Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 86

086 - Such a Poor Little Thing

“Aww,” Zhou Yinru commented sarcastically. “So you can’t even remember how to greet someone properly? On second thought, it’s fine. Being greeted by you would feel rather disgusting anyways.”

Lu Mingshu came to the surface of the water with a murderous look.

Liang Zongping gulped and retreated behind the tree.

Looking at Lu Mingshu, Zhou Yinru snickered. “Feel like ending my life now, huh? Well, it’s indeed impressive that you can enter the Harmonization Realm, but so what? Does that mean you’re able to defeat me now? No!”

“You’re delusional,” Lu Mingshu retorted coldly.

Zhou Yinru replied, “Oh? Am I understanding you correctly? Do you not want to get revenge?”

Lu Mingshu raised an eyebrow, “Zhou Yinru, who do you think you are?”

“What do you mean?”

Lu Mingshu looked down at her sword, “Entering Harmonization Realm isn’t anything impressive. The training that I need to go through is hectic, and I need to spend more than 30 days in the Spirit Realm! Why would I waste my time on trash like you? It’s not worth it.”

“Lu Mingshu!”

Lu Mingshu snickered, “So you know how to address people! I thought you only knew how to scold!”

Zhou Yinru gritted her teeth. She had everything she wanted in the world… except a desirable body constitution.

The Zhou family sisters had great health, but Zhou Miaoru achieved enlightenment quickly while Zhou Yinru lagged behind, which was a scar on her heart.

She always had plenty of resources, but her talent was lacking. “Smooth” was not a word that could describe her training path. While others entered Inner Breath Realm at an early age, Zhou Yinru only entered it when she was thirteen. She nearly didn’t even make it into the Harmonization Realm! But she persevered and was now here, participating in the Heavenly Door competition to continue being a genuine successor disciple.

There are seventy-two closed apertures that people normally activate all while being in the inner breath realm, but sadly, Zhou Yinru only activated twenty-eight. She stayed in the Inner Breath Realm even longer than others, hoping to get some good results, but she failed.

If Zhou Yinru was that untalented, the possibility of her reaching the Spirit Realm would be negligible. In that case, getting married into the Jin family would be possible!

In the end, the reason she would always pick on Lu Mingshu was just that she was jealous.

It was unfair. Lu Mingshu was talented at birth, but not her. She worked so hard, only to enter the Inner Breath Realm at the late age of thirteen, but Lu Mingshu entered when she was eleven and proceeded to the Harmonization Realm when she was fifteen. Why can Lu Mingshu do it, but she can’t?

Putting aside her nephew and niece Mingtang and Mingxi, who the hell was Lu Mingshu?

“Spirit Realm? You think you can reach the Spirit Realm? Dream on!” Zhou Yinru shrieked.

“Who’s the one dreaming here?” Lu Mingshu rolled her eyes. She looked at Zhou Yinru with pity. “Sometimes I pity you. One-hundred-and-eight closed apertures, and you’ve only got twenty-eight. And you can’t even control your mystic force after entering the Harmonization Realm. Other than shouting and throwing tantrums, what else can you do? If not because of your sister, would you even have any power at all? I may not have been born with a background like yours, full of resources and love, but I’m the one who got all one-hundred-and-eight closed apertures, and I’m the one who will reach the Spirit Realm.”

“Shut up and dream on!” Zhou Yinru screamed. “You won’t have the chance! Attack!”

A mystic light was punched toward Lu Mingshu all of a sudden.

Lu Mingshu shivered as she fished out her sword to block the mystic light before dashing toward Zhou Yinru like lightning.

As soon as her sword was about to touch Zhou Yinru, two figures blocked her attack.

Lu Mingshu did a somersault and landed on a tree branch. She pointed her sword at them, “Ah, you’ve finally showed yourselves!”

“Kill her!” Zhou Yinru ordered out of anger.

“Miss,” Rui Xiang warned, “it would be troublesome if she died….”

Zhou Yinru glared at Rui Xiang, “There’s no trouble as long as no one sees us.”

Lu Mingshu snickered as she heard Zhou Yinru’s reply. “Is that so? In that case, I could kill you too!”

Zhou Yinru laughed out loud upon hearing Lu Mingshu’s response. “If you’re so confident you little bastard, fight me!” She fished out her sword and dashed toward Lu Mingshu.

That left Rui Xiang and the other attendant no choice but to follow.

Three streaks of mystic light came down together quickly. Lu Mingshu leapt up into the air to avoid the attack.


The mystic force landed on the branch.

Lu Mingshu seized the chance to attack in mid-air.

She used up all her energy to control the sword as she sliced down hard.

“Arrogant little bastard!”

Who does she think she is? An inexperienced kid who’s only entered the realm for a short period of time and she’s already trying to fight like Shao Zhengyang? Zhou Yinru shook her head. Taking down one of them was already tedious, and now she was trying to take down all three of them.

The thing was, Lu Mingshu didn’t even try to dodge. She chose to counterattack.

Surprisingly, her mystic force wasn’t like a normal person who just enter the realm. It was way more powerful.

“Be careful!” Rui Xiang shouted.

Zhou Yinru was taken aback by the attack. It wasn’t normal for someone who just entered the Harmonization Realm to have such fast mystic force! Shorty, a scream was heard as Zhou Yinru’s attendant fell while vomiting blood.

Lu Mingshu took a step back on the branch. Blood had soiled her sword, and it trickled down to the ground.

One versus three… Lu Mingshu was indeed at a disadvantage. However, she was smart enough to notice that the attendant in black was the key. She pretended to counterattack all three, while in actuality, she only attacked the attendant in black.

The attendant felt that something wasn’t right when Lu Mingshu made her move, but he was too confident that he would win, which he regretted immediately when their mystic lights met.

Lu Mingshu’s mystic light was so fast that it broke his defense and injured him.

“Trash!” Zou Yinru shouted as she fished something out and got ready to launch an attack at Lu Mingshu

A bow and golden arrows!

What to do?

Lu Mingshu squinted her eyes as she used her sword to block the first arrow.


The golden arrow clashed with the sword, creating sparks.

Zhou Yinru continued to fire non-stop, forcing Lu Mingshu to the edge. She had no choice but to hide behind a bush. The golden arrows hit the ground hard, shaking violently as they landed.

With a mystic jewel, there was no need to adjust the mystic force for shooting, and the output was great – fast, accurate, and strong. The only downside was that it required a lot of mystic jewels.

Lu Mingshu swayed her sword to block another golden arrow.

One, two, three.

She silently counted in her heart as she leapt up from the bush.

The golden arrow and the mystic lights scraped past her.


She dashed with her sword to destroy the mystic light.

That move angered Zhou Yinru. She tried to shoot but to no avail, as her mystic jewels were all used up .

She fished for her sword in a panic, but it was too late. Lu Mingshu’s sword had already cut down.

In a split second, the bow was destroyed, unable to handle the force from Lu Mingshu’s sword.

“Ah!” Zhou Yinru screamed as the sword pierced through her arm.

Meanwhile, the mystic light was too fast for Lu Mingshu to dodge, hitting her shoulder.

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