Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 200

Chapter 200        Crazy Driver

The impact of the gigantic artillery shell literally shook the earth. Amidst the vibration and the deafening noise, the wave of the explosion killed and destroyed everyone or everything within the radius of fifty meters. Everything was blown up into the sky. When all the pieces fell, you could even see the broken body parts in the air.

Nobody would like to stay in a place that was dangerous and where they could be killed at any time. Zhou Qingfeng was not going to stay. He quickly switched on his armband computer and contacted Angie who has been controlling the drone, “Angie, show me the vision of the drone, I’m gonna get out of this stupid place.”

Zhou Qingfeng looked at the scene captured by the infrared camera of the drone. The whole shore was already in a mess. The Brotherhood of Steel had occupied the entire East Rockaway during the day and had already set up the two thousand soldiers around the residential areas for defense. It was only around two kilometers away from their targeted place, Valley Stream.

According to the Brotherhood of Steel’s plans, they will defend and hold the shore during the day. At night, they will get cannons by cargo ship and use the armored vehicles to attack at the same time. They would only need half an hour to get through two kilometers.

Their plans during the day were good, however, Skull and Bones took the initiative to attack before the Brotherhood of Steel did. Just before the commanders of the Brotherhood of Steel were going to group the team up, Zhou Qingfeng shouted, “We can’t just wait and die here. We need to get out of here.”

Based on the vision provided by Angie, the invasion of Skull and Bones was not packed. Instead, it was vulnerable. Zhou Qingfeng quickly gathered his squad and escaped from the shore. Meanwhile, Guzman and Richard were looking for Zhou Qingfeng with a team across the frontline.

“Guzman, do you think we can find that kid?”

“He’s not dumb, why would he stay if there’s poisonous gas?”

“What should we do if the gas gets here? Why can’t we let somebody else do this?”

Richard was talking non-stop and Guzman was annoyed. He grabbed, pulled Richard’s collar, and shouted, “Listen, idiot! I hate that kid. I even wished that he could die with me and that’s why I’m here looking for him.”

“We’re the only two who knows about that kid in the entire Skull and Bones. That’s why we’re here. What we’re going to do now is follow the soldiers in front of us. We’ll be able to find him if he’s still alive. I bet he’s hiding somewhere right now as our soldiers are really aggressive.”

“Mr. Rethnor said that if we couldn’t find that kid today, he’s going to launch all the gas bombs to cover the entire East Rockaway to kill that kid.”

“If you don’t want to get killed by the gas bomb, get off your ass and find that kid.” Guzman continued to pull his collar until Richard nodded his head.

In the dark, thousands of soldiers from Skull and Bones were following the tanks and armored vehicles. They were going through the artillery shells from the Brotherhood of Steel and heading to East Rockaway. It was going to be a chaotic and bloody massacre.

An M1A3 main battle tank crashed through tons of buildings and appeared on the street. Its muzzle aimed at a heavy-armored vehicle.

“Oh shit….., there’s a tank in front of us! Turn around!” Butcher shouted at the machine gun tower. The heavy Cougar braked and changed directions.

Clearly, the tank was not expecting there to be an armored vehicle and it just simply fired. The artillery shell missed and it hit the building behind it. The building was instantly demolished.

The huge artillery shell nearly hit the Cougar and created a strong gale. Butcher, who was on the top of the vehicle, quickly got back down. He felt like he was in the middle of a storm, “Damn you, Victor, get your shit together. Are you trying to kill me?”

“Shut up. How was I supposed to know that there were so many battle tanks? They appeared as soon as I showed up,” Zhou Qingfeng shouted while he drove the Cougar.

“Because you’re just a piece of shit!” Butcher cursed. There were one main battle tank and three armored vehicles chasing after them from the back.

As soon as Guzman and Richard heard that there was an armored vehicle from the Brotherhood of Steel, they immediately headed towards the frontline. When they were on the way, they saw, with their night vision scope, a building destroyed all of a sudden and an armored vehicle showing up.

“Oh, God!” Guzman and Richard were not able to react after they saw the vehicle. They only heard the rapid sounds of bullets being fired. The bullets hit the transport truck behind them; its windows, body, and the entire truck was destroyed. The people in the truck were all gone.

After the vehicle destroyed the truck, it immediately rushed across the street and escaped.

“Thank God our vehicle is shorter,” Richard was astonished and broke out in a cold sweat. If it were not for their small assault vehicle, they would be the ones destroyed instead of the truck.

The events following that were even worse. After the Cougar passed them, another few vehicles showed up and fired at the Cougar. There was even an M1A3 Abrams battle tank chasing after the Cougar. The engine of the huge and gigantic battle tank roared fiercely.

On the Cougar, it was not just the bullets from the machine gun tower, even the back door of the car was opened. Butcher was controlling an M2HB heavy machine gun and shooting at those vehicles behind them. They will definitely get hit by the bullets if they get too close.

“It’s Victor Hugo. Such a crazy man must be Victor Hugo!” Richard realized that, agitatedly grabbed Guzman, and shook him. He snapped, “I thought you said that that b*stard was hiding somewhere else? He was right here! He got through our defense point.”

“He’s crazy. He infiltrated our assault team in the middle of the night. What is he trying to do? Is that why there are so many vehicles behind him? The commander for this invasion must be panicking right now!” Guzman was also surprised by Zhou Qingfeng.

In fact, the commander who was in charge of the invasion was driven to madness. Initially, he got news saying that ‘An enemy's vehicle rushed through the defense point and we’re trying to take it down.’

The commander had thought that an armored vehicle was not a big deal. However, very soon, the officer at the frontline started requesting for backup like a madman.

“Commander, we’re under attack. An armored vehicle got into our invasion team. Its heavy machine gun is destroying us.”

“It’s armed with heavy armor, normal weapons didn’t work. We need anti-armor weapons right now. We need backup!”

“Damn it! One of our Abrams is down. They have the javelin missile.”

“Oh God, it suddenly appeared at our flank and destroyed three of our light armored vehicles with the missiles.”

Receiving the incessant bad news, the commander of Skull and Bones was stressed. He was going to ask the officer at the frontline, “Are you guys idiots? Why are you allowing the armored vehicle to stay in the team? Can’t you guys chase it and take it down?”

In the meantime, Butcher was also shouting while he was firing, “Victor, you’re a maniac. Do you know how to drive? Argh, more armored vehicles are coming after us. Oh God, there are two main battle tanks! They’re gonna fire, make a turn!”

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