Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Sima Xian’s Ignition (III)

Maybe this earth warrior had a weaker equipment, but his fighting strength should already be close to the level of someone like the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus. But of course, that's if you only count one of Asmodeus' three head.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope had already experienced Chen Hongyu’s powerful domain in their battle. But because Chen Ying’er was here as the Saint Spiritual Girl, Chen Hongyu’s ability as Spirit Master was greatly restricted. But right now, they were facing a skeleton warrior wielding an earth elemental domain. In other words, an even more powerful opponent than the previous combination of the ice and fire elemental holy guards.

What everyone got to experience was the Ultragravity and Swamp Technique attached to this earth elemental domain. Even if this warrior wouldn’t attack, the persistent effect of this swamp would perhaps be enough to annihilate them.

But moreover, how could this warrior just stand still? After activating his domain, the earth warrior strode forward, his body lustering resplendently, shooting out innumerable lights, and making appear an armor made of a diamond-looking material on its torso. Earth is widely known for its superior defense, and there stood no doubt that this earth warrior held high prowess in this regard. 

Sweeping its huge hammer, it swung it at Cai’er.

Cai’er suddenly let out a shriek, her ear-piercing voice lanced through the warrior’s soul like a sharp needle. Monstrous Brain-filling Sounds.

In the meantime, her body suddenly had an illusory look. From the effects of Brain-filling Monstrous Sounds, the earth warrior’s hammer wielding slowed down greatly. Cai’er took advantage of this short delay to lightly tap that huge hammer with her Sickle of the God of Death, seizing the opportunity to draw back.

However, this earth warrior’s strength was actually a frightening thing. Cai’er felt three consecutive impacts on her, and let out a stuffy groan. But in the end, she managed to draw back to a distance a dozen steps from her comrades.

“Cojoined Spiritual Pills!” Cai’er shouted loudly, and in the meantime, pointed the Sickle of the God of Death at the deathly shadow. An overflowing murderous spirit burst out at once from her body.

To some extent, an opponent of earth element was the hardest type to deal with, the difficulty lying in the earth warrior’s defensive power and powerful force, and most of all, on this domain’s existence. Even if Chen Ying’er still had enough fighting strength to keep going, relying on Elemental Cage to bind the earth warrior may not necessarily give enough time for their attacks to finish it off in the short binding duration.

But, right at this time, a tall silhouette suddenly sprang out in front of Cai’er, shouting determinedly, “Vice captain, let me do it.”

The one that popped up in front of Cai’er was Sima Xian.

While shouting to take Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, Cai’er had already taken one. And this time, the earth warrior was already coming up. Avoiding the attack by a hair’s breadth, she immediately let go of the Sickle of the God of Death and pressed both her hands on Sima Xian’s back.

In the meantime, at Cai’er’s back, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Lin Xin and Duan Yi all entered the connection the next instant. Duan Yi’s pill was directly inserted from Lin Xin to his mouth.

The seven of them immediately formed an heptagon, with Sima Xian standing as the vanguard. The Gigantic Ball of Light was lifted high above his head, making a large bang as it forcibly stopped the downwards swing of the warrior’s two axes.

Intense rumbles followed as the seven who consumed the Cojoined Spiritual Pills had their bodies shake violently. In the front, Sima Xian’s body was flashing in fiery-red and gold radiance, the defense boosting of the Scarlet Dragon Armor, and the Soul Sharing Chains’ effects. 

Even if that was done the instant of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills’ effects’ completion, receiving this blow still caused some damage.

However, the Energetic Ball of Light truly deserved being called a weapon of epic tier. Crush, Smash, and Triple Blast’s power erupted instantly against the dual hammers, forcing the warrior back two steps.

“Your father is going to make it an all out fight against you!” Sima Xian had his round eyes wide open, his whole body’s muscles swelling violently. An incomparably intrepid bearing was felt from him.

“Sima, you can’t!” Lin Xin shouted in haste behind him. But as if Sima Xian didn’t hear anything, he directly unleashed his Berserk ability.

There’s no way he would have forgotten Lin Xin’s numerous warning that the Berserk ability couldn’t be used under the effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, because in case he enters Berserk state, his external spiritual energy will immediately erupt, greatly amplifying his body’s capacity. But if a too large amount of internal spiritual energy is poured in the body, upon termination his body would very possibly not be able to bear the burden and would crumble.

However the current Sima Xian seemed as if he had totally forgotten all this. Instantly entering Berserk Mode, his body seemed to swell as his muscles tore through his gown. His right fist shot out, beating on the Gigantic Ball of Light to make it bounce back, and in the meantime his right feet stamped on the ground. A surge of purple electric flow rushed out from his body, spreading to the surrounding like lightning flashes.

