Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 465

Chapter 465: Precise Pinpointing

With Tang Xiu’s arrangement, the 40 experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall left Bluestar Villa Complex and rushed toward Shanghai New World Center. They were all experts in assassination as well as possessed great knowledge in crime, hence they understood how the criminals work by heart. Thus, it made Tang Xiu rather relieved of having them tracking the terrorists.

Additionally, another reason why he felt more assured was also that he had a particular method for radar monitoring -- his spiritual sense. With this “tool” he could just walk in circles around Zhang Xinya’s concert venue, and could find the danger lurking in the dark. Be it weapons or the suspects, they wouldn’t be able to escape from his spiritual sense even if they didn’t reveal any clues.


The next morning Tang Xiu came to the campus to attend class. One thing that made him happy was that the class’ teacher-in-charge—Han Qingwu didn’t come to the campus. It was said that she wouldn’t return to campus until October 1st.

In the afternoon, Tang Xiu took an Economics. Thus, his class ended at 4 PM.

Inside the classroom…

As the professor left the class, Yue Kai patted Tang Xiu’s shoulder and asked, “Eldest Bro Tang, let’s go to the New World Center together! It’s about time we get there, so we can still find a place to grab a bite after the concert.”

“Sorry, buddy. I still have other things to deal with. I’ll catch up with you later,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Just go ahead! I’ll treat you tonight.”

Winking at Tang Xiu, Yue Kai chuckled, “Are you going with that pretty Lulu?”

“Man, your mind is really crooked, you know. Is there anything else other than hot chicks inside it?” Said Tang Xiu.

Giving him the middle finger, Yue Kai retorted, “Damn, I know how shameless you are now, Tang Eldest Bro. Just enjoy your luck, and I’ll be a hermit for now. Anyhow, we’ll see you again at the concert!”

“Wait, gimme your car keys,” Tang Xiu stopped him and said while stretching out his hand.

Yue Kai stared blankly, as he said between laughter and tears, “Please excuse me, buddy. You have so many luxury cars in your garage, why do you want my car keys?”

“Don’t you think that riding those cars is a bit too much? If I were to drive them and be seen by people with particular intentions, I don’t know whatever shitty news may appear tomorrow. Be quick and don’t make that shitty face, will ya?”

Taking out his car keys, Yue Kai helplessly said, “Tang Eldest Bro, only now am I finally convinced by you. I’ve always wanted to be famous, yet it’s hopeless. But you, you’ve become famous, yet you’re hiding from fame, desperately staying low profile. You know what? You are virtually living in plenty without appreciating it!”

Tang Xiu didn’t feel like arguing with him.

After taking the car keys from Yue Kai, the duo then left the classroom building. Tang Xiu asked where his car was parked. After arriving there, he started the BMB and quickly left. The concert would start at 7 PM, and the fans would start entering the stadium at 6 PM. Hence, he needed to get there before the fans started entering the venue.


Shanghai New World Center.

Located in the second most prosperous area of Shanghai, it was only slightly worse than the beach area. The New World Center encompassed a large area; large enough to accommodate more than fifty-thousand people. It was also the best place to hold large events in Shanghai.

Driving there, Tang Xiu arrived at the block and looked for a large shopping mall. After parking the car in the underground parking lot, he rushed toward New World Center on foot. The number of fans from all corners of the country was really too many; they were virtually everywhere.

On the way there he bought a duckbill cap with Zhang Xinya’s image on it. It was because many people knew his identity, so he had to spend some effort from attracting attention.

At the East entrance.

While looking at the fans who had already lined up and made a long queue, Tang Xiu saw dozens of security guards maintaining order at the entrance. He immediately phoned Liu Changxi and walked past several long lines of fans.

“Hey… what are you doing? Get back to the queue!”

A security guard approached and he shouted at Tang Xiu as he saw him cutting the line.

In a flash, the fans who were in the front line looked at Tang Xiu with bad expressions. Many of them looked contemptuous, as if they were silently condemning Tang Xiu’s behavior of not wanting to line up in the queue.

“I’m waiting for someone!” Said Tang Xiu.

The security guard creased his brows and asked in a deep voice, “Who’s the person you are waiting for?”

“The person I’m waiting for should be coming out soon. I’ll immediately leave if he doesn’t show up within three minutes,” said Tang Xiu.

Despite hesitating, the security guard stopped talking. Nevertheless, he kept vigilant eyes on Tang Xiu.

After a minute, a middle-aged woman dressed in a suit and with a work card hanging on her chest came out of the East entrance. She walked toward Tang Xiu and respectfully said, “Mr. Tang, Chief Liu wants me to take you to him.”

