Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Besieging the Panther Demon God (II)


His series of attacks left actually totally emptied his side of Panther Demons.

In fact, the Grand Panther Demons that had rushed into the hall totalled only five or six hundred, forming the entirety of the Panther Demons’ elites. The nine Golden Panther Demons at their lead were the most tyrannical ones of the whole Panther Demon Clan, but in a few instants, over two hundred Grand Panther Demons and four Golden Panther Demons, which is close to half of them, just perished.

Sima Xian’s terrifying area of effects rapidly overtook the others in the slaughtering count. Even Long Haochen’s prowess was masked behind his.

Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er looked at each other, filled with dumbstruck feelings. Just when did Sima get that strong? Wasn’t his spiritual energy the weakest of all of us? But that terrifying tyrannical power just now left them in shock; even a Panther Demon of the eighth step was unable to withstand a single blow from him.

“How did our baldie became so awesome?” Chen Ying’er asked in shock.

Lin Xin twitched the corners of his mouth. He was really believing himself to have made extremely rapid progress in these two years, but from the looks of it, all of them made similar gigantic progress! Chen Ying’er was so, and Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were also so.

“This guy seems unafraid of the backlash of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove. What he has just used should be an advanced ability of the spiritual stove. And that Gigantic Ball of Light, when did it turn out to reach the Epic Tier? His fearlessness toward the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove should be related to that gold color. How come his equipment improved so dramatically? When did the Priest Temple become so rich and overbearing?”

“Careful Sima!” In the midst of the enemies’ ranks, Long Haochen shouted suddenly. 

Right at this instant, a dark red figure appeared in the battlefield without warning, heading for Sima Xian.

A dark red brilliance seemed to arise, turning into a panther’s shape aiming a strike on Sima Xian’s chest.

From hearing Long Haochen’s warning, Sima Xian understood that this was the sudden attack of an enemy surely far above himself in strength, and able to threaten his life. Otherwise, Long Haochen wouldn’t say that. In fact, Long Haochen had been closely following this enemy’s presence all this time, planning to attract his attention with his display of strength. But who would have expected Sima Xian’s destructivity to even exceed his, altering the enemy’s target and catching Long Haochen unprepared.

Sima Xian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he lifted the Gigantic Ball of Light, placing it in front of his own chest. A fantastic scene appeared, as a sort of eye opened on it, forming a large arc of purple lightning exploding loudly.

Badam. A terrifying explosion shook the whole Panther Demon Palace, forming a great expanse of dust.

The dark red panther figure achieved mutual destruction with the purple lightning and came to a sudden stop before even coming into contact with Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light. However, Sima Xian also became pale.

Without leaving the time to the dark red figure to launch another attack, a white glow wrapped around Sima Xian’s waist, pulling him back. In the meantime, Long Haochen’s golden figure brazenly stood in front of Sima Xian.

Right at this instant, of Haoyue’s six heads, Little Blue and Little Purple were done chanting.

Rings of ice were launched in succession, aiming at the surrounding Panther Demons while causing the nearby temperature to plummet abruptly. In a dense area, all Panther Demons were frozen. The Golden Panther Demons of the eighth step with greater cultivations were still better off than the Grand Panther Demons who turned into a large amount of ice sculptures, unable to struggle free for a little white.

Immediately afterwards, countless purplish-green poisonous spheres were launched to all directions. These spheres only reached the size of eyes, and landed onto each ice sculptures, turning them into the same color as the Panther Demons inside were melted in the midst of that purple-green color.

Long Haochen’s previous shout functioned as a summons, and at the same time he appeared in front of Sima Xian, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang rushed from the two sides with Wang Yuanyuan coming from the rear. Cai’er’s figure also disappeared in the midst of her invisibility.

Long Haochen was now extremely shocked, not because of the enemy’s sudden surprise attack, but by Sima Xian’s strength. Long Haochen had clearly sensed the strength of the enemy’s previous attack, but didn’t expect Sima Xian to resist it, not only ending up totally unwounded, but also not even pushed back in the slightest. That was an enemy reaching the ninth step of cultivation!

This time, their enemy came to everyone’s sight; a two meters tall Panther Demon dispersing intense dark red flames.

Compared to the other Panther Demons, his build wasn’t particularly different, but the dark red flames surrounding his body in a very sticky state as well as his shiny dark red hairs were distinct proofs of his identity.

