Rise of Humanity

Chapter 308

Chapter 308 - Biggest Winner

“Sword God Feng Shang has entered the Devil Soul Forbidden Land….”

At the border of South Barren and the Great Wilderness, there was a huge ship floating in the clouds. The four magnates of Xiao Mang Celestial Race, Yin, Qing, Yuan and Que were standing on the deck looking at the direction of Swords Gate from afar. They were too far from Swords Gate and couldn't see what was going on, but somehow they were able to perceive the development of situations in Swords Gate.

Beside the huge ship was a white-skeletal demon fortress which was surrounded by Demonic Qi. There were a few demon girls with umbrellas and fans Mistress Hua Zhen who was sitting under the umbrella.

Not far away from them, there was a stream of string water flowing in the clouds, and the water vapor moistened the air. At the center was the mouth of the spring; it was 30 feet in diameter, and it swirled rapidly spurting out the spring waters.

You and Quan, the two elders, were standing on the spring water while behind them were the Xia family and Zhu Rong family's Martial Masters and Qi Practitioners – they were all filled in killing intents.

Beside them was the dragon race's dragon boat, four elder dragons were standing on the deck with the dragon disciples behind them.

Although they weren't magnates, these four elder dragons were the Heavenly Dharma elders from the Chi, Yu, Jiao and Po Clans. The Ao Clan didn't come as Ao Fenglou's words stopped them, but the other four clans didn't give up the chance to reap some rewards from Swords Gate. One of which was a piece of land out of the sea.

The long-standing hatred between the dragon race and the Zhong Li Celestial Race was the reason for the absence of the dragon race's magnates as the four dragon clans were afraid that the Zhong Li Celestial Race would target their magnates.

Beside the dragon boat was a floating mountain, on the top of the mountain was a huge Shan Shen statue. Before the colossal statue were three priests of the Shan Shen Celestial Race, who were chanting while the disciples knelt on the ground and chanted along.

Beside them were three huge soul weapons from the West Barren – the Dang Hu Celestial Race's Bird Nest, Shen Si Celestial Race's War Chariot, and Ming She Celestial Race's Whip. These three celestial races were considered among the more prominent races. Although they could not be compared to behemoth powers like the Shan Shen and Xiao Mang Celestial Race, their population still numbered in the millions.

These three celestial races said that they were only here to save their imprisoned seniors in the Seal Suppression Hall, but their intentions were clear to everyone else. They were here for their chance to devour the Great Wilderness.

“The success rate is nearly zero with Feng Shang in Swords Gate, but now, as the great Sword God has entered the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, it’s time for us to act!”

Xiao Yin looked at the others, smiled and said, "The transfer of power in happening in Swords Gate, this is the time where they are at their most vulnerable. Shall we head over and congratulate the new headmaster for his appointment?"

The huge ship, dragon boat, demon fortress, godly mountain all moved, flying toward the Swords Gate Mountain.

The old man had really entered the Devil Soul Forbidden Land….

Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er watched as their headmaster leaped down from the precipice into the Devil Soul Forbidden Land. That was a path of no return; any outsider would have to face the relentless assault of the evil creatures in it. It was only through Xin Huo's guidance and luck that Zhong Yue was able to escape.

Although weakened, the seal was still so strong that it could even crush the pseudo beast god like a petty bug. The old headmaster wouldn't have the strength to break through the seal or otherwise, the previous headmasters wouldn't have died in it either.

However, with the old headmaster entering the Devil Soul Forbidden Land, it was tantamount to tying the Swords Gate's hands behind its back. It had just lost its greatest deterring force to leave the fate of humanity in the hands of those that wished to devour them!

To Zhong Yue, this was something the headmaster would never abide.

So who could it be? The one that entered would never be the headmaster himself; it can only be someone else … Elder Pu? No, no, Elder Pu is too weak. Then, this man could only be….

Sadness and sorrow glutted filled his heart as the person's true identity became clear to him. He silently gave his respects in his heart.

Senior Shouzhu, he went in place of headmaster….

Even if he had figured it out, he was still powerless to do anything to save him. Feng Shouzhu must die in the Devil Soul Forbidden Land; the scattered souls of the gods in the forbidden land were trying another attempt to break the seal away and return to the world. Only an existence at the level of headmaster could stop them, to crush away the fermenting danger in the Devil Soul Forbidden Land and push back the time of the eruption of the Devil Soul Yin Effluvium! But the price they would have to pay was their lives!

