Reincarnator (RSS)


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Supernatural, VirtualReality, Reincarnation, Korean

Author: ALLA

Status: 489 (Completed)

Translator: Ekdud!

Editor: coyotte508!


There is a Wiki with over 100 pages, which is helpful in remembering characters, especially those with Korean names.

If you’re just starting the series, please feel free to contribute as you read along! In addition, bonus chapters are released when significant progress is made on the wiki!

Original Synopsis: The change that had started in order to rid of a God’s boredom.
The diary of Kang Hansoo who had come back in order to save humanity which had been destroyed by this change.

Ekdud’s Revised Synopsis: A bored God suddenly decides to create a whole new world called the [Abyss] in order to solve his boredom. Humanity gets forcibly sent into this world along with other races and creatures where they needed to kill, adapt, improve and struggle in order to just barely survive. Now, the final 100 remaining humans had all been killed and all their hopes has been handed over to Kang Hansoo. Kang Hansoo has received the chance to go back in time into the past to along with the hopes and dreams of all humanity. This is the diary of Kang Hansoo and his path of saving humanity.


*** PS : Until it is fixed : Gwang goonju / Light Monarch / Mad Monarch are all the same people.