Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Haoyue’s Armor Transformation, Double Divine Swords! (I)


If she wasn’t able to make a clear decision without a need for a signal from Long Haochen, Cai’er could be said to have wasted this year of training alongside Sheng Yue.

The Sickle of the God of Death arose abruptly, letting Seere finally sense a truly immediate deadly threat. With an overwhelmed roar, he used his arms to contain the sickle’s attack.

Seere was currently like Andromalius was in the past. Having lost the greatest part of his strength, he was not able to resist much in the face of the seven arts of death.

Still, he was in a slightly better state than Andromalius, and wasn’t instantly killed by Cai’er’s attack. But even so, his arms were cut and letting out an unstoppable flow of black blood.

Seere let out a frantic bellow, and his whole body’s muscles and channels erupted all of a sudden. Greenish black blood was pouring out from his mouth, shot at Cai’er ahead. In the meantime, his body swelled rapidly.

Finally driven to desperate actions, he was compelled to use the Great Demonic Collapse Technique. But without lasting more than one second, his bellow was suddenly put to an end. His body went abruptly still in midair, and a terrible explosion followed. Seere turned into countless fragments scattered to all directions, without a single intact limb being left.

Knowing full well about the demon gods’ dividing technique, enabling him to separate from his actual body, how could Long Haochen have only prepared Condemning Revolving Swords against him?

Amongst the final secrets pertaining to Condemning Revolving Swords existed a last ultimate blow. This powerful technique wasn’t simply about a release of power. Regardless of whether the enemy is killed through the incessant accumulation of power, what could be done about such an accumulation? This wasn’t simply Long Haochen’s own strength, so if Condemning Revolving Swords was simply terminated, wouldn’t it just result in a waste of this power?

Therefore through his incessant gain of comprehension towards Condemning Revolving Swords and gain of experience toward sword intent, he finally elaborated a last strike for Condemning Revolving Swords.

After attacking the enemy through series of rapid rotations, Long Haochen’s whole power and spiritual energy was poured into the two swords.

Still remember about the last crossed attack he unleashed in his battle against Long Tianying? Take its power and add the might of the two divine swords along. Even a powerhouse such as Long Tianying, whose internal spiritual energy exceeded 200,000, had no choice but to deploy his Divine Throne to resist against that.

Now it was Seere who, in a heavily wounded state, became the first offering for this completed product.

Green and red lights were mixed in the sky, letting out a bizarre glow. Some blue starlight went through them, mixed in with deep black tints. The light only flashed through for a bit, but its sublimated sword intent clashed with its whole power on Seere’s body.

The Goblin Knight was instantly smashed to pieces, and a greenish black Demon God Crown flew out, attempting to escape in the direction of its demon god pillar.

Long Haochen’s figure flashed and blocked its way. As if turning alive, a portrait on his chest opened its mouth wide, forcefully swallowing that crown. Once again, Haoyue ate the crown as if it was some cheap item.

Cai’er and Long Haochen landed at the same time, then Haochen waved his hand to the former, who arrived by his side with a flip of her wing.

In a flash of bright light, the two of them totally disappeared, and the golden barrier which was shrouding the area gradually dimmed down, disappearing.

It was a must-do for Long Haochen to bring Cai’er away. The death of the Goblin Knight meant the instant loss of brilliance from his demon god pillar.

Even if the other six great demon gods were fools, they would still be able to tell that something happened. How could they possibly consider continuing to chase after the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple. Turning into six streaks of light, they flew over, heading straight for the battlefield where Long Haochen and Seere confronted each other.

Unfortunately, at the time they arrived, Long Haochen and Cai’er were nowhere to be found. Seere remained, but only in the shape of fragments disseminated to the ground, without a way to tell them what had even happened.

By then, the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were mostly all back to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The chase of the demon gods proved to be fruitful, having at least taken the lives of five Heroic Assassins. Fortunately, their escape was prompt, and the nine powerhouses of the ninth step had made it back. Under Sheng Yue’s lead, they joined hands to stop the demon gods’ chase, barely avoiding even more terrible damage.

After getting raided in such way, the demon gods were enraged, and almost all used Demon Godification. A demon god of the ninth step in this state was overwhelmingly different than one at the eighth step! Sheng Yue’s crew had to make utmost efforts to achieve these results, to at least give the others a chance for escape.

If the battle had kept going on, the Assassin Temple would have surely sustained even more damage. But at the crucial time, the light coming out from the Goblin Knight’s demon god pillar had extinguished.

