Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Spending Money to Prolong His Own Life

Although Wei Yang didn’t understand why Chu Guoxiong asked this question, he still honestly answered, “Yes! My son’s condition was discovered when he was born. If it wasn’t for us taking care of him well and hired professional caregivers and nurses, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been alive till now.”

Chu Guoxiong turned his head to look at Tang Xiu, as he forced a wry smile and said, “Divine Doctor Tang, I, Chu Guoxiong, just realized something. You’re not a Divine Doctor at all, but simply a celestial being. I just diagnosed this boy, and found that his heartbeat is strong. Though his vitality is rather weak, it doesn’t seem like a situation that was caused by a congenital heart disease at all.”

“You made a mistake in your diagnosis. The reason for him seemingly not have a congenital heart disease now is because of a special method I used to keep his heart at a high-speed recovery stage. If you examine him a few hours later, you’ll probably be able to diagnose his true condition,” said Tang Xiu.

Stunned and looked vacant, Chu Guoxiong said, “How could such a situation happen?”

“Treating a congenital heart disease is very easy for me. But to completely cure it would require a process that allows the heart to heal and grow, which takes approximately two months. That’s why I instructed him to take the boy to the hospital and have him examined two months later,” said Tang Xiu.

Chu Guoxiong was taken aback, as he gave Tang Xiu a thumbs up, yet he was unable to speak any words of praise for he didn’t know what to say. He felt that any praising words would feel pale and weak.

Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s elaborate remarks, half of the worry inside Wei Yang’s heart eased down. Seeking an affirmation, he asked, “Divine Doctor Tang, do we still have to continue staying here?”

With a teasing tone, Tang Xiu answered, “Are you so nervous and itchy that you want to waste and burn your money here? If anything, I’ve already treated your son, why would you still want to stay? You might as well go home and take care of your son well. This son of yours will be in good health two months later. So much so that…  if your son’s luck is quite good, his physical quality and constitution will be far beyond that of an ordinary person’s.”

Exceedingly surpassing an ordinary person?

It was a luxury and extravagant hope Wei Yang had never thought of. He only wanted his son to be healthy, that would already make him satisfied.

After leaving the hospital, Tang Xiu gave Dai Xinyue a ride back home before returning to his home in South Gate Town. And, much to his surprise, his parents had not gone to sleep yet, and were chatting with a guest.

“Elderly Li, why are you here?” Asked Tang Xiu curiously. Nevertheless, there was also a strange expression on his face.

Right after he entered the courtyard, he discovered dozens of unfamiliar and unknown men around the villa and four stalwart men in black suits standing in the courtyard. He never expected that Li Juren from Hong Kong would personally come to Star City, more so appearing so late at his place.

Li Juren got up and smilingly said, “Tang Xiu, it was my intention to visit you, to be honest. Though I didn’t expect to meet your honored parents here. Hence, we had some small talk while waiting for you to come back.”

Tang Xiu touched his nose and smilingly replied, “Why didn’t you call me? You have my number, right?”

“It ain’t my fault. Who doesn’t know that you’re busy?” Said Li Juren with a smile. “Anyways, I had nothing else to do in recent days, so I just came here to discuss something with you.”

Tang Xiu nodded.

Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun exchanged looks, as Tang Yunde immediately said with a smile, “Senior Li, please chat with Xiu’er. We are a bit tired and won’t disturb you.”

Li Juren nodded and smiled in response.

After that, Tang Yunde looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Xiu’er, do entertain Senior Li well.”

“All right, father!” Replied Tang Xiu.

As Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun returned to their room to rest, Tang Xiu and Li Juren walked to the study room on the second floor. After making fragrant tea, the two men then seated on the sofa.

“Elderly Li, I’m sure you have something important for coming to Star City to find me, yes?” Tang Xiu took a half pack of cigarette and offered one to Li Juren. He himself also took one and lit it up, slowly taking a deep puff.

Li Juren, however, didn’t lit up his cigarette. He fiddled with it for a short while before replying, “Tang Xiu, my purpose in coming this time is because I want to ask medicine from you!”

Seeking medicine?

Tang Xiu stared vacantly and immediately asked with a strange expression, “What medicine do you need, exactly?”

Li Juren slowly said, “I was a coolie when I was young and had once fallen ill due to heavy workload. It caused a lingering effect and a chronic disease. Later on, my body was finally unable to hold much longer and I finally fell ill until I met Boss Gu. Although my body and health has recovered a lot after having gone through some training, yet my condition has never been as good as healthy people. Back then, Boss Gu gave me a medicine called Marrow Purifying Pill. Since I took that medicine, the chronic old ailment that had been accumulated over the years was finally cured completely; my physique even turned much better than that of an average person’s. However, I’m an old man now, so I was thinking. If I can get a Marrow Purifying Pill again…”

After hearing Li Juren’s story up to there, Tang Xiu immediately understood his intention, as he nodded and said, “I’m indeed able to concoct Marrow Purifying Pills. The medicine, however, requires a lot of medicinal herbs, and many of them are precious herbs.”

Upon hearing this, Li Juren immediately gave his assurance, “Tang Xiu, as long as the medicinal herbs can be purchased, I’ll obtain them no matter how precious they are.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help chuckling to himself, “Ah, I forgot who you are. Anyhow, I’ll make a list of the medicinal herbs for you, and you can send people to purchase them. Just send them directly to me once you have bought all of them!”