“Panther Demon God Auxerre?” Long Haochen shouted the question stentorianly.

That’s right, that powerful Panther Demon was their chief, the Panther Demon God Auxerre protecting the Yale Province.

Although Auxerre was bursting with rage in front of that scene, he didn’t lose all control due to anger by the enemy’s strong surprise attack, right against the Panther Demon Palace. Haoyue’s entrance in the Panther Demon Palace roused him up from his previous state of cultivation, but his arrival was clearly quite late.

Seeing the frantic slaughter of Long Haochen’s group, especially Sima Xian’s last display, he found it far too tyrannical. Therefore, he chose after slight considerations to ambush Sima Xian, getting rid of their most powerful attacker.

But he didn’t know that Long Haochen’s group was linked through the Soul Sharing Chains. Even if Sima Xian hadn’t resisted his attack like that, to inflict fatal wounds to Sima Xian would be impossible thanks to its sharing.

Looking at these young humans, Auxerre’s complexion became unsightly. He knew that he wouldn’t have an easy time. Even his Panther Demon Palace met with destruction.

Atop of that, close to half of the Panther Demons’ elites were slaughtered in this short time. This was an unparallelled damage for the Panther Demons. These humans looked quite young, but he just saw personally their tyrannical strength.

But this place was his territory, the Panther Demon Palace! As the Panther Demon God, he couldn’t possibly retreat in front of his clansmen.

“Despicable humans, you will all die today.” Auxerre’s cold voice spread with extreme anger. As he said that, the claws on his back made slight rhythmic movements and the whole Panther Demon Palace started to emit fluctuations of darkness spiritual energy.

A dark red pillar abruptly surfaced in the palace’s backyard, and its thick body gradually took shape.

This thick demon god pillar was decorated with countless Panther Demons’ engravings, and dark red flames rose violently from it.

To deal with this Panther Demon God, Long Haochen couldn’t possibly bring him in the Tower of Eternity for assassination like with the Demon God of Deep Vision. The last time, some strange phenomenon had happened between the demon god’s powerful innate ability and the Eternal Melody’s transporting ability. But to transport such a powerful demon god without his consent would be basically impossible. How could the counterpart show no struggles? 

But Long Haochen never imagined to face a situation like the current one, where he felt absolute confidence in vanquishing a demon god in front of him. And that confidence was due to the fact he was not fighting by himself, but had all these powerful teammates at his side. Sima Xian’s tyrannical offense confirmed to him that in these two years, every one of his comrades had made considerable progress. As a whole, they already had the strength to resist a demon god head on.

After the battle against the Dragon Rider Demon God, Long Haochen faintly felt that if they were only facing Asmodeus, the addition of his comrades and his full strength may perhaps match Asmodeus. But because of Asmodeus’ Demon God Transformation and domain, Long Haochen didn’t take the risk, out of fear of following the same road as Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. 

But now they were facing a demon god in the fifth dozen of the ranking, fifty-seventh ranked demon god Auxerre. He had already resolved himself to take a demon god’s life today… 

“We are the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, and I am the captain Long Haochen. I am telling you our name so that you can die contentedly. Ying’er, go!” Long Haochen declared, and let his words be heard by all Panther Demons present since his objective was originally to expose his tracks.

Hearing Long Haochen’s order, Chen Ying’er immediately sat cross-legged on Haoyue’s back and started to chant. She obviously understood what their captain meant: they were to go all out to handle the Panther Demon God, so her mission would be to stop any interference in the battle of Long Haochen and the others.

Lin Xin’s incantation also started. His line of sight was focused onto the Panther Demon God Auxerre, and this time, Haoyue was very settled, coldly watching the surroundings with his six large heads. After suffering the joint attack from Little Blue and Little Purple, the Panther Demons’ elites had already lost seventy percent of their troops, and the rest were not in good condition. Now they were clearly shrinking back in fear, and the outside of the Panther Demon Palace was extremely noisy. Visibly, a large amount of Panther Demons had rushed in, but all were certainly unable to compare with the previous Panther Demons’ elites.


The Panther Demon God Auxerre let out a howl of fury, and the dark red flames on him started boiling like a volcanic eruption. As he shot out, Auxerre’s muscles expanded greatly with the influence of the dark red pillar, exceeding three meters in the blink of an eye. His pair of sharp claws grew by over one meter in length as well.

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