Shura's Wrath

Chapter 188

The Final Victor?

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The price that Long Tian Yun called had already reached unprecedented heights, far surpassing everyone’s expectations. All the players were thinking the same the same thing… “Insane! They’ve all gone insane!!”

This wasn’t a fight for a prime piece of real estate, this wasn’t a fight to set up a luxurious mansion either – this was a fight for the name of “First Guild”, a single wooden token!!

As the fame of being the first guild was clearly captivating, the value of an actual Guild Creation token was not cheap. But with prices like these, they had definitely passed its real value. All the money invested in becoming the “First Guild” could have been invested into the actual guild, which would be more profitable.

But, for a small number of people, what was most important in the world was not profit, but fame and prestige. They weren’t only fighting for a small Guild Creation Token, they were also contending for the dignity and reputation of the two greatest guilds. Whoever gives up first will be known forever as the guild who failed to oppose the other. And for the winning guild, their reputation would forever be cemented as ‘the Guild who won’.

Skyfall directly raised his bid by 500 million, in an attempt to intimidate Long Tian Yun, but he didn’t think that Long Tian Yun would remain absolutely calm. Instead, he slowly turned to look him directly in the eyes, and bid even harder, making Skyfall’s heart jump.

For the sake of the Guild Creation token, he did some preparation beforehand, based on the price that Guild Creation Tokens had sold for in the past. Spurred by the experience of having lost to the Yan Huang Alliance in the past, he was even more determined to win. For the development of Skyfall Dysnasty, they had invested 10 billion gold. Of this 10 billion, due to insane budgeting, a tenth would be used to fight for the Guild Creation Token. Using a tenth of a guild’s funds to fight for a Guild Creation Token was already unimaginable!  500 million was already approaching the end of the funds, and he did not want to spend more than this. But when he shouted this exorbitant price, what he received was Long Tian Yun responding with 600 million.

Skyfall started to feel a cold sweat on his back.

“Hahahahaha!” Even if he was concerned, Skyfall still appeared to remain calm, letting out a big laugh. He believed that Long Tian Yun wasn’t in a better shape either, perhaps he was panicking even more. The bids for the Guild Creation token had already past 500 million, which certainly surpassed both their expectations. “Now that Alliance Master Long wants to play, I will accompany him all the way to the end.”

This time, Skyfall raised both hands, which drew the attention of all the players, staring with curiosity and breaths held. He stretched 7 fingers: “Seven… hundred million!! Alliance Leader Long, your move!!”

700 million… the large noise of the hall reached his ears. Ling Chen was completely calm, he didn’t feel the same rush he did before when it was increasing by the tens of thousands. Skyfall’s voice was quiet, but full of arrogance. However, Ling Chen could still hear a slight hint of trembling in Skyfall’s voice.

Looks like it’s almost there, Ling Chen looked down, with a look in his eyes as if he was watching a monkey show.

“Big Brother!!”

When Skyfall called out “700 million”, Against the Sky and Judging Sky were shocked. Against the Sky said in a low voice: “If we continue on like this, it will disrupt the budgeting! This price, it’s already too far!!”

“I know!” Skyfall answered, “To us it’s the same, to the Yan Huang Alliance, it’s also the same… right now, we are competing viciously!!” His face smiled and maintained a gaze towards Long Tian Yun, in an attempt to appear calm whilst secretly communicating.

“Big miss Li, you have seen the current situation. This token had already surpassed the expectations of many. No one has the funds to get it now, we can only depend on you.”

Li Xiao Xue’s eyelids drooped, making no eye contact. What Skyfall said to her was completely within her expectations. Her reply was also concise: “Heavenly King Skyfall, you should know, I will never go back on any agreements that I have made. I have given 100 billion in the first half of the year, not a penny more nor a penny less. How you will use it, is within your freedom. Whether you exceed your budget, is of no concern with me. My Li family money didn’t fall from the sky, nor is it not a bottomless pit.”


“Hahahahaha… Good, very good. 700 million… This is a surprisingly exorbitant price. Even if it is from the Skyfall Dynasty, this boldness is admirable.” Long Tian Yun again applauded with a laugh. But beads of sweat were appearing on his forehead. A situation like this was something that both Skyfall or he hadn’t anticipated, and definitely something that the players did not even imagine was possible.

“But, I of the Yan Huang Alliance, will never be trampled by anyone – past, present or future. Although the power of Yan Huang Alliance cannot compare with that of the Li family, we can still afford the token so…”

“…800 million!!”

Who knew how many people were shocked and fell from their seats.

“Young Master, is this too much!” Cang Yan said to Long Tian Yun. “This price isn’t just crossing the line a little, it’s outright unreasonable. If it was a prime piece of land it would be reasonable, but this is just a Guild Creation token!”

Long Tian Yun didn’t say a word. On the surface, he had a small smile, but his anxiousness could not be seen. However, only Cang Yan could clearly see that Long Tian Yun’s hands were shaking.

800 million… what kind of crazy number do they need for this auction to end?

