Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 614

Chapter 614: To Slice a demon god pillar.


This instant, Long Haochen came to understand what that purple color was. That was a destructive entity! If his light element could be called the purest of the whole Shengmo Dalu, this destructive power coming from Haoyue was among the top of the destructive entities.

Destruction. Was that a kind of attribute? Long Haochen didn’t understand, but was certain that this destructive force was incomparable to any other attribute in his knowledge.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope looked at Long Haochen, showing different reactions. At the time Haoyue’s six purple rays illuminated Long Haochen’s body, his whole body lit with an indescribable purplish golden luster.

That might was like a god’s manifestation, floating above his believers, a sovereign standing above his subjects. This august majesty contained an incomparable pride and force.

At that very moment, Long Haochen’s whole being turned into a purplish gold color, but totally different from the purplish gold color resultant from his previous fusions with Haoyue. This purplish gold color was entirely his, and the same went for both the spiritual energy and spiritual wings.

Long Haochen could sense that this pure and terrifying power of destruction was only at its initial stage. But even so, his power seemed to have changed totally, and terrifyingly, this purplish golden color didn’t result from a fusion with his light essence, but the latter was just forcefully absorbed.

As the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, the Scion of Light’s light essence did not show the slightest struggle. Just what level did this power of destruction reach? Perhaps this was not real spiritual energy, but a substantial force, or at least it was not spiritual energy yet. But its existence was undoubtedly shrouded in supreme might. The Demon God Emperor’s might had some material side, but Long Haochen faintly felt that compared to this power of destruction, even the Demon God Emperor may not have the advantage. But of course, that’s only in case equal portions are matched.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was grasped in both Long Haochen's hands, taking this purplish gold in and out. The sword’s body even let out some light buzzes.

Every time Long Haochen used the Aria of the Goddess of Light in battle, he could clearly feel its excitement from carefreely gliding in the battlefield. But at the moment, Long Haochen discovered with awe that the Aria of the Goddess of Light was not buzzing in excitement anymore, but really shivering.

The sword rays of purplish gold color didn’t belong to the realm of divine tool, but had some special qualities belonging to the category of destruction, totally restraining the demon god pillar’s special qualities.

“Haa--” Long Haochen shouted loudly, lifting the Aria of the Goddess of Light high above his head. That instant, all the strong purplish golden rays coming out from his body, as well as Haoyue’s purple intent, came to a stop.

The next instant, Long Haochen felt his blood boiling, filled with a wonderful feeling of harmony.

The terrifying purple intent transformed into an eerie image, looking like his own image, but with totally different eyes.

These were extremely cold eyes, a grim look full of charm, and with a boundless arrogance and contempt directed at any other living things.

Pam-- The Aria of the Goddess of Light was slashed forward, its blade colored in a resplendent purplish gold color, brazenly striking the demon god pillar of the Panther Demon God.

Pop--. The sword projection made its way into the demon god pillar, until only the handle was left outside.

That instant, the illusory image on Long Haochen’s back disappeared solemnly, as if merging with his body.

Long Haochen felt an unprecedented force burst forth from within him, feeling his whole body igniting, and bellowed, “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...”

The purplish gold color spread rapidly, and the originally dark red colored fifty-seventh demon god pillar turned into the same color. The next instant, crackles started to appear from the spot pierced by the Aria of the Goddess of Light before spreading.

Haoyue’s twelve eyes all looked fixedly at Long Haochen, and traces of hope were visible in his eyes. At that very moment, Long Haochen distinctly sensed a fantastic strength flowing into his body through the Aria of the Goddess of Light. The instant this forge merged with his own strength, a feeling of harmony flowed through him. Then the purplish golden radiance on his body also gradually became faintly discernible.


The demon god pillar collapsed, turning into countless purplish golden rays dispersing in all directions, as if it had no more physical substance, as only some terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy were left to be swept through the surroundings.

Haoyue let out another howl, flashing with purple intent. These remains of spiritual energy left after the destruction of the demon god pillar were immediately suppressed, and Long Haochen fell from the sky in the meantime.

Haoyue turned his head to the direction of the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope, letting out a low howl in their direction. In the meantime, Little Light’s head was lit in shining gold, wrapping his body around Long Haochen.

The rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t dare tarry overlong and hastened to return to Haoyue’s back. With a roar, he released six spits of breath, bombarding the roof of the hall. His four limbs stepped on the ground and his six immense wings unfolded, bringing the group into the sky. As intrepid as on the way there, he destroyed the roof of the hall on his way to make it through the sky, and howled at the countless furious Panther Demons that were far away.

Long Haochen was lying on Haoyue’s back, looking just as if losing focus, but his right hand was still tightly clenching the Aria of the Goddess of Light. The purplish golden glint on his body was still faintly discernible.

Cai’er hastened to support him with her hand, but Little Light suddenly turned his hand with an exaggerated movement, lightly howling at her.

“You don’t want me to touch him?” Cai’er asked in puzzlement.

Little Light nodded to her before turning around, flapping the immense pair of wings on his back. His speed increased sharply, as they headed into the distance.

Cai’er naturally understood the feelings between Long Haochen and Haoyue. Since Haoyue had him destroy the demon god pillar, he surely had his own purposes, and surely didn’t do this to harm Long Haochen.

Everyone had experienced countless battles already. Although the previous one was overwhelming in emotions, they all understood clearly the most important present matter for them to do. Sitting on their knees on Haoyue’s back one after another, they strove to recover spiritual energy, in order to be able to adapt to any change in the situation. Although the demon army was attracted to the frontlines by the Holy War, this was after all the internal part of the demon territory, where they could meet with another demon army at anytime.