The death of a demon god was a major event for all the demon gods. The six chasing demon gods immediately returned in great alarm, and couldn’t attend to detaining Sheng Yue’s group there.

The process of Long Haochen and Seere’s battle was very complex, but in practice, the whole battle had lasted only for a few minutes. It was for the sake of rushing the battle that Long Haochen had revealed all his trumps like that. And for the same reason, he chose Seere, the weakest of them, as his opponent, and carried out a series of plans to greatly exceed the enemy’s strength. Coordinating perfectly with Cai’er, they finally managed to kill the enemy.

The favor the Exorcist Mountain Pass owed him became really considerable. Ever since Long Haochen’s arrival, the mountain pass’ side had gotten rid of two among the eight opposite demon gods. And, none of their Demon God Crowns had managed to get away. To the demon side, the damage really was overwhelmingly heavy.

In a streak of light, Long Haochen and Cai’er appeared inside the Tower of Eternity.

This was an undoubtably safe place. And right after the two of them appeared, Haoyue separated himself from Long Haochen’s body, heaving up his five heads to show an excited expression.

Although Long Haochen and Haoyue had not met for a very long time, all along their link was never disconnected. Right after coming out from deep meditation, the first thing Long Haochen did was to contact Haoyue. But Haoyue seemed to have secluded himself in training. The increase of Haochen’s cultivation also served as large boost for Haoyue’s.

Haoyue’s body had become a lot thicker, and his scales were letting out some purple golden light. Although it couldn’t be considered very conspicious, it was still a great qualitative change compared to before.

Right after coming out from Long Haochen’s body, the five large heads immediately gathered in front of him, gently stroking him from all direction. This affection closely resembled the relationship between a father and his son.

Long Haochen gently carressed each of Haoyue’s massive heads. But two hands seemed not enough, so he had to hug them in turn.

After over a year of separation, his heart had become full of longing.

Little Flame, Light, Green, Blue and Purple’s horns became glary. The most beautiful was Little Blue’s butterfly horn. The latter’s eyes gave off a soft, warm feeling, just like a shy well-bred lady.

As Cai’er stood aside, watching Long Haochen and Haoyue’s display of affection, the killing intent in her eyes due to Death in Childhood gradually dissipated.

Until now, the previous event still felt unreal in her eyes.

The fatal strike of the Blazing Lion Demon God Allocer was, after all, inflicted by Sheng Yue, a well-experienced powerhouse of the ninth step, and moreover the chief of the Assassin Temple, whose strength was undoubtable. And furthermore, because of the unexpected aspect of the thing as well as perfect baiting, Allocer didn’t even have the time to show off his talents before his death.

But the Goblin Knight’s situation wasn’t the same. Long Haochen took him head on in battle and defeated him. Cai’er was certain that even if she hadn’t participated, the enemy would hardly have escaped this fate. From the final state of Seere’s body alone, one could see how mighty was Long Haochen’s final strike. And the toughness of a demon god’s body was as high as his spiritual energy.

Alongside the tenderness of the look Cai’er had for Long Haochen, there appeared some sincere admiration. Over this year and a half, she relied only on herself, and trained very hard all the time, investing herself as much as she could. But even so, she realized that the gap between Haochen and her didn’t narrow, but instead became far greater.

In actual fact, Long Haochen had to put much thought into how to display the best of his abilities without using God’s Descent.

This relied on using his fusion with Haoyue as a replacement for God’s Descent, while wielding the two divine swords at their full power. All this time, it had been nourished with the fallen meteor’s materials through Yating’s great efforts, but that was finally over, resulting in an apparent increase in their quality. It went down to the extent that even in that optimum state, Long Haochen had difficulty in exploiting their full power.

After everything was done, Long Haochen had amassed from today’s continuous slaughters close to a million contribution points.

Just like that, he brought Cai’er out from there and returned.

To say nothing about Cai’er, even Long Haochen himself felt that such a display of power felt close to unreal. It felt as if the enemy had become much weaker. But in fact, it was due to the results of this past year and a half that he accomplished all that. If it was someone other than him that had attempted to undergo a year and a half of deep meditation, that person would have surely turned mad. The state of deep meditation even exceeded what Cai’er experienced in the year that she assimilated the Dagger of Samsara. At that time, Cai’er at least had the ability to form thoughts, but Long Haochen’s thinking needed to be restricted to produce that mystical state.

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