Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 617

Chapter 617: An audacious plan (III) 

Long Haochen responded, “Yes, these are the two issues we will have to confront. Let me tell you my idea. Cai’er is right regarding the Star Demons’ power; we cannot possibly proceed the same way as we did with the Panther Demon Palace with our current strength. The Star Demons are incomparable with the Panther Demons in terms of strength. But we don’t necessarily have to enter by force. We don’t even have to focus attention on the Star Clan. What is the clan sharing the greatest relationship with the Star Demons? Everyone should know about that.”

Wang Yuanyuan understood rapidly, “The Moon Clan? Boss, are you saying that we should attack the Moon Clan first in order to create a diversion?”

Every one of them was intelligent people, which is why the idea went through rapidly.

Long Haochen made a thumbs up to Wang Yuanyuan, “That’s right, it’s exactly what I was planning. If we can launch a forbidden spell against the Moon Demon Palace, it will not only be the Star Demons, but all Modu’s powerhouses will be focused upon the Star Demon Palace. That will be our opportunity. Maybe this chance will be of short duration, but the forces in the Star Demon Palace will surely be at their lowest. This will make a good opportunity for us. And furthermore, after entering Modu, we will contact Yue Ye firsthand, and be able to understand the inner condition of the Star Demon Palace, giving us a good chance to infiltrate. The second issue Cai’er noticed is the easiest to deal with: I have never spoken of killing the Star Demon God Vassago! Indeed, it is very likely we will not find him, but don’t forget, everyone, that we have Haoyue with us. Haoyue may be unable to find a demon god, but finding a demon god pillar will be no issue at all. So in my opinion, we should not target Vassago, who surely has a lot of ways to ensure his survival as the number three demon god, and will be extremely hard to kill. Our greatest advantage compared to other Demon Hunt Squads is that we can destroy demon god pillars. Just think, if we can destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar or damage it severely, how will that affect him?”

At this point in Haochen’s explanation, the eyes of the skeptical group lit successively. Right, why would they absolutely need to confront the demon gods with force? They just had to target the demon god pillar. And according to Long Haochen’s plan, if they can stealthily come close to the demon god pillar and let Haoyue break out, even Vassago himself would very hardly manage to save it. Given Vassago’s heavy wounds, even if he appeared in time, he won’t have an easy time stopping the group.

Long Haochen’s look was swept at his comrades, “These are my thoughts. Now let’s debate on that everyone. Please raise any suggestions that come to mind. Although this plan feels completed like that, entering Modu will after all be extremely dangerous. Even with the Eternal Melody’s teleportation ability, our safety cannot be fully guaranteed. So we will make an attempt only if everyone unanimously agrees. If only one person opposes, we will take another path: I have a second plan, which would be to make an indefinite trip through demon territory, wreaking havoc in demon territory without need to kill a demon god every time, but just to make sufficient inconvenience for them. A pretty good target is the Andros Province.

“Surely everyone remembers about that province where we previously killed the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius. The Andros Province is certainly the most bustling place in all demon territory.

“Because the demons are obtaining most of their resources from the sea, if we can reach there and wreak destruction, the demon will surely sustain extreme damage. Their supplies will have even more difficulties, which will be of considerable benefit to appease the Holy War’s crisis. These two plans taking place around Andro Province surely have greater feasibility, and are also much safer. The only issue is that as the Andro Province is a lot closer to us, just eastwards from the Yale Province and we would only need to go through one more province, it will make the probability of the Demon God Emperor going after us quite a bit higher.”

Without a doubt, the most audacious of Long Haochen’s two plans was the first one: to target the demon prophet, Star Demon God Vassago, and go through perils in Modu Capital City. Simply an astonishing plan!

After Long Haochen spoke, a short time of silence followed. Their next course of action would relate greatly to their dedication to the Temple Alliance and circumstances. Being careless was a no go!

Long Haochen was also considering the feasibility of the two plans. By leaving for the Andro Province the danger was visibly lower: even if the Demon God Emperor had dispatched another demon god to be stationed there, they wouldn’t necessarily have no way to deal with him. At least they didn’t have to worry about their safety. But if they chose to go for Modu Core City, the variables would be much more numerous; no one could predict the encounters they would make there.

If one were to compare the potential results, the first one was undoubtedly the best. Although they had already destroyed two demon gods, these were after all lower ranked demon gods’, only able to shake their roots without much impact.

