Rise of Humanity

Chapter 337

Chapter 337 - 【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】

One of the Asura giants said in shock, “The Saint Concubine and the other younger disciples have also boarded the Sun Chariot, but that was only possible because they had the leader’s charm to ward off the demon sunfire. This brawny young man doesn’t have the leader’s charm and can board the Sun Chariot solely on his own, this is really incredible! Could it be that he has already attained the heavenly demon god-level demon sunfire?”

Cultivation base wasn’t the only requirement one needed to board the Sun Chariot, even demon magnates would be incinerated by the demon sunfire if they didn’t have a strong attainment in the demon sunfire. Not even their soul weapons could save their lives.

In turn, if one’s attainments in the demon sunfire were as strong as the heavenly demon god’s, they would be able to walk onto the Sun Chariot and acquire a stronger, better heritage.

On the Sun Chariot were engraved two cultivation arts of the Asura Saint Clan, the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】and the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】. They were the Clan’s strongest cultivation techniques, and of the utmost importance to the Asura Saint Clan.

Only the totem patterns on the Sun Chariot were strong enough to engrave the whole of the two cultivation techniques with all of their abstrusities. This was something not even the other demon giant cultivators and magnates, nor the demon god’s totem patterns, could have done better than the Sun Chariot.

The numbers of younger disciples boarding the Sun Chariot solely on their own were scarce in the history of Asura Saint Clan. Most of those who had acquired the heritage of the heavenly demon god were only possible because they had the leader’s charm.

This was why Zhong Yue raised an uproar among the Asura Race old giant cultivators around the Sun Chariot.

Although these old giant cultivators also had a sun spirit, they had only manifested their sun spirits from the heavenly demon god’s spirit. Naturally, their sun spirits were a grade lower than Zhong Yue’s Golden Crow Sun Spirit, which he have manifested right from the sun. This was also why Zhong Yue was able to attain the demon sunfire faster than them.

In addition to that, Zhong Yue had intentionally attracted the demon sunfire into his body, letting them infect his Yuan Shen so that he could study them better, perceiving every little detail, permutation, and abstrusity of the demon sunfire with the help of his Fuxi divine eye. Hence, he was able to improve his demon sunfire to a higher level in short a such time.

Although he hadn’t fully attained all of the demon sunfire’s abstrusities, it was still more than enough for him to protect himself from the demon sunfire.

“But why doesn’t he look like one of our saint clan?”

Another of them said puzzlingly, “He doesn’t have four arms like us and he is way more brawny than us Asuras, he is also taller than usual.”

The old Asura giant cultivators were bewildered, “Outsiders are never be allowed to even come close to the palace, let alone the Sun Chariot. He might be an extraordinarily talented disciple of the Asura? We have been in here for so long that I’ve lost track of the time, he is most probably a talented Asura who has emerged in these years…”


On the Sun Chariot, Zhong Yue was watching the heavenly demon god’s spirit. The war chariot was miles long and the heavenly demon god’s spirit was in the middle of it, right in the center where the fiery pillar of the sun was.

This demon god was seated in the lotus position, looking grand and imposing. He had the typical Asura’s four arms, and also three handsome faces, each having different expressions but all his eyes were closed tight.

Totem patterns were waltzing around him like dancing butterflies, with trails of marvelous totem patterns curling around as if they were clouds surrounding him.

Not only did it look weird, but the demon god was feeling even more saintly than the celestial gods!

Zhong Yue looked at the totem patterns of the trails carefully, as there were many marvelous totem patterns in them. It felt like the totem patterns there were the stars, and the trails were the galaxies, so many that he didn’t even know where to start!

So many totem patterns and they are all god-level totem patterns, when can I even finish attaining them all?

Zhong Yue was stunned. The totem patterns around this Asura heavenly demon god were too many, and they were all godly totem patterns. It would be nearly impossible even if he was given decades, let alone half a month’s time!

No, this doesn’t feel right. If attaining the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】required one to understand so many of these godly totem patterns and such a long time to do so, then this cultivation technique would be long lost already.

