Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Such a swarm?(III)

The Aria of the Goddess of Light looked like an orange gelatin dessert, brilliant and full of allure. And Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was like a dark green jadeite, full of vitality and lustrous like a nascent bud. A dense golden fog kept rising anew, and intense golden flames instantly ascended onto the golden fog, as Long Haochen was exerting his whole strength.

Due to facing Haoyue’s attack, Crocell’s strength seemed as if suppressed. All his abilities lost about a fifth of their efficiency, and he looked extremely prudent.

Pointing both his blades in opposite directions, one to the sky and the other one to the ground, dark blue radiance reappeared in his eyes, spreading out from within. Then he started spinning in the same place, turning into a black pillar of light colliding against those two spells.

The gap of cultivation manifested without a doubt. The fire and wind whirlpool was first destroyed, as the extremely sharp fire dragon was totally unable to make its way inside the black pillar.

Then the ice spear launched at him was dodged in a flash, leaving no trace at all.

The black light vanished and Crocell staggered backwards. On his left shoulder had appeared a faint dark purple trace, and his left arm was slightly bent down.

Haoyue’s attack unexpectedly dealt some damage to him. This felt really incredible, that at the peak of the seventh step, he could actually wound the Demon God of Clear Vision of the ninth step.

The other three spells were actually covers for Little Purple’s attack. Little Blue wrapped ice around it, transforming it into water in a split second. Although merely a drop had made it past Crocell’s defense, its terrifying paralysing poison was enough to completely benumb the left arm of a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Demon gods have very high resistance against poison, but Haoyue’s poison was visibly out of the ordinary. Due to the paralyzing poison, Crocell’s arm would need some time to return to normal, in other words, to fully dispel the poison.

But Long Haochen remained unmoving, still using Storing Power. The ones attacking next were the four holy guards.

Crocell had a sudden heavy feeling, as a sparkling and translucent brilliance shone above his head in the shape of a diamond-like spear.

In the meantime, an icy blue ring instantly enveloped his body, blowing up immediately. It produced an extreme chilliness as a red and a green figure took advantage of that opportunity to rush to him suddenly, launching offenses almost frantically.

But right because of the effect from Haoyue’s poison, Crocell managed to completely calm down. Haoyue’s attack certainly inflicted some damage to him, but also made him realize that the creature he feared to such extent was actually far from his own strength. And under these circumstances, he displayed fully his strength as the Demon God of Clear Vision.

In a disadvantaged situation, the calmed down Crocell was unconditionally fearful. Stomping heavily onto the ground with his left feet, he released a black ray from inside his body, forcibly destroying the eleventh ice ring and slowing down the Diamond Spear launched at him. Then the blade in his right hand struck with an efficiency reaching the maximum.

A blade projection was launched, covering 270 degrees, aimed at Long Haochen, as its peak coincided to meet with the Diamond Spear. And as if the six wings on his back came alive, they blocked the tenth and twelfth holy guards’ offenses from behind.

The brilliant golden light that met with the black arc turned into thin droplets. That’s the fate Long Haochen’s Light Thorn, which served as response, suffered.

That’s when Yating made her second move. This time, after intervening, her face became quite pale. The strain for a light mage at the premises of the eighth step to launch a spell able to block the attack of a powerhouse of the ninth step was just that great.

Tears of the Goddess of Light was a single-targeted spell of the eighth step that Yating could use because of relying on Long Haochen’s aura as the Scion of Light. Furthermore, as an ability at the supreme peak of the eighth step, this technique was already close to one step above her capabilities.

Crocell’s attack was not only stopped, but the blade in his arm was marked with a golden trail which was dissolving his darkness elemental spiritual energy at a frantic speed.

Don’t forget that inside the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen has another advantage, which is his supply of spiritual energy. This place couldn’t supplement any elemental essence of other attributes than light and darkness.

At the start of the battle, Crocell wasn’t too aware of that, but as the battle followed its course, he felt that something was amiss. In other words, that the spiritual energy he consumed wouldn't be replenished.

But don’t think that in a situation where spiritual energy cannot be supplemented, a prolonged battle would be to Long Haochen’s advantage. Crocell’s attacks were unavoidable, and the four holy guards were not of much use in front of him. With the capability of the Demon God of Clear Vision, there’s no way he would be unaware that his spiritual energy was not refilled. In case he reaches his limits, it will undoubtedly drive him to desperate actions, putting his life on the table without fear of backlashes. So Long Haochen had to increase his power level to a sufficient level before he’d be driven to such actions.

