Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Such a swarm?(II)


Four rays of light lit successively on Long Haochen’s chest and shot out. The blue and yellow rays landed on his back, while the red and green one covered his two sides. Imposing auras surged out from them: these were the four powerful holy guards: the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth.

Due to Long Haochen not proceeding to enter deeper in the Tower of Eternity, the four holy guards didn’t undergo any evolution, and still retained a cultivation at the seventh step. But the assistance from the four powerhouses, especially with their personal expertise, gave Long Haochen a considerable help.

Is that considered ganging up? Long Haochen suddenly had this queer thought.

Haoyue, Yating, the four Holy Guards, and Long Haochen himself. That was the entirety of the forces at his disposal. In itself, these were already close to ordinary members composing a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, and a considerably strong one at that.

Crocell gradually calmed down from his state of terror, finally feeling a threat to his life. Long Haochen wasn’t frightening, the four holy guards weren’t even given a look, but Haoyue’s appearance made him lose his head.

A thin golden fog rose in his surroundings, Storing Power.

The orange glint of the Golden Foundation Armor rose immediately, and in Long Haochen’s hands, the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light projected their own brilliance as well.

With the support from the Golden Foundation Armor, Long Haochen had a strong backup of spiritual energy, and spent almost no effort to undo the seal on the Aria of the Goddess of Light. At the same time, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light let out its greenish-blue brilliance as equipment of the epic tier.

The orange and greenish-blue colors didn’t harmonize perfectly, but carried an extremely dazzling look alongside the golden color released from Long Haochen’s body.

Haoyue’s five large heads’ eyes were filled with thin fluctuations of purple intent, as those nine purple lines atop Haochen’s head started to light up.

Haoyue’s right foreleg inclined to the right side, letting out a loud bang as it landed onto the ground. His whole body embedded itself here like a boulder, and on his five large heads, five different colored radiances kept rising. More terrible, they were not only focusing on the offense.

From Little Light, Radiant World was directly used on Long Haochen. The other heads were visibly preparing for other magic, as those other four heads swayed lightly.

Crocell being the demon god of Clear Vision, even if he was even more afraid than that, he knew that he couldn’t keep waiting. If the enemy was let to prepare his attacks, he would face an unavoidable death.

Filled with great will to survive, Crocell yelled and rushed forward just like a dark blue bolt of lightning. Flapping the six wings on his back, he went directly for Long Haochen.

Crocell could of course tell out that Haochen was the core of these enemies. As long as he could be killed, the others would be no threat. The same even went for Haoyue, as he could sense the existence of a contract between them.

Two blade projections were launched, not at Long Haochen but at the twelfth and tenth holy guards. The Demon God of Clear Vision’s locking ability could hardly be avoided by these two.

Crocell didn’t even look them in the eye. An ice-cold dark blue radiance burst out from his eyes, directly launched toward Long Haochen’s eyes.

A mental attack! Being a demon god of the psychic type, mental magic was Crocell’s field of expertise.And as his cultivation reached the ninth step, a mental shock launched by him could sometimes even burst the enemy's head.

Long Haochen didn’t attempt to dodge. Crocell’s most fearful aspect was his ability to land all his attacks by relying on Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, giving no chance of escape.

Haoyue’s heads roared simultaneously, all eyes colored in intense purple intent.

At the very moment, Haoyue and Long Haochen seemed almost to be joined as  one. As the purple light in Haoyue’s eyes flashed, Long Haochen’s both eyes also turned purplish-gold colored.

The four holy guards immediately responded to Crocell’s two blades. Being left without a way to perform dodging maneuvers, the four holy guards were greatly suppressed. But even so, they had their own means.

Two icy-blue radiances came out from the eleventh staff, landing on the two black blade projections. The spiritual highland-like projections obviously were stopped by such a simple magic, but it slightly delayed their arrival.

Right at that time, two thick earth walls appeared in front of the twelfth and tenth. More formidably, its appearance was followed by a great change. In the blink of an eye, it changed from earth walls to earth spheres, at least three times thicker than the walls used to be.

In the meantime, the tenth and twelfth holy guards drew back very rapidly. The Tenth Holy Guard had basically no worries at all. Speed was his greatest field of expertise, so although the enemy’s attack was unavoidable, at least he could extend the time before the collision by increasing their distance. On the other side, the Twelfth Holy Guard struck his blade on the ground to propel himself backwards at great speed.

