Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Gu Needles

Except for Miao Wentang, who knew Tang Xiu fairly well, the others in the VIP lounge only heard about Tang Xiu from hearsay. But they fell into silence after hearing Jin Xingkui’s story.

Terrifying! Ruthless! Merciless!

Henceforth, their opinion of Tang Xiu utterly changed. 

Cough, cough! 

Coughing twice, Miao Wentang then lightly said, “I cooperated with Tang Xiu in a matter awhile ago, so I can say that I know him quite a lot. He’s ruthless and merciless to his enemies, but to his friends, he’s extraordinarily sincere. Hence, as long as you don’t act against him deliberately, he won’t act against his friends. Anyhow, Brother Jin displayed a good performance today! Tang Xiu has surely recognized you for it. If you get along well with him in the future, it will be easy to make friends later.”

Everyone’s expressions instantly relaxed.

A smile appeared on Jin Xingkui face as he nodded and said, “I was worried of not getting along with Tang Xiu well before. But after seeing him, I’m relieved. He’s not the sort of fiendish and evil person I was afraid of.”

Yet, shortly after, the smile on his face slowly disappeared, replaced by a solemn expression, as he said, “You must never disclose what I just said to anyone else. Or else, not only will Tang Xiu bear a grudge, even my cousin will face a bad end!”

“Rest assured!”

“Got it!”

The others nodded and expressed their compliance.

Half an hour later, Miao Wentang sent them off, as he then went back inside. He headed straight to the General Manager’s Office under Chi Nan’s lead.

Knock, knock!

The sound of the door being knocked awakened Tang Xiu from his sleep.

“Brother Miao, come in!”

Tang Xiu stood up from the sofa and called out with a smile.

With a smiling expression, Miao Wentang said, “Brother Tang, do you a important matter to discuss with me? Tell me about it. Could it be that this important matter is a plan to make a fortune and you want me to join in?”

“Hehehe,” Tang Xiu laughed involuntarily and said, “How could there be such a good thing, eh? Anyhow, the reason that I wanna talk to you, is that I need your help!”

“What is it? Tell me!” said Miao Wentang.

“You’re a cultivator, so you should know about cauldron furnaces, right? It’s not the kind used to refine pills, though. It’s a type to refine weapons. I’m preparing to craft a small tool, but I don’t have a suitable furnace. So I wanna ask your help, about where I can find it.”

Miao Wentang frowned, “Cauldron furnace to craft weapons? Even if such a thing can be found, it’s unlikely that someone will sell it, no? I do know someone who has this type of cauldron, but I’m not sure whether he would be willing to sell it or not.”

“Who is it?” Tang Xiu’s expression moved as he quickly asked.

“You too know him. He’s Dao Master Zi Yi.”

“Dao Master Zi Yi actually has a weapon’s cauldron furnace?” Tang Xiu was astonished, “It seems like I gotta call him. If he’s willing to sell me the cauldron, I’ll give him a fair price for it.”

“Brother Tang, money to Dao Master Zi Yi is nothing but dirt,” Miao Wentang shook his head and said, “If you want to buy it, you must be mentally prepared to get rejected. Anyhow, I know what he doesn’t have, though. But that thing is rather hard to find and extremely rare in this world.”

“What is it?” Tang Xiu quickly asked.

“Gu Needles. And the best one is an entire set of 18 Gu needles.”

What is that?

A bewildered look emerged in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he asked, “Brother Miao, I’ve never heard of this thing. What is its shape like? What is its uses?”

“Of these 18 Gu Needles, each one differs from the other by either its shape, length, circular measure, as well as the barbed hook and the lines on the surface are completely different. You should have heard about Gu Poison too, right? These Gu Needles are a treasure used to treat this Gu Poison.”

“I do know about Gu Poison. It’s a poison akin to the witchcraft poison inside a human body, which contains an extremely potent toxic venom. What does Dao Master Zi Yi needs these Gu Needles for?”

“It’s for his successor disciple,” Miao Wentang sighed and said, “The little guy was a smart and quick-witted kid since childhood. But more than half a year ago he went traveling in the Miao ethnic region and inadvertently offended a Gu Poison expert there. Hence, that expert poisoned him with a kind of extremely rare and extremely potent Gu Poison. Even though Dao Master Zi Yi has done everything he could, he still couldn’t get rid of the poison inside the little guy’s body. Brother Shao and I also have tried helping before, yet we couldn’t do nothing.”

“I see!” A sparkling light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. Since Dao Master Zi Yi and Miao Wentang couldn’t do anything about it, that meant his chance to get rid of the poison was also small. After all, many methods would need the support of cultivation base, whereas his cultivation base was rather too low at present. At present he couldn’t even compare with them.

Suddenly, his expression flickered as he recalled one thing. He immediately looked at Miao Wentang and said, “Brother Miao, I didn’t keep Dao Master Zi Yi’s contact before. I think you should be able to contact him, no? Maybe there’s someone who can get rid of the Gu Poison in his disciple’s body.”

“Who?” Miao Wentang quickly asked.