But the Star Demon God Vassago was not the same. He, the Moon Demon God, and the Demon God Emperor formed the three greatest bigshots. Although they formed a set of five with Saminaga and Marbas, the other two’s power and utility was at most reflected in their clans. But Vassago was not the same: as the demon prophet, his utility was immeasurable, acting as the true greatest help of the Demon God Emperor.

If they managed to destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar, shaking the demons’ roots, the Demon God Emperor would be pained to no limits. This would be an immense blow for the demons. Although this would make them chased from all sides, this would be the start of the path of the demons’ destruction under their hands.

Long Haochen was internally tormented, unwilling to expose his comrades to an excessive danger, but in the meantime, this was a one in a lifetime chance. How could it put him in a tangle?

“Boss, let me say two things.” The first one to respond was Sima Xian, who didn’t have the least of his previous playful look. In these serious times, he really showed a resolute face. Only, his glowing shaven head ruined a bit of this atmosphere.

“Boss, I find that plan acceptable. That’s exactly what braving danger for the sake of riches and honor is. There’s no time to lose when an occasion shows up. The second proposal you gave is also pretty good, but that’s just some available tasks that we can take at anytime. On the other hand on Modu Capital, good opportunities are really scarce. Maybe we won’t ever have such a chance in the future. And furthermore, we have princess Yue Ye as our informer. After entering in Modu, we can just make the whole situation clear before moving. With the Eternal Melody there for teleportation, we can leave the battlefield at anytime too. There will surely be some risks, but as the Demon Hunters we are, is there even a time without risk? Even in Andros Province there’s a chance of running into the Demon God Emperor! We exist for the sake of the Alliance, for humankind’s fight. Danger is nothing! A man should die in the battlefield, buried in a horse hide.” Sima Xian’s speech was impassioned, and his eyes, filled with violent thirst for battle.

Wang Yuanyuan followed and said, “I agree with Sima’s words. A chance is showing in front of our eyes. A path devoid of danger is impossible, but when did we ever fear danger? We have even gone through the Holy War. If we can destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar, we will be humankind’s heroes. This will also be the starting point of demonkind's destruction, making us deserve the name of Bright Glimmer of Hope.”

Lin Xin responded, “Let’s go for it. Since the day I joined our Demon Hunt Squad, I made the resolve to follow you Boss. I will aim wherever you point!” In those years, Long Haochen went as far as to abandon choosing Cai’er for him, even if this had to arise a misunderstanding between Cai’er and him. This was a matter Lin Xin didn’t raise in normal times, but in their hearts, this was a favor he had kept engraved deep in his memories.

Cai’er looked at Haochen softly, and showed a faint smile, “Even if it comes to the worst, I will just be dying at your side and no more.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his eyebrows, “Don’t talk drivel! We will all survive, and see together that day when humankind defeats demonkind.” He seemed to be rebuking Cai’er, but looked at her with an extremely emotional expression.

Chen Ying’er shrugged her shoulders, showing an indifferent face, “I also agree. I really like it the most when it’s lively. When I was young and grandfather asked me about my greatest desire, I said that I wanted to turn Modu Core City into a home for my summoned beasts. I surely won’t give my approval to take such an opportunity. But Boss, you have to promise me that if I die in battle, you will deliver Yang Wenzhao back to the Alliance on my behalf.” 

Now only Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang had yet to declare their position. Long Haochen finally looked at the two of them.

Han Yu made a wink, “Boss, there’s no need to look at me. Are you forgetting that I am your retainer knight? I will go wherever you go!”

Zhang Fangfang imitated Han Yu’s intonation, “Haochen, there’s no need to look at me. Are you forgetting that I am Yuanyuan’s Guardian Knight? I will go wherever she goes!”

After he said that, Lin Xin and Sima Xian whistled silently and Wang Yuanyuan turned red, glaring fiercely at Zhang Fangfang, who acted as if he saw nothing.

Actually, Zhang Fangfang still had apprehensions, but he was, after all, not a genuine member from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Since everyone already made their resolve, how could this outsider spoil all the fun? Moreover Wang Yuanyuan already approved and his words were still sincere. Even though the danger was extreme, he preferred to face it alongside Wang Yuanyuan rather than hear grievous news a short time later.

Long Haochen didn’t think his comrades would all so delightedly follow his first proposal full of danger. Taking a deep breath, he responded, “In that case, let us make a careful analysis and plan out for the worst case scenario and extremely thoroughly.”

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