Rays flashed across his eyes as he thought, There must be something I’ve missed out on.

All of a sudden, Xin Huo said, “Brat Yue, look carefully at his hands.”

Zhong Yue was curious, he quickly looked over at the Asura heavenly demon god’s four hands and found them all in different postures, they were clearly some sort of hand seals.

“The true【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】is represented in his hands, the hand seals are the exact manifestation of the art,” Xin Huo said. "Make the same hand seals and look at the totem patterns again.”

Zhong Yue quickly sat down and formed the Heavenly Demon Sun Radiation Seal with one hand, curling his middle finger and his thumb in together as the resemblance to the sun and the other three fingers as the radiating sunlight. His other hand made the Great Sun Heavenly Demon Seal, all four fingers clenching into a fist with the thumb inside of the fingers, to resemble to the heart of the sun.

Even with the two hand seals being formed, nothing have changed.


Zhong Yue chanted softly, the flesh below his arms squirmed and another two arms grew out. The muscles, bones, veins, and the blood of the arms could be clearly seen forming, and in just the blink of an eye, two new arms appeared on his body.

He had succeeded in cultivating the Immortal Body, and although his Immortal Body was still primitive, he was still able to grow another pair of limbs. However, this wasn’t the true Immortal Body, as the true Immortal Body, like the one the Kui Long Race magnate, Kui Zheng, possessed, couldn’t be killed with the Great Boundless Divine Sword. Even his Yuan Shen could not be harmed if he had the true Immortal Body.

Zhong Yue’s Immortal Body was still just a newborn infant compared to the true one.

The new arms each made a hand seal, the Heavenly Demon Fearless Seal and the Demon Crow Heavenly Wings Seal. When the four hand seals were made, Zhong Yue’s blood essence shuddered in his body and a thought crashed into his mind, causing his psyche, arcane energy and blood essences to flow in a marvelous pattern inside of his body.


His blood essence was shuddering into shapes, forming into trails of totem patterns and were circling around him, adding a mysterious, godly air!

Suddenly, his Great Sun Golden Crow emerged behind him. A huge demonic shock wave followed its appearance and ravaged the surroundings. The Golden Crow flared its marvelous wings out wide and abruptly, its imposing aura plunged into an abyss of darkness as the Golden Crow changed itself into the Demon Crow.

Zhong Yue was first shocked by the sudden change of his sun spirit, but he quickly accepted the change. He thought, Golden Crow, Demon Crow, they are all part of the sun and the great sun isn’t attributed to any of the celestials or demons. Both of them are part of this world of cultivation, and the true way of cultivation doesn’t separate the celestial and demon from one another.

As soon as he cast the differences of the Great Sun Golden Crow and Great Sun Demon Crow out of his mind, he found himself enlightened and clearer than ever to the ways of cultivation. Looking now at the trails of totem patterns around the Asura heavenly demon god, he found the godly totem patterns not that obscure to him anymore, and much easier to comprehend.

The totem patterns were revolving, constantly changing in forms and shapes, and each of the permutations were part of the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】. They contained the abstrusities and also the ways to cultivate this cultivation technique.

Even though it was true that he have found the way to attain the art, it didn’t mean that he could attain it in half a month’s time. In fact, the limit of fifteen days given by Tu Jiang was such an unreasonably short time that practically no one would be able to attain the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, nor the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】.

However, that wasn’t true for Zhong Yue!

“Divine third eye, open!”

His divine third eye opened again, and a godly ray flashed out, shooting into the trails of totem patterns around the Asura heavenly demon god. Wherever the godly ray shone, the totem patterns would appear clearly in his mind with all the information he needed to know chanted into his ears.

There were voices coming out of nowhere, chanting the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】into his ears and directly into his mind!


Zhong Yue sat unmoving for ten days. When his consciousness was restored again, his head felt enormously heavy, but finally, he had attained the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】!

He then closed his eyes again and sat unmoving for another two days as he consolidated his attainments on the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】and cultivated it before he finally stopped.

