Rise of Humanity

Chapter 621

Chapter 621 - There Are No Good People Here In Prison Realm

Zhong Yue sheathed his saber, and as his saber was fully sheathed, the last corpse fell from the skies. The corpses were then all lifted up by the magnetic field of the Metamagnet Divine Saber.

The blood flowed silently, and the severed body parts floated while thunder and lighting struck around outside of the magnetic field, creating cacophonous rumbles that shook the heaven and earth — it was completely silent within in dimension.

Now, only ten of them remained standing; apart from the Reverse Emperor, Li Tianxing, Bi, An, Zhen Yao, and Consort Han, there were still Zhong Yue, Jun Sixie, Qiu Jin’er and Bai Canghai.

On the outside was the burning celestial sunfire and the raging magnetic fields. On the inside were countless corpses and a river of blood. The blood here was very strange; they gathered together and turned into blood globules that floated in the air, with the blood of the True Spirit and Imminent Deity level Qi Practitioners being particularly very thick and rich.

Now, after their deaths, their blood flowed out and the blood globules formed by the blood were incredibly huge. The corpses of these Qi Practitioners floated on top of the blood ball or sunk into the bottom.

The three solar storms became even more violent as the surface of the twin planets started to melt, turning turned into two scorching lava planets.

This explosion would last for two hours, but it had only been fifteen minutes now.

“What a nice saber!”

The Reverse Emperor praised; Zhong Yue only showed him his sword and the second strike of his【God Slaying Three Styles】— the second style【Moon Tide】and this attack was not directed to him at all.

The scene where the lunar light shone on the ground, however, still managed to amaze everyone.

“It is indeed a nice saber,” Nodded Bi and An.

Li Tianxing and Zhen Yao also acknowledged this and said, “Marvelously amazing!”

The second strike of the【God Slaying Three Styles】was utterly amazing!

It was so beautiful that even Li Tianxing, Bi, An, Zhen Yao got amazed. The attack was as beautiful as the moon, but at the same time, it carried a horrifying power like the rogue tides created by the gravitational force exertion of the moon.

And this was the wonderful part of the Metamagnet Divine Saber.

This Saber was formed with the metamagnetic celestial ray that attracted everything in this world, including any divine and demonic divine weapons or even living beings.

Zhong Yue’s strike might have shone the earth with his saber presence, but the crucial part was still on the tides; the magnetic force of the saber drew and stimulated the blood in the enemies, triggering the magnetic power in their body while the saber struck as the tides formed, destroying the body and brain.

Zhong Yue hacked his saber and the more times he hacked, the stronger the metamagnet celestial ray became and the stronger the power of the sword grew, amplifying the saber’s presence even more.

【Moon Tide】, was the second saber ultimate art he created during these past four years.

Reverse Emperor praised, “Young human, you are incredible to have cultivated your sword art to such a level! You merged your soul weapon, saber presence, energy and power into one, turning them into something extraordinary. You said that you created a total of three moves in four years? I am sure that you will have a glimpse of a higher realm in the future, considering that you have such achievements despite your lowly human bloodline.”

He too, had the appearance of a young man but he looked slightly older, thus, making it a strange sight to see him refer to Zhong Yue as a young man. The Reverse Emperor was a reincarnated demonic emperor in his second life. The cumulative age of his soul was incredibly high, so Zhong Yue was indeed a young man in front of him.

Zhong Yue immediately stood up straight, hid his saber away and said humbly, “You’re flattering me, Reverse Emperor.”

His sabers could appear anywhere at anytime, making them very hard to notice.

The Reverse Emperor stared at Zhong Yue’s hands in an attempt to find out where Zhong Yue hid his saber, but after a while, he shook his head and said, “I am not exaggerating. You already possess your own unique traits. Without these traits, one will not be able to achieve much in the future. However, one’s achievements are limited as well if that person gets angry at everything! Did Emerald Heaven Dharma King give the order to kill you just because you killed her son? With that attitude, she is bound be stranded at her current realm for the future.”

Immediately, Zhong Yue had a very good impression of the Reverse Emperor despite his arrogance in his speech.

Zhong Yue also agreed to what he said.

A person’s temperament greatly affects that person’s future; a person who is narrow minded will never walk far in the future.

A person must be able to see far into the future, but at the same time, he or she must not lack the corresponding capabilities to do so; if that person does not possess a strength strong enough to support him, he will not be able to achieve much even if he had an open minded.

Other than that, Reverse Emperor managed to realize the amazing and unique trait of Zhong Yue’s move in just a short time.

There were barely any Qi Practitioners that cast their skills with their soul weapons or divine weapons; the majority of them merely attacked using the power of the weapons themselves while only a few of them harmonized themselves with their weapons and skills, turning the weapons and skills into an essential part of themselves.

And there were also only a few gods that managed to achieve this!

