Shura's Wrath

Chapter 129


Wrath of the Man Eater

Everything took place within a few seconds. By the time the Black White Double Demons had realised what was happening, Savage Wolf had already become a corpse on the ground. The Black White Double Demon’s eyes widened. Mu Bing Yao was publicly acknowledged as the number two Assassin in all of China, only slightly inferior to the ‘Shinigami’. It only took her a moment to take a life, and the two lightning fast attacks she had just launched caused them to be fearful and apprehensive.

“Your side has lost, now piss off.” Standing in front of Savage Wolf’s corpse, Mu Bing Yao’s was as cold as a thousand layers of ice. Although she was incredibly beautiful, just looking into her eyes caused one to feel their heart becoming frozen.

The Black White Double Demon originally intended for Ling Chen, the only male on the other side, to participate in the ‘1v1’. They never anticipated that Mu Bing Yao would be the one to surprisingly attack… She was the revered Frozen Hearted Man-eater, ranked fifth on the Heaven Rankings, and yet she had stooped to kill of a small fry like Savage Wolf. The Black Demon’s face tensed, then relaxed after a while. He did not dare to go against the Alliance Master’s orders. Instead, he smiled, “As expected from the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, ranked fifth on the Heaven Rankings. Strong! We lost, and we definitely don’t dare to be sore losers…” He looked at the Black White Guild players, and released his rage on them, “You useless trash! You dared to fight for territory with the Frozen Hearted Man-eater’s friends. Hurry up and piss off! If you see them in future, make sure you treat them with respect, got it?!”

White Demon: “Yeah! Hurry up and piss off! If you see them in future, make sure you treat them with respect, got it?!”

“Yes, yes!” Seeing the guild masters so angry, the guild members could only agree and lower their heads. They bitterly regretted their actions from before- if they hadn’t left for a short while, those people would not have come here to fight for the territory, and so they would not have had such rotten luck to meet the Frozen Hearted Man-eater. However, given the fame and power of the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, they did not feel too ashamed.

“Let’s go!”

Wherever the Black White Double Demons went, they would be viewed with respect and awe. The Black Demon held in his anger, and walked towards Ling Chen and his group with the White Demon trailing behind him. Evidently, having reached LV11, they were preparing to go deeper into the wilderness to train. Walking past Ling Chen, the Black Demon smiled mockingly at Ling Chen and raised the middle finger of his right hand towards him, saying in a low voice, “Trash that hides behind women.”

“Yeah, trash that hides behind women!” The White Demon copied the Black Demon’s gesture, and raised his middle finger towards Ling Chen.

The moment they spoke, they suddenly felt an incomparable chill of coldness. Behind them came a wave of killing intent.

“Looking to die!!!”

The Mu Bing Yao who had just calmed down reacted as if they had committed some grave offense, her eyes radiating dark and cold killing intent.

Killing intent was something that could not be smelt, tasted or physically touched. It was something that normal people only read about in novels, and assumed only existed in fiction. However, the killing intent that was felt by the Black White Double Demons felt like a steel knife on their necks, and a wave of terror spread along their bodies. They turned around, and saw a white blur with a cold light coming rapidly towards them. By the time they had registered what was happening, the figure was only centimetres away from them.

Mu Bing Yao only had one weapon, but the Black White Double Demons both felt themselves targeted by her. To rank as the number two Assassin in all of China, the Frozen Hearted Man-eater’s attack power was incredibly frightening. In all of China, not many people could directly evade or resist this strike, let alone the Black White Double Demons who were not prepared at all. Despite their shock, they still reacted quickly, jumping to the left and right respectively. They simultaneously took out their weapons, which were both exactly the same- Copper grade swords.

However, it was not so easy to dodge the Frozen Hearted Man-eater’s attacks.

When attacking, the Frozen Hearted Man-eater had already predicted that they would each dodge towards different directions. When the Black White Double Demons had moved, her attacking right hand slightly shifted, slicing towards the White Demon’s neck.


The Black White Double Demons used all of their points to raise their attack power, and thus had low defence and HP. This one attack had reduced the White Demon’s HP by almost half. The White Demon’s body tilted, almost losing his balance. The Black White Double Demons rapidly retreated, trying to get as far as possible away from Mu Bing Yao. This was the first time they had been attacked by the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, and felt indescribable shock and terror. How terrifying the Frozen Hearted Man-eater was, was only known by those ‘fortunate’ enough to die by her hands. The Heaven Rankings and Earth Rankings were not two rankings that could be compared- instead, they were on two completely different levels. Those who were able to get into the Heaven Rankings were true monsters. Being attacked by the inhumanly strong fifth-ranked player on the Heaven Rankings, these two Earth Rankings experts vividly felt the god of death standing right behind them.

“Frozen Hearted Man-eater!! What is the meaning of this! We’ve already given you so much face, so what do you want!!” The Black Demon roared as he continued to retreat.

“I want you to die!!”

Mu Bing Yao’s reply was only a short sentence, and her body once again turned into a white blur, charging towards the White Demon.

“What’s going on with big sister Mu? Why is she so angry… does she have some sort of grudge with the Black White Double Demons?” Xiao Qi asked while covering her mouth, in a excited and bewildered tone.