“An old friend of mine,” laughed Tang Xiu and said, “But I have to trouble you to contact Dao Master Zi Yi for this! If possible, tell him to bring his disciple to Shanghai.”

“Dao Master Zi Yi has a mobile phone, but he rarely uses it,” Miao Wentang nodded and said, “Moreover, he lives in the middle of the mountains and there’s no signal there. Hmm, I’ll send someone to contact him there and tell him to immediately bring his disciple to Shanghai.”

“Don’t forget to mention about that cauldron furnace!” said Tang Xiu.

“Don’t worry!” laughed Miao Wentang and said, “If your old friend really can heal his disciple, let alone that cauldron furnace, Dao Master Zi Yi would give you even more precious things if you wanted.”

Shortly after, Tang Xiu and Miao Wentang chatted for a while. After Miao Wentang bade his farewell and left, Ji Chimei appeared inside Tang Xiu’s mind. She was a member of the Mesmer Clan, and the very thing Mesmer clansmen excelled at was exactly this “witchcraft” heritage, as well as being experts in relieving Gu Poison. For Ji Chimei, this kind of witchcraft thingy on Earth was probably a cinch.

Today, the reason he had a private talk with Miao Wentang in order to get a furnace was because he already had the ores to refine the interspatial ring prepared. The reason he delayed was because he had no cauldron furnace.

“Boss, your next…” Chi Nan stood beside Tang Xiu and softly asked.

“I need nothing else,” said Tang Xiu and continued, “The restaurant seems to be well managed and the business looks great. Anyway, it’s not that late, so I should go back.”

“Do you need me to send you back?” Chi Nan quickly asked.

Tang Xiu hesitated before he nodded, “Then, drive me back! Although I have nothing else to do for the next few days, I still have to adjust and adapt myself to the life of a university student.”

A trace of a smile appeared on Chi Nan’s face as she said, “Boss, I don’t understand why do you want to go to university. In actuality, considering your identity, not to mention becoming a university student, you could have built your own university, and a high class one at that.”

Tang Xiu forced a smile, “I’m in fact, I’m not interested in attending university, but my mother has a wish: for me to study in the university, and I don’t want to disappoint her. However, attending university is not necessarily a bad thing either. Because, after all, more learning will bring more advantages to me.”

Chi Nan slightly smiled, “Boss, you really don’t look like a young man, but rather like a scholar.”

Tang Xiu involuntarily laughed as they continued chatting while walking. Soon, they came out of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Under Chi Nan’s guidance, the two then stopped in front of a black Lamborghini.

“Good car!” The car’s shape piqued Tang Xiu’s interest as he couldn’t help praising it.

“You can drive it at any time you like, Boss,” said Chi Nan with a tender smile, “If you don’t like it because it’s a used one, I’ll order you a new one.”

“Nah, forget it!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Though I quite like cars, there are already a few cars in my place. Besides, this is Shanghai, a metropolis city. Even if I do have great sports cars here, I will still have to abide by the traffic rules and speed limit regulation, no? Driving a sports car here feels like a waste.”

“Boss, you didn’t know?” Chi Nan covered her mouth as she chuckled and said, “Shanghai actually has a lot of second generation nouveau-riches who love drag racing! This place is indeed very strict in enforcing the speed limit, but there’s Changxi City, about an hour distance by driving through Laoshan Highway. It’s the heaven for drag racing enthusiasts. There are drag races happening there almost regularly. Moreover, today seems to be having a car race there. It should be very exciting.”

“Car racing in Laoshan Highway should be very dangerous, right?” Tang Xiu was surprised and asked, “The traffic authorities don’t care about it?”

“Logically speaking, car races aren’t allowed there,” laughed Chi Nan as she said, “But some people have access to the highest authorities, so the traffic authorities turns a blind eye to it. The people who can participate there are nearly all riches. Hence, even if there’s an accident, someone will take care of it.”

Tang Xiu hesitated and then asked, “Is this car race really exciting?”

“It is. I’ve been there to play a few times. I’ve even suppressed Mu Zi—the King of Racing. I bought this car from the winning money. As for the time, it usually starts at 10 PM.”

Looking at his watch, Tang Xiu found that it was only thirty minutes to 10 PM. He then shook his head and smiled, “Though I really want to see it, it seems it’s too late. Forget it.”

“Boss, I’ll call Mu Zi if you wanna join the game,” said Chi Nan quickly, “The race is often postponed due to special circumstances, anyway. Besides, Mu Zi also owes me a big one. So he surely will able to do it if I call him.”

“Exactly what’s this Mu Zi’s background?” asked Tang Xiu.

“He’s Changxi City’s local snake, and his family is very affluent there. Either in politics or business, there’s always some of his family elders there. Thus, Laoshan Highway’s car race has been running smoothly for six or seven years due to his arrangements and management.”

Tang Xiu was surprised for a moment, as he said hesitatingly, “If he can do it, then call him!”

“No problem!” Chi Nan nodded with a smile.

Having said that, she quickly took out her mobile and dialed a cell number.

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