Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 706

Chapter 706: Intelligent! Blood Reeking Wargoddess (II)

A domainless powerhouse managed to compel a domain-wielding powerhouse to such an extent through his own attacks. This was already enough for Lin Xin to take pride: this Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove’s offensive power was a really shocking thing.

The blue light vanished, and a Blue Fire Phoenix came flying. It was clearly quite weakened, and the blue fire on his body gained in transparency, looking close to going extinct at anytime.

But, right at this time, that blue phoenix opened its mouth and let out a resonant phoenix cry. It formed three blue lines tracing from its body, all drilling their way into the Shield Walls.

The first blue needle striking Shield Wall caused numerous ripples to appear on the wall, making it seem more transparent. But that blue needle also vanished without a trace, followed by the second one which was thrust, finally surpassing Shield Wall’s limits. A small hole appeared, but the instant it appeared, that second needle broke into pieces. However, the third needle followed quickly, disappearing in the midst of the Shield Wall instantly.

Letting out a groan, the Holy Knight staggered to the side, and the Shield Wall thereupon ceased.

With a flash of blue light, Lin Xin fell to the ground out of nowhere, standing half-squatted on a single leg. Pushing his left hand onto the ground to support the rest of his body, his dark green hair looked messy, and his body was shaking lightly, his look just as pale as a sheet of paper.

Ever since reaching the ninth step of cultivation, this was his first time pushing Blue Fire Phoenix to such a level. The final three blue rays were undoubtedly his ultimate trump. Mixing a fire of darkness with his own Heart of Fire’s attack, he obtained an ultra powerful penetrative force. After the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove had consumed the Spiritual Highland infused Shield Wall to the greatest extent, this final move would be the crucial point in determining whether he would achieve victory or not.

Since a battle of attrition was no longer possible, he could only aim to obtain victory with his strongest attack. Regardless of the final result, at least Lin Xin would have displayed the most of his ability.

The Holy Knight’s face did not look any better off than Lin Xin’s. On his right chest, dual green and blue flames were rising up, and his left hand was being used to cover his right chest with a resplendent golden light. But those green and blue flames burnt extremely obstinately, appearing to seep out between through the gaps in the knight’s fingers, the latter showing a very pained face.

Lin Xin was gasping intensely for breaths, barely managing to look into the Holy Knight’s face. Of course, he knew how powerful his ultimate move formed of these mixed flames was. Extinguishing them wouldn’t be so simple, and even if the Holy Knight finally succeeded, that would cause his spiritual energy to drop to the brink of nothing, leaving him with no possibility to keep going in the tournament.

“I concede. Youngster, retrieve your magical ability please.” The Holy Knight declared with a pained look.

“Huh? Concede?” Lin Xin immediately beamed with a smile. Although he suffered a great pain due to the backlash of the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove, he didn’t expect to emerge victorious from that battle, and moreover in a great shape. With a lift of his right hand, his Fire Cloud Crystal appeared, used at once as a walking stick to approach the Holy Knight. Pressing his right hand onto the elder’s chest, he absorbed back the dual flames along with the Hellfire Needles.

During the process of absorption, Lin Xin was slightly startled, because he found out that the true damage sustained by the Holy Knight was not as great as he had expected. There was a scorched area on his chest, but in truth, the Hellfire Needles’ might never have truly made way into his body.

The Holy Knight blinked his eyes at him, before returning staggeringly to the lounge area.

Lin Xin immediately understood that the counterpart was throwing the game! Even while under the boost of his Highland Domain, he had clearly blocked the last attack from the Hellfire Needle, yet voluntarily revealed a look of being unable to endure, offering him this victory.

When Lin Xin returned to the lounge under the support of the Fire Cloud Staff, that Holy Knight was seen nodding lightly, a look of admiration on his face.

The old knight revealed a faint smile, then shut his eyes to recuperate his spiritual energy.

Lin Xin sat on his seat, glancing unconsciously at Long Haochen, who smiled to him, but didn’t say anything, only hinting that he should hasten his spiritual energy recovery. Still other matches had yet to come after this victory.

But very clearly, even though Lin Xin could keep down the backlash of his Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove, he was well afraid that he would be unable to keep using it in the following matches.

Bright Glimmer of Hope’s luck was really so-so in this individual competition, but they had secretly gained the full support of the Knight Temple, this influence having benefited them the most in the match between Haochen and Yang Haoyu.

The support of the most powerful knight and greatest shield paved their way in the later stages of the competition.

