Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 224

Chapter 224        Why don't you fight against God?

Around twenty to thirty thousand people were gathered at Kennedy airport. Most of them were the members from the Skull and Bones and more than half of them were the mercenaries that served Fernando Rethnor. In fact, most of the ‘guests’ in the terminal building were dressed up mercenaries.

Of course, Zhou Qingfeng was aware of that and he set up a trap for Fernando. However, he did not expect for Fernando to set up a trap for him too.

“Damn it, he almost got me.” Zhou Qingfeng cursed. Meanwhile, DogMeat was barking nonstop and Zhou Qingfeng noticed that there were probably tons of enemies out there. He could not assault all of them and DogMeat would not be able to fight against the mercenaries that held rifles from afar.

“Victor, what should we do?” Rachel was holding a pistol without any ideas. She was not good at fighting with guns; she was not sure about what to do in the current situation.

“Don’t tell me that you weren’t expecting this.” Katrina picked up the weapons and the armor to arm herself up. She looked at Rachel before she looked at Zhou Qingfeng, “Is there no other way out?”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no other way out.” Zhou Qingfeng killed dozens of enemies and his combat power was significantly increased with his ‘Awe-inspiring murderous’ skill. He walked to the T-1 combat robot and loosened the magazine. He took the six-barrel Gatling and two of the five thousand bullet boxes off the combat robot.

“Wow…., cool!” Katrina was surprised. She was impressed but she still had some doubts, “Can you handle it? It has a really high recoil. You know that you’re not an actor right now.”

“Hold this for me.” Zhou Qingfeng handed a bullet box to Katrina and carried another one on his back. Its flexible banding provided good firing continuity.

“Oh my God!” Rachel was shocked. She looked at her little pistol and looked at Zhou Qingfeng who was carrying the machine gun. Without saying much, she quickly followed up, “I feel a lot safer now, but it seems like there are a lot of enemies out there.

The machine gun with the bullets weighed more than fifty kilograms; the huge six-barrel had great deterrence. Zhou Qingfeng held the machine gun and slowly walked towards the door of the VIP room, “Who cares if there are a lot of people out there? I don’t believe anyone can stand this. Let’s go, we’re gonna make our way out!”

There were thousands of mercenaries on the seventh floor of the terminal building. All of them received the order and were rushing towards the VIP room where Zhou Qingfeng was located. Their footsteps were loud but they were moving very quickly. There were more than hundred of them already approaching the VIP room.

Tons of armed mercenaries covered each other, moving closer to Zhou Qingfeng with skillful tactical actions. Meanwhile, at the terminal building monitoring room, Fernando Rethnor anxiously stared at the monitors on the wall. The monitors displayed the live videos.

“He’s dead. He’s going to die. There’s no way he can get out of here!” Fernando was sitting in the monitor room and kept on talking to himself. The cigar between his lips was already crushed and his entire body was shaking unconsciously. He hated Zhou Qingfeng to the utmost degree.

Meanwhile, the mercenaries at the front started to slow down while they were approaching the VIP room. They encountered a dog with a mouthful of blood. When DogMeat saw the mercenaries with their rifles, it barked and quickly ran away.

The leader of mercenaries slightly moved to the side and one mercenary came in with a rocket launcher. He aimed it at the door of VIP room that was already half-ruined and was ready to launch. With the rocket launcher, the people in the room would definitely be blown up.

However, before the mercenary could launch the rocket, a buzzing sound came from behind the door. While all the mercenaries were wondering about the noise, the sound of a turning engine was immediately replaced by the sound of the machine gun.

Six-barrel Gatling bullet storm!

The sound of the machine gun was as if it was roaring nonstop. The bulletstorm pounded through the wall with unstoppable force! The mercenaries thought the wall would act as good cover. Little did they know that the wall would be the first to get destroyed and the bullets were fired through the walls.

The six-barrel Gatling kept firing with the barrel turning at a high speed. Blood and broken wall pieces would fly out from wherever it was pointing at. The mercenary with the rocket launcher was instantly killed. The rocket launcher was destroyed and the broken pieces hit the mercenaries around it.

Oh, God!

Fernando Rethnor stared at the monitors with his eyes wide open and his brain blanked out. Words could not explain the shock in his mind. It was as if he were an idiot sitting on the chair with his mouth agape.

As for Ted who was commanding the mercenaries, he arranged for more than hundred people to cover up the VIP room. However, when the machine gun started firing, the assault team he had formed instantly collapsed. The situation turned into a mess in just a few seconds.

The experienced mercenaries cried like kids, running away from the VIP room. They would rather have the machine gun pointed at their mates, and they did not dare to turn around to look at the devil that was getting closer and closer.

Chaos, noise, screams, and a numerous amount of people were running away. Ted was shouting at the mercenaries to stop them but Zhou Qingfeng approached him with the M145. He stared at Zhou Qingfeng and sighed, “Oh, God.” In the next second, he was already gone.

Zhou Qingfeng was truly the like the devil who came from hell. He was cool, ruthless, and had a murderous look on his face. His footsteps were slow and steady; his barrel was unmatched!

The sound of the machine gun covered the entire terminal building. The entire wedding scene immediately turned into a bloody scene. Countless armed mercenaries were killed by the raging bulletstorm. After all, it was a hell covered with blood and body parts. No one had the courage or confidence to fight back in front of the six-barrel Gatling.

“That madman, how can he use M134 so easily? It’s not supposed to be used by a human! It’s made for vehicles and helicopters, but he’s carrying the six-barrel Gatling and he’s killing all my men.”

Fernando Rethnor thought that if it was not an illusion, it must have been God who decided to make a joke out of him. He did not want to believe that someone in the world could handle that raging weapon.

Zhou Qingfeng emptied the five hundred bullets and killed at least two hundred mercenaries. His ‘Awe-inspiring murderous’ ability had already reached its limit. He took the other bullet box from Katrina and immediately rushed towards the terminal building’s monitor room.

Fernando watched Zhou Qingfeng through the monitor; he was dumbfounded by Zhou Qingfeng’s violent and heartless massacre and he could not move, “What a crazy man. He’s not going to escape and he’s coming for me instead.”

If Zhou Qingfeng was in front of him, Fernando Rethnor would have shouted to him - You’re so overpowered, why don’t you go and fight against God?!

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