfall is being modest. If it wasn’t for you showing kindness, I wouldn’t be able to receive this Guild Creation Token. There are not many people to I, Long Tian Yun, admire and respect, but you are one of them. After a few days when the Yan Huang Alliance is officially established, I hope Heavenly King Skyfall will grace us with his presence.”

“Haha, of course, of course.” Skyfall smilingly replied. Despite the rivalry between the Yan Huang Alliance and Skyfall Dynasty, he truly did respect Long Tian Yun. There was not a single mediocre person from the Long family, but Long Tian Yun was simply a genius of geniuses.

“Congratulations Alliance Master Long. Although there were a lot of twists and turns, the end result was just as we all expected.” The Golden Age Alliance’s Mo Gu Lin also came forwards to congratulate Long Tian Yun.

“Congratulations, Alliance Master Long, looks like this Mystic Moon world will also become the Yan Huang Alliance’s world, hahaha.”

“With Alliance Master Long’s talents, the Yan Huang Alliance in this Mystic Moon world will definitely grow to no limits.”

“Today isn’t just a day of celebration for Alliance Master Long and the Yan Huang Alliance, but also for all of China. As far as I know, there isn’t a single Guild that has been officially established in Mystic Moon yet. The Yan Huang Alliance will not only be the first official Guild in China, but in the whole world. Congratulations, congratulations!”

The cheers from the Yan Huang Alliance continued, with no sign of stopping. Amidst all the noise, many bosses and guildmasters of large, medium and small guilds all came to congratulate Long Tian Yun. Though their envy and flattery were obvious, Long Tian Yun still courteously thanked them with polite words.

Having finally obtained the first Guild Creation Token, what Long Tian Yun wanted to immediately do was to go to the Azure Dragon City’s Guild Registry to officially create the Yan Huang Alliance. Although it was obvious to anyone that the first guild to be officially created would be the Yan Huang Alliance, at this point, Long Tian Yun simply did not want to take any risks. He squeezed out of the crowd, and called out in a loud voice, “Friends, my Yan Huang Alliance did not disappoint any of you, obtaining the first Guild Creation Token at this Auction. Now, we will immediately go to officialise the creation of the Yan Huang Alliance. I believe that within ten minutes, the announcement will be released. Within one week, the headquarters of the Yan Huang Alliance will be completed. When that time comes, I invite all friends to come join the celebrations. No matter if you’re one of our partners or simply a stranger, as long as you are a friend of the Yan Huang Alliance, all are welcome!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long live Yan Huang Alliance!”

Long Tian Yun began to walk towards the exit, guarded by the Sword Emperor on his right and the Flame Emperor on his left. The people in the way hurriedly squeezed to the sides to create a path for him. It was obvious that Long Tian Yun was heading towards the Guild Registry in order to officially create the Yan Huang Alliance. This Auction had ended, but the completely forgotten Lord Fortune had no chance to make a closing speech. However, the amount of gold spent at this auction surpassed 1 billion gold, which was enough to keep him smiling for the next few years.

Inside the VIP box, Ling Chen stood up. Shui Ruo immediately asked, “Big brother, are we leaving now?”

“Not yet.” Ling Chen shook his head, then looked at the girls, and said in a serious voice, “I’m going out for a moment. Don’t go out while I’m gone. Also, when we leave, make sure you don’t walk out, but use the VIP ticket to be directly transported to outside the Auction Hall. Under any circumstances, don’t let anyone know you were in the VIP box. Do you all understand?”

“Got it.” Although they did not know the reasons, but seeing Ling Chen speak so seriously, the girls all nodded their heads and agreed.

The exit was at the back of the Auction House, whereas Long Tian Yun had been sitting in the third row from the front. As he walked closer and closer to the exit, countless gazes were upon him, and many younger girls began to cry out as he walked closer to them. Just as he was halfway to the exit, a system announcement suddenly rang out.

“Ding…… China Region Announcement! Player ‘Peter Pan’ at 10:03AM has created the Guild ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’. As he is the first player to create a Guild in the China Region, ‘Peter Pan’ receives 300 Fame Points. As the first Guild created in the China Region, ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’ shall be recorded into the Forgotten Continent’s Chronicles. The China Region Guild Rankings have been released, with ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’ ranking as number 1.”

“Ding… China Region Announcement……”

“Ding… China Region Announcement…..”

As if he had stepped into a pile of mud, Long Tian Yun’s cheerful footsteps suddenly stopped. The cheering, shouting, discussing and whispering all abruptly stopped, and the Auction House became dead silent. The only things that could be heard were the China Region Announcement sounds.

