Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 199

Chapter 199        VX

Fernando Rethnor will never admit that he was traumatized by Zhou Qingfeng. However, the psychological effects of Zhou Qingfeng’s actions did exist and the effect had already been magnified to infinity!

Although David Lawrence was extremely strong, he was still a human, nonetheless. However, the outbreak of Zhou Qingfeng’s combat capability in just a short period of time was simply incomprehensible and encountering him will be even worse than one’s worst nightmare. Anyone will definitely treat him as the main enemy and kill him as soon as the opportunity arose.

When Richard reported that Victor Hugo landed on the shore, the first thought that came across Fernando Rethnor’s mind was - How can I kill that bastard once and for all? He felt that tanks and cannons were too unreliable for him. Hence, he got himself some poison gas bombs.

An order was then relayed to the soldiers from the battlefield - to find and determine Victor Hugo’s location. All Fernando needed to know was his location. The other information… was no longer important anymore.

Meanwhile, Guzman was still leading the remnants as they tried to regroup. The team, which he had put so much effort into piecing together, was now defeated once again in the hands of Zhou Qingfeng.

Guzman, too, felt frustrated when he watched Zhou Qingfeng destroy all three of his defence points consecutively. The lame guy had tried his best to get rid of his main enemy. However, he kept facing difficulties, and at that very instant, he already felt like giving up.

Nieto was also exhausted as he kept running for his life after encountering Dogmeat. As he had been starving for a long period of time, he was running out of energy. He almost collapsed when he finally returned to his team.

“Hailey, do you have any food left? Give me some, I’m dying already.”

Nieto threw himself towards her when he saw her ravenously devouring a can of canned Spam at that moment.

“No, get lost,” Hailey seemed to have met a ghost. “You ugly son of a b*tch. Stay away from me.”

“Hailey, it’s me, Nieto,” Nieto could not believe what he just heard. He even raised his tone to stress his identity.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to follow a useless person anymore. I’m now Mr. Guzman’s woman,” Hailey decided to ditch Nieto after she hooked up with Guzman.

Nieto felt that he had been struck by lightning when he heard the news. He stirred for a while as he could not understand the reason. Finally, he whispered, “Hailey, I’ve always been good to you. Why did you decide to follow Guzman, the devil? Have you forgotten what happened to Sofia? You’ll be tortured to death if you insist on following him.”

“I didn’t forget Sofia, but I also didn’t forget how you abandoned her. I don’t want to follow such a useless man. So please… stop bothering me,” Hailey shook her head and kept herself away from him as if he was the plague.

“But I’ve done all those things because I love you!” Nieto shouted.

“No… You only wanted to sleep with me,” Hailey took her can and quickly disappeared.

At that moment, Nieto felt that his inner world had completely collapsed. Everything in front of him had turned grey, lifeless, and meaningless. He really just wanted to die. However, he suddenly felt a surge of energy emerge from his shoulder. Someone shouted, “Nieto, follow me. We’ve got some work to do now.”

Guzman, Guzman, it’s Guzman again. For the first time, Nieto felt that he was no longer afraid of the vicious man. He turned his head around and said coldly, “I’m starving. I don’t have any energy left to work for you.”

In the past, Guzman might have already killed Nieto. However, this time around, he seemed extremely gentle. He patted Nieto’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve prepared some food for you.”

The food was served in just the blink of an eye, and out of his expectations, it was extremely sumptuous. Nieto saw not only canned meat, but also bread and fruit jam. The scent of the food had stimulated his taste buds. He immediately forgot all his difficulties and he began to wolf down the food.

However, once Nieto finished eating, he found out that there were other people who were eating and drinking just like him. They looked extremely miserable and they seemed like a bunch of refugees. Besides that, all of them, including himself, were surrounded by fully-armed soldiers.

“What’s going on?” Nieto was being sent into a tightly guarded warehouse after he finished eating his food. The soldiers inside the warehouse then pushed him heavily and shouted, “We didn’t fill your stomach up for nothing. Now, get to work! Don’t you dare slack off or even try to plan for an escape.”

No one will escape as long as his stomach can be filled constantly.

However, when Nieto walked towards a truck, he saw a forklift carefully moving a shell rack down from the truck. The clear logo of Skull and Bones was being printed on the shell rack, with a label, ‘M122 155mm VX artillery shell’.

The officer that looked after the artillery shell then stepped forwards, straightened his face, and said, “You guys will be responsible for delivering these artillery shells to a cannon team. Be careful, these shells are a little more special.”

Zhou Qingfeng still did not know what he will be facing soon. He sighed while looking at the sky, “Damn… I won’t even be trying that hard if I knew that we were going to have air support.”

Several aircraft of the Brotherhood of Steel were flying across the sky at an extreme speed. As there were a large number of flying clubs and amateur pilots in the United States of America, it was extremely easy for them to find several propellers to launch the free fall bombs.

Although the bombs were unguided, the flying aircraft in the world of the cataclysm still exceeded the expectations of Skull and Bones by far. The soldiers of Skull and Bones were completely lost when they saw the bomb-dropping aircraft.

Hooray… Victory!

The cannon fodders that landed on the shore cheered in joy when they saw their enemies running around to dodge the blobs. At first, they thought that a Great War was inevitable and that they might be dead on the battlefield. No one would have expected that they could live on for a little longer. Zhou Qingfeng’s men even jumped out of their respective underground bunkers and cheered for their victory.

However, when night gradually approached, the propellers left promptly. Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher instantly turned pale. They said simultaneously, “We’re doomed, how are we supposed to deal with them the entire night?”

Not long after the aircraft left, the armed reconnaissance team from the frontline immediately sent through an alert – the enemies marched forwards once again and there were more than three to four thousands of them. However, there was one thing that reached even faster than the enemies - the large-caliber artillery shell.

The artillery shell had ignited the entire battlefield, leaving a huge crater on the ground. Nobody in the radius of fifty meters was able to survive and all the surrounding houses were destroyed as well. There was no way they could handle such massive firepower. Therefore, it was now the Brotherhood of Steel’s turn to become completely lost.

“Don’t panic, don’t panic. Their shooting skills are horribly inaccurate.”

Butcher had the most fighting experience among all of them. He took the risk and climbed up a house roof in order to have a clear vision of the shooters. “They’re just a bunch of rookies… I think they’re not even aiming at all.”

Although Zhou Qingfeng’s men had finally calmed down, the others in the frontline were still running around like headless flies. He could not help but sigh, “We’re f*cked. This is going to turn into a war over midnight!”

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