Rise of Humanity

Chapter 98

Chapter 98     The Two Celestial Envoys

Zhong Yue tried his utmost to avoid staring at that Xiao Chuqing lest she sensed his killing intent as he said in his heart, “I must kill her!”

Xin Huo said, “It’ll be quite hard, although this little heifer is still young, she is strong. She is also at the level of Rebirth but her atman is the innate moon spirit, way stronger than yours! The innate spirit body, they pose as difficult opponents.  Their atman is naturally stronger than ordinary ones. They possess inherently superior strength and can exercise finer control over their power … wait, something’s not right … this Xiao Chuqing is a false Innate Moon Spirit Body!”

Zhong Yue’s heart shifted, he asked, “How do you tell?”

“The moon spirit has disappeared, most probably kept within the Xiao Mang Celestial Race, the moon’s core and moon spirit was taken away from the moon. Surely, there won’t be any eruption of moon celestial planetary force anymore, so how could there still be a Moon Innate Spirit Body? Without the innate moon spirit, the moon spirit she held must have been acquired through cultivation.”

Xin Huo whispered lowly, he said, “She is the same as you, reaching out to the spirit from proximity to manifest the strongest spirit. But you manifested the sun spirit whereas hers is the moon spirit. Because the spirit she manifested was the strongest moon spirit, the others have mistaken her as the Innate Moon Spirit Body. Nonetheless, her prowess is stronger than yours, the sun spirit and moon spirit are mutually synergistic; simultaneously engendering and repressing each other. Her atman is stronger than yours, you are not her match – it’d be wise to avoid provoking her.”

“Xin Huo, even if I don’t provoke her, it’s likely that she would be the one finding me.”

Within his psyche ocean, Zhong Yue shook his head and said, “Don’t you find it odd? Not long after I return from the moon, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race sends over this half-blood human Moon Innate Spirit Body, Xiao Chuqing here. I’d guess that they intend to lure the man who had escaped from the moon this way, in order to protect the secret of the celestial race.”

“You knew that they are trying to lure you out, then why do you still want to kill her?”

Xin Huo was curious, he said, “You should hide, hide deeply. If you act recklessly, you would attract the attention of the celestial aces. At that point, your life will be at stake!”

Zhong Yue nodded and answered, “You are right, but the Great Wilderness is the sole territory of humanity, not the celestials. The Xiao Mang Celestial Race planted this Xiao Chuqing in here with an insidious conspiracy. And their target is me, how could I just accept this? Furthermore, I suspect that it’ll not take very long for them to find me out if they really put their mind to it. At that time, It’ll be even more dangerous.”

Xin Huo gave it a thought and said, “Then this is bad, Swords Gate forbids the disciples from hurting each other, and the little heifer is here in Swords Gate to lure you out. If you engage with her, you’ll be falling right into the celestial race’s trap.”

Zhong Yue nodded and said, “Relax, I won’t act recklessly. If I were to act, it would only be when I can end her in one blow, leaving behind no trace at all!”

That ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ had left and only Xiao Chuqing remained. Zhong Yue’s pupils constricted as he saw another young lady walking over and grabbing her hand. A chorus of laughter and chatter emanated from their interaction as the two young ladies appeared to have immediately become friends.

These two ladies, one like a goddess from the moon and the other like a nymph from the water. Both of whose appearances and grace were at the acme of perfection; and now with the two of them standing together like sisters, the Qi Practitioners around inextricably found their eyes riveted to their figures. Meanwhile, some of the female Qi Practitioners lowered their heads in shame at the inferiority in their appearance. 

Zhong Yue locked his brows, “Tian Myriad Mother? They are joining hands?”

The young lady in front of the palace was precisely ‘Shui Qingyan’, Tian Myriad Mother. She looked innocently jovial as she conversed with that Xiao Chuqing.

“So many things going on in Swords Gate, first demons, then celestials and now, the demons and celestials in alliance.” 

Xin Huo laughed out darkly, “The celestials and demons have always been incorrigibly feuding factions since time immemorial, not even blood could wash off the hatred accrued between them throughout the generations. But all of a sudden, they’ve managed to set aside their grievance and join hands together to entrap the Swords Gate ... how interesting.”

