Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Bright Glimmer of Hope’s Strength (III)


Seventh step versus eighth step, that’s a gap that can almost not be resisted without an absolute suppression in the equipment. Just like that, Shield Wall collapsed, but still managed to stop the Golden Panther Demon.

Just as this Golden Panther Demon was prepared to continue his attack, it suddenly felt a feeling of heat, and unconsciously drew back.

Then came to his sight innumerable golden flames surging from all directions and enveloping his body from all around.

These gold red flames were transformed from the fire blade projected earlier by Zhang Fangfang. This was his self-created ability, Sacred Fire Cage!

Zhang Fangfang’s mount also had the fire attribute, and although he was also able to use holy fire, this required some time of preparation. Instead, he could dissolve his mount’s fire into his holy attribute, but this certainly required his match with his mount to reach a frightening level as well as a tremendous control.

The caged golden panther let out a miserable cry. That formidable combination of light and fire element felt extremely burning and corrosive to him.

Zhang Fangfang lifted the heavy sword in his right arm, then a thin red light flashed from his body, launching Spiritual Spark. Immediately, a pure and holy white light was shot from the tip of that heavy sword, fiercely thrusting at the Golden Panther Demon restricted by the Sacred Fire Cage.

With a loud sound, the Golden Panther Demon bounced back to his original ground, still facing gold red fire, causing him to shake violently.

Light of Trial! A single-targeted offensive spell of the eighth step learnt by both Guardian and Retribution Knights.

The offensive power of Light of Trial wasn’t considered really brutal, or at least not among light elemental spells of the eighth step. But it had extreme purifying effects. In other words, it would show an extremely severe might against opponents of darkness element, but would be extremely lacking against opponents of other attributes.

The instant he used Spiritual Spark, Zhang Fangfang also used the ability Light of Trial, exceeding his step. In the meantime, another figure came out from his shadow.

If one paid careful attention from the start of the battle, he would notice that this identically shaped figure had been riding the six-legged horse since long ago. It’s just that because it stuck close to Zhang Fangfang’s back all this time, that Golden Panther Demon was unable to see it.

Light of Trial was an ability of the eighth step, which Zhang Fangfang was surely unable to release instantly even when relying on Spiritual Spark. The chant was completed by this figure behind him, the other him from the unrivalled Spiritual Stove of Second Life.

The version of him from the Spiritual Stove of Second Life didn’t have any equipment on him, but had eighty percent of Zhang Fangfang’s strength, but was originally unable to incant. But while going through many years of fierce battles, Zhang Fangfang completed the first evolution of his spiritual stove, so it had now ninety percent of his strength, and was able to join the spiritual energies of the two of them through Spiritual Spark, temporarily raising his cultivation to the peak of the seventh step.

With the instantaneous burst of power from Spiritual Spark, Light of Trial became useable.

More importantly, the Sacred Fire Cage sustaining Light of Trial sustained a great change, giving rise to Sacred Fire Trial.

Sacred Fire Trial was also a knight ability of the eighth step, but one used by Retribution Knights, a top tier existence amongst all long-distance, single-target offensive Retribution Knight abilities.

The whole course of the battle was very short, but Long Haochen, the most powerful knight on stage, couldn’t help but show shock upon watching that scene. Zhang Fangfang’s series of attacks was only describable as breathtaking.

It looked simple, but was actually a perfect fusion of wisdom and strength. To be able to unleash at the fifth or sixth rank of the seventh step an ability of Sacred Fire Trial even a Saint Knight wouldn’t necessarily be able to use, his comprehension of knight abilities surely reached a phenomenal level.

Surely, Zhang Fangfang and Long Haochen were taking different paths. Long Haochen was focusing on improving himself, his own abilities. But Zhang Fangfang focused on his comprehension of the knight abilities, making on his own new ways to unleash his strength.

The six-legged flying horse dashed flagrantly while carrying the two Zhang Fangfangs, heading for the Golden Panther Demon. To him, the Golden Panther Demon restricted by Sacred Fire Trial was already by no means an opponent.

Without doubts, Zhang Fangfang was using all his strength to take the advantage against a demon of the eighth step in such a short time. As Bright Glimmer of Hope also had others, he should originally have had no need to try so hard, but he had to prove himself, prove his use to this team. Although he had that kind of relationship with Wang Yuanyuan, how could he remain in such a team just for skirt-chasing purposes? He wanted to prove to everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope that he had the strength to remain in this team.

