Rise of Humanity

Chapter 315

Chapter 315 - Overthink

Upon hearing the words of Feng Xiaozhong, Feng Wuji immediately tossed the godly sword in his hands away, and walked out of the Seal Suppression Hall with Xiao Que.

Zhong Yue and Shui Zian also exited the Seal Suppression Hall. After Zhong Yue sealed the entrance to it, Shui Zian charged towards Xiao Que without hesitation. Xiao Que then shouted, “Wuji, help me… Wuji!”

However, Feng Wuji was nowhere in sight, while Feng Xiaozhong kept walking towards the Golden Summit.

At this point, the godly spirit was holding the sword spirit at the Golden Summit, swinging the sword and reaping the lives of those who dared to disturb the peace of Swords Gate. After two magnate Qi Practitioners were sacrificed to it, the spirit of the first headmaster was so strong that it was like the first headmaster had come back to life and started a massacre.

This godly spirit was the strongest layer of protection of Swords Gate and it protected Swords Gate from the traitors and invaders easily!

The scene was incredibly shocking, as the power of the godly spirit could be felt all over the Great Wilderness, everyone was showered with the almighty power of the godly spirit!


At a great distance away, in the air above Gu Xia City, Gu Hongzi fought relentlessly with Shi Buyi. He moved at an uncanny speed and plunged towards Shi Buyi time and time again.

A moment ago he was a few hundred miles away, the next moment he was already at the side of Shi Buyi and in just a blink of an eye, Gu Hongzi was another few hundred miles away!

Shi Buyi on the other hand, fended off the attacks of Gu Hongzi without any effort.

He was so strong that even after Gu Hongzi borrowed power from the godly spirit of Gu Xia City to amplify his strength, he still suffered injuries each time he clashed with Shi Buyi from the reflected damage inflicted on him by Shi Buyi, and his situation only worsened as time progressed.

Suddenly, Shi Buyi’s eyes lit up as he felt the almighty power rise up from the Great Wilderness. He shouted, “That wretched old man Feng Shang indeed has his back up plans, but now, with all the cards up his sleeves showing, resulting in heavy losses among the celestial races, it is time for us monsters to strike!”

“Lang Qingyun, lead the way and march straight into the Great Wilderness!” Shi Buyi roared angrily and his body enlarged, tearing his clothes apart as manes grew out from his necks in an instant.

Necks, because from his neck grew another neck with another head on it. After a series of popping noises, a total of eight new necks had grown from his original neck, with heads on all of them!

It was a nine-headed lion!

Shi Buyi had finally shown his true form!

This nine-headed lion was as huge as a mountain, and when he stood in the air, golden fur shining gloriously, his nine heads roared! The roars they unleashed were terrifying, merging into one and sending Gu Hongzi flying away with ragged clothes and a heavily injured body!

Gu Hongzi groaned and cried out loudly while feathers and wings grew out of his growing body He turned into a gigantic golden eagle that glided across the skies, left behind a trail of golden dust!

The golden eagle screeched and merged with Gu Hongzi’s Yuan Shen and the godly spirit of Gu Xia City, which enlarged his body further and turned him into a golden bird-headed and human-bodied celestial being that lunged towards the nine-headed lion!

The lion suddenly moved aside, evaded the lunging celestial being and it turned into a nine-headed celestial being, laughing and saying, “City Lord Gu Hong, you are really impressive to be able to achieve what you are now! Killing you is a pity, but you leave me no choice!”

The nine-headed celestial being then reached out his eight arms, now bearing weapons in each hand. They were the Ba Ji Weapons; the sword, scimitar, twin shields, twin hooks, whip, and hammer!

At the same time, Lang Qingyun, who was observing the battle from below, sighed quietly before he led the army away marching towards the Great Wilderness.

Meanwhile, somewhere around the border of West Barren, the mountains and plains were covered in white, the snow was falling heavily, and all one could see was white.

Loud drumming could be heard, shaking the mountains, causing the snows on the trees to fall, and an army of Qi Practitioners armed to teeth marched on the snow towards the Great Wilderness!

The Qi Practitioners in this army all had three Pan Ao heads; they were the Qi Practitioners of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race.

A Xiao Mang Celestial Temple could be seen gliding above the army, while the elder priest of Xiao Mang Celestial Race stood at the gates of the temple as he looked in the direction of Swords Gate.

Feng Shang has played all his cards, it is time for us to wipe Swords Gate clean.

The elder priest then said to the young Qi Practitioners behind him, “I immediately knew that it was part of the backup plan of Feng Shang when Zuo Xiangsheng and Tian Yanzhong took he ten malefic weapons away. By now, the two should have returned to Swords Gate, but Feng Shang is a cunning person, he will definitely have more than just one backup plan. His remaining backup plans were the godly spirit and sword spirit of Swords Gate, but since they have been activated, Feng Shang has nothing left behind anymore!”

The ten-plus Qi Practitioners behind the back of the elder priest were best of the best among the younger generation, which was why they were all brought along to the battle by the elder priest.