Zhong Yue took in a deep breath of air, the two young ladies were indeed peerlessly beautiful, seeming to kindle an instinct of protection in others, but all he felt was an overwhelming compulsion to destroy the two of them.

Swords Gate Golden Summit – the old man locked his brows on his wrinkled face, he mumbled, “The Innate Moon Spirit Body has emerged. Water, Gold, Fire, Earth and Wood, the five elemental innate spirit bodies have already congregated together within Swords Gate, now with the Innate Moon Spirit Body and the Zhong Shan Clan suspected to be of the Innate Sun Spirit Body, our Swords Gate has all seven innate spirit bodies. We have reached a crossroads at the intersection of fortune and calamity. and our fate at the end of one of these roads would be far more extreme than with just the five celestials … *cough *cough, can the humans of the Great Wilderness safely pass this tribulation? I must try and endure on for a few more years … *cough *cough *cough!

The raucous sounds of coughing vigorously echoed throughout the summit as the old man’s face turned even more ashen and blanched as he spat out a mouthful of bloody sputum.

Another elderly man with a thin stature like a dried branch stood behind him and asked in great consternation, “Big brother, how is it that your body has devolved to such a terrible state?”

“Because I’m dying.”

The old man smiled bitterly and said, “Two years is the most I have left... that is why I’ve summoned you back so urgently. We’re faced with a time that can end with either our destruction or restoration, the monsters and Xiao Mang Celestial Race have set their sights on us. If I die, the Swords Gate will surely crumble into pieces, and the Great Wilderness will eventually be devoured! I need you back to ease and stabilize the situation.”

The skinny elderly man kept quiet as his eyes filled with a heavy sadness and sorrow.

The old man continued babbling to himself, “I can’t die yet, at least not now….”

Outside of Great Wilderness, the ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ who was flying suddenly stopped down and alighted onto the ground. Without turning his head, he said, “You’ve followed me for so long, what do you want?”


A sinister laughter echoed out, a shadow emerged behind ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ that covered an area of a few hundred miles. Within the shadow, a silhouette leisurely walked over while still remaining in the cover of its darkness. The scenery was strange and eerie as his voice sounded out, “Cousin, you’ve crossed the line.”

‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ laughed and said, “Little cousin, you are the envoy of humanity whereas I am that of the monster race. We are to mind our own business and stay out of each other’s matters. But as the higher-ups gave the order to us to find the person that escaped from the moon, I’m just purely following the order given. I’ve found out the person that escaped from the moon has returned to Gu Xia City through the volcano at the bottom of Gu Xia City. Initially, I thought that the person belonged to the monster race, but Gu Hongzi told me that there was a human Qi Practitioner that saved Jun Sixie back in the Great Wilderness. Hence, I headed over there to check the traces left behind by this man and found that this man’s footsteps matched those on the moon. He must be one of your Swords Gate Qi Practitioners. Since you’re unable to find out his identity, I’d be happy to lend you my assistance.”

“The Great Wilderness, is my world!”

The silhouette within the shadows flared up. One after another, emerged the contours of giant heads which were lit with six faintly glowing flames of a dozen feet in radius – they were the eyes of the silhouette, “Don’t you dare to dip a finger in my territory!”

“All you want is the thing hidden beneath the Swords Gate of Great Wilderness, whereas I only intend to find that person. You won’t have to worry yourself about me interfering with your matters.”

‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ smiled and said, “I am here to help you, you should feel happy. You and I both aren’t pure-blood Xiao Mang Celestials, you’re tainted with the blood of humanity while I with that of the monsters. Our status in the celestials isn’t high. Only when we help each other do we stand to mutually benefit. Little cousin, what do you say?”


The silhouette in the shadows gave a cold sneer and said, “You and I are about the same age, Xiao Chuqing is not your daughter, is she?”

“Of course not, she is our cousin, child of the temple’s grand elder and a human slave.”

“Senior Martial Brother Xiao” laughed and said, “Cousin Chuqing is very intelligent, she devoured her mother the moment she was born, the grand elder favors her a lot. That’s why he sent her over. If you neglected the orders given of you, it might just be possible for Xiao Chuqing to replace you.”

The shadows ebbed and flowed away, “Replace me? Hehe, that little girl is still not fit … you want to find the person from the moon? I won’t stop you. But if I ever find out that you laying your hand on my matters, then don’t you blame me for flipping the table over!”

