Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 682

Chapter 682: Forbidden Spell! Dark Green Hades’ Spring (I)

Without a doubt, these five were were known figures of the Knight Temple’s younger generation. Their appearance caused different degrees of changes on the people rather inclined toward the Mage Temple.

With them back, who would dare affirm the Knight Temple didn’t have a younger generation to keep them going on? Among these five young knights were three of the ninth step and two of the eighth step, with one in the lot with a domain of his own, and who had won against the head of the Warrior Temple.

If their victorious battles were as representatives of the Knight Temple, what would have come of the Knight Temple’s rate of victory?

Without doubt, some of the five would surely become Divine Knights of the new generation. And to the Knight Temple, having Divine Knights as leaders would make their superiority go on forever.

Sima Xian’s great rudeness shocked a lot of people, but the most shocking was Long Haochen’s victory over Qiu Yonghao.

Bright Glimmer of Hope and Long Haochen’s name were all engraved deeply in the midst of every higher-up of the Temple Alliance. Even the very weak masses were able to tell Long Haochen’s strength, since, after all, he won against the head of the Warrior Temple.

Deep night. Outside the Alliance’s Great Stadium, a lot of spectators slept directly on the ground, because they wanted to keep their good seats for the next day, and had even brought along rations and water.

This first day of the Temples’ Great Gathering already brought them countless great surprises. This one was really far more brilliant than the previous ones, especially for the appearance of these young powerhouses which raised the youngsters from Holy City into great excitations. This name of Bright Glimmer of Hope spread widely everywhere in the city, and to the whole Alliance, this Holy City being at its center. 

Slowly walking away from the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen and his comrades came out, heading for the headquarters of the Temple Alliance.

After this day of competition, they could already no longer stay in hotels just like in the past, otherwise they won’t possibly be at peace. Their resting place became the Knight Temple instead.

Long Tianying walked away from the stadium with a large smile on his face without waiting for the rest of the Golden Foundation Knights, a lot of people coming up to him hastily.

The fastest fastest to rush here was Li Xin.

Before she could approach, a Golden Foundation Knight barred her way, but being a Mythril Foundation Knight, the Golden Foundation Knights all recognized her. Li Xin was furthermore one of the candidates for participation in the Temples’ Great Gathering.

Before Li Xin even opened the door, Long Tianying nodded to her, “Follow me.”

“We are coming as well.” Two clear voices came out, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang! Although Ye Weiyang did her best to stop her, in the end, that was not enough to persuade Feng Ling’er. The match having ended, Long Haochen’s crew left already, and since they had four knights in their team, the Knight Temple’s side was naturally the most probable place for them to be staying.

Long Tianying smiled to them, “It’s the two of you. Coming along then.” 

Right after saying this, he unconsciously raised his head to see huge fiery-red spiritual wings vanish, as a figure landed right in front of him, the auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, Lin Chen.

“Brother Long.” Lin Chen performed a mage salute to Long Tianying.

Long Tianying’s gentle laughter could be heard, “So? Brother Lin also wants to return with me?”

Lin Chen had a pressing look, and was filled with excitement, but still shook his head and passed the words, “Tell this bastard to go see me in a bit.”

Long Tianying chuckled in response, “Alright. These little guys have really been missing for too long. I didn’t expect to see such astonishing scenes today.”

Lin Chen wrinkled his brows, secretly thinking, So you didn’t know about their return? Yet you were very calm and collected at the time your grandson appeared. To keep me in the dark like that, Hmpf, let’s fix this bastard in a bit later.

Sure enough, the Mage Temple and Knight Temple were in competition, so he couldn’t stay here for too long, “Thanks a lot, Brother Long.” Saying this, he kindly smiled Li Xin, “Xin’er, you don’t need to give me any face, just fix him fiercely.” After saying this, he saluted once again Long Tianying before turning back and leaving. 

Li Xin, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang followed Long Tianying in the headquarters of the Alliance.

Long Tianying dispersed the Golden Foundation Knights, then told the three, “Follow me you three.”

They heard a warm voice resonate right after they entered the Knight Temple’s area of the Alliance’s headquarters.

“Sis!” The cloak-less Long Haochen stood there, as if he had anticipated their arrival, with Lin Xin and Sima Xian standing behind him.

“Haochen!” Hearing Long Haochen call Sis’, Li Xin was unable to restrain her feelings and rapidly stepped up and took him tightly in her arms.

Long Haochen considered Li Xin like his related big sister so far. As the brother and sister hugged each other, Li Xin suddenly cried out very loudly.