Zhong Yue’s【Moon Tide】, Solar Divine Saber, Metamagnet Divine Saber were something that have become inseparable; the moon reflected the sunlight, the Solar Divine Saber as the scabbard and the Metamagnet Divine Saber in the scabbard that amplified the radiance of the Solar Divine Saber.

At first glance, it looked like Zhong Yue was unsheathing the Metamagnet Divine Saber, but in truth, he was activating the power of the two sabers. With his saber presence, he managed to merge the two sabers to create the second style,【Moon Tide】.

And the Reverse Emperor saw through this immediately.

To have this level of insight, the Reverse Emperor was indeed very terrifying, and would also make a formidable foe.

He looked around and his vision soon landed on Qiu Jin’er, Jun Sixie and Bai Canghai as he said calmly, “What a nice move, you wiped out the insects around us and left only the ten of us behind. Seems like you want your three partners to survive so you tried your best to keep them alive, but have you ever thought about how the insects could stand on the same level as us?”

Jun Sixie and the others, who were being stared at by the Reverse Emperor shivered immediately as they felt that they were being preyed on by a hungry beast.

This Reverse Emperor had turned into a hungry beast, staring at them as if they were food, trying to eat them alive. And this hungry beast did not plan to spit out anything it ate!

Zhong Yue frowned and asked, “What do you want, Reverse Emperor?”

“I want to see the other two moves!” shouted Reverse Emperor

His expression changed rapidly as he shouted. Then, with a horrifying expression, he laughed and said, “Your moves! I sensed a tremendous battle intent and confidence in them! I’ve been killing for my entire life and I’ve killed countless geniuses. I want to slaughter you! You are still so young and you managed to create something like this. God knows how much you can achieve in the future? If you and I represented the Left Fang Galaxy, everyone will have their eyes on you and who else would give a damn about a reborn Demon Emperor?”

He smirked and said, “As long as you slightly performed better than your usual self, no one will pay much attention to me anymore even if I contributed more than you or if Im stronger than you.”

“But don't worry, I won’t force you to act first. I’ll kill those you hold dear to force you to fight me. At that point, no one will accuse me of being jealous if I killed you in that situation.”

It was only a moment ago that he seemed to be a benevolent senior, but everything was turned on its head in the next moment. He showed his true form; a cunning and sinister Demon Emperor.

There were no good people here in the Prison Realm.

Those who were imprisoned in this realm were all criminals with blood on their hands. Perhaps, as soon as you started to grow fond of them, they would stab you in the back the next moment, condemning you to the abyss!

Zhong Yue immediately relaxed and smiled, saying, “If that’s the case, then I don’t have to feel bad about killing you anymore.”

“What did you just say?” Reverse Emperorwas  startled for a second, he couldn’t believe his ears.

“I too, want to kill you.” Zhong Yue laughed happily, “From the moment you took a step toward me, I have decided that I will put you down. You see, I need to do something to make a big splash, to get my name out there. Hopefully, my fame would deter the Emerald Heaven Dharma King from touching me. I felt a strong surge of killing intent coming from you when you stepped forward, so I decided you will be the perfect sacrificial lamb. Initially, I had some misgivings since you seemed like a gentlemen. But fortunately, I was wrong!”

The blood rays in the Reverse Emperor’s eyes billowed like an ocean, if one looked deeper, there were even the images of godly corpses undulating on the blood ocean in his eyes. He gave a cold sneer and said, “You dare to challenge me? Young child, you are strong, but you are still far from my stage. Don’t be too arrogant just because you created a few strong skills. Do you think I don’t have skills that can counter yours, skills that are stronger than yours? You are still too inexperienced, you need to see more and learn more, but you’ll have plenty of time to do that in your next life!”

Zhong Yue laughed back aloud, he placed his hands on the back and said placidly, “Reverse Emperor, you just said that the Emerald Heaven Dharma King is too temperamental, but you don’t seem to be any better than her. Millions of gods died and their blood essence has been sucked into your blood ocean, but that is all you can do. Your kind will never go far even if you’ve lived a thousand lives!”

Reverse Emperor’s pupils shrunk to needle points; the blood ocean burst out behind him, and the tides rose over a thousand feet high above the ground while the godly corpses undulating in the waves. The Reverse Emperor leaned back and a throne covered in blood emerged. The countless godly corpses floating on the blood ocean’s surface burst out laughing before they all stood up and said together, “Brat, you’re still spouting such nonsense? Do you know that nothing can stop Reverse Emperor if he wants to kill you!? Even people like us were killed by him, not to mention someone as weak as you! Now, come, come join us in this happy carnival!”

With his trademark calmness, Zhong Yue replied, “Reverse Emperor, I suppose you can do something more than just this?”

On the other hand, on the throne surrounded by undeads, Reverse Emperor plunged into the air and jumped towards Zhong Yue!

Bai Canghai’s face changed drastically and exclaimed in shock, “This old brat is strong! Brother Zhong is in trouble!”


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