Each of the seven reached over 15,000 spiritual energy, and all of them had taken Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills. Adding to that Sima Xian’s self-use of Berserk mode and the Spiritual Cojoined Boosting Pills, now, although the current Sima Xian’s spiritual energy was still below the earth warrior, it was not much below.

The earth warrior swung its two hammers, abruptly knocking the air and shooting a yellow ray of light out upon collision, shooting straight to Sima Xian’s chest.

His greatest defect after making use of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills was a lack of agility, so Sima Xian did not think at all about dodging. With a loud roar, his hands gripped onto the handle of the Energetic Ball of Light, abruptly meeting with the enemy.

In another loud collision, yellow light was dispersed all around, but this time none of the light from the Life Sharing effects of the chains manifested.

The previous happening of his right foot stamping the ground was not wasted at all. Making use of the shock it caused to avoid the attack, he made use of the enhanced power of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder to temporarily neutralize the earth elemental domain under their feet.

“Feel free to try out my great self!” The Energetic Ball of Light was lifted from his chest as Sima Xian shouted out in fury, causing the power of the spiritual stove to break out in all directions. An incandescent purple-colored ball of light took shape, flying straight to the earth warrior.

Positioned behind him, Lin Xin unconsciously shut his both eyes, which were already muddled. As the creator of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, no one else understood their effects better than him.

Sima Xian was under the effects of Cojoined Spiritual Pills, and was using Berserk mode together with his Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove, with over ten thousand spiritual energy. The burden on his body could only be described as terrifying. When this battle ends, the backlash on his body would only be of the same level! Even Lin Xin didn’t know whether he would be able to bear it all. And, for now, he could only pray for that Scarlet Dragon Armor to be strong enough to protect his body.

The strengthened Purple Godly Thunder Cannon burst out instantly in front of the warrior, who met the attack with crossed hammers.

An intense explosion burst out the next instant.

As expected, thunder was not very effective against earth, but that’s only if you speak of elemental affinity. Sima Xian’s Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove also had a terrifying explosive force outside its thunder elemental power.

When facing the Panther Demon God Auxerre, even an ordinary use of the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove was able to repel him. This earth warrior, though, was certainly even stronger than Auxerre, in addition to having the support of a domain. But Sima Xian’s enhanced Purple Godly Thunder Cannon was more than twice as strong.


A terrifying explosion nearly took all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members’ hearing at once, as the earth warrior fell back after being pushed back a distance of four walking steps.

The pair of hammers in its arms were already cracked, and its entire body was surrounded in purple light. The process of its back-step looked like the sight of a falling drunk man.

Although the powerful explosion force did not manage to make that earth elemental’s body numb, this Purple Godly Thunder Cannon’s might did cause the earth warrior’s soulfire to get numb.

Sima Xian once again roared, rotating the Energetic Ball of Light thrice above his head before throwing it fiercely.

The comrades behind him didn’t see it, but right now Sima Xian’s both eyes were already colored blood red. And, a similar bloody-red ray was spreading from the chain to inside the ball.

Sacrifice, the knight ability.

This is an ability Long Haochen had used not only once. Originally, priests should not be able to use such an ability, but Sima Xian was not an ordinary priest but a Discipline Priest! And, this Sacrifice ability was something he had pleaded Long Haochen to teach him.

In the current situation, Sima Xian did not give the slightest thought about the aftermath for this battle onhis body. Only memories of Long Haochen’s death in the Demon God Emperor’s hands kept surfacing in his mind. He was Long Haochen’s retainer knight, yet wasn’t able to help him in the slightest back at that time.

Sima Xian was quite a bit older than Long Haochen, but ever since this Demon Hunt Squad got formed, he had been following him wholeheartedly. In his heart, Haochen was not only his captain, but also an elder brother. Being the soul and cornerstone of his team, Long Haochen had acted several times as the burning soul of that team.

Sima Xian only had a single thought now, and that was to pave the way for resurrecting their captain without sparing any cost. Since a girl such as Chen Ying’er dared do that, how could he shrink before making sacrifices?

Even under the effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, Sima Xian understood that he didn’t have much prospects in winning. But he still stood there, bearing the responsibility of becoming the focal point of the Spiritual Gathering Pills. The thoughts he had were: If this lasts, I can only end in defeat. With the domain boosting him, that earth warrior is not someone I can win against. So his strategy was to launch an attack of unprecedented intensity, to get the earth warrior in an instant kill.

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