Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 120

Chapter 120        Clearing the Building

The next day, Zhou Qingfeng woke up with a heavy heart. As there was no toilet paper, going to the toilet was not the only problem, it was also difficult for the lovers. Zhou Qingfeng could only rub the sticky fluid on his clothes and it was…. disgusting!

“Alright, I’ll try to solve this problem.” Zhou Qingfeng walked out of the mobile command vehicle after talking to his lover. Outside the vehicle, David Lawrence, who had only rested for a few hours, was fully equipped and ready to go.

“Let’s move. Find the drug dealers. Kill their leader and take control of the entire Manhattan to restore order in society.” David Lawrence looked much better than he did yesterday. He was currently at a high morale and had a sense of boldness. He looked like he was going to kill any enemy who stood in front of him.

David Lawrence literally did that in the old movie. In the perfect ending, the entire New York was under his control and he restored order. However, only God would know the ending of the current situation!

This time, Butcher stayed at the base and Zhou Qingfeng, Katrina, and David went out with the search team. Katrina volunteered to be the pioneer, David Lawrence was the cover, and Zhou Qingfeng was in charge of taking care of the fifty people in the search team. Basically, David Lawrence did not completely trust Zhou Qingfeng’s combat ability.

Zhou Qingfeng was not very happy about it but he had to admit that his standards were way too far from the professionally-trained David Lawrence.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Qingfeng spoke to the search team members without any facial expression. All of them left Kenney Street. Zhou Qingfeng had this unknown stress since David Lawrence appeared. He had to admit that David was better than him, but he did not want to feel bad about it as he knew that David Lawrence failed at the end of the movie.

Zhou Qingfeng’s thought at the moment was - I need to be stronger than him in order to survive.

They left Kenney and headed to the west where the base of Zetas was located. Those drug dealers made Zhou Qingfeng struggle the other day. However, they were unlucky last night. Most of them were killed and injured by the furious David Lawrence.

The corpses were still on the ground. Zhou Qingfeng paid attention to the corpses and realized that David’s aiming was great. All of them were shot and killed with by single bullets. Zhou Qingfeng thought David Lawrence did it as he was riding the motorbike. He was impressed by David’s godly shooting skill.

“Get people from the base to get rid of these corpses.” Zhou Qingfeng commanded one of the search team members. As the cataclysm arrived, many problems had become more challenging. Getting rid of corpses was one of them. Many of the parks in Manhattan had become graveyards.

The member called with the individual wireless radio and Zhou Qingfeng looked at David Lawrence, who was in front of him. In fact, he has been subconsciously imitating David’s every single move. He was very talented thanks to the ability, ‘Naturally Gifted’ and David Lawrence’s combat mode was definitely a good subject for learning.

David Lawrence did not have any advanced weapons with him, he only had an MK23 pistol, an M16A2 rifle with a scope, and a huge amount of ammunition. M16A2 was a very old rifle. Even though it was long and was not suitable for city wars, it had high accuracy.

Zhou Qingfeng led the team and was walking along the street. He kept a distance of around ten meters between him and David Lawrence. He paid full attention to the sign language between Katrina and David. Both of them were extremely quiet but they were quick.

“Victor, there are snipers at the top of the courthouse at Buster street in front of us,” David Lawrence said into the wireless radio.

“Got it, I’ll bypass it from the left.” Zhou Qingfeng lifted his fist to stop the search team. The courthouse at Buster street was less than a hundred meters away from Kenney street and that place should be considered under Zhou Qingfeng and his mates. Clearly, the people from Zetas had occupied that building.

David Lawrence was planning to leave Zhou Qingfeng and bypass the building. He was going to find the right time to kill the snipers alone. However, he did not expect that Zhou Qingfeng would follow him. “Victor, can you make it?”

“I think I can.” Zhou Qingfeng rolled across the street through the obstacles, he moved rapidly and swiftly to the building opposite the courthouse.

“Victor, don’t force yourself. I’ve known you for two years and nobody can turn from a normal boy into a trained soldier in ten days.” David Lawrence followed. He jumped over an overturned vehicle and quickly went across the street. He arrived by Zhou Qingfeng at a rapid speed, “I think you still have a lot to learn.”

“You’re right, I have a lot to learn. But, I’m a fast learner,” Zhou Qingfeng leaned his back against the wall and went into the staircase of the building. David Lawrence was opposite him and came close to him. David then decided to tease him, “Stay behind me, rookie. Uncle Lawrence is going to teach you how to clear the enemies that might be hiding in this building.”

“The previous person who told me this got beaten real hard.” Zhou Qingfeng aimed with his rifle and quickly went up the stairs. David Lawrence rolled his eyes. He could only follow Zhou Qingfeng closely and cover him.

At the courthouse opposite their building, there was a sniper team that was formed overnight. It was formed by the instruction of Los Zetas to show their power to Zhou Qingfeng. In fact, they were blocking the entrance to Zhou Qingfeng’s base. Anyone who came out would be shot and killed. They were forcing Zhou Qingfeng to surrender.

In the building where Zhou Qingfeng was located, there were around ten normal members of Zetas. Their job was to cover the sniper team and to prevent others from getting attacked from behind.

As soon as Zhou Qingfeng arrived at the third floor, he heard people talking. The drug dealers were complaining about their boring job. Zhou Qingfeng raised his fist to stop David. He quietly installed the silencer on his SCAR rifle. He held his rifle tightly and was ready to roll.

Meanwhile, David put his M16A2 behind him and was already holding the silenced MK23. He put a small mirror on the corner of the wall. He looked in the mirror and turned to Zhou Qingfeng. David used his mouth to indicate to Zhou Qingfeng.

‘Shooting contest’ - Zhou Qingfeng could feel what David Lawrence was trying to say. Was he trying to teach me?

David Lawrence counted down with three fingers silently. Three, two, one!

As his last finger closed, Zhou Qingfeng and David Lawrence suddenly appeared at the corner of the third floor. The third floor of the building was already emptied. It was a wide and big space.

Six of the drug dealers were chit chatting on a broken sofa, another four were playing card games, and the other two were observing for movements outside the building through the window. Zhou Qingfeng lifted his rifle and aimed. He aimed at one of them who was holding a cup of water, around forty meters diagonally across the floor.

The man who was drinking water was going to shout once he realized the appearance of two strangers. The distance was too far for David Lawrence who was using a pistol. He did not see that fellow with the previous small mirror and he could only roughly aim and shoot.

Zhou Qingfeng, who was holding his SCAR, was completely different. The rifle in his hand was good and accurate at such a distance. He clearly saw the shocked and surprised face of the man who was drinking water. He immediately pulled the trigger and a bullet was shot.

Meanwhile, David Lawrence was still aiming at the target. As the sight radius of the pistol was too short, it does not really do anything to long-distanced enemies. As David tried to challenge himself, he saw the target’s head burst into blood. However, there was no bullet hole in his face - clearly, the bullet went through his opened mouth.

Nice shot!

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