Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Goblin Knight (II)


At the time of his death, the Blazing Lion Demon Allocer did not even have the time to use Demon God Transformation. Seere was unwilling to follow his tracks and believed that as long as his body was in the transformed state of a demon god, he would have many more tricks at his disposal to ensure his survival. To say nothing of this opponent only being at the eighth step, even against someone reaching the ninth step, he had the confidence of getting away.

Long Haochen understood clearly what he needed to do now. They were able to kill Andromalius because of the repercussions of his battle against the Forest Boa King. Heavily wounded and without any reserves left, they had the perfect opportunity. But the current Seere was in his complete state, and could be considered a strongly reinforced version of Andromalius.

Why is it that Long Haochen would have absolute confidence in being able to kill a powerhouse of the ninth step, furthermore one reinforced by his demon god pillar? In one versus one, his odds of victory were probably close to zero. The gap between the eighth and the ninth step was just that wide.

But Long Haochen had still done that. This simply meant that he was prepared long before.

While Seere assumed the Demon God Transformation, Long Haochen didn’t stay idle, and, in his hand, Rippling Light disappeared gradually. Instead, an orange colored radiance started to glow on his left arm before bursting out, reducing all the lower ranked demons present in its range to fragments. The lower ranked demons outside its range were rushing to get away, as they didn’t have the ability to resist that at all.

What could that golden barrier be? Accurately speaking, it wasn’t a known technique, norr was it a Holy Mantle. Recently, Long Haochen had researched a new technique for himself that had a single purpose; to obstruct the enemy's’ line of sight.

Simply described, this could be called a Holy Mantle made of illusion, without any practical defensive or amplifying ability, and easily pierceable by any attack or creature, but only blocking the line of sight of any outsider.

Actually this technique wasn’t a hard thing to produce. Long Haochen’s inspiration came from his own Ripples of Light. By reduce the vibrating frequency a bit, and controlling the output of spiritual energy with more dexterity, his goal was attained. He had tried it out a lot of times already, and just as one could see right here, his creation was successful.

Would Long Haochen’s hard-made self-created ability be useless? Of course not, he made it especially because of his current circumstances. This was related to a matter he used to be helpless about, which was his current identity which could be leaked out. But the enemies won’t care about that: in case he encounters some powerful enemies, if he couldn’t display his full strength, then wouldn’t it be the same as fighting with hands and legs tied? Therefore, this barrier was absolutely not aimed at countering Seere, but created solely for Long Haochen’s sake, to conceal his personal abilities.


What Seere didn’t know at all was that Long Haochen’s release of this barrier was only proof of his incomparable determination to kill the enemy.

The green spear in Seere’s hand vibrated, and immediately, the surrounding sky started to twist violently. In the meantime, he shouted in rage to the lower ranked demons attempting to make their way through the barrier. They were not only unable to help in any way, but also contributed only to increasing the damage they sustained. With Seere and Long Haochen’s level of cultivation, the waves coming out from the clashes between the two of them were sufficient to be impossible for them to resist.

The spear was thrust out, launching nine green rays of light at Long Haochen. They had thickness comparable to chopsticks, contrasting greatly with Seere’s previous display of strength.

This was the effect from a great compression of his spiritual energy. In the end, as he was only at the eighth step, even after Demon Godification, Seere was unable to use the power of a domain. But in other aspects, his strength was greatly reinforced: for instance, this blow had a might comparable to the humans’ Spiritual Highland.

This powerful condensed attack was not a probing attack, but one of the powerful techniques at Seere’s disposal after Demon Godification.

In front of such an attack, Long Haochen remained at ease. An intense golden light glowed abruptly on his back, causing his body to shoot forward, facing the way of these nine rays.

Want to dodge? Seere had been through the battlefield for many years already. The human powerhouses he had faced were not few, therefore he immediately determined the goal behind Long Haochen’s charge.

Lightning Flash reached an extremely high speed.

Seere’s response was simple. The nine rays were fused into a single one, aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Right at this time, something Seere absolutely didn’t expect happened. In a flash of purple light, Long Haochen who looked about to be hit by the nine condensed rays disappeared without a trace. Right, he didn’t hide but just disappeared. The fact that it went through him and past the barrier was ample proof of that.

A terrible explosion also followed. The full power strike from the Goblin Knight reached a terrifying power without doubt, and this being the demon camp, the ones at loss were only those lower ranked demons. Unfortunately, Long Haochen couldn’t be credited with contribution points from Seere’s attack on these demons.