What an incredible cultivation technique, only such a cultivation technique is suitable for the Great Sun Golden Crow Yuan Shen.

He was deeply awed. Although he had manifested the Great Sun Golden Crow, he had only cultivated other techniques that were incompatible with his sun spirit, such as the【Monster God Ming King Art】, the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】, and the others.

Even though these cultivation techniques were also strong, and were not at all inferior to the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】, they were still unable to unleash the full power of the Great Sun Golden Crow. Just like if an expert swordsman was restricted to only wielding an axe, his greatest sword skills could not be unleashed!

While this【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】was just like the strongest sword given to the expert swordsman, the perfect art that fit the Great Sun Golden Crow the best!

To Zhong Yue, this【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】was way better than the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】!

Three days left, let’s see if I can also attain the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】.

Zhong Yue immediately stood up and walked down from the Sun Chariot, turning and examining the engravings which contained the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】on the Sun Chariot .

Hmm? The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】on the Sun Chariot has many differences from the one imparted to me by Tian Mo Concubine. But these differences are mostly on the ‘Godly Radiating’ part...

Zhong Yue stood on the side of the Sun Chariot and studied the Sun Chariot Engravings with his divine third eye. The totem pattern engravings on the Sun Chariot were more abstruse than Tian Mo Concubine’s and the mysteries in them more profound. However, it was still just a better, deeper, and stronger【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, its fundamental structure was still the same; the only biggest difference was the part that explained the “Godly Radiating”.

Tian Mo Concubine had hidden parts of the art when she imparted it to him, but the Sun Chariot contained everything on it. This heavenly demon god also didn’t have the full【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】and so, he had included part of the【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】in it, using the Great Demon Sun’s godly rays to repress the heavenly demons formed by his own version.

It was similar to how Zhong Yue have replaced the Heavenly Saint with the Sui Sovereign, with the only flaw being that the Saint was not as strong as Sui Sovereign. As such, even this heavenly demon god of the Asura couldn’t have succeeded in cultivating nine demon gods.

Zhong Yue suddenly felt pressured, his face stiffened up as he thought, If this Asura heavenly demon god couldn’t cultivate the nine demon gods, that clearly means his cultivation techniques are not as strong as Demon Saint’s. It will still be hard for me to take down Demon Saint with just this【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】and【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】!

He let out a deep breath of air and mumbled in a soft voice only he could hear, “This Demon Saint, he is the strongest, greatest, and hardest opponent I’ve ever met. Fighting against him with this【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, I will only die! If he is to be defeated, I will have to reach the state of [Celestial Demon as One]!”


After three days, he walked out from the circle of demon sunfire back to the raised platform.

“Are you Mister Mo Luo?”

There was an Asura lady standing quietly on the raised platform. Her light clothes made of chiffon barely covered her belly, exposing her hourglass-like body to the air while her face was hidden behind a scarf. She looked over at Zhong Yue and frowned as she spoke, “You are also one of us, the Asura Saint Clan? Why did you claim yourself as the Mo Luo Race?”

Zhong Yue saw her looking at his four arms and with a change of thought, his additional two arms billowed back into his body in the form of the pure life energy. He smiled ear to ear and replied, “I’m afraid you’re wrong. Why are your clothes so exposed? If you aren’t afraid of the world taking a clear look on your body, then why don’t you take down the scarf on your face?”

The young lady was startled at the sudden change of topic, she then said with a smile, “This is the tradition of our race, the ladies will not expose their looks to strange men. The scarf isn’t donned intentionally. However, if you want to look at my face, I shall grant you permission.”

She took down the scarf and Zhong Yue’s eyes brightened up, he praised in his heart, Another beauty who isn’t inferior toTian Mo Concubine.

“I’ve heard that… you want to couple with me?” The young lady tilted her head and asked curiously.

Zhong Yue was stunned, he said in shock, “You are the Saint Concubine? Well, you might have gotten the wrong idea again, I didn’t really mean I want to couple with you. What I’m actually saying is that… I want to sleep with you on the same bed as horny adults would…. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!

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