His reply made Li Juren overjoyed as he excitedly said, “No problem, no problem. Tang Xiu, I owe you a favor. If in the future…”

“Please don’t say ‘you owe me a favor’ or something like that.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said. “It’s not like I’m giving you the Marrow Purifying Pills without you paying for it. It’s because the number of medicinal herbs I’ll ask you to find will be more than needed. Thus, we will mutually benefit from this exchange.”

Li Juren stared blankly before he immediately nodded and smilingly said, “It doesn’t matter. No matter how much you want, whether they would be ten times, or a hundred times, I will do everything possible to get them. The Marrow Purifying Pill can prolong one’s life, after all. I’m just spending money to prolong my own life.”

“By the way, I have to tell you something. The Marrow Purifying Pill does have a great effect on your body if you take it for the first time. But the effect won’t be that great if you take it the second time. Do you mind if I check your pulse first?” Said Tang Xiu.

Through his network and intelligence, Li Juren already knew that Tang Xiu was the young miracle-working doctor of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. Therefore, he quickly got up and came toward Tang Xiu.

After checking his pulse, Tang Xiu said, “Judging from your current physical condition, you still have ten years of lifespan at the most. Taking the Marrow Purifying Pill should give you three to seven years more, though your body will be a lot stronger than that of people at the same age.”

With a blank expression, Li Juren asked, “You can tell how long I can still live by only checking my pulse?”

“I’m touted as the Young Divine Doctor, mind you,” replied Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

Li Juren fell into thoughts for a short while before he nodded repeatedly and said, “So be it then. Even if I can only live longer for three or seven years more, spending a lot of money to buy those precious herbs is still worth the price. Tang Xiu, write the list of medicinal herbs. I will send people to begin searching them after I get back.”

The corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth curled upward. The smile caused the corner of his eyes to stretch out, as he then said, “No hurry now. Please have your tea first. As a matter fact, there is a better medicine to prolong your lifespan.”

Li Juren abruptly got up with a speed that was unlikely achievable for an old man. His eyes fixated tightly on Tang Xiu, and his breathing turned rapid. He then asked, “Tang Xiu, what you mean is that there’s a better medicine than the Marrow Purifying Pill?”

“Yup, at least it can prolong your life by more than a decade,” answered Tang Xiu in a matter-of-fact manner.

“What medicine is it?” Asked Li Juren again quickly.

“Life Essence Pill,” answered Tang Xiu.

“Then I need this Life Essence Pill! What medicinal herbs are required to refine it? As long as I’m able, I will do everything I can to find them no matter how great the price I must pay,” said Li Juren firmly.

Tang Xiu stretched out his fingers and lightly said, “10 billion, plus three kinds of precious medicinal herbs. If you agree to pay me this amount and these medicinal herbs, I can hand over the Life Essence Pill to you.”

“Money is a small problem. Which three precious medicinal herbs do you need, exactly?” Replied Li Juren without hesitation.

“Thousand years old Snow Lotus, Fleece-Flower Root, and Blood Droplet Seed; both of which being five-hundred years old or above,” answered Tang Xiu.

“I know about the Millennium Snow Lotus and the half millennium Fleece-Flower Root. But what exactly is this Blood Droplet Seed? Why I haven’t heard of it before?” Asked Li Juren with a confused expression.

“The Blood Droplet Seed grows in an extremely cold place. Its appearance resembles a Hawthorn with vines and leaves. The most important characteristic of it is that the place that gives birth to it and the soil where it grows had once been piled up with corpses and soaked by blood. I’ll give you a drawing about the appearance of the Blood Droplet Seed later,” said Tang Xiu.

Li Juren nodded repeatedly, “No matter how difficult it is, I’ll try my best to get these three precious herbs you need.”

Tang Xiu smilingly said, “Then I give you two months! If you can’t get them within two months, you must give it up, and I’ll then give you the Marrow Purifying Pill.”

“All right!” Li Juren rubbed and twisted his hands with a happy smile on his face. Money was nothing to him given his current status, as well as the vestige of years left for him. What he cared about was whether his body was healthy or not, and how long were the extra years added to his remaining lifespan.

Half an hour afterward Li Juren left South Gate Town. A few minutes after he left, Tang Yunde came to Tang Xiu’s room and asked with a curious look on his face, “Xiu’er, what did Li Juren want?”

“He’s looking for a medicine to prolong his life,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

“Huh?” Tang Yunde confused. “Did he contract an illness?”

“Nah, he isn’t sick.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “He just wants to live longer.”

Tang Yunde forced a smile, “It seems that even if one is very powerful and filthy rich, at the end of the day one cannot run away, and is afraid of death! So, what did you tell him? Don’t tell me you have a solution for that?”

Tang Xiu chuckled, “I do have a way around it. But the conditions are pretty darn hard and very difficult, though. If he can find the medicinal herbs I need, I may be able to help him live for a few more years. But if he can’t find it, I can do nothing about it.”

“To think that even the famous Li Juren would come to you and ask for help, you really are worthy as the son of Tang Yunde.” Tang Yunde gave him a thumbs up and praised. “Anyhow, this Li Juren is an extremely rich bastard, Son. You had better take this opportunity and make him bleed!”

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