Shura's Wrath

Chapter 182

Loulan Queen (1)

Translator: Sophia

Editor: Pebbles

The Azure Dragon City Central Auction House’s auction continued, but nothing big had yet happened from when it started until now. Everything went well and according to plan, but except for the first auctioned item, one that could immediately add skill points, there weren’t really any especially fascinating items. It was finally with the sale of the 7th item that the tension in the atmosphere started to grow.

It was nearly time for the main attraction of the auction – the Guild Creation Token. The people who were previously resting with their eyes closed opened them now and sat up straighter.

“Azure Dragon City Central Auction’s first opened auction is now officially going into the last stage. Right now there are 3 final auction items and I believe that these last three items will be able to make each and every one of you scream your heads off. Now, please keep your eyes wide open and look behind at the big screen behind me. Bidding for the eighth auction item will officially begin now.”

At this time, a black odd-shaped earring appeared on the screen. At closer glance, one could see it releasing a black mist.

The earring was very eye-catching to the players present in the auction. These types of accessories were ever uncommon these days, therefore the appearance of this earring alone was enough to warrant everyone’s attention.

Cursed Earring:

Category: Earring, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: LV15 and above Magician occupation. A dark earring that releases the atmosphere of death, bearing a powerful magic, but will continuously swallow the HP of the wearer: magic attack power +25, spirit+10, -10 HP/second

There was a crashing sound.

A storm of cheers suddenly roared through the auction hall as the players exclaimed with delight when the cursed earring was presented. The big bosses that had initially shown no interest at the start of the auction instantly paid full attention. Especially alert were the players who had magic-type occupations. Half had gotten up excitedly, whilst others were content with merely drooling in desire, but all were staring at the Cursed Earring on the screen.

“Young Master! Young Master! You have to get this earring for me! With this earing, my attacking skills and leveling up speed would be greatly increased. If I can get my hands on this earring quickly, I believe that it wouldn’t be a problem to finish the Forest of Bones Quest.” Cang Yun who was beside Long Yun Tian couldn’t stay calm any longer. His eyes were intently fixed on the earring, not unlike how an eagle looks at its prey.

Magic attack power was the central attribute to a Magician and this Cursed Earring had +25 Magic Attack Power, +10 spirit, adding up to 45 points of magic attack power and 100 MP. In the early stage of the game, this type of quality could only be described as terrifying. Plus, Cang Yun had just leveled up to LV15, meaning that he was at just the right level for this earring, if only he could get his hands on it.

If he did, his magic attack power would be far better than any of the other players. In contrast, the reduction of 10HP every second would not be a problem at all.

The earring itself was Gold grade. For all accessories, no matter what properties they had, this title alone would be enough to decide its value. Currently in all of China, less than 10 players owned Gold grade equipment. Having this type of Gold equipment was yet to be heard of.

“President Yan, didn’t you always wish to have me join your Yan Huang Alliance? If you can only get this earring, I will join in any second and the contract can be for 5 years of slavery, what do you think?”

“Brother Qiang, didn’t you always want me to be your girlfriend? If you can get this earring for me, tonight.. You can do whatever you want to me.”

“Boss!! You have to get this earring for me! If I have this earring, I promise that in three days I will be able to finish that ‘Howling Cave’ mission. By then, I will even be able to go one on one with Yan Huang Alliance’s Flame Emperor!

The auction place had become incredibly noisy with the appearance of the Cursed Earring. There was every sort of yelling both inside and outside the hall itself. The Magician players who weren’t able to enter the auction hall, but had enough money and power, had gone red in the eyes and were desperately bawling and shouting, wanting to break through the Auction hall’s door.

“Wow, +45 points of magic attack and 100 points of magic… this equipment is just amazing.” Xiao Qi was a Water Elementalist and couldn’t stay calm for another minute. She was so excited that her hands were trembling. Taking out her cell phone, she spoke hurriedly, “Brother brotherbrotherbrotherbrotherbrother!! Can you hear me? I really want that Cursed Earring. Please get it for me! Brother, you have to, okay!!”

At the scene, Xiao Qi’s reaction made the person beside her, Ling Cheng, speechless. He had to warn her, “Qi Qi, although this earring looks astonishingly elegant, in reality, it has more than just positive effects. The 45 points of magic attack is indeed powerful, but 10 points of HP would be dropped every second, this is not something that can be ignored.”

“It’s okay it’s okay, just 10 points only. 5 seconds means only 50 HP, so I can always recover back after a while,” said Xiao Qi, her face filled with excited expectation.

