Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 486


Chapter 486:  The Four Letters of “Little White Flower” (II)


His long golden hair draped over the two sides of his face, and his handsome looks and holy appearance seemed to make it so that just by standing he would give off the appearance of a wind swept god of sea.

His eyes were like two golden crystals, both colored in a resplendent golden color. But his look was very peaceful, when gazing at him, one would unconsciously not dare keep looking straight at him.

His both arms stretched to his sides, and taking a large breath, Long Haochen displayed a gentle smile. I am back, Knight Temple.

Resounding steps sounded out. Turning his head, Long Haochen got to see a Mythril Foundation Armored knight appear on his side, performing a knight salute.

“Hello, sire Long Haochen.”

“Hello.” Long Haochen made haste to return the knight salute.

“Please follow me.” The Foundation Mythril Knight turned back and stepped out.

Under his lead, Long Haochen returned to the room where he resided when he returned to the Knight Temple’s headquarters.

“Please wait a moment. Sire Temple Head instructed me to summon you as you come out. I will also inform your mother.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

The Mythril Armored Knight left, and Long Haochen sat on the bed, as he gave off a kind of unreal feel. The bed couldn’t be considered soft, but the room gave off a feeling of homely warmth.

After having sunk in cultivation for so long, he’s finally back. As he couldn’t help but lie on the bed, stretching his body, he had a kind of really cozy feeling, as if every cell of his was moaning.

A short time later, footsteps were heard from the outside. The door was directly pushed upon, and a sweet figure rushed in.

“Haochen.” Bai Yue had a very pleasantly surprised voice, very rapidly throwing herself at Long Haochen, and giving a hug to her child.

His mother’s embrace was full of warmth and fragrance. Long Haochen tightly embraced his mother, “Mom.”

His voice was unconsciously trembling, but the feeling of being able to lean in his mother’s embrace was really the best. But right this instant, he directed all his thoughts in his duty. For the sake of bringing an even better life to his mother, for her safety, and for every single mother in the Temple Alliance, he had to do his utmost to resist the attack of the demon invaders as a Guardian Knight.

“How could you be gone for so long for your training! It’s been a year and a half! Do you know how much your mother worried about you?” Bai Yue was already sobbing.

Her husband having been gone for so long without giving any news, she had finally reunited with such difficulty with her son, but he immediately went in closed-doors cultivation, for a year and a half. If not for Yang Haohan and grandpa who were here to comfort her, and tell her that he was all right, she would perhaps have gone to look for him long ago. Her son could now be said to be the only thing left in her heart. If something really happened to Long Haochen, Bai Yue didn’t know if she would have enough courage left to keep living.

A soft light essence was released from Long Haochen’s body, gradually pacifying the warm feelings coming out from his mother’s heart.

Letting go of her son’s hand, she earnestly looked at him.

“Haochen, you are thinner, a lot thinner. But still energetic. My son is the sweetest after all!”

Long Haochen couldn’t help but smile, forcing himself not to let tears flow, “It has always been so! Mother, I won’t keep going in seclusion this time. I will accompany you at Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. How about it?”


“Yes, yes but...” Bai Yue couldn't refrain her tears from rushing forth, “But can you really remain by my side?”

Long Haochen went silent. He obviously couldn’t, he had to go in battle and fight for humanity. Remaining always by Bai Yue’s side and accompanying her all the time was fundamentally impossible.

But so that more mothers could reunite with their own sons and daughters, and as the Scion of Light and a Guardian Knight, he had a lot of duties and responsibilities to bear.

The door opened, and the white haired like snow Yang Haohan entered. Seeing the pair of mother and child, he didn’t open the door. Before, he heard Long Haochen and his mother converse, and really couldn’t bear to go disturb their precious moment.

“Grandpa Yang.” Long Haochen stood up, immediately greeting Yang Haohan, who waved his head with a soft touch, not letting him bow down.

“Good kid. So you finally finished training. You really made us unbearably worried. This session of yours lasted for a year and a half. Take some rest, and accompany your mother for now. I give you ten days of vacations.”

“Thank you.” Long Haochen didn’t decline the invitation. Ten days couldn’t be considered much, but this could perhaps be the only time he would be able to accompany his mother for a long period in the future.