A lady then asked, “But elder priest has already dispatched the four magnate seniors with the celestial pearl to the Swords Gate to suppress their godly spirit and sword spirit, so why is elder priest still waiting for the appearance of the two spirits? Besides, why did elder priest only act when the two spirits appeared?”

She voiced out her questions, which were also the questions of the others, as everything the elder priest did simply did not make any sense.

With the appearance of the godly spirit and sword spirit of Swords Gate, the humans would easily gain the upper hand. If the Xiao Mang Celestial Race chose to invade Swords Gate at this time, they were bound to suffer heavy losses!

But the elder priest actually ordered the army to march forward at this time, which just did not make sense at all…

Hearing her questions, the elder priest praised her, “Good questions! I dispatched Yin, Qing, Yuan, and Que with the celestial pearl to suppress the two spirits of Swords Gate in order to trigger the remaining backup plans of Feng Shang, which then reduced the danger greatly.”

The elder priest then continued, “His first card was the ten malefic weapons, which were ten double-sided blades that could bring more harm than benefits if they were not careful. With that many celestial race Qi Practitioners over there, they are strong enough to intercept and defeat the ten malefic weapons holders. In addition, Yu Changji is very ambitious and strong, but his greatest weakness is his ambitious personality. He will definitely try his best to kill his own kin that do not support him, and he will be the bait that can be used to handle the second backup plan of Feng Shang, which was the godly spirit and sword spirit. WIth that, Feng Shang’s backup plans will be foiled easily without us paying a great cost.”

He then said, “The prayers and the maintenance of the godly spirit require a large amount of sacrifices. Judging by the strength displayed by the godly spirit and sword spirit right now, the Swords Gate has obviously used up whatever they can to sacrifice, to the two spirits and after such a long time, without sufficient sacrificial items, the power of the two spirits must have been reduced by a significant amount.”

After hearing his explanations, the young Qi Practitioners did not hide their admiration and respect towards the elder priest.

“There should be a third backup plan, which is the tokens of Shui Zian that were given to Zhong Yue before he died. Zhong Yue will definitely pass them to Feng Shang, and Feng Shang will most likely seek help from the other races with these tokens.”

The elder priest laughed at that point. “But when I checked, these tokens have not been given away at all, no one from the North, South, East, or West Barrens, or the dragons, received the tokens. This suggests that Feng Wuji and Yu Changji stopped those tokens from being distributed, and directly foiled his plan. Without them, there will be no more obstacles that can stop us from conquering the Great Wilderness!

“This was also why I immediately ordered the march right after I sensed the power of the godly spirit and sword spirit!”

So smart! Such intelligence! How are we not supposed to win this imminent battle with such a wise leader? These were the thoughts of the young Qi Practitioners behind the elder priest right now.

At the moment he was speaking, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s army marched at great speed and were already a thousand miles away from their beginning position.

In the temple, the elder priest calculated the distance and he shouted, “At this distance, we can use the mirrors to observe the situation in Swords Gate!”

Three huge mirrors were brought up in front of the elder priest, and the white-robed priests started channelling power into them.

Previously, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race once used one of these mirrors to spy on the Shen Ya Celestial Race because of Zuo Xiangsheng, but the mirror was destroyed by the Shen Ya Celestial Race’s elder priest as soon as he detected the mirror.

As power was channeled into the mirror, the events happening in Swords Gate appeared in the mirrors.

The elder priest smiled as he looked into the mirrors confidently, and saw the Golden Summit of Swords Gate. Abruptly, the images in the mirrors twisted as a white-haired old man appeared.

The old man then turned around, looking towards the mirrors, and at that moment, his eyes made direct contact with the eyes of the elder priest.

The elder priest then let out a shout, “Feng Shang!”

A voice then could be heard coming from the mirrors as they shook, “I have finally lured you out.”

The elder priest shivered and quickly ordered, “Stop! Stop! All forces, retreat to the West Barren immediately!”

Chaos overwhelmed the Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s army immediately because of that order. Before the finally brought themselves to a halt, half an hour had passed!

The elder priest completely lost his cool as he murmured, “He played dead, he pretended that he died… That’s it, he wants to kill me… I have to go right now, return to the Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s saint mountain and fend him off with the help of the godly spirit. I have to kill him, but I have to leave this place first! With my speed, I should be able to return to the saint mountain before he arrives…”

He suddenly froze as he glanced at the Xiao Mang Celestial Race’s army quickly retreating beneath him.

At that moment, a chill engulfed him and his heart sank to the bottom as he thought, If I run away, Feng Shang will definitely kill them all. They are the base of my race and if they die, then it will not be long until the annihilation of the entire Xiao Mang Celestial Race…

His white hair waved in the wind as he murmured, “I can’t leave or they will die, I am the only one who can stall Feng Shang. I must use my own life to exchange for their lives! Feng Shang, you must have expected this, right? I’ve lost, I overthought and because of that, I lost!”

In the end, the elder priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race had make a mistake, a mistake that could only be corrected with his life!

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