Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 569

Chapter 569: The Demon God of Deep Vision’s Parasitic Body (III)

One had to admit that the Golden Foundation Armor could stand at the epic tier without qualms. During this period of rest, Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor transformed a large amount of light essence into spiritual energy. At the current time, he just got started cultivating, and was immediately able to transfer a large amount of spiritual energy to supplement his own body. A short time later, over 30,000 spiritual energy was back in his body. It was just that due to his state of weakness, he still needed a period of rest.

With a leap, Long Haochen stretched his body with force. Although the state of weakness was uncomfortable, his joy from slaughtering a demon god put him in a very good mood.

The Demon God of Clear Vision’s Demon God Crown was still running around in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, but all darkness essence was dried up, to the extent that not a speck of a single bloodstain remained around his body.

The Tower of Eternity even distributed a large amount of light essence toward Long Haochen to absorb. Speaking of it, it was also a winner. The soul of a demon god was a great gift for the tower.

Not in a rush to grab that Demon God Crown, Long Haochen shut his eyes, and connected through his blood contract to Haoyue. The latter was already on the verge of evolving. If he could gain the energy from the Demon God Crown, it would surely be extremely beneficial for his evolving process.

In a purple flash, Haoyue reappeared inside the Tower of Eternity. Because of the previous fusion he had with Long Haochen, he had an extremely tired expression.

“Haoyue, you can absorb it.” Long Haochen pointed at the Demon God Crown in the sky.

Haoyue’s five large heads were immediately filled with excited looks. Little Light raised his head, and puffed a thin purple light toward the Demon God Crown. Immediately, that crown running amok calmed down, and was absorbed in front of Little Light in the blink of an eye.

Little Light opened his mouth wide, swallowing it inside. In the meantime, Haoyue spread these thoughts to Long Haochen, “Master, I cannot absorb it for the moment. After I recover to my optimal state, I’ll need your help.”

Naturally, he understood the meaning behind his words. After making a breakthrough, Haoyue needed his protection. Having learnt the lesson from the previous experience, Haoyue contained himself, at the very brink of evolving, trying to cut down the time of evolution to the greatest extent. But it was still dangerous to a certain extent, which is why having Long Haochen’s protection was naturally the best.

“Okay. When my strength is replenished, I will immediately help you complete your evolution.”

Haoyue’s five heads were rubbed against Long Haochen softly.

Right at that time, Little Light’s golden eyes immediately had a look of amazement. His large heads gathering together towards Long Haochen opened their mouth and stretch forward pink tongues.

Long Haochen thought Haoyue wanted to lick him and immediately stepped down with a laugh. But very rapidly, his expression changed into surprise, seeing a sparkling and translucent gem in Little Light’s mouth. Inside it, faint dark blue waves were twinkling.

“This is..?” Long Haochen gave Haoyue a puzzled look.

Little Light didn’t reply immediately, murmuring some incantation. A trail of light landed on Long Haochen’s body, and in a flicker of light, the tired Yating was pulled out from Long Haochen’s body by the trail of light.

Haoyue had such an ability? Long Haochen was surprised. Seeing Haoyue, Yating still had some fears, but she very rapidly exlaimed upon seeing that gem on Haoyue’s tongue.

“Are you giving this to me? Thank you Haoyue!” Yating took the delicate stone in her hand without reservation, excitingly moving close to Little Light’s large head, and giving a kiss to his forehead.

Because of his light attribute, Yating was the closest to Little Light among all Haoyue’s five heads.

“Yating, what’s that thing?” Long Haochen asked in surprise.

Yating replied, “Should be that previous bad guy’s. Huh, I’m really itching to assimilate it. Master, can I? It seems to be able to arouse the evolution of the Saint Spiritual Stove.”

Long Haochen was in exultation, “Then you should assimilate it as soon as possible.”

So Crocell actually left such a good thing! Long Haochen had great lingering fears for that ability Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. If the Saint Spiritual Stove could gain a similar kind of ability, it would without doubt greatly enhance his group’s future operations in demon territory.

Yating laughed happily, “Thank you master. After that, she immediately changed into a flickering light, disappearing back inside Haochen’s body.”

Haoyue nodded to Long Haochen, changing into a purplish light rushing to his own world to have a rest. On the verge of a new breakthrough, he needed to raise his body to the optimum state.

Long Haochen once again called out the four holy guards, having them tidy up Crocell’s body, then had eleventh freeze the corpse.

Out of fear for his comrades’ worry, he couldn’t tarry any longer. Bringing Crocell’s corpse along, the Eternal Melody flickered with golden light.

Southeastern Fort.

