Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 705

Chapter 705: Intelligence! Bloodthirsty Wargoddess (I)

The Holy Knight’s left foot pushed forward slightly, taking a half step as he allowed Lin Xin to attack, quickly raising and lowering the shield to block every single Heart of Fire flame.

In fact, Lin Xin’s current Heart of Fire attacks all reached the Spiritual Highland integration level, yet it did not inflict any damage to him. This could only mean that this Holy Knight undoubtedly had unique attainments in his defense.

One could see an inconspicuous golden halo released under the Holy Knight’s feet, revolving around his body and extending to a range of five meters with rhythmic movements.

The golden halo had slight changes of color every time it extended under his feet. Without paying enough attention, one wouldn’t notice, but that was a kind of special golden color, a hybrid, multicolored, gold.

A domain! That was the Holy Knight’s domain, though certainly an inconspicuous one. Even if after so many fights some people saw through the fact that this was a domain, not a lot of people really remembered him.

If one had to describe this Holy Knight in a simple expression, that would be, as steady as a mountain.

No matter how hard you’ll attack, my defense will remain unmoving.

Lin Xin did not know what uses his opponent’s domain had, but his highly invasive Heart of Fire was completely unable to trespass his shield.

He also attempted to make his Heart of Fire attack from other angles, but at that time the other party utilized Shield Wall.

Lin Xin’s attacks were really pretty to see, filling the sky with blue lights gathered against a target, just like a magic cannon firing at its target.

Spiritual Highland rapidly depleting one’s spiritual energy, this magic show of Lin Xin’s was especially costly in spiritual energy, But there was still a gap between a forbidden spell and that. It could usually very easily catch the opponent unprepared, but such an ultra-defensive opponent was really hard to deal with.

Although Lin Xin did not know how fast this opponent’s spiritual energy was depleted, from the fact he had made use of a domain, his spiritual energy ought to reach at least 200,000.

Such a battle of endurance would only make things even more unfavorable to him.

So what’s to be done? Lin Xin pondered, suddenly ceasing to launch attacks.

No longer having to sustain the attacks from Heart of Fire really gave a restful feeling to this Holy Knight. On the other side, blue fire was lingering on Lin Xin’s body, as he visibly recovered spiritual energy with his full force.

Recovering in the midst of battle? The Holy Knight didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry for a moment. Could it be that this kid believes that I really don’t have the slightest capability? I’m a knight of the ninth step no matter what you say!

The Holy Knight’s hand was raised up, and in the midst of a downcast chant, a light magic formed.

But, in the end, a Guardian Knight was a Guardian Knight. There’s no way he could rival a Retribution Knight in executing offensive abilities. It looked as though a Light of Trial was gradually taking shape in front of the chanting Holy Knight. But suddenly, a blue light was shot out, slamming against his shield, and moreover, another blue trail made a detour to attack at the Holy Knight’s back.

Although the Holy Knight didn’t look troubled resisting these attacks, in practice Lin Xin’s Spiritual Highland based magic attacks were really terrible. How could they be so easy to defend against? He really didn’t dare let Lin Xin’s attacks reach him.

Left without choice, the Holy Knight could only interrupt Light of Trial to use a Shield Wall in defense.

Catching sight of this scene, Lin Xin couldn’t help but leak out a faint smile. Everyone had their domain of expertise, and in the same way, also had their weaknesses.

This Holy Knight’s defense was absolutely great, even exceeding Long Haochen without his Light God Domain. But his attack was his weak point.

With this knowledge, Lin Xin thought of a countermeasure. His previous barrage of attacks slowed down, and his Heart of Fire would be launched only after gaps of one second every time.

His aim was very simple: to force his opponent to maintain his shield formed of Spiritual Highland, but without devoting too much to attacking. This way, his consumption was greatly reduced, and thanks to his massive fire wings, his spiritual energy recovery became even faster than his opponent’s. Thus, this battle of offense and defense turned into a war of attrition.

The Holy Knight’s domain was called Highland Domain, coming out from his own research. This Holy Knight with a gentle disposition specialized in defending, and as a result, chose to single-handedly focus his cultivation in defense. He used to be a Demon Hunter, but was not the captain of his team. Although he was strong enough, his character was overly soft, and he did not have a lot of offensive means, neither was he willing to learn attacks. In his matches, his opponents were either far weaker than him, or had to concede after having their spiritual energy depleted completely.

His Highland Domain was highly specialized in reinforcing his Spiritual Highland while reducing its consumption. The reinforcement of the defensive power of his Spiritual Highland went to the extent of reaching the Domain Technique level.