Disappeared? Spacial transportation? But I put so much pressure on him, how could he complete a spacial shift? At that very moment, Seere’s eyes were full of shock. He was totally unable to believe a human reaching the eighth step could have completely comprehended the profound mysteries between spacial transportation. And this was the middle of a battlefield! As far as he remembered, even a powerhouse of the ninth step couldn’t do that while engaged with the enemy. In battle, the massive fluctuations of spiritual energy made the space unstable. In case something went wrong, he would get lost in this unstable space and no matter how terrible his strength is, he would still be totally unable to depart this world.

But Long Haochen just disappeared like that, without leaving a single trace. The barrier of light outside was also starting to weaken gradually.

He escaped? Seere let go of the spear in his hands, but remained extremely prudent and didn’t deactivate his Demon God Transformation.

Right as this Goblin Knight strode forward to exit the barrier of light, its light suddenly gained in intensity, and the signs of transparency that had started to manifest disappeared. This area was back to being isolated from the whole outside world.

Seere abruptly turned back, unconsiously gripping his spear. There came a sudden shot of drizzling light. Everywhere it passed through, the space was letting out a series of ripping sounds.

Right, his opponent was back. But when Seere saw him again, his expression became totally filled with alarm.

Long Haochen’s armor wasn’t golden anymore, but colored in a blindingly bright purplish-gold. On his chest, shoulders, and knees were some fierce head portraits, which all had different appearances. Each one differed in the horn on their foreheads. His mask also became purplish-golden colored, and from his forehead had appeared nine golden veined patterns. On his back, four gigantic purplish golden wings were spread out. From this abrupt uncomparable pressure, Even in his Demon God Transformation, Seere found it hard to even breathe.

Under the cover of this purplish golden color, each of Long Haochen’s hands were gripping a different sword. The one on his left hand was letting out dark green glints, while the right one was glinting with an orange radiance.

Long Haochen’s left feet was brazenly shot forward against Seere’s glittering green spear, and immediately released twisted waves.

A terrifying spiritual energy was unleashed, flooding the area like a tsunami. The inside of the barrier was full of twisted waves, and in a large area outside of it, a great amount of lower ranked demons were swept away, all turning into broken powder.

Essence of Disorder, using five elements, that was the greatest skill belonging to Haoyue.

Seere’s attack was annihilated almost instantly, and his body found itself caught up into these powerful twisted lights.

Although Essence of Disorder couldn’t inflict serious wounds on Seere due to his transformation-enhanced strength reaching the ninth step, that terrifying attack was madly cutting through his skin, greatly depleting his spiritual energy. More importantly, while inside it, Seere was greatly slowed down. He now needed to put all his energy into resisting Essence of Disorder. Moving would deplete even more of his spiritual energy and besides, he couldn’t do that quickly.

Right then, Long Haochen made a move. Shooting his left foot forward, he waved the already unsealed Aria of the Goddess of Light on his right hand, launching a simple slash at the enemy.

This attack looked simple but was extremely brutal. An extremely concentrated sword intent was concentrated inside that glinting orange swordand the extremely terrifying waves of spiritual energy which vanished were concentrated inside.

Even the surrounding Essence of Disorder was rapidly repelled by this attack, making a path available for Long Haochen’s assault.

At this time, the Goblin Knight was facing an immense pressure due to the incredibly vast Essence of Disorder surrounding him.

“Raaa--” The fierce looking goblin bellowed pathetically. The spear in Seere’s hand abruptly took a provoking stance. That instant, it turned into a brilliant dark green color, with countless dark airstreams condensing on the tip, making a direct clash with the slashing Aria of the Goddess of Light.

“Dang--” With crisp sounds, Long Haochen repelled the spear with his Aria of the Goddess of Light. Seere felt as if struck by a thunderbolt, his whole body contorting violently. The tip of the spear in his hand crackled.

His breath loosened as he was already having ideas of retreat. And in the meantime,  Long Haochen swept through. the sky like a tornado, this time wielding dual swords instead of a single one.

It couldn’t be possible for Long Haochen alone to unleash such an overwhelming sword intent. But with the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, plus the Golden Foundation Armor and the amplification of Haoyue on his armor, his strength became a whole level more frightful than Seere’s. And what he was now using was the self-created ability of his father, the Divine Knight Long Xinyu: Condemning Revolving Swords.

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