At this moment, the atmosphere in this one of the Six Great Forts was visibly somewhat strange.

The demon armies already retreated, only leaving outside the fortress a large amount of corpses, a lot were those of humans, but mostly they were fromdemons.

Like in the previous battles, the Southeastern Fort should at that time sweep through the battlefield. But today was not the same: the sky was already dark, but the fort was brightly lit. They had enough forces prepared for that, but didn’t show the intention of sweeping through the battlefields.

The demons’ circumstances afar off were also quite delicate. Their army was already withdrawn, but the eight demon god pillars didn’t move locations. Still twinkling brilliantly, the group of seven demon gods under Paimon’s lead was sticking close to their own pillars, looking at the Southeastern Fort from afar.

The two parties were standing opposite from afar, no one showing the intention of withdrawing.

This scene followed because of the joint disappearance of both Long Haochen and the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell.

At that time, when Crocell had activated Clear Vision’s Godly Pull on Long Haochen, the Warrior Temple’s Head Qiu Yonghao became aware of the bad situation and immediately launched a full force attack from the Temple’s powerhouses at the demons.

Qiu Yonghao already guessed Long Haochen’s identity, and couldn’t help but strike with full force. In case Clear Vision’s Godly Pull succeeded, Long Haochen would be immediately surrounded by the eight demon gods, which was almost a route of certain death.

But when he led the Warrior Temple’s powerhouses to meet the seven demon gods head on, he discovered with shock that Crocell had disappeared from their ranks. Making the association with the light from Clear Vision’s Godly Pull that previously came to sight, Qiu Yonghao was immediately confused, because Paimon also looked to be at a loss.

Therefore, as if the two sides had come to an agreement, the demons withdrew their armies, and Qiu Yonghao led the Warrior Temple’s powerhouses back into the fort, immediately inquiring of Wang Yuanyuan’s group.

They would obviously not tell him about the Tower of Eternity, only expressing that Long Haochen had a powerful teleporting equipment, which resonated strangely with Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, giving birth to that unexpected scene. The details were omitted.

Because of the link through the Soul Binding Chains, Wang Yuanyuan and the others sensed that Long Haochen was still in safety at the current time. But he was very possibly battling the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. That’s the forty-ninth ranked demon god, so they were all in great states of impatience! Fortunately the vitality sharing didn’t keep persisting, so they could only wait in anxiety.

An unexpected turn of events was undeterminable. After Qiu Yonghao reflected carefully, he naturally wouldn’t retreat like that. Han Yu only called that Golden Foundation Knight Provisional Saint Knight Head’ and didn’t mention Long Haochen’s name, but the efficient Qiu Yonghao became even more certain of his guess.

The demon gods were the same. Crocell had disappeared alongside the enemy knight, and as the Southeastern Fort was not shrouded in darkness, they could watch even more clearly than the humans. Also, they could only wait without any information on the situation.

Time passed minute after minute. Paimon occasionally turned his head toward Paimon’s demon god pillar, only to see it flicker without pause, in total stimulation.

This meant that Crocell was fighting, and in a place where the demon god pillar’s force couldn’t be borrowed. As long as the demon god pillar was still lit, Crocell was surely still alive.

The Angel Demon God Paimon and Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell had very good relationships. And in particular, he was the one who instructed him to use Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. Extremely anxious, he knew that Crocell’s fighting prowess wasn’t much, but he valued very importantly his special ability. With the assistance from Crocell’s Clear Vision Technique, they could be saved from much effort be it regarding the deployment of their army or discovering enemies’ surprise attacks.

As the two sides’ became more and more anxious as they kept waiting, waiting for the confirmation that their own side is alright, a change happened.

The flashes of the demon god pillar of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell suddenly accelerated, at a violent frequency that attracted both parties’ attention.

Qiu Yonghao opened his eyes wide. What he feared the most was to see Crocell return safely, Long Haochen having died in combat. Or maybe that Crocell would appear alongside Long Haochen on the demon side. So he already transmitted to the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple the order of being prepared at anytime for another rush.

Paimon was also astonished. His thoughts were exactly the opposite as Qiu Yonghao. The severe fluctuations of the demon god pillar proved that Crocell was having a tough battle. But as it was happening in another space, he had no way to help.

The demon and human atmospheres became very strained, and right at that time, the demon god pillar of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell suddenly lit up with full brilliance, a gaudy light that could be perceived clearly even from the Southeastern Fort. The other seven demon god pillars immediately hid behind their own brilliances.


Right when Qiu Yonghao was prepared to go at anytime, that suddenly flashing demon god pillar went extinct instantly and without warning. All light disappeared from it: it seemed to have become a totally ordinary stela.

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