“Good!” Skyfall said, “Alliance Leader Long is someone that inspires hope, it is hard not to admire. But it seems like Alliance Leader Long is beginning to sweat, perhaps it’s too hot in here? Do you need to open a few windows and let some air in?”

If you were close to Long Tian Yun, you could see the beads of sweat on his forehead. Long Tian Yun was slightly disturbed but said with a laugh, “Hahahaha, I appreciate your concern, Heavenly King Skyfall. Having stood for a while, it’s only natural that there is some sweat. But Heavenly King Skyfall… your complexion appears to be an unnatural red, almost like you’ve been working very hard? Haha, I did not think the almighty Heavenly King Skyfall would look so flushed, maybe you’re stressing too much. This 800 million gold bid, Heavenly King Skyfall, will you follow it up or not?”

“I will follow of course. It is only 800 million, not even big for me to consider. So, like Alliance Leader Long, I will add another 100 million… I, Skyfall of Skyfall Dynasty, bid 900 million!!”

The only sound that could be heard in the whole auction hall was the intense beating of everyone’s hearts.

“The situation is completely out of control.” Yun Feng shook his head. “Even if they successfully attain the Guild Creation Token and its glory, they will have lost so much. For one Guild Creation Token, at this price, is not worth it.” He moved his head, and said into Xiao Qiu Feng’s ear, “Do you think Long Tian Yun will follow?”

Xiao Qiu Feng raised his head a little, and said in a low voice, “If I was the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance, I wouldn’t. I would let them have the superficial honour of being the first guild but at the cost of 900 million gold from their funds. But the leader of the Yan Huang Alliance is Long Tian Yun… He, will definitely follow.”

Immediately after the words of Xiao Qiu Feng left his mouth, two words called for the silence of the whole auction once again.

“1 billion!!”

“The first guild, belongs to my Yan Huang Alliance. Even you, Heavenly King Skyfall, will not take that away.” Long Tian Yun’s face was plastered with a smile, the look in his eyes as sharp as a knife. Each word that he spoke was with force, deeply affecting everyone who heard them.

“Well said!!”

“We pledge to die loyal to the Yan Huang Alliance. This is our glory, and it cannot be moved!”

“The Yan Huang Alliance must coexist with the earth! Never fading!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long Live the Yan Huang Alliance!”

Large cries ran out throughout the auction hall. It was well known that the Yan Huang Alliance was of a massive scale. In the auction hall of 20 000 people, a large number were of the Yan Huang Alliance. Their loud cries broadcasted the prestige belonging to the Alliance and its players.

1 billion. Only the Yan Huang Alliance had boldness like this.

“1 billion is 1000 million!!” The eyes and mouth of Xiao Qi were wide open, she was about to fall.

“So much…” Even Su’Er couldn’t help but say.

“Long Tian Yun is just that kind of person.” Yun Meng Xin, on the contrary, was not so surprised. “If there is something he wants, there is no one that will take it from him. It’s always been so. If he has decided to be the first Guild, even if Skyfall Dynasty put together 2 or 3 billion, he would not give up.”

The look in her eyes when she thought of Long Tian Yun was as if she had seen this before, her eyes appeared absent minded.

“But it looks like Skyfall Dynasty is not prepared to go all the way with him,” Ling Chen said slowly.

When Long Tian Yun called out “1 billion”, Skyfall was smiling. He seemed more calm and collected, almost as if he had recollected his emotions. He let out a long sigh of relief.

It looked like he had underestimated Yan Huang Alliance’s strength… He had also underestimated Long Tian Yun’s endurance under pressure.

Raising his head and standing up, Skyfall had a smile on his face, clapping his hands. “1 billion… I think this number will not be surpassed for 100 years. As expected of the Yan Huang Alliance, I, Skyfall, admit defeat. This Guild Creation Token is your Yan Huang Alliance’s.”


The quiet auction was suddenly noisy again.

Lord Fortune didn’t need to say anymore, he quickly shouted the ending procedure of the auction: “1 billion once! 1 billion twice! 1 billion three times!”

“Sold! Congratulations Yan Huang Alliance, the Guild Creation Token belongs to you!”

All members of the Yan Huang Alliance stood up, and in one voice they made a sound so loud that it must have broken through the ceiling.

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long Live the Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long Live the Yan Huang Alliance!”

“Long live the Alliance Master! Long Live the Yan Huang Alliance!”

The shout from the Yan Huang Alliance was deafening, drowning the hall of all other voices.

History repeats itself. The winner, finally, as accepted in China was the biggest guild of all… the Yan Huang Alliance.

The transaction, while the roar of voices was still thundering, was completed under the gaze of everybody. They watched while 1 billion gold coins were paid, and Long Tian Yun held up the Guild Creation Token up high, showing it to the people, bringing reassured smiles. In that moment the Yan Huang Alliance shouts also increased to its limit. The Yan Huang Alliance was this auction’s biggest focus and it once again proved that no one can match the strength they had.

In the VIP box, Ling Chen turned on the communication device, raised his right hand, and gave it a loud flick, then turned it off.

Cheer heartily, and enjoy the show, laugh all you want…..… hahahahah.

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