“All right!” Tang Xiu nodded.

The security guard looked at Tang Xiu and the woman. He eventually turned around and moved to the side. The fans who originally shot Tang Xiu contemptuous looks immediately looked envious.

After entering, Tang Xiu followed the woman and arrived at the venue hall. After looking around he found that there were many security guards patrolling everywhere. Lots of men and women wearing work cards were scattered throughout the venue, motionlessly standing while watching the surroundings.

“Where is Liu Changxi?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Chief Liu is in the backstage, arranging and instructing for the operation. I’ll take you over there!” Replied the woman.

“No need, just get me a work card like yours! I’ll walk around and contact him again when necessary.”

The woman hesitated for a moment before taking out her mobile phone to take Tang Xiu’s picture. Following that, she nodded and said, “Please wait here, I’ll be back shortly.”

After four or five minutes passed, the woman came back with a work card. Handing it over, she said, “Mr. Tang, if you have nothing else, I’ll be back to my duties.”

“Copy that!”

After the woman left, Tang Xiu looked at the surrounding. At the same time, he also released his spiritual sense and covered a radius of a 200-300 meters area with his perception.


Just two or three seconds later he creased his brows, because he found a box made of plastic in a place about 120 meters away from the left front within the scope of his spiritual sense. The plastic box was small, about as big as a cigarette pack. It was glued to the bottom of a seat and was placed there with adhesive tape. However, there was a watch pointer ticking within the plastic box.

A bomb?

Although he had never seen what a real bomb looked like in reality, he had seen it many times in movies. He didn’t inform Liu Changxi immediately and instead, pretended to look casually while walking toward that side. Furthermore, several people around frowned and looked displeased as he sat directly at the edge of the row of that chair.

He looked around. It seems it was spread out like a maze to kill more people.

Half a minute later, when no one around was paying attention to him anymore, he pretended to fix the tie on his shoe, bent down and had a glimpse of the bomb’s position. He then stood and strolled around the surroundings. Half a minute later, while maintaining his spiritual sense active, he found a similar bomb and then moved again after memorizing its position.

Time fleeted by.

After more than ten minutes Tang Xiu circled around to the back row. He enveloped the area with his spiritual sense and found another six bombs.

Shortly after, his pace began to speed up, walking while observing the surroundings with his spiritual sense. After spending more than 20 minutes, he had already scoured the entire venue with his perception. He finally learned the exact number of bombs. Fourteen! Thus, while walking toward the backstage, he dialed Liu Changxi’s phone number.

“Hello? Tang Xiu?”

From the mobile phone, Liu Changxi’s voice came out.

“Secretary Liu, please listen carefully to every word I say. You must remember each word and number I’m about to tell you. There is a suspicious thing under the seat #1135 in zone A1; and also one in zone A2 seat #3673; zone B1 seat #1247; zone B2 seat #6940; zone C …”

Tang Xiu finished reporting all sixteen spots within a breath as he arrived at the stage. Just as he was about to tell Liu Changxi that he had already finished with the report, his complexion suddenly changed, and then said again, “There is also a suspicious thing in the middle of the stage. Please make sure to send some people to investigate everything I told you.”

Liu Changxi was silent for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll send some people to check it now.”

“All right!”

Tang Xiu hung up the phone and walked into the backstage hallway from the side door. He purposely walked unhurriedly while releasing his spiritual sense to check each place, each area, and even the remotest place.

At this time, Liu Changxi was leading the core members of the two security agencies and entering the venue from the side door in the other direction. Next to him was the young man who had opened the door to Tang Xiu before. He looked discontented when he spoke, “Chief, I don’t think we should give a damn about Tang Xiu’s report; he’s just messing around. Now is a very unusual time; we had better keep an eye on the situation in the surroundings so we can immediately deal with any suspects or suspicious issues should they arise.”

“I knew that he’d give us trouble. However, in our line of work we must never ignore a lead. Let’s just take a look at the places he mentioned. I’ll have a good chat with him if there’s nothing there.”

The young man nodded, albeit reluctantly, and said, “All right. Then I’ll have a look at seat #0466 in zone A1.”

Liu Changxi nodded as his vision shifted to the B zone.

A minute later, when the young man came to the seat #0466 in zone A1, as he squatted on the floor and had a look at the seat, he found nothing on the floor. However, him being a professional and possessing good investigation methods, he subconsciously touched the bottom of the chair.

The moment after, however, his body turned slightly stiff as his hand touched something. He immediately knelt on the floor with his face down to see what he had just touched.

“Tape and… a box?”

How come this kind of thing was placed under the chair? Furthermore, how did it seem that it was intentionally placed there?

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