In these two years of Holy War, his progress was not excessive, but that didn’t mean he had no potential. Especially lately, he had accumulated good preparedness and raised his strength tremendously.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang separately took the two Golden Panther Demons, so there wasn’t anything to stop Haoyue’s advance. When he once again broke into another huge hall, a tall and straight demon god pillar came into the group’s sight.


The demon god pillar’s structure was not lanky at all, its height reaching ten or so meters, still far from reaching the peak of this hall. But in its middle, the cross-section was over three meters, and its radiance was quite darkened, although one could still faintly see the shape of a panther forming from inside it.

“We are depending on you Haoyue.” Long Haochen carried the group to jump down from Haoyue’s back one after another, and without need for an order of his, each person of the group guarded an entrance on his own.

Seeing this demon god pillar, Haoyue was immediately moved! Indescribable feelings rose from him, formed of excitement, sad pain, but most of all a great rancor.

The six large heads roared, and as if Haoyue’s body was fully ignited, his purple crystal colored scales unleashed a dazzling amethyst colored radiance, and purple intent blossomed at once.

Although this purple radiance was not aimed at the group, apart from Long Haochen the rest all felt chills, and couldn’t help but resist with the use of their spiritual energy.

Maybe due to sensing Haoyue’s aura, this fifty-seventh demon god pillar abruptly lit up, and its dense dark red radiance spread out like a ring of light.

Standing on Haoyue’s side, Long Haochen felt as if the demon god pillar was alive. A tyrannical and awe-inspiring might instantly rose sharply. And in the midst of this terrible might, a faint presence could be sensed, as if alive. Wasn’t that just terrifying?

That dark red ring dispersed upon contact with Haoyue’s purple halation. This time, the eyes on Haoyue’s six heads changed into a transparent purple color, vigorously pushing his two forelegs to the ground. A deep, continuous roar then came out from Haoyue’s mouth.

Another demon god pilar came in front of him! As Haoyue’s fury was prolonged, an inexhaustible rage was filling him.

At some point Long Haochen’s eyes turned purple, and on his forehead, nine purple symbols slowly took shape. On the surface of his Golden Foundation armored body came out a purplish golden gloss.

As Haoyue’s cry of rage kept extending, Long Haochen felt with astonishment some surges of power. The spiritual energy in him kept burning, to the extent that even the Golden Foundation Armor on him started to turn a purplish golden color under the scattering of his spiritual energy.

What a powerful aura! Haoyue really had a qualitative change after gaining his sixth head! That’s far from as simple as an improvement from the seventh to the eighth step!

A cultivation at the premises of the eighth step? No, this was absolutely impossible. The power lying in Haoyue’s blood was just too terrifying.

Precisely because a part of Haoyue’s blood was dormant in him, Long Haochen’s senses were distinct. In those days, he had his blood alter Haoyue’s attribute, then after surviving, Haoyue repaid Long Haochen with his blood. And that’s how the two of them built such a familiar relationship while establishing a blood contract.

Long Haochen’s progress boosted Haoyue’s cultivation, and conversely, every time Haoyue evolved, Long Haochen also gained enormous benefits.

Last time, when they destroyed Andromalius’ demon god pillar, Haoyue was still only at his five heads’ cultivation, and the situation differed from now. But without a doubt, this time Haoyue was already far more powerful.

The purple halation became more and more flourishing, suddenly compressing the Panther Demon God’s pillar at great speed. That terrifying presence became more and more blatant, then soared to the sky.

Long Haochen then had a surge of thought. Could this Panther Demon God’s pillar be trying to send a rescue signal to the other demon god pillars?

Right at this time, a thought was transmitted from Haoyue to him.

“What? Want me to intervene?” Long Haochen looked at Haoyue, filled with surprise.

Haoyue’s six heads looked at him simultaneously, his twelve eyes having a deep look while nodding to him.

“Yes.” Long Haochen understood that Haoyue definitely had his own reasons, and his figure flashed, as the four wings on his back spread out.

Right at this time, Haoyue’s six heads flashed in bright light simultaneously. Opening his mouths wide, he spat out deep breaths of purple rays, pouring it inside Long Haochen’s body from behind him.

Long Haochen’s whole body chilled. He suddenly felt a change, as if he had stopped being human. An hard to describe dignity rose in him, and this instant, Long Haochen felt his stream of thoughts rise by hundredfolds. In his consciousness, he felt as if returning to Haoyue’s world of black and red.

His thoughts and sight joined up, filled up with feelings of disdain. With an aloof feeling, he felt able to destroy anything in sight with a mere lift of his hand.

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