Ling Chen shook his head, “10 HP every second may sound not a lot, but once you equip it on you, your HP will decrease every second, and unless you take it off, it will never stop decreasing. Even if you entered a city, or rested, it wouldn’t stop. Therefore, no matter what situation you are in, you will be in a nervous condition and will always have to keep an eye on your HP. It would also get you distracted when you are in a battle, and magicians already have low HP, so having such equipment that swallows your HP even more would be dangerous. This thing is only suitable for powerful Magician experts with good battle sense. It really isn’t suitable for you.’

“If that is really the case….” If someone else had said that, Xiao Qi would not have even bothered to listen, but since it was Ling Chen, it was very convincing. She thought about it seriously before nodding her head, saying, “I guess you are correct, but… but let’s see if brother can get the earring. It would be the best if he did, but if not then… oh well.”

Ling Chen didn’t say anything, only sighed to himself. She still hasn’t give up. Sigh.. I don’t see why this stupid earring is so appealing, he thought.

Ling Chen felt confused inside. Had he only known that this girl liked it so much, he wouldn’t have bothered selling it and just gave it to her directly.

To Ling Chen, this was actually a useless earring. By now, the Chinese community knew that there was a Gold grade LV10 Magic Staff that increased magic attack power by 35. That’s right, 35. However this earring gave even more magic attack power than the LV10 Magic Staff! Every player wished they had a Gold grade Magic Staff and this earring. One could imagine how powerful they would be with both the Gold grade Magic Staff and the Cursed Earring. That was why, when the stats of the earring were revealed, it caught every single Magicians’ eyes and hearts.

Lord Fortune was very satisfied with the reaction of the public when the earrings were announced. After allowing the players’ excitement to build for a long time, he finally pretended to cough and clear his voice before yelling, “I understand each of your excited feelings, but it would wonderful if everyone could be quiet for awhile. As I believe everyone should know by now, the stats of the earring comes with a tiny negative effect. However, with its powerful magic power attack and spirit points, this effect can be totally ignored. I can say this without exaggerating: whichever magician wears this earring, at level 20, no, before level 25, their magic attack power would be unbeatable!!”

Lord Fortune’s words had their desired effect and every single magician below the stage had their hands clenched and ready, their breaths held in with so much anticipation that their faces all became bright red.

‘The earring is valuable, as I believe you, my friends, would know. So, which friend will be lucky enough to own this earring? Let us sit back and watch. This ‘cursed earring’ auction will now begin, its starting price is…. 100,000 gold coins!’

A thunderous yell carried from the end of the auction hall as soon as Lord Fortune finished speaking, “150 thousand!!!” the magnitude of the voice seemed to even shake off the dust on the ceiling. The players all secretly judged him. Top players who didn’t take money for granted were all gathered here. 150 thousand to take the earring that was driving everyone crazy? Even idiots knew it was impossible.

“160 thousand gold coins!”

“180 thousand gold coins!”

“200 thousand gold coins! I am the Head of the World Alliance, I would be honoured if the friends here could give me some face and allow me to have this earring.”

“Piss off! This earring is mine, 300 thousand!!”



The auction hall was reaching its climax for the first time. In less than 1 minute there had been more than 300 bids. Lord Fortune probably couldn’t even hear who was bidding, and this was only within 1 minute. The earring’s price went from 100 thousand gold coins up to 500 thousand gold coins.

“I can’t believe that this useless earring is worth so much money. Seems like it is continuing to rise up,” observed Ling Chen while resting his chin on his hand. He was pleased to see that his ‘useless earring’ could cause such an uncontrollable scene.  He had two Celestial grade equipment and Gold grade equipment all over him, so he already had no feelings for Gold grade equipment.  He simply couldn’t experience what it felt for a normal player to own a Gold grade piece of equipment.

“600 thousand! I will get this earring!”

“650 thousand!!”

‘670 thousand! Who dares to snatch it from me!”

“700 thousand!”

“730 thousand! This friend has bid 730 thousand gold coins, are there any other friends with higher bids!”

The price was still increasing with an abnormal speed, causing the jaws of numerous audience members who were watching the bids rise. The audience couldn’t understand why the players were spending so much money bidding on something that wasn’t going to be used for a long time in a virtual game, 700 thousand gold coins was enough to buy a luxury car in real life.

The next voice finally rendered the hall quiet.

“1 million!”

A cold voice had just raised the price of the earring to 1 million gold coins. The person who bid stood up as they did so, casually scanning the crowd.

“Flame Emperor!” Everywhere, players called out his name.

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