Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Plagued by Bad Karma

The guests participating in the Paradise Manor’s opening ceremony, particularly the ones sitting at this table, were all people with high statuses. Each and every one of them was either someone with authority or possessing wealth amounting to billions. Such a group of people evidently had wisdom that far exceeded normal people.

Hence, they could clearly tell that Wang Tao’s change of attitude toward Chen Zhizhong was entirely due to his Master, Tang Xiu; yet, they were clueless about the specific reason. However, even if so, they now attached more importance to Tang Xiu in their hearts.

On the banquet table, apart from Ouyang Lulu who was the main character of the day, the attitude of the remaining people toward Chen Zhizhong turned more amiable and closer. The situation in China, nonetheless, was such that personal connections held a very important position, and an indispensable resource at that. It was because having a huge network and personal connection, whether in daily life or in doing business, would give one numerous benefits.

At another banquet table in the hall, although Wei Yang was merrily chatting and laughing with the guests at the same table whose statuses were equal to his, his eyes often glanced at the table where Ouyang Lulu was with a bit of envy and jealousy.

At this moment, Gu Hui came to him while hugging her son Dongdong, and sat on the seat beside him. Her complexion was somewhat unsightly to see.

“What happened? Did the illness get more serious?” Wei Yang quickly whispered after seeing his wife’s irritated expression.

“Our son said that he felt more comfortable just a while ago. However, I also bumped into a ominous character,” said Gu Hui, shaking her head.

“Ominous character? What are you talking about?” Wei Yang’s face changed.

“I just met a sleeping young man in the rest area. After he sat up, he said that our son is not sick, but is being plagued with bad karma or something. I was really angry and lashed out. I told him that he was just spitting out nonsensical things. I also told him that there had never been a murder case in our family, nor had we had a homicide case among our closest relatives. The most annoying thing was that he was kind of cursing our son! Saying that even if we go to the hospital, they won’t be able to cure him; and that our son wouldn’t last for seven days unless he himself treats the illness. Husband, that scammer is really so hateful and annoying.”

Wei Yang fell into a daze. His pupils contracted fiercely, and his heartbeat suddenly beat faster.

After looking at the other people who were sharing the table with them, Gu Hui continued speaking in a low voice, “Husband, I have seen that swindler before, actually. He’s the young man who was in charge of cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony.”

The husband took a deep breath as his eyes stared at his wife and asked, “Tell me everything from beginning to endo. Remember to not miss a word. Tell me quickly!”

Gu Hui paused. She looked at her husband’s solemn face and told everything about her encounter with Tang Xiu. Then, she finally said, “You tell me, how come there would be someone so wicked in the world? Our son just caught a cold. Us taking him to the hospital to get some medication, or just having a bit shot injection, yet he went so far as to curse our son. That made me really angry…”

“Shut up!” Wei Yang couldn’t sit still. He quickly stood and pulled Gu Hui from the chair, and hurriedly said, “Take me to see him now, hurry!”

Being dragged out of the banquet hall, Gu Hui was stunned. After she came to her senses, she hurriedly asked, “Husband? What is wrong with you? That’s nothing but a lie…”

Wei Yang interrupted her, and sternly replied in a heavy tone, “There’s something I haven’t told you, yet. I was drunk last night and ran over someone when I was driving the car. The place was quite remote, so I ran because I was afraid of being charged with criminal charges. Now, tell me, doesn’t this mean that it was me who encountered a death case?”

“What?” Gu Hui was frightened. Color was drained from her face, and an ominous premonition grew inside her heart. While walking down the corridor with her husband, she hurriedly asked, “Husband, is there really no one who saw you running over someone and escaping?”

Wei Yang nodded, “I’m very familiar with the place. That road is not far from our home. There is no surveillance cameras near the scene, while the street lights are also broken. While I was careful… Anyways, I’m sure that there wasn’t anyone around at that time, since I took a look aroung after getting out of the car.”

“Since that young man can figure out that you… then, what he said about our son dying after seven days…” said Gu Hui quickly.

Wei Yang fell into silence.

He was doing a business in Hong Kong. The people there had influenced him so much that he feared and awed gods and spiritual beings. He also believed that Feng Shui or some evil and ominous stuff did exist. That made him believe that there were also some people with bizarre abilities in this world. Therefore, he wanted to confirm whether what the young man said about his son was true or not, thus wanting to find that young man and ask about it clearly.

“Husband, the rest area is over there.” Having walked across the corridor, Gu Hui whispered quickly as she saw Tang Xi’s figure still lying there.

The husband’s eyes fell on Tang Xiu’s face. He approached and respectfully said, “Are you, Mr. Tang? I’m really sorry for disturbing you.”

Tang Xiu opened his eyes. After seeing the mother—Gu Hui and her son, he could tell the identity of Wei Yang, as he nodded and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Wei Yang!”

Tang Xiu nodded, “I was not quite sure what the problem was with your family. But I finally understand after seeing you. You’ve been involved in a murder, right?”

Wei Yang’s complexion changed, and bitterly said, “Mr. Tang has eyes like a torch. Only, I don’t know how could Mr. Tang figure it out?”