The last eruption of the Devil Soul Yin Effluvium was earlier than expected; this meant that the devil souls in the forbidden land were growing stronger than before at an increasing rate. In no time, they could come again, and this time, it wouldn't be an eruption of a simple Devil Soul Yin Effluvium anymore, but the whole Devil Soul Forbidden Land!

The only way to prevent such a disastrous event was to kill it off before it happens. To do that, Feng Shouzhu would have to burn all of his energy and fight until the end of his life in the Devil Soul Forbidden Land to earn half a millennia's time for humanity. Otherwise, the whole of Swords Gate would have to face the wrath of the Devil Soul Forbidden Land at any time within the next seven years!

Humanity has never lacked unsung heroes like Senior Feng Shouzhu. We never lacked warriors that were willing to die for our future! A race like ours does not deserve to be treated as the most inferior race. We can't just resign ourselves to be food for others!

Zhong Yue held Qiu Jin'er's hand and stepped on the sky and trod across the precipice.

"Seal Suppression Hall Hall Master!"

On the other side, the Qi Practitioners were gathered to see the ‘old headmaster' off, they raised their heads up and saw Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin'er. Suddenly, Grand Elder Yu sighed, he said, "Hall master of the Seal Suppression Hall, you are late, the old headmaster has gone … Quick, come over and meet our new headmaster, this is our new headmaster of Swords Gate, Headmaster Feng Wuji."

Zhong Yue stepped forward, he bowed and greeted the headmaster. He said in the most indifferently, "Seal Suppression Hall, Hall Master Zhong Yue, greets the headmaster."

Rays inconspicuously flashed across Feng Wuji's eyes. He smiled and said, "Please, spare me the formalities. I'm incompetent as the headmaster. Since everyone is here today, then I might as well take this opportunity to announce my first and final decision as Swords Gate headmaster."

He glanced around before he said sonorously, "I've only accepted to act as the headmaster under the tenacious request of the late headmaster, but in fact, I have little to none interest in acting as headmaster. As the late headmaster has left us today, I have no intention to hold this position anymore; and now, I will dismiss myself from the headmaster's position and pass it to a man better than myself."

As he spoke, the crowd uncontrollably plunged into an uproar. This was even more shocking than when Feng Wuji was anointed the next headmaster.

The late headmaster had just given his place to Feng Wuji, and in this short period of time, their current headmaster announced that he would abdicate from his post and pass the position of headmaster to someone he thought was better?

"Could it be Fang Jiange? Elder Fang is now also a magnate, and he is strong and powerful. After all, Jun Sixie is a girl, how can a girl be the headmaster? It's natural to pass the position to Fang Jiange!"

"How is it not possible for a girl to act as the headmaster? We also had female headmasters in the history of Swords Gate! Jun Sixie is also an innate spirit body. She isn't any inferior to Feng and Fang. It is normal for her to succeed the position of headmaster!"

“Well, let’s see then, who of the two will our current headmaster decide.”

"Isn't the Elder Council's approval needed for such a vital matter?"

"The late headmaster has just left us, and now this happens ... This will only shake the unity of Swords Gate. This is the most terrible thing to do now. It can potentially lead to the division of Swords Gate! The Elder Council will surely intervene to this rash decision!"


A frigid smile climbed on his face as Zhong Yue receded into a corner while holding Qiu Jin'er's hand. Suddenly, Madam Qiu approached them and stood right beside the duo, and she whispered, "I'm afraid things in Swords Gate will not be the same as before. Stand still and only observe, do not intervene or get involved."

Qiu Jin’er was puzzled while Zhong Yue nodded silently, he said, “Don’t worry aunty, we won’t make any moves.”

"You are still calling me aunty?" Madam Qiu was looking at him with a blurred expression that looked like a smile while at the same time not. She looked at him with deep meanings.

Zhong Yue was bewildered, he then said puzzlingly, “Senior martial sister?”

Madam Qiu was the palace master of the Yang God Palace, she was an elder, but that was mainly because of her precious daughter, Qiu Jin'er who was the Wood Innate Spirit Body. Although she was given the title of elder, her cultivation base didn't really match that title. Also, she didn't have any powers within the Swords Gate and was only responsible for her Qiu Tan Clan alone.