Behind her, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but become red-eyed at this reunion.

Seeing Feng Ling’er, Sima Xian immediately looked blank, shaking lightly despite how robust he was. But he made an unexpected move, not even speaking a word, but pursed his lips in an expectant manner.

Feng Ling’er bit her own lips, dazedly looking at him, as words were squeezed out in the little space between her teeth, “Si… Ma… Xian...” 

“Present.” Sima Xian immediately stood straight, before rapidly taking large strides toward Feng Ling’er.

“You, stand there!” Feng Ling’er suddenly shouted, raising her hand to point at Sima Xian, shivering even more strongly.

Sima Xian then stopped his advance, and softly said, “Ling’er, I also want to hug you. Can we?”

“You bastard!” Feng Ling’er shouted once again.

Sima Xian scratched his head, with a painful look on his face, “I… I am a bastard, it’s all my fault. I’m in the wrong!”

Feng Ling’er’s look suddenly became cold, looking at Sima Xian at three meters from him to coldly declare, “Sima Xian, I have come today to tell you that it’s over between the two of us. I already have another man, so even if you dared come back, don’t ever bother me in the future. Let things be clear, I don’t want to get involved with you any more.”

Saying all that, she pulled Ye Weiyang’s hand and left.

But in just a blink of an eye, tears flowed over her face. Being separated for so many years, she had had countless nightmares, especially after the Scarlet Dragon Armor was shattered. She had already lost count of the number of times her tears flowed through. Waiting in pain was always a torture, causing her far too much grievance!

Before coming here, she only felt happy and excited about returning to him, but when they really met, the grievance filling him was finally uncontrollable, and caused her to blow out like that.

Sima Xian became blank when looking at the rapidly departing Feng Ling’er, totally at a loss for a moment.

Lin Xin kicked him from behind in the butt, “Idiot, still not immediately chasing after her

“What are you standing foolishly for? Do you really want her to be gone?!”

“Yeah, right. Good kick!” Sima Xian immediately returned to his senses, his figure flashing and chasing after Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang.

He was already a powerhouse of the ninth step, making him fast enough to catch up to Feng Ling’er in just three steps. Grabbing her shoulder, he dim-wittedly declared, “I’m not letting you go.”

Feng Ling’er turned her head and fiercely looked him, “I just said that I am breaking off our relation! You wouldn’t be forcing a girl to obey you, would you?”

Looking at her deep red, crying face, Sima Xian felt a sharp pain go up to him, and suddenly took her under his embrace in a tight hug.

“Even if I have to let you go. I don’t care whether you have another man. If you have another man, I will just kill him and grab you back. If you have a child, then he’s mine already, I will just kill the father and raise him as my own kid.”

“You… What are you saying... ” Feng Ling’er gritted her teeth and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, scratching fiercely at his skin. Yet she kept hugging Sima Xian tightly, and didn’t relinquish her grip no matter what she said.

Seeing Sima Xian’s tyrannical declaration’, the nearby Ye Weiyang felt her flesh distorting, narrowly about to laugh it out.

What’s that logic If she’s already married, just kill the man and snatch the kid to raise it as your own What freaking logic was that? She was afraid that only this Sima Xian could say such a thing!

But needless to say, Feng Ling’er was really serious. She was really inclined to an intrepid man such as Sima Xian, lying in his wide embrade and surrounded by his arms. Her reaction gradually became weaker, until ending just like Li Xin, crying loudly in Sima Xian’s arms, who became bewildered, but as he didn’t dare release her, he could only console with clumsy language.

On the other side, Lin Xin had already moved closer to Long Haochen, patting him to remark, “Hey Boss, that’s my wife, shouldn’t I be the one to hug her?”

Hearing him, Li Xin suddenly raised her head above Long Haochen’s embrace, and shouted in fury, “Who’s your wife? Don’t you know about coming home? These years, you have not even sent a single piece of news. I have already been taking you for dead since long ago.”

Compared to Feng Ling’er’s strong on the outside but soft on the inside’ character, Li Xin was exactly the opposite. Although Lin Xin’s return was a shocking surprise and excitement in her eyes, convincing her to forgive him would not be an easy thing.

Long Haochen reported back to Li Xin in a soft voice, “Sis, don’t blame Lin Xin. It’s actually because of me, because of my mistaken decision that narrowly got us wiped out at the demons’ hands. Afterwards, we had an extraordinary stroke of luck and went into states of deep meditations. After awaking, four years had already passed. So it’s not that Lin Xin didn’t want to contact you, but we really didn’t have any such opportunities.”

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