“The Death qi around you is much more serious than that of your son’s. Therefore, you have definitely touched a dead bodies in the last two days. However, since the Yang qi inside you is very strong, the Death qi has little effect on you. Nevertheless, you should have hugged your son and passed the Death qi to him shortly after you touched those dead bodies. The boy is still too young, and his ability to withstand the Death qi is still too poor. Not to mention that your son also has a congenital heart disease, so…” said Tang Xiu.

Wei Yang’s face changed greatly, to the extent that it was like he got a disastrous accident. The sound of knees hitting concrete was heard, as he knelt in front of Tang Xiu and said in a pleading voice, “Mr. Tang, everything you said is true. Last night, because I was driving drunk and some of the streetlights on the road near my house being broken, I couldn’t see the situation on the road clearly, so I ran over two people. Then, I got off my car to check on them and found that both of them were dead. I also touched their dead bodies. When I got home, due to being scared and feeling guilty, I cried and hugged my son. Mr. Tang, help me save my son, please! I’ll immediately turn myself in as long as my son is safe.”

“I can save your son, but there are several conditions,” said Tang Xiu as he sighed inwardly.

“Please do tell, Mr. Tang. I will never refuse as long as it's within my capabilities,” said Wei Yang categorically before Tang Xiu.

“Bad Karma is a retribution of cause and effect; while the wrath of Heaven is a punishment of the Karma itself. Even if you turn yourself in, after you got plagued with this bad karma, it would still be very difficult for you. Therefore, the conditions I will put forward won’t do you any harm. Firstly, you must find the family of the deceased. Kneel three times and kowtow nine times to them, and burn incense to expiate the sins of the dead. Secondly, you must look after the families of the deceased. If they are elderly, you must look after them until you arrange their funerals. If they are still children, you must bring them up until they have grown up. Thirdly, take half of your family’s wealth and give it to charity. Only then will you get karmic reward,” said Tang Xiu.

Nodding heavily and repeatedly, Wei Yang said, “I’ll do everything you requested, Mr. Tang. As a matter of fact, even if I hadn’t met you today, I had already planned to visit their family members and give them compensation.”

“Now, get up! Give me your child, and ask the staff to find me an empty room,” said Tang Xiu.

“All right!” Wei Yang immediately complied.

A few minutes later, the boy hugged by Tang Xiu didn’t make any noises. Instead, he became more energetic, whereas the couple and the staff stayed outside the room.

“Uncle, being around you is really comfortable,” said the little boy softly.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile. He was a cultivator. During the day, he absorbed solar power all the time, so warmness would naturally circulate around his body. This warmth happened to have a restraining effect on Death qi, hence giving the boy a comfortable feeling. Immediately afterward, Tang Xiu dispelled the Death qi inside the little boy with his star force, and even used the Tuina Massage technique to inject his star force into the boy’s heart.

Although employing this method couldn’t cure his congenital heart disease, it actually could play a relieving role and reduce the state of his cardiac disease, so that it wouldn’t flare up, and guaranteed his safety for several years to come.

Afterward, he brought the boy out of the room. After returning him to his mother, he said, “The Death qi inside him has been eliminated, but his congenital heart disease is still a threat to him. If you have the time during the holiday in October, take him to Shuangqing Province’s Star City! I’ll be giving medical services on October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. Bring him over at that time, and I will cure his congenital heart disease.”

Wei Yang’s pupil contracted and his breathing turned faster as he quickly asked, “Mr. Tang, you… can you fully cure my son’s congenital heart disease?”

“It may be very troublesome for other doctors, but it’s very easy for me,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “All right, you people can go do your things! But please remember what I’ve requested of you. Otherwise, you will still be plagued by bad karma; the good days of your family will surely come to an end.”


Wei Yang then pulled his wife, Gu Hui, and the couple knelt in front of Tang Xiu. After giving three kowtows, he stood and said, “Mr. Tang, I can’t thank you enough for your benevolence. This is my business card. If you ever need my assistance in the future, as long as it is within my capabilities, I’ll make sure to have to do it even if I have to lose my life.”

Tang Xiu nodded as his gaze followed the family out. He secretly sighed. Through this incident, he saw how serious the Heavenly Dao affected the human beings on Earth. It was no wonder that the ancient people also understood the principle truth that, one will receive rewards for their virtuous deeds, so will evil be rewarded for their evil deeds. Time, it will never stop to punish all the evil deeds.

As for laws and justice, it could only play a restraining role in Tang Xiu’s opinion; while the punishment it brought just provided a little significance.

For example, Wei Yang himself. Turning himself in voluntarily would sentence him to eight to ten years of prison, at the most. And this was due to him running from the accident he caused. That didn’t make sense and was insignificant. It would be much better to make him do more good deeds like what he requested him to do, for that would benefit many people and put an end to this bad karma that plagued him.

When Tang Xiu was still in the Immortal World he was also someone who had committed innumerable murders. It could even be said that he had created rivers of blood and stepped on mountains of corpses to break through to the Supreme Realm. However, he helped a lot of people and saved many of them out of his good intentions, too. Thus, the merits offset the faults, until he finally broke the shackles of the Heavenly Dao when he achieved the Supreme Realm.

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