If Yang Haoyu had really gone all out in his match, Long Haochen would have undoubtedly been defeated, and as the captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope, his elimination would be a severe blow to the whole Bright Glimmer of Hope. But Yang Haoyu let him win, not only giving him comprehension of a lot of aspects of domains, but moreover fostering his reputation.

The competition was now reaching the fifth round, with only twenty contestants left. One could say that the later matches would determine the final ranking of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side. The Holy Knight with the title of Supreme Shield having ingeniously offered victory to Lin Xin, not only offered a great amount of points to Bright Glimmer of Hope, but also a seat in the top six.

Although Chen Ying’er had lost her match, she had also used up Li Zhengzhi’s strength to a great extent. Lin Xin having advanced, and Bright Glimmer of Hope still having three great powerhouses that had yet to take part, one could say that they had a bright later stage of the competition ahead.

The bright Light of Selection flashed once again, this time selecting the Bloodreeking Wargoddess of Bright Glimmer of Hope. As it happens, Wang Yuanyuan’s opponent turned out to be a spatial mage of the ninth step from the Mage Temple, and a domain wielder as well.

The look in her eyes flickering, Wang Yuanyuan slowly treod into the field. Although the opponents she had encountered weren’t especially powerful, they were still in the upper tier of this competition. So Wang Yuanyuan could really be said to have cut her way through thistles and thorns to finally reach this point.

She had a very serene look, but a single minded expression in her eyes. When gazing at the distant old mage, she performed a simple warrior salute.

The old mage returned the salute as well. Having reached the fifth round of battles, every match was now extremely important. On the Mage Temple’s side, Li Zhengzhi had already made it to the sixth round. If they could have someone else make it so far, at least the Mage Temple would still be able to threaten the Knight Temple. So, eliminating all the Mage Temple’s contestants would benefit them the most.

Starting an incantation, the old mage lifted his right hand, pointing toward Wang Yuanyuan. In the meantime, the air twisted slightly, as the old mage’s figure disappeared without basis.

He really did not underestimate Wang Yuanyuan in the least. He utilized his domain right off the bat because he had already observed Wang Yuanyuan’s strength, and was aware that this young girl was a domain wielding powerhouse as well, thus he made the first move to take the advantage.

Thin silver light floated on the twisting air, extending throughout the field. The spatial element was full of indeterminacy: anything would get greatly affected inside that kind of domain.

Wang Yuanyuan still stood unmoving as a blood-red radiance, the Blood Domain, extended under her feet.

The Blood Domain spread out, but only extended to the three meters around Wang Yuanyuan. Surrounded by blood-colored curls, that Bloodreeking Wargoddess shone brightly.

The old mage kept chanting in a downcast manner, but his voice seemed to be reverberating from all directions, after going through his constantly refracting domain. Wang Yuanyuan had no way to tell his true location.

The twisting spatial domain started to show changes, and some silver light started to arise within as some cracks immediately appeared. Those black cracks looked like rapacious mouths, ready to engulf Wang Yuanyuan’s body at anytime.

The cracks started to grow more and more numerous, and the space in the whole stadium was lacerated fiercely by this terrifying spatial force, looking able to possibly  shatter at anytime.

From the looks of it, Wang Yuanyuan seemed to be forced into a completely passive situation. But, what no one understood, was that she had yet to make any move up to now, aside from releasing her Blood Domain.

Outside of their field of view, Wang Yuanyuan’s pair of eyes concealed in the Blood Domain were releasing a different color than the red from the previous Blood Domain. It was a silver color characteristic of the spatial attribute.

Her most attention-taking feature in the Temples’ Great Gathering’s individual competition was this peculiar Blood Domain, but don’t forget that she’s also a warrior using the spatial attribute.

Soft spiritual energy fluctuations circulated through the air as a breathtaking splendor shone in Long Haochen’s eyes, as he excitedly watched the field.

He had guessed the reason why Wang Yuanyuan had yet to make a move from the start. She only wanted to aim for a victory in one blow. Success would end in her victory, or if not, it will end in her defeat.

Bright Glimmer of Hope could really be called an exceptional group, and luckily, all of them had already broken through the ninth step, some even getting domains of their own. But they lacked in experience as powerhouses: the speed of their growth was just too fast. Though their cultivation already reached the ninth step, some of them had not even experienced battles at the eighth step. To some extent they were certainly lacking in strength compared to those experienced veterans of the Six Great Temples who wielded domains of their own.

It was visible in Lin Xin’s previous match, opposing him to the Supreme Shield Knight, that he had a clear inferiority in this standard.

As for now, Wang Yuanyuan’s opponent was no easy prey. By clashing head on right off the bat, Wang Yuanyuan’s odds of success would really not be high.

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