The purplish golden radiance on Long Haochen’s body was still glinting all this time, but in practice, he didn’t lose consciousness or anything like that. He had just lost some of his control over his body, feeling a fantastic change in his body. But this change was irrelevant to his spiritual energy, as his spiritual energy had already returned to the light attribute after destruction of the demon god pillar.

Could it be that my harmonization with Haoyue through blood contract went a level higher? Long Haochen thought secretly. He was now relaxing his body, letting the harmonization follow its course. However, he didn’t understand why this harmonization seemed to be due to his obtainment of some of the demon god pillar’s power. 

Haoyue's flight lasted for a long while, flying to the south the whole time. After two hours passed, he finally, slowly, descended to a valley.

After landing on the ground, Haoyue’s broad back shook abruptly, and the violent shaking spread to the whole crew on his back. Not even glancing at the Demon Hunt Squad members on his back, Little Light swirled around Long Haochen’s body and cautiously lowered him to the ground.

The six large heads were crowding around Long Haochen, but upon looking closely, all six had expressions of concerns leaking out. Just what were they worrying about?

In particular, Little Light’s state of mind was clearly unsteady, whimpering lightly all this time.

Time passed minute after minute, and after a whole three hours had passed, the purplish golden color on Long Haochen’s body finally subsided, seemingly returning to normal.

Because Haoyue’s six heads were guarding Haochen, the group of Bright Glimmer of Hope was unable to approach, much less know about his condition. The most worried was naturally Cai’er, who would have rushed in by force if not for the fact she was certain that Haoyue wouldn’t do something detrimental to Long Haochen.

“Mh.” Long Haochen let out a light groan, before turning around to sit back up. But his first movement was to look at Haoyue in a daze, completely full of puzzlement.

He was totally ignorant of the changes that happened in his body during these few hours. And at this very moment, he felt back to normal. He was himself, and had his very own spiritual energy, not strengthened but not weakened either. It was as if nothing happened at all. But he unsconsciously understood deeply that something had changed in him. And these changes intimately related to Haoyue should be good changes.

“Haoyue, just what am I in the end?” Long Haochen asked in puzzlement.

Haoyue shook his head lightly. The simultaneous headshake of his six heads looked quite comical, but most of all, the warm and cordial look in his eyes immediately softened Long Haochen’s heart.

All six heads were lowered, gathering together beside Long Haochen and lightly poking him all around. Long Haochen could only stroke the heads one by one.

“I know that you surely thought for my own good. But why is it that you don’t want to tell me just what happened to me?” Long Haochen had asked Haoyue multiple times about his origins and ability, but every time Haoyue showed him miserable looks, he didn’t dare insist.

And now, Little Light’s head moved closer, rubbing against Long Haochen’s body. But this didn’t stop Long Haochen from taking notice of the worry in his eyes.

“Little Light, what are you worried about?” Long Haochen asked lightly.

Little Light shook his head once again, then suddenly showed a resolute look, shifting his sight to the other five heads before letting out a low howl.

All other five heads howled without hesitation, seemingly making a vow.

Long Haochen didn’t understand his act at all. Little Light was telling something to the other heads, and making them promise something. Could this be related to me?

Now that Long Haochen was totally confused, after obtaining consent from the other heads, Little Light shifted his soft look back onto Long Haochen, transmitting a flash of thoughts.

“Master, no matter what, we will be protecting you thoroughly. We won’t ever betray you.”

After leaving these words behind, Haoyue turned back into purple light without leaving Long Haochen the time to ask for details, disappearing from his sight, actually teleporting away.

Never betray me? Why would Haoyue ever betray me? But what did he mean by these words? For a moment, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel a great headache: as his strength grows, his Haoyue seemed to become more and more mysterious.

“Boss, you alright?” After Haoyue left, the whole group from Bright Glimmer of Hope immediately gathered to his side, all showing deep concern as they looked at him.

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “I am fine. It should be that Haoyue made me assimilate some of his power, although he didn’t want to tell me the details. But it was surely nothing bad.”

Hearing him say that, everyone relaxed immediately, and the excitement they repressed all this time finally leaked out.

“Boss, we really managed to get rid of another demon god pillar! Do you know how many of the seventy-two demon gods that makes it that we have killed And that’s without counting those two demon god pillars we have destroyed. And that’s the fifty-seventh demon god! Perhaps we have gained another million contribution points. Just how many contribution points does it make for us in total?” Even the normally calm Han Yu couldn’t help but hop in excitement.

Long Haochen also showed a smile, “I don’t know how many contribution points we have in total, but I believe that we have a little something to question a certain someone about.”

Reaching this point, the group’s line of sight shifted instantly to a certain bald head, showing puzzlement, but most of all excitement.

“Hehehehe.” Sima Xian smiled in pride, patting the shoulder of Lin Xin standing on his side, “Has-drugs-bro, isn’t bro has drugs’ your favorite saying? Now I will have my own one, bro has money!”

Lin Xin asked in curiosity, “Where’s that money even from?”

Sima Xian laughed out loud, “I don’t have money myself, but I have no qualms living off a woman! My wife is rich!”

“What, your wife?” This instant, the whole group’s curiosity was roused.

Wang Yuanyuan then took out Bloodstorm and declared overbearingly, “We must really ask this baldie carefully. During these two years of Holy War we have been going through fire and water on a daily basis, but he not only went to find a wife, but even improved his equipment incredibly. When are you going to own up to the facts?”

Sima Xian laughed mischievously once again, but didn’t reply, still provokingly leaving them in suspense.

Cai’er slowly raised the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand, “You want to be beaten up or what?”

Hicc… Don’t, vice-captain. I’ll speak okay? Do you remember about the little white flower back in Holy City?

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