“Mother, where is the kitchen here? I will make a meal for you. Oh right, didn’t you ask about Cai’er last time? I’ll tell you everything about her okay? Cai’er is really very beautiful. In the future, I will surely marry her so she’ll be your daughter-in-law.”

Bai Yue finally turned grief into happiness, “You little thing. Not even twenty, and you’re thinking of getting yourself a wife. But it’s a good thing; when will you be introducing Cai’er to me?”

Long Haochen looked at Yang Haohan with an inquiring look on his face.

Yang Haohan was not only the head of the Knight Temple, but also the head of the Alliance. His position in the Alliance was, as such, clearly influential. After coming out from seclusion, what he wanted to know was the time left before being able to gather with his comrades, and the time before he would be able to step on the battlefield again.

Yang Haohan smiled lightly in response, “Everything will be told to you in ten days. The Alliance made some preparations for you. You can be at ease, your comrades are all doing very well at the time being.”

Hearing his response, Long Haochen relaxed greatly, and the expression on his face loosened, “Ma, I’m going to make a meal for you. What about a soup?”

Bai Yue had a smile on her face, “Haochen, Mother actually really wants to drink that potherb soup you made when you were young.”

The heartwarming days passed very rapidly, and on these ten days, Long Haochen accompanied his mother, making meals, massaging and spending all day talking with her. He showed his mother every possible consideration.

Given Bai Yue’s intelligence, she of course knew that after these ten days passed, it would be very hard for him to accompany her like this. Although she felt very reluctant, she did her best to relax and enjoy these days together with her son.

“Go Haochen. No need to worry for Mother. I will be waiting for you in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, waiting for you, son of the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu. But you have to promise Mother to protect yourself well no matter what. By protecting yourself well, you will only protect others better. Your father has already been missing for so long, Mother can’t bear losing you.”

Seeing the eyes of his mother gone hazy with tears, Long Haochen was torn with grief. These ten days were spent in great luxury; how good would it be if he could keep spending his time this way! But he knew that this was impossible. Unless demons were wiped out, as the Scion of Light, he couldn’t possibly keep spending his time steadily by his mother’s side.

Drawing two steps back, Long Haochen didn’t dare keep looking at his mother’s eyes. After kowtowing on the ground three times, he rapidly exited the room. He was afraid of being unable to part with his mother for real if he stayed too long.

Exiting his mother’s room, Long Haochen gasped immensely for breath. Even the assault of the bottleneck of the eighth step didn’t felt as painful as now.

For no less than ten minutes, he pushed down with difficulty the sadness in his heart. At least, he won’t be leaving the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for the time being, and would be able to frequently visit his mother. He was only able to comfort himself this way.

“Your Mother is still well?” Seeing Long Haohan pay his respect to him, Yang Hoahan asked with a smile on his face.

Long Haochen nodded silently, but his expression was already full of resolve, “Sir Temple Head, please assign our tasks. I also want to know when the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad can be reformed.”

The smile on Yang Haohan’s face vanished at the same time as he gave a nod, “You should remember what Sheng Yue said at the time you parted with each other.”

Long Haochen replied, “I remember that great-grandfather Sheng Yue said that as long as I successfully break through the eighth step, and that my comrades all reach the seventh step in strength, we can then have the possibility to reform our squad.

Yang Haohan nodded, “A year and a half have already passed. Regardless of whether the Demon God Emperor used you as a pretext to start this Holy War, it is still ongoing, and the Demon God Emperor has yet to sent powerhouses to search for your tracks. Therefore, in some sense, the preconditions for your team to be reformed are already fulfilled.”

“Really?” Long Haochen was overjoyed at these news. All his comrades were putting great efforts for the sake of reforming the team. As their captain, his thirst for that was greater than anyone else. After a year and a half of peaceful training, his mind became peaceful, but the thirst inside him didn’t decrease in the slightest.

“But that’s not all, don’t rush.” Yang Haohan looked at Long Haochen with a severe eye.

The great joy on Long Haochen’s face disappeared, but his excitement remained. Because he knew that since Yang Haohan gave him hope, it means that his 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad had absolutely the hope to get reformed.

Yang Haohan replied, “In your young generation, no one can compare with your strength. But it is far from enough against powerful demons. You should know about this point. Therefore, you will all have to prove to the Alliance your ability of self-preservation, should you want to reform your Demon Hunt Squad.


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