“Threatening me?”

‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ let out a cold sneer and marched towards Gu Xia City. As walked further, his appearance and stature started to change, even the unique air of the celestial race faded away only to be supplanted by a surging monstrous aura!

The thing underneath Swords Gate, how audacious of you to think of seizing it all for yourself? Too bad you simply aren’t destined for it! It is still too early for you to decide who will get that treasure!

Not long later, ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’s appearance changed entirely, eventually turning into Lang Qingyun, the eldest disciple of the Lord of Xian Kong City. With a robust and brawny stature, he donned a black cloak and strode away. 

Swords Gate Inner Hall – the elders from the elder council dispersed whereas the disciples surrounded Shui Qingyan and Xiao Chuqing while peppering them with various kinds of questions. The scenery was lively and bustling with noise. 

Zhong Yue was about to leave when he felt his back shuddering an inexplicable cold sensation, it was as if a venomous serpent had its sinister eyes trained on him. He turned his head to see ‘“Shui Qingyan’ staring right back at him.

Zhong Yue gave a warm bright smile as he lifted his hand up and gently wiped across his neck.

‘Shui Qingyan’s’ countenance stiffened up and she softly felt her neck. An immense killing intent deluged her heart which was sensed by Xiao Chuqing standing beside her. Xiao Chuqing then asked ‘Shui Qingyan’ in a telepathic way through her psyche, “Senior martial sister has some enmity against this man?”

“He nearly beheaded me.”

‘Shui Qingyan’ smiled and answered, “And this Zhong Shan Clan member knows of my identity. The previous messenger ensured me that he would be taken care of, he kept blustering that he would be eradicated without anyone knowing. But who knew that he is still alive!”

Xiao Chuqing chortled, her beautiful eyes glanced at Zhong Yue, she asked through the psyche again“Why would we need the messenger to kill him? With our prowess, it’ll be fairly easy to kill him, no?”

‘Shui Qingyan’ shook her head and said, “The Zhong Shan Clan member is not someone who can be underestimated, he has gotten the Swords Gate old brat’s sword token and succeeded in cultivating the Great Boundless Sword Qi. Our last confrontation ended up with both of us badly injured. He pushed me precipitously close to forcing me to reveal my true form.”

“He nearly forced Tian Mother to show your true form?”

Xiao Chuqing was shocked, then she laughed and responded, “Tian Mother, that was a long time ago, is it? Now you are a Qi Practitioner, your atman is incredibly strong, won’t it be as an apple pie to eradicate a small figure like him? Now this Zhong Shan Clan member is at most a Rebirth Qi Practitioner; not to mention you, even I alone can easily kill him with but a finger.”

The two young ladies were chatting and laughing, it seemed like as if they were whispering to themselves in innocent gossip, but no one would know that they were actually plotting a scheme to kill Zhong Yue.

“This Zhong Shan Clan member had just beaten up a few Qi Practitioners a few days ago, and some of them were Rebirth Qi Practitioners. I suppose that he had already cultivated to such a level.”

‘Shui Qingyan’ took in a breath of air and said, “This brat, he is getting harder to read. Thankfully he had humiliated so many people from so many different clans. I will just have to slightly instigate them and all these Qi Practitioners would rush over to harass him. But the Swords Gate Qi Practitioners will only duel and refrain from killing. At most, he would be taught some lessons.”

“He has already cultivated to the level of Rebirth?”

Xiao Chuqing glanced fixedly at Zhong Yue, her little tongue licked on her lips, a flash of excitement crossed in her saint eyes, “Such an exceptional man … Tian Mother, I want to eat him so badly!”

Zhong Yue recollected his sights and walked out. All of a sudden, Xiao Chuqing’s voice came from behind as she shouted, “Senior Martial Brother Zhong Yue of Zhong Shan Clan!”

Right at this moment, Zhong Yue could feel countless pairs of eyes boring into his back.

“Senior Martial Brother Zhong Yue of Zhong Shan Clan, just now Senior Martial Sister Shui Qingyan told me that you nearly beheaded her during the Lawless Battles of the upper house, and you have beaten up tens of martial siblings.”

Xiao Chuqing chuckled and said, “Don’t you owe an apology to Senior Martial Sister Shui and the other martial siblings?”

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