Rise of Humanity

Chapter 344

Chapter 344 - One Punch!

“Dead man under the spear?”

Zhong Yue was puzzled, he looked over at Tian Mo Concubine with a bewildered look; Tian Mo Concubine shifted her eyes away from him and said helplessly, “You are very much famous nowadays! Challenging Demon Saint publically, taking down me and Ji Xiang Concubine, and also injuring Saint concubine… three of the ten beauties of the demon race have been beaten up by you! Some meddlesome demons have listed you as one of the strongest young experts, in addition to Demon Saint, forming a list called the Ten Talents. You are listed at a higher rank than my brother…”

Zhong Yue asked, “What rank am I?”

“Demon Saint as the first, and you as the fourth.”

Tian Mo Concubine said in a low voice, “My brother is at the fifth, and the fact that you are just above him enrages him a lot. He claimed that you are just a famous brat whose prowess is as weak as any other ordinary cultivator. Even more, an overly conceited brat that only beat girls.”

Zhong Yue then understood it all, and said, “I see, but why am I just the fourth? This is absolutely absurd!”

Ji Xiang Concubine smirked coldly and said, “Who says the men are stronger than the women? You’d never know without a fight! We of the eight demon concubines may not be any weaker than the Ten Talents! Mister can defeat me, in addition to Tian Mo Concubine and also Saint Concubine these two other whor- … En, I think Mister can be listed as the second, just a rank lower than Demon Saint!”

Zhong Yue, however, shook his head and said smilingly, “Ji Xiang Concubine, you are also wrong. I’ve yet to fight with them, list me as the second, how are the other experts to be ranked? You should put me at first.”

Ji Xiang Concubine said angrily, “You will definitely lose to invincible Demon Saint, he is undefeatable!”

“Then I shall sleep with you tonight!” Zhong Yue chided back.

Ji Xiang Concubine was shocked, she quickly ran and hid herself behind Tian Mo Concubine while Zhong Yue laughed out loud.

Luo Duluo looked at him frigidly and said with a cold smile, “Mister Mo Luo, shall we?”

Zhong Yue kept his smile, turned back and said while shaking his head, “Luo Duluo, you are no match for me. Only Demon Saint is worthy as my opponent. When I have gone to the Black Well Keep and killed Demon Saint, I will grant you a chance to challenge me.”

Luo Duluo’s eyebrows rose in anger, he raised his spear to only a few inches away from Zhong Yue’s nose tip as he said coldly, “You don’t dare to accept my challenge?”

Zhong Yue raised a finger and pushed the spear away from his nose tip, replying indifferently, “I’ve even beaten Demon Saint’s imperial concubines, what more do you think I’m afraid of? Darling, stop your brother or otherwise… things will turn incredibly sour.”

Tian Mo Concubine stepped forward and said smilingly, “Brother, we are a family, why is there a need to fight against one another? This time, the emergence of Demon Saint will gather a large amount of talents in the Black Well Keep. The True Spirit and Imminent Deity magnates will also be there, let alone the other Heavenly Dharma and Inner Core experts. You can have lots of fun challenging them right there!”

“If this brat can’t even ward off a single strike from my spear, I will definitely not let you marry him!”

Luo Duluo put away his spear and said smilingly, “The first was initially Asura Saint Clan’s Xiu Hongsu, but with the emergence of Demon Saint, he will definitely come to reclaim his position from Demon Saint. The third is Ye Li of the Yasha Saint Clan; the fifth is me; the sixth is Xiang Jiang of the Tian Myriad Saint Clan; the seventh is Tu Sikong of the Asura Saint Clan; the eight is Yan Xiangti of the Yama Saint Clan; the ninth is Yan Mo Saint Clan’s Yanmo Yuebo; and the tenth is Yun He of the Ji Xiang Saint Clan. Other than the fourth, all of us have fought through hundreds of battles! These people are definitely not satisfied with Demon Saint being the first, and we will all be at the Black Well Keep!”

The fourth was Zhong Yue and he was looked down on again.

Zhong Yue smiled and didn’t care about it, he said, “Start the boat, we will head over to the Black Well Keep.”

The boat flew across the sky at great speed, while Luo Duluo glared at Zhong Yue. The Rakshasa Saint Race’s expert sat on the white lion with a spear in his hand, looking dreadful and ferocious while preparing to have a bone-rattling battle with Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue frowned as suddenly, Luo Duluo controlled the white lion and leapt out from the boat. He rushed away with the other Rakshasa experts while he said loudly, “Be grateful that my sister pled with me to let you off today! But the next time we meet, I will pierce my spear through you and hang you up like a banner!”

Zhong Yue’s brows locked even deeper while Tian Mo Concubine quickly said, “My brother is very conceited, he is very displeased with the rankings! Please forgive him for being rude!”

Zhong Yue looked over at her and said smilingly, “If my temper was still the same as before, he would most probably be dead right now.”

Tian Mo Concubine smiled, she said softly, “I’ll always be grateful for this, I’ll not forget it.”

Zhong Yue smiled back, and just as he was about to speak, the boat shuddered violently, as if a meteor had struck the deck. A deep voice then rang out above the boat, “I’m back! This is the second time we’ve met and so, this brat Mo Luo, come out and taste my spear!”

Zhong Yue walked out to the deck, stuck between tears and laughters. The few Rakshasa experts were once again on the deck, while an excited Luo Duluo and the white lion he was mounted on were moving around with a great desire to do battle.

The white lion itself was an Inner Core Qi Practitioner, taken in by him as a mount, and shouted, “Why does the master have to challenge him? I alone can take him down!”

Luo Duluo laughed out loud, and challenged, “Brat Mo Luo, do you dare to fight with my lion?”

