Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 198

 Chapter 198        War Approaching

The situation was extremely terrible at the moment…..

Nearly half of the fifty soldiers from the Brotherhood of Steel were killed. The remaining soldiers were still tense. Around twenty to thirty of them were hiding in front of a building in a constant state of anxiety.

The old SEAL member came out from behind. He saw all the corpses and injured soldiers, then he looked at the tough Zhou Qingfeng who appeared like he was still able to fight. He was now able to tell who were the elite troops and who were the rookies with ease.

Some of the soldiers were breaking down and crying out loud. The old SEAL member hardened his heart and shouted, “B*stards, get your ass up and help those people who are injured. Rebuild the defence point. Arrange a few men to investigate the enemies’ forces. We can’t let them fight back, otherwise, our sacrifices will go to waste.”

The old SEAL member forced the soldiers to continue to fight. He did not give them any chances to feel bad or sad. When he walked past Zhou Qingfeng, he did not mention about ‘kissing ass’ anymore. Instead, he said, “Well done,” before he left.

After ten minutes, the cargo ship of the Brotherhood of Steel finally arrived. Two thousand of the cannon fodders rushed out of the ship. The commander at different levels had already planned and distributed their missions. However, all of them were worried and upset when they saw that more than half of the elite team were gone.

Meanwhile, Guzman withdrew with his team which meant that Zhou Qingfeng was not in combat mode anymore. The effect of ‘Awe-inspiring murder’ disappeared and all of a sudden, he felt the M2HB in his hand become heavier. Even so, he carried the gun until he found the squad led by Butcher.

In order to maximize the usability of the two thousand cannon fodders, the Brotherhood of Steel equipped them with tons of heavy weapons. Even though there was no tank, they have armoured vehicles and cannons. However, the other squads were incomparable to Squad Hugo where they had their own armoured vehicle.

“I heard that you guys were being attacked.”

Everyone in Squad Hugo was in the Cougar. The moment they saw Zhou Qingfeng carry a heavy machine gun with only one hand, they thought that Zhou Qingfeng was great and strong.

“Angie told me that there was no one. We have no idea where they’d come from. Anyway, I’m still alive.”

Zhou Qingfeng put the heavy machine gun on the armoured vehicle and went up to the machine gun tower of the vehicle. At the top of the vehicle, he was looking at the crowd of soldiers landing on the beach.

According to their plans, the first thing for the frontline to do was to create a defence point once they arrived at the shore. After investigating the enemies’ forces, they will start to attack. Such methods were the most suitable for a crowd of people with low combat power.

The crowd of cannon fodders started to dash forward as soon as they landed. It was expected that all of them will be spread out half way throughout the island and the commanders will not be able to all control all of them. The landing offence team was forced to carry out a defence.

“Alright, everyone. This will be the area we’re going to stand on for the next twenty-four hours. I’m telling all of you, the stability of the defence structure will decide whether or not all of you would be able to survive.”

Butcher, as an experienced soldier, was an expert in building and constructing defence points. Even Zhou Qingfeng had to listen to him.

Their current location was East Rockaway which was surrounded by the residential area. All the buildings in that area were single villas. They were not strong and could not resist wire attacks as they were all made of wood. “This place is terrible for defence. Tons of us will be gone if there’s an artillery shell.”

“It isn’t just defence,” Zhou Qingfeng looked at the sky. Even though he did not see anything, he was sure that there will be drones from Skull and Bones. “Everything we’re doing is exposed to the enemy, this is terrible.”

It was just less than ten minutes after the cargo ship arrived, but the men sent by the old SEAL had already approached the enemy. The Brotherhood of Steel immediately sent a few armoured vehicles to support them while Zhou Qingfeng and Squad Hugo were building their defence point and waiting for the enemy.

The so-called ‘defence point’ was actually the underground sewers of the residential area. Those were the only feasible places and they were stronger and tougher than usual. Squad Hugo used two of the M2HB heavy machine guns as a fixed crossfire offence while Cougar was used as a mobile offence weapon.

However, nobody knew if it was going to work. Zhou Qingfeng planned to escape anyway if something went wrong. That was the reason he brought Cougar.

After Skull and Bones received the news that the Brotherhood of Steel had landed, Fernando Rethnor, who was the closest to their landing point, was the most worried and he panicked. Before that, he went to Staten Island for an adventure where he was nearly killed by Zhou Qingfeng.

Only a few days after he returned, he heard the news of invasion from the Brotherhood of Steel. It was Victor Hugo again.

“That’s right. Victor Hugo led them. He’s the most dangerous man in the Brotherhood of Steel. He’s fierce and violent, sneaky and insidious. He had a special operation where he led only fifty of the elite team and destroyed our defence points.”

“However, our soldiers managed to kill more than half of the elite team. Even though we had to withdraw, it was a fair trade.” Right now, Richard was standing in front of Fernando Rethnor, trying to make their loss sound better.

Fernando thought it was reasonable because even he suffered a big loss because of Zhou Qingfeng. It was completely normal for the people under him to suffer. Otherwise, he will be embarrassed.

Fernando waved his hand and chased Richard away. He was still glamorously dressed and very gentle. He spoke to the beautiful lady beside him, “Rachel, I remember that this Victor Hugo was your neighbour. He used to be shy and awkward.”

“I thought he was going after your daughter, Angie. He used to glance at you very often. He’s an interesting boy; he reminds me of when I was young. I didn’t know that he was actually pretty good in combat.”

Rachel was wearing a beautiful dress and sitting in the captain’s cabin next to Fernando. As she heard him talk about Zhou Qingfeng, she despised him.

“Fernando, you’re really getting worse and weaker. Victor is just an eighteen-year-old kid. You can’t even go against him, how are you going to go against my husband, David?”

In fact, Fernando was going to say, “That kid is crazy. He’s the most insane kid I’ve ever seen.”

However, he did not want to admit that Zhou Qingfeng was better than him. He slowly swayed the glass of wine in his hand and laughed, “I admit that I’ve misjudged him, but this time, I will crush him.”

“Oh…. right! I’ve heard that your husband David is not in Staten or Manhattan. He was spotted to be in trouble at the Bronx with no food, drinks, or backup. It’s just a matter of time for him to die. It’s such a hopeless situation.”

“And Victor Hugo will not be any better than that. Do you know what I've prepared for him?” Fernando moved closer to Rachel, laughed and whispered, “Great tanks, unbeatable artillery shells, and….. the horrible poisonous gas bomb!”

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