Everyone’s gaze was suddenly fixed upon Long Tian Yun.

The impression that Long Tian Yun gave everyone was that he possessed a calmness and wisdom that far surpassed anyone else of his age. No matter what happened, no matter how big the pressure was, he would be able to maintain his cool composure. No one had ever seen him hysteric or panicking before. However, at this moment, there was simply no way to describe Long Tian Yun’s expression… if it had to be described, it would be something along the lines of… as if he had eaten 100 dead flies, and then 100 fresh and hot piles of dung.

The first Guild in the China Region had indeed been established today, but it was not the Yan Huang Alliance!! Instead, after the Yan Huang Alliance had received the Guild Creation Token for only three minutes, before Long Tian Yun had even walked out of the Auction House, its system announcement had rung out like a peal of thunder.

Long Tian Yun’s epic battle with the Skyfall Dynasty, as well as his spending of a whole 1 billion gold, adding on the Yan Huang Alliance’s cheers and celebrations, had become a joke… a massive joke!! Long Tian Yun, from his status as a victorious king, had suddenly been reduce to a joke. It was as if he had been dragged from heaven to hell in a single second.

He had spent 1 billion gold, and had finally received the Guild Creation Token. However, right after obtaining it, he had become the “Number 2”. However, what made everyone dumbfounded and Long Tian Yun utterly humiliated was the Guild that had stolen the top spot’s name…

Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog!!

Thus, if Long Tian Yun was to use this Guild Creation Token to create the second Guild, what everyone would see on the Guild Rankings would be:

Guild Rankings (According to Date of Establishment):

Number 1: Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog, Creator: Peter Pan

Number 2: Yan Huang Alliance, Creator: Long Tian Yun


What an utter humiliation!!

What was the Yan Huang Alliance? Its core was made of powerful political figures, and represented China on the international level. Not only was it the biggest Guild in China, but also in the whole world. No matter where one went, they would be able to see traces of the Yan Huang Alliance. Apart from the Skyfall Dynasty and the Golden Age Alliance, who else would dare to offend the Yan Huang Alliance.

At this moment, what appeared in front of all the players, not only those in China, but in the whole world, was the humiliation and mockery of the Yan Huang Alliance, especially its creator- someone who was publicly recognised as the Emperor of virtual games. And yet, Long Tian Yun had been called a “dog”.

Who was this “Peter Pan” person? What sort of enmity was there between him and Long Tian Yun to take such revenge on him? To the Long Tian Yun who greatly valued honour and fame, this sort of humiliation was even worse than stabbing him tens of times with a blade. And to do this to Long Tian Yun, did he not fear retaliation and revenge from the Long family and the Yan Huang Alliance? No one doubted that if Long Tian Yun found out who this “Peter Pan” was, he would use the cruellest methods to destroy him.

Long Tian Yun clenched his two fists, his long nails digging into his palms. He slowly turned around, his handsome face twisted in anger. He raised his hand, pointed forwards, and yelled one word at a time, “Someone… tell… me… what is going on!!!!!!”

The people who were normally by Long Tian Yun’s side, including Cang Yan, all took a step back in fear. Long Tian Yun never displayed any anger in public. Only those who were part of his trusted group knew how fearsome he was when he was angry. They all clearly knew that when angered, he turned into the most terrifying demon on earth. This was the first time Long Tian Yun had acted in such a way in public- because before today, he had never suffered such humiliation. Before today, no one had had such audacity to do such a thing.

In front of all of China, as well as the rest of the whole world, he had fallen from heaven into a pile of dung.

The Flame Emperor tried to move his lips, but not a single world could come out. What had happened? Not a single person could answer him.

What he did know was that… this Guild had been established right after Long Tian Yun had received the Guild Creation Token. If it was just this, then it was possible that it was simply a coincidence- that someone had obtained Guild Creation Token while the Auction was proceeding, and had created a Guild first. However, this new Guild’s name – Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog, even an idiot would be able to work out that this name was intended to humiliate the Yan Huang Alliance and Long Tian Yun in particular. In that case, this definitely could not be a coincidence, but rather a scheme to humiliate the Yan Huang Alliance! Someone had definitely obtained two Guild Creation Tokens- one was given to the Auction House to auction, and predicted that Yan Huang Alliance would win. Then, after he paid a high price for it, they would immediately create ‘Below is the Yan Huang Alliance created by a dog’. That way, not only did they steal 1 billion gold from the Yan Huang Alliance, but also slapped them in the face in front of the whole world…

The Yan Huang Alliance had been easily played like a clown.

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