Bang, bang.

The two earth balls were destroyed at the same time, but this time, the great mastery of the Ninth Holy Guard became fully visible. Turning into spheres one after another, they blocked the way of attacks of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. When that spiritual highlandized energy reached the two holy guards at last, it was finally stopped by two large and thick ice walls.

Relying on their great magic control, the ninth and eleventh guards did their utmost to help the other two stop this strike. But even so, when the tenth and twelfth stopped the residual energy of the attacks, it still shook the whole Tower of Eternity unto the edges. From this could be seen how powerful the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was. A powerhouse of the ninth step was truly a terrible thing for opponents of a lower level.

However, Crocell actually suffered a loss. The mental shock attack he launched from his eye didn’t have the slightest effect upon landing on Long Haochen’s purplish-golden eyes. It was as if a shield had been erected outside Long Haochen’s eyes, forcibly stopping its way.

In the meantime, the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand slowly struck.

This attack from Long Haochen was very slow. The accumulated sword intent, released at the blade’s tip vanished gradually, as an orange brilliance was taken in and sent out from the tip, faintly releasing multicolored golden light.

Indeed, under the effects from Long Haochen’s Spiritual Highland and his sword intent, the Aria of the Goddess of Light reached its state approaching the divine tool stage.

This was obviously not only due to his increased cultivation, but more importantly thanks to the benefits brought by the fallen meteor nurturing the two heavy swords. Yating having fused with the Saint Spiritual Stove, had the best nurturing force. She integrated the fallen meteor into the two swords through the Saint Spiritual Stove, increasing their quality all along,though that upgrade was still unfinished. As the heavy swords gained in quality, the fallen meteor was increasingly more used up, so the nurturing couldn’t be kept up for much longer. However this was something that Yating didn’t yet have the time to inform Haochen about, but even so, these two swords easily reached the epic tier level, especially Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which used to only reached its premises before that.

As he used his two blades as support while rushing forward, letting out crisp and clear sounds, Crocell absolutely didn’t dare receive this strike from Long Haochen with his body.

Right at this time, the image of a six winged angel appeared behind Long Haochen, closely adhering to his back. Immediately, it sharply increased the brilliance released by his two swords, while Long Haochen’s mental force became unable to restrict the terrifying sword intent accumulated inside the swords.

This was a light spell of the eighth step, serving as support coming from Yating, Blazing Angel’s Kiss. This ability has considerable boosting effects, definitely ranked among the best light elemental spells of the eighth step. It enables Long Haochen’s gathering speed of light essence to increase, while turning all his spiritual energy into spiritual highlandized state for a duration of thirty seconds.

In other words, the ability Blazing Angel’s Kiss directly turned Long Haochen into a powerhouse of the ninth step for thirty seconds. Its boost was comparable to Star King’s Star Domain, with the only difference being that Star Domain could last for a long time.


In a single sword versus dual swords, Long Haochen stumbled three steps back, and Demon God of Clear Vision’s charging stance was stopped forcibly. Long Haochen’s sword strike was terminated, but overwhelming sword intent kept gushing out from his body frantically, to the extent that Crocell was not even able to chain a next attack due to the trembling cold reaction of his whole body.

Still, the blades in Crocell’s hands had considerably terrible spiritual highlandized energy accumulated. Pushed back, Long Haochen was also unable to follow-up. But no matter what one could say, he managed to stop Crocell’s charge head-on.

As the battle was just getting started right now, four of Haoyue’s heads spurted out four magic spells, attacking Crocell.

Little Flame had sprayed a fire dragon, aimed straight at Crocell’s body, and Little Green released wind blades forming a hurricane, enveloped around the fire to form a fusion of wind and fire.

Little Blue and Little Purple also completed a pair of combinatorial spells. An bluish purple spear elevated itself in midair without a sound. As Crocell’s surroundings were covered by the wind and fire, this bluish purple ray shot without a sound, aiming for the top of Crocell’s head.

Getting Haoyue’s backup, Long Haochen crossed his swords in front of him. His whole body’s force was poured inside the heavy swords, as their spiritual energy reached the peak. Immediately, the heavy swords shook lightly, letting out more and more brilliant glows. Their rich and powerful radiance increased as the sword tip retracted gradually. Long Haochen was simply forcefully stifling the leaking sword intent from the boost of Blazing Angel’s Kiss back inside the swords.

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