Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 203

Chapter 203        Boot-licking

The Skull and Bones’ logistics center was located in a large supermarket parking lot. The supermarket was formerly known as Greenfield Supermarket, which was just off Highway 27 and was very close to Wallis Trim Metro Station.

The supermarket’s signboard had already been broken into pieces and there were bullets shells on it. The area around the supermarket was also under Skull and Bones’ control and was separated from the outside world with wires and fences. The supermarket was stocked with a large number of goods which Skull and Bones shipped from all over the country while the parking lot had been modified into huge military tents.

Zhou Qingfeng was forced to follow the patrol team. All of a sudden, Zhou Qingfeng saw a group of women passing by right after he alighted his light armored vehicle with the twin sisters. Among the group of women, there was a particularly tall and glamorous lady. That lady seemed to have caught the eyes of all the soldiers that were present.

There was a scar on the woman’s face, slanting across the right part of her face. The wound was still fresh— there was even blood dripping off of it, but it did not cover even a bit of her cool yet bright temperament. Her busty chest and long thighs, which attracted everyone’s attention, were covered in an urban combat camouflage suit.

“Katrina… Why the hell is the mad lady here?” Zhou Qingfeng was dumbfounded when he saw her. The ferocious girl also threw a few confusing glances at him after noticing his presence.

At that very instant, a man suddenly shouted at Zhou Qingfeng, “Hey, kid, let these two girls stay and I’ll let you be the commander of this Armored Battalion.”

He was dressed in a new desert camouflage suit, with neat berets and a pair of calfskin high-waist combat boots. The surfaces of the boots were so bright that they could even be used as mirrors. He was not old, perhaps he was in his twenties at most. However, he came to Zhou Qingfeng and looked at him with arrogance.

The follower behind Zhou Qingfeng whispered in his ears after sensing the doubt in his eyes, “This is Mr. Hashim Rethnor, the nephew of Mr. Fernando Rethnor. He’s the head of the Greenfield Logistics Center.”

“Oh, hello! Dear Mr. Rethnor, my name is Jim Jones, and I’m the platoon leader of the Ninth Armored Battalion. I was once fortunate enough to have met with your uncle, and since then I’ve particularly revered his martial bravery. I’ve always been hoping to listen to his teachings again.”

Zhou Qingfeng instantly realized that he had gotten himself a big fish when he heard that he had met Fernando Rethnor’s nephew.

“You know my uncle?” Hashim never thought that a random man he met would actually know his uncle.

“Your uncle loves to smoke cigars, and his elegant demeanor can always be seen, especially when it comes to his style of clothing. To be honest, I can even feel the similar temperament between you and your uncle.” Zhou Qingfeng had a strong impression of Fernando Rethnor, the ‘poser’.

“You’re really familiar with my uncle, aren’t you?” Hashim was extremely certain that Zhou Qingfeng was indeed very familiar with his uncle and became friendly all of a sudden, even though the latter was only bluffing.

“You wanted these two girls? Not a problem, they’re yours now.” Zhou Qingfeng turned his head around and winked at the twin sisters. Luckily, the twin sisters were extremely astute. They instantly started crying and showing pitiful faces, before they were reluctantly pushed to the opposite side.

Hashim was extremely happy with Zhou Qingfeng’s cooperation. He then tapped on his shoulder in laughter and said, “Jim, I like you. It just so happens that the commander of Ninth Armored Battalion died last night. I’ll now appoint you as the new commander.”

“Hahaha…” Zhou Qingfeng laughed as well, but in fact, he felt that the man in front of him just an idiot. The act of randomly appointing a person as battalion commander was the very definition of prodigal.

However, Zhou Qingfeng continued bootlicking him, “Mr. Rethnor, you’re just as generous as your uncle. I’m wondering if I could ask for the position of the aide-de-camp as well? I really want to serve you personally, so please don’t reject me.”

Zhou Qingfeng was planning to drift with the waves and go with the flow. Even the officers and soldiers around him couldn’t believe his shameless attitude. However, Hashim Rethnor felt that the newly-appointed commander in front of him was particularly pleasing to his eyes. Hence, he disregarded the dissuasions of his followers and appointed the man which he just met for the first time as his aide-de-camp. Zhou Qingfeng would be in charge of the military logistics from now on.

Zhou Qingfeng was taller and stronger in size compared to Hashim. Therefore, Hashim was extremely satisfied to have someone like Zhou Qingfeng actually bow before him.

“Dear Mr. Rethnor, may I ask where will these women be escorted to?” Zhou Qingfeng was asking for the group of women, which included Katrina. Eileen and Ellie, the twins, were being sent to join the group as well.

“Those are the women which we’ve gathered from all over the city and we have special uses for them,” said Hashim.

“There are quite a few fine quality goods!” Zhou Qingfeng showed a smile on his face. One would know the meaning of Zhou Qingfeng’s smile as long as he was a man.

Hashim instantly understood as he laughed as well. However, he lowered his voice and said, “They’re specifically selected, the best of the best. There are around hundred of them and that includes the twin sisters that you’ve just given me.”

“Oh…… Who’ll have these women then?” Zhou Qingfeng asked in confusion.

Hashim immediately said proudly, “All of them belong to my one and only uncle, Fernando Rethnor. He’s about to marry an attractive lady and hence he’ll need some pretty women for decorating his wedding ceremony.”

“That’s a great idea.” Although Zhou Qingfeng seemed to be amazed by the plan, he was actually thinking to himself, For decorating his wedding ceremony? Oh come on... he just wants to set up a chamber of imperial concubines!

Hashim lowered his voice once again and said, “These women will be distributed after the wedding ceremony. So… as long as you’re loyal to me, I’ll give you some them.”

“I will offer you my loyalty, no doubt about it.” Zhou Qingfeng straightened his face when he made the oath made him want to vomit, but it was actually pretty effective.

Just when Hashim was laughing, a helicopter suddenly flew across the sky. It caused a huge wave of air turbulence, causing the others to not be able to open their eyes.

“Skull and Bones even has their own helicopter crew?” Zhou Qingfeng then saw the sign of ‘Polarlys’ on the helicopter, “Is this the helicopter from ‘Polarlys’?”

“Oh…… it seems that my uncle has arrived. I think he’s here to pick me up. Jim, you really should go to see the ‘Polarlys’. It’s heaven compared to land.” Hashim quickly bent down his body as he headed towards the landing spot of the helicopter. Zhou Qingfeng instinctively followed him as well since he wanted to get into the ‘Polarlys’ once again.

However, when they finally reached the landing spot, after Hashim got into the helicopter, the guard on the helicopter shouted at Zhou Qingfeng, “Go away. No one is allowed to board this helicopter and head to ‘Polarlys’ without the permission of Mr. Fernando Rethnor.”

What……? Zhou Qingfeng’s plan immediately fell short. Hashim, however, was very apologetic as he waved at Zhou Qingfeng and shouted, “Jim, why don’t you stay here and help me with my stuff? The logistics center has almost driven me crazy. I’ll recommend you to my uncle as long as you can manage it well.”

The helicopter landed for less than a minute before it departed once again, and Zhou Qingfeng was left behind alone. However, after staring blankly at the departing helicopter for about ten seconds, he turned his head around and saw a large group of officers from the logistics center behind him. All the officers were staring at him shockingly.

Zhou Qingfeng immediately straightened his body and thought to himself, Oh my God! Did the entire logistics center just fall into my hand so easily?

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