Yun Meng Xin looked at Ling Chen, and thought back to the gestures and words the Black White Demons had made and said to him.

Ling Chen glanced at Mu Bing Yao, then said in a quiet voice, “We’re all guildmates, so we shouldn’t let her fight by herself. Su Su, shoot an exploding arrow a bit further than where the guy wearing white is… Qi Qi, use your ice blast… you don’t have to be too accurate, as long as it’s close to them.

“Eh? Got it!”

Being able to enter the Earth Rankings, the Black White Double Demons definitely were not ordinary people.  Although right now they were frantically retreating, it was mainly because of Mu Bing Yao’s sudden attack. If they were allowed to recover and counterattack, Mu Bing Yao would have to expend quite a bit of effort in order to kill them. Yun Meng Xin had also mentioned before, being twins, they had a special mental connection. If they worked together, it was even possible for the to defeat Heaven Rankings experts.

Su’Er immediately drew her bow. She quickly took aim, and her little hands released an exploding arrow which flew towards the White Demon. Mu Bing Yao immediately sensed an arrow approaching from behind, and quickly determined that it would not hit her. As such, she took no notice of it, and rushed ahead, targeting the White Demon. After frantically retreating, the White Demon ignored the attacking Mu Bing Yao, and raised the sword n his hand. He prepared to use the Warrior class beginner attack skill “Heroic Strike”, but before he even began to execute the skill, Mu Bing Yao had already disappeared.

The White Demon’s mind reeled, and his actions also momentarily stopped. In the next moment, Mu Bing Yao reappeared, the dagger in her hand already incredibly close to his chest… having just changed class to Assassin, her Assassin class stealth technique was still at the lowest rank, and was not usable for very long. Although she could only use it for half a second, and could not even change her attacking position in that extremely short period of time, she had successfully caused the White Demon to momentarily pause… one moment was enough time for an expert like the Frozen Hearted Man-eater to plunge her dagger into the White Demon’s chest.




After being hit for the first time, the White Demon had hurriedly used a HP potion, raising his HP back to full HP. This second strike caused him to lose almost half of his HP again. As HP potions had a cooldown of 5 seconds, he could only pray that he had enough time to use another one. However, two rays of light streaked towards him from his side.

Under normal conditions, the White Demon would have been able to easily dodge them, but facing Mu Bing Yao, he did not dare to take his focus off her. Only until he heard the whistle of the two projectiles did he sense the danger, by which time it was already too late. He was simultaneously pierced by an arrow and a spear of ice.

-158, -160!

The White Demon’s HP was immediately reduced to 0, and his corpse fell to the ground. The powerful White Demon of the Black White Double Demons had been executed without even striking back once.

“Little brother!!”

“Second guild master!!”

The Black Demon and the rest of the Black White Guild members roared in shock… White Demon being killed in the wilderness was something that had not happened in many, many years!! Just this was enough to send the Black White Guild into chaos.

“Wah!! Wah!! I actually… I actually killed one of the Black White Double Demons!!” Seeing the White Demon fall from her ice spear, Xiao Qi’s eyes widened, her excitement showing in her bright and starry eyes… she had actually defeated an expert on the Earth Rankings!! This was something worth bragging to big brother Xiao Qiu Feng about!

The Black Demon who was left was not even worth looking at. The moment he had let out that shout, Mu Bing Yao’s body had moved as fast as lightning to his side, and slashed at his throat… in the real world, slashing one’s throat meant instant death, but in Mystic Moon, there were no such things as weak ‘areas’ on the body, on ‘critical hits’. As such, whether the area of the body hit was the neck or a finger, the damage would be the same. However, Mu Bing Yao’s attacks had always targeted the neck, as if she was killing them in real life… perhaps this was something she had long become accustomed to.

Mu Bing Yao’s body became like a phantom, fiercely and rapidly attacking the Black Demon. Every time she attacked, she was guaranteed to hit him. After three lightning fast attacks, the Black Demon also fell to the ground… Mu Bing Yao’s dress was not very tight around her, and it fluttered in the breeze as she attacked. However, from the beginning, not even a corner of her dress touched the Black White Double Demons.

“Woah!! Big sister Mu is so strong!! Too strong!! I worship you to death!! Wahwahwahwah!!” Xiao Qi yelled as she clapped her hands. Su’Er’s eyes glittered, and were also filled with admiration towards the Mu Bing Yao who had killed the Black Demon within seconds.

In the blink of an eye, before the rest of the Black White Guild had even reacted to what was going on, the Black White Double Demons had already been eliminated by Mu Bing Yao. Seeing this girl who was extremely beautiful, yet filled with killing intent and had eyes that were incredibly cold, the Black White Guild members began to tremble, their teeth chattering… normally, the phrase they always yelled was, “Our guild masters are invincible”, and had boasted that their guild masters were on the Earth Rankings. However, right in front of their eyes, the two guild masters had been easily and efficiently dispatched, almost without any resistance at all.

Earth Rankings experts, in front of Heaven Rankings experts, were almost nothing… no! It wasn’t that their guild masters were too weak, but that the Frozen Hearted Man-eater, China’s second ranked Assassin, was simply frighteningly powerful!

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