Ding. The Diamond Spear was instantly smashed to pieces, but Crocell’s actions paused slightly. The spells from the four holy guards and Yating were just for the sake of stalling for time for Long Haochen.

“Such minor creatures dare stand in front of me with such impudence!” Having been blocked consecutive times, Crocell was truly infuriated. Narrowing his eyes, he abruptly shot out a dark blue ripple from his head, aimed at attacking the four holy guards.

The instant this dark blue glinting ripple appeared, the four holy guards immediately had frantic looks, turning suddenly into four bolts of light which disappeared, assimilated by the Tower of Eternity. But even so, the bolts they transformed into dimmed a bit in color upon encountering that dark blue ripple.

As Crocell was in battle with Long Haochen at the time the four holy guards appeared, he didn’t pay too much attention to them. But very rapidly, he found out that they were actually undead creatures supporting powerhouses’ souls. As a demon god of psychic attribute, he is the nemesis of undead creatures.

The force of all undead creatures originate from the soulfire. But his psychic magic is the most expert at extinguishing such soulfires. The last psychic attack was a calamitous threat in the eyes of these four. Their soulfires were far from able to resist in front of Crocell, so they immediately escaped such an extreme situation. Otherwise, if their soulfires were lost, they had no chance of being resurrected.

A jadeite glow extended everywhere the eye could see, like a mix of rain and fog. A figure abruptly came bursting out from within, releasing purpling golden glosses. And the mountain-like Haoyue disappeared all of a sudden.

Armor transformation and fusion: Long Haochen’s greatest fighting mode.

With only Storing Power, Long Haochen was still not at the ninth step. Only by relying on Haoyue’s armor transformation could he launch sword blows with sufficient power to reach the standards of the Demon God of Clear Vision.

At that very moment, the enemy’s right hand still hadn’t dispersed the paralysing effects on his left arm, and confronted Long Haochen’s attacks with only one hand. That mix of rain and fog was the ability Demon Wiping Flash, which was invented by Long Haochen.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light carried a great breath of life, enveloping each of Crocell’s possible escape routes. Can’t you predict my next actions? Right, let’s meet force with force.

The long blade in Crocell’s left hand was lifted, launching nine blade projections through the sky, which gathered together with the longsword and collided with an ear-piercing sound.

The two of them clashed only once, but Crocell’s body was hit with three of Long Haochen’s blows, which left three small bloody holes. On his left shoulder, dark blue blood was flowing, falling to the ground letting out some ringing sounds.

Though, this didn’t come without a price for Long Haochen. Crocell’s powerful nine-blades-in-one landed once onto his armor. However, the now pinkish-golden, transformed, Golden Foundation Armor came back to normal after getting only slightly sunken for a bit, without triggering the effects of the Soul Binding Chains.

Crocell narrowed his eyes, setting his drooping left arm into motion. He purposely let Long Haochen’s attacks land for the sake of hitting him and because of the poison in himself.

As blood flowed, he had recovered some feeling in his left arm.

Haochen’s attacks didn’t stop at that. As the two of them separated, his left feet tapped towards the ground, as he turned into a purplish golden flash of lightning, once again rushing at Crocell. On his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light burst forth with a dazzling splendor beyond compare, and a layer of translucent orange colored spiritual highlandized energy covered the sword. In the sky, a flashing line was traced toward Crocell. Lightning Flash plus Asura Strike!

In his left hand, Blue Rain seemed to have faded away, as its dark green luster vanished gradually. But it vaguely seemed even more threatening.

In Crocell’s eyes appeared a trace of panic, due to having determined through Clear Vision Technique the move Long Haochen was planning, because it would be hard to resist.

After fusing with Haoyue, Long Haochen’s strength was already sufficient to clash head on against him. Long Haochen couldn’t let time drag on, but Crocell was also unable to recover his spiritual energy here! So it would be hard to guess who’d win.

Raising the longsword in his right hand, Crocell suddenly turned illusory. Eight illusory images came out and dispersed from him, each having exactly the same physical appearance.

Dang! With a violent clashing sound, Crocell’s body was immediately pushed away by the spiritual highlandized energy infused Aria of the Goddess of Light. It seemed to want to fuse with these sorts of doppelgangers, but right at that time, a dark green gloss flashed by.

Crocell only had the time to hit that dark green gloss with a knock of the longsword in his right hand, but only crooked its angle a little. Swinging his body with all his force, he could only twist his body with all his strength,doing his utmost to avoid taking damage.

Asura Strike was launched through Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light!

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