On the other hand, Zhong Yue was the hall master of the Seal Suppression Hall and commanded a considerable amount of power in his hands. The two of them could be said to be on the same level in terms, and it wouldn't be wrong for him to acknowledge her as his senior martial sister.

But clearly, the anger on Madam Qiu's face suggested that she wasn't content with being called senior martial sister' either. She replied furiously, "Senior martial sister? You brat, how dare you call me senior martial sister, I'll whack you and…."


Zhong Yue lowered his head and listened to her rant. Qiu Jin'er winked her eyes and helped out, "Mother, didn't you just tell us to look and not do anything else? Furthermore, senior martial brother is saying that you are still young, just like a sister to him."

Madam Qiu then suddenly stopped. She seemed satisfied with Qiu Jin'er explanation and humped, "Since my daughter's heart is with you, I will let you go this time. However, if you dare to call me senior martial sister again, I will make sure you have a terrible end!"

Zhong Yue nodded, he quickly assured her that he wouldn't call her that anymore and thought in his heart, It's true I'm acting too rude by calling her senior martial sister. I should still address her as aunty or senior martial aunt….

Feng Wuji glanced around at the crowd, and he then continued, "Wuji is still young and inexperienced, my virtue is lacking, and I'm still yet to be qualified to lead. With that being said, I don't think that I am fit to act as your headmaster. The headmaster of Swords Gate should be someone who is strong and powerful – a wise, virtuous and respected man or woman. And it just happens that there is someone who fits the bill perfectly in our Swords Gate."

The whole place was in turmoil, and the voices of the myriad Qi Practitioners erupted in a clamor. They tried to guess the identity of the person to whom their current headmaster was describing. In their eyes, Shui Zian and a few other elders in Swords Gate had the qualities he stipulated – wise, virtuous and respected. But in regards to strength and power, Shui Zian, who was barely a magnate, did not quite satisfy it.

"This man I'm talking about is none other than our Grand Elder Yu."

Feng Wuji removed the headmaster's cloak and placed it on the grand elder's shoulders who was standing beside him. He turned around and knelt down respectfully, "Disciple Feng Wuji, greets the new headmaster!"

Grand Elder Yu was in shock, and he pleaded, "Headmaster Feng, quick, quick, get up, I can't accept this. How am I fit to act as headmaster?"

All of the Qi Practitioners were bewildered and seconds later, a burst of noises reverberated through the whole of Swords Gate Mountain; no one had foreseen this, none of them expected such a sudden turn in events. It was true that Grand Elder Yu was the Swords Gate Elder Council's Grand Elder, but that wasn't on account of his cultivation, but because of his adeptness at diplomacy.

It was true that he was respected, but no one would ever call of him powerful. The only one who could be said to be that was the late headmaster. Even the other magnates like Shui Zian and Feng Shouzhu were not comparable to the late headmaster!

Feng Wuji then said respectfully, "There is no need for Grand Elder Yu to be courteous. You are already an Imminent Deity magnate cultivator, but you've just been too low profile all these years. You have never once revealed your cultivation base to the others. But now, the old headmaster has left us on our own, and I'm too young to lead us out of the trying times that are to come. Only someone like you can act as our headmaster and save us from this adversity. Save humanity from our annihilation and save the Swords Gate from destruction! My dear martial siblings, do you agree with me?"

Shui Zizheng of the Elder Council stepped forward and assented sonorously, "I was still a little discontent with Elder Feng acting as the headmaster, but with the position now handed to Grand Elder Yu, the Shui Tu Clan will be the first to support this decision!"

Another elder of the Elder Council, Lei Ting also said, "Grand Elder Yu is a man of justice and righteousness. The Lei Hu Clan agrees to his appointment!"

“Nothing counts than the capability of the candidate; The You Yu Clan supports the decision!”

“The Nan Lu Clan supports no one else other than Grand Elder Yu!”

“Stand out if you are uncontended with this decision!”


The elders of the Elder Council stepped out one by one and gave their agreement to Grand Elder Yu appointment as the headmaster. This had thrown the whole of Swords Gate into a state of chaos and disorder. They were all shocked and puzzled.


Grand Elder Yu sighed, he stomped his feet and said, “You guys … this … Hai, all of you are forcing me into a dead end! Fine, fine, I will temporarily act as the headmaster, and when the next generation grows, I will return the headmaster's position to them! Fang Jiange, Jun Sixie, what do the two of you say?"

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