Inside the Knight Temple, this Holy Knight had the title of Ultimate Shield, and had a shield of epic tier. In the Holy War, he had gone on many battles, facing the Demon God of Death, Saminaga, and the Bear Demon God, Valefor. Thanks to his formidable defensive power, the two demon gods were left without ways to get him, making him a heroic contributor to the Knight Temple. Adding his gentle disposition to that, his relationship with the people from the Knight Temple was fabulous, bringing him to an equal footing compared to the Divine Knights.

Seeing Lin Xin’s shameless method against him, the Holy Knight couldn’t help but break out in laughter. Only, Lin Xin’s cultivation really was too lacking to defeat him. The reason why he hadn’t summoned his mount was out of fear that it wouldn’t be able to resist Lin Xin’s attacks. After all, this really hot Heart of Fire formed with Spiritual Highland really had a terrifying offensive power.

Wielding his shield, the Holy Knight, started to assault Lin Xin. His speed didn’t look too fast, but his advance was extremely stable. When he moved, Lin Xin responded immediately, attempting to increase the distance between the two of them. But to his astonishment, the Holy Knight started to change his course as he kept approaching Lin Xin. Very quickly, the distance between the two of them was reduced to a hundred meters.

This time, the Holy Knight suddenly stopped in his steps. Moving aside the shield in front of him, he exposed a warm smile to Lin Xin. Immediately, a white glow was instantly shot onto Lin Xin.

Lin Xin nearly cried out a curse, Saint Spiritual Stove...

Never did he expect this elder to actually possess a terrible trump such as a Saint Spiritual Stove. The two great abilities Attraction and Pull simultaneously made effects on Lin Xin.

The Saint Spiritual Stove was obviously trained to the highest level by this knight. How could he not have a tool such as a Saint Spiritual Stove to accompany such a powerful defense? Only with a Saint Spiritual Stove to match with his Spiritual Highland could he became the greatest defender in the battlefields.

Lin Xin was no match for the Holy Knight in cultivation level. About to get pulled in little by little, even if the opposite Holy Knight was not expert in close distance battle, that was not someone a mage could contend against in a head-on clash.

The goal of the Saint Spiritual Stove was naturally not to defeat him instantly in close quarters, but to stop him from deploying all his strength! That was the reason for the smile the Holy Knight displayed to Lin Xin.

“Come!” Having reached this far, Lin Xin knew already that he could in no way achieve victory anymore. This instant, he had a monstrous feeling fill him.

So far, he had been believing himself to be considerably powerful, having at his disposal not only his great burst power as a fire mage, but also the powerful boost from Heart of Fire. Now he finally understood that when encountering a real powerhouse, his offensive power was still far from enough. Unless he trained to the level of being able to use a domain of his own, he had a lot more efforts to put into the field of magic.

While in the midst of being continuously pulled in the air, Lin Xin suddenly came to a stop. A resonant phoenix cry reverberated from his chest, and immediately, Lin Xin’s body disappeared.

His pair of immense blue spiritual wings enlarged once again, and in the blink of an eye, formed an immense blue phoenix charging straight at the Holy Knight.

The Holy Knight had a chill, finding out with shock that the heat was not only external, but even growing deep in his heart.

What a powerful fire!

Too late to think further, he deployed the Highland Domain to its greatest extent, bowing and launching Shield Wall as well as Divine Obstruction.

It seemed the Blue Fire Phoenix was about to strike the Shield Wall. But suddenly, that massive phoenix shrank by nearly a half. The drifting Heart of Fire vanished entirely, causing it to no longer look like a body made of energy, but like a real body.


As the Blue Fire Phoenix finally clashed with the Shield Walls, a terrifying scene took place. In the instant of the clash, the Holy Knight’s shield turned all blue, the same blue as Heart of Fire’s color.

In a violent clash, the Holy Knight’s body fell back in response, dropping to the ground.

The bang was not only one sound, but occurred in quick successions, Bang, Bang, Bang sounded out thunderously. With every Bang, the Holy Knight’s Shield Wall was repelled further and further. When the ninth explosion sounded out, he was already propelled to the edge of the field, back facing the defensive barrier of the stadium.

Shield Wall was condensed out of Spiritual Highland, its defensive power even further reinforced by the Highland Domain. But if one paid careful attention, they would notice the current Shield Wall was turning liquid, that liquid clearly being spiritual energy! And, it was blue in color as well. One could clearly see that the Shield Wall amplified by the domain was unexpectedly growing thinner and thinner, faintly transparent, and even letting the Holy Knight’s silhouette come to view.

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