Zhong Yue raised his brows and took a step forward. Tian Mo Concubine quickly pulled on his sleeve and Zhong Yue raised his hand, he said with a reassuring smile, “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Beside Luo Duluo, another Raksha Saint Clan’s Qi Practitioner smiled and said, “Mo Luo, if you don’t dare to fight with Luo Duluo, then you might as well fight with me! I’d very much like to see what you’ve got!”

Zhong Yue tilted his head and looked at Tian Mo Concubine.

Tian Mo concubine then whispered softly in his ears, “He is not my brother. He is the clan master’s son, Luo Dutian, ranked only slightly lower than my brother within our race.”

“I see.” Zhong Yue then said gently, “So you are the clan master’s son, have you cultivated the inner core?”

Luo Dutian stood up and showed his inner core, answering proudly, “Don’t you worry, I’m not taking advantage of our difference in cultivation level, we are on par and I will have a fair and square battle with you!”

Zhong Yue nodded, as he opened his palm and said with a smile, “You see my hand?”

Luo Dutian was startled for a second, he then nodded and said, “Yes, so what?”

Zhong Yue suddenly shook his hand, and it enlarged to hundreds of feet long, raised and reached out to clench Luo Dutian in his grasp!

“Do you think you can suppress me with just a hand? Are you taking yourself as a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner?”

Luo Dutian was shocked and furious, he chided Zhong Yue and surged the demonic aura out from his body as he morphed into the state of [Atman Body as One], becoming two hundred feet tall with the demon god’s body! His demon inner core was above him, shining rays down and blasting light beams into his body, strengthening his mortal body’s pure strength!


The five light wheels emerged behind him and all five Yuan Shen secret realms were cast, further strengthening his mortal body!

“Open up!” Luo Dutian shouted, moving his body and trying to push away Zhong Yue’s hand. But Zhong Yue’s five fingers were changing incessantly, like five demonic dragons that curled around him, garrotting his whole body.

Luo Dutian’s mortal body was crushed in the middle. His body shrank down from two hundred feet to a hundred and fifty feet, then twenty feet, and slowly down to only five feet! No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t extricate himself from Zhong Yue’s hand!

Zhong Yue then clenched his hand harder, Luo Dutian’s mortal body shrank again and blood started spurting out from the seven apertures of his head.

Luo Duluo’s face changed drastically, he slammed his hand over at Zhong Yue and shouted, “Stop!”

Zhong Yue then raised his other hand to fend him off. The two palms clashed together and the surroundings turned totally silent all of a sudden, and the windows on the boat suddenly burst from the shock wave. Luo Duluo muffled a deep groan, and quickly linked his arcane energy with the white lion’s, using his mount to withstand the impact force from Zhong Yue’s palm.

Suddenly, blood trickled out from the white lion’s eyes and ears, and even its nose started to bleed.

Zhong Yue drew his hand back and immediately, the pressure around Luo Duluo disappeared, and he and his mount both heaved a breath of relief. But a split second later, Zhong Yue punched out another fist, a huge sun emerged behind Zhong Yue and the fist launched was like a demonic sun that rammed over at Luo Duluo!

The Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal of the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】!

Luo Duluo yelled a warcry and raised his spear up, putting all of his power into the spear as he struck at the incoming fist.

He yelled loudly and morphed into a two hundred-foot tall demon god body. At the same time, the white lion beneath him also turned into a two hundred-foot tall giant lion, both of them bearing an imposing manner!

[Monster Demon as One]!

Their arcane energy had coalesced into one, and enhanced Luo Dulu’s spear to an incredible state as it clashed with Zhong Yue’s Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal.

At that moment, Zhong Yue’s body enlarged into a three hundred foot tall giant, slamming down like an adult striking a little kid on a cat. Chi—— As the spear and the Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal clashed, Luo Duluo’s hands exploded and his spear bent into a circle.

The white lion he was mounted on was crushed into a mound of flesh.

Zhong Yue withdrew his hand and his body shrank back to normal. He opened his other hand and Luo Dutian could be seen, reduced down to only three feet tall, collapsing down in the middle of his palm like a ragged doll.

Zhong Yue flicked his finger and shot Luo Dutian out to the sky, Bang bang bang, a series of popping sounds could be heard as the muscles of Luo Dutian’s body bounced back, and he reverted back to his usual size.

Luo Duluo clutched his spear, his hands were covered in his own blood and his muscles were shaking; his eyelids twitched rapidly as he sneered, “You are good, you can take one strike from my spear…”

Zhong Yue looked over, and Luo Duluo quickly shifted his gaze away so the fear in his eyes couldn’t be seen, before he said, “Little sister, today is quite a good day, nice weather…”

Tian Mo Concubine answered with a smile, “Indeed it is, I hope brother is not hurt.”

Luo Duluo and the other Qi Practitioners quickly left. Before he left, Luo Duluo said, “This brother-in-law, I’ve agreed, and now, I shall not disturb the two of you any longer…”

The boat then continued flying forward as usual, but the ones onboard all had different thoughts. Ji Xiang Concubine saw Zhong Yue nearly kill Luo Dutian with just a hand, and slay Luo Duluo’s mount with just a strike. He had gotten stronger than before, and she was worried for the Demon Saint.

While Tian Mo Concubine had her own thoughts. Rays flashed across her eyes as she looked at Zhong Yue constantly. Oftentimes, she could be seen smiling affectionately, or her beautiful countenance would turn dark and gloomy.


After several weeks, they reached the vicinity of the Black Well Keep.

Zhong Yue looked at it from afar and his face suddenly changed drastically. He quickly asked, “What is this Black Well?”

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