Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 - Every Action

A few breaths later, the Ancient Golden Bird uttered a cry into the sky and flapped its wings wildly to produce a strong gust. It then turned into a golden ray disappearing into the rift.

It was obvious that it did not have any intention of fighting any further.

Qin Nan did not chase after it.

He was only attacking to let the Ancient Golden Bird retreat on its own.

After all, the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain was his benefactor, so he would not kill the rare beasts on the mountain.


The three Martial Progenitors were stunned, the same as the Martial Monarch.

He had only asked Qin Nan to help since he had assumed Qin Nan would die trying and weaken the Ancient Golden Bird in the process. He never thought a mere Martial Progenitor would actually be able to drive the Ancient Golden Bird away.

"If I'm not mistaken, you must possess a fairly powerful eye-technique, allowing you to see the Ancient Golden Bird's weakness?"

The Martial Monarch collected his thoughts relatively quickly and discovered the truth.


"I chased the Ancient Golden Bird away and got rid of the danger. I'll be taking one of the two Sky-Severing Dragon Claws."

Qin Nan nodded. He reached out his hand to grab the claw without hesitating.

"HAHAHA, trying to take one of the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws? Are you really an idiot or just putting up an act? The Martial World obeys the law of jungle; as a Martial Monarch, it's obvious that these two Sky-Severing Dragon Claws are mine!

"A mere Martial Progenitor dares to take it from me? Off you go!"

Following a burst of laughter, the Martial Monarch's eyes sharpened as he apposed Qin Nan. A strong aura was unleashed from his body as he fired an ancient Monarch Art at Qin Nan, causing the trees nearby to shudder.

"Going back on your own word?"

Qin Nan's face turned cold as an overwhelming aura burst out from his body. The Qi in his vicinity began to boil, like a peerless beast with its bloody mouth open.

"You''re a Martial Monarch? Nimble Mind Talisman, burn!"

The Martial Monarch was greatly astonished. Without any hesitation, he pinched the talisman that he kept for a life-threatening situation, A few magical rays quickly appeared and encapsulated his figure, teleporting him into the rift.

The young man's aura was a lot stronger than his, it was equivalent to the third-layer Martial Monarch Realm.

If a fight broke out, even if he managed to survive, he would still be severely injured.

"He's got some quick reactions."

Qin Nan shook his head and withdrew his aura, before grabbing one of the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws.

"We did it together, so you all contributed too. I'll leave the other claw for you."

Qin Nan let out a calm smile before his figure vanished with a flicker, leaving the three Martial Progenitors stunned in place, who took quite some time to recover.



In the rift, an Ancient Golden Bird was looking at a water screen, which was displaying the scene of Qin Nan driving the Martial Monarch away and taking a Sky-Severing Dragon Claw.

"What do you think?"

An ancient, imperious voice said.

"Master, the kid purposely drove me away instead of trying to kill me. It shows that he was grateful for your help, thus not wanting to destroy your precious beasts.

"And he has only taken one of the two Sky-Severing Dragon Claws. It implies that he's a man of his word—he wouldn't go back on his word regardless of his cultivation.

"I admire the kid."

The Ancient Golden Bird added in the end.

"HAHAHA, it seems like the Magical Hair Sword God and the Magical Hair Sword God are right, this kid is indeed impressive, a righteous man.

"However, it's also possible that he somehow knew it was only set up to test him, thus he has purposely done so. We'll have to observe him more.

"No matter how smart a person is, there's no way he could hide everything. He would eventually show his true self."

The imperious voice said.



Qin Nan's figure flew across the sky like a beam of light.

"I've already flown three hundred li, yet I did not sense any Sky-Severing Dragon Claws around this place. It seems like the range for me to detect the Sky-Severing Dragon Claw is only around three hundred li."

Qin Nan mumbled.

Although it was only an insignificant detail, it might come in useful at important times.

"Qin Nan, are you inside the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain? Try to activate your Martial Heart so I can sense your location. Sigh, I still need to bring that damn kid Sima Kong with me, so it'll take me around the period it takes two incense sticks to burn to regroup with you..."

A somewhat helpless voice sounded in Qin Nan's mind, who was none other than the reputable Dragon God's spirit, Little Worm.

"You can bring Sima Kong here too?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled. Despite the great distance, he was still able to bring someone with him. It turned out that the capabilities that this Little Worm had were a lot stronger than what he had imagined.

Qin Nan quickly activated his Monarch Heart and proceeded on his journey.

The flight lasted a few thousand breaths' time.

During the flight, Qin Nan had located three cultivators through the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws. There were two Martial Monarchs and one Martial Progenitor, each with a Sky-Severing Dragon Claw.

However, since they did not try to attack him, he did not attack them either.

Even though robbing the cultivators would allow him to collect the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws quickly, Qin Nan would prefer not to do so for no reason.


Qin Nan's eyes glistened all of a sudden.

The Sky-Severing Dragon Claw in his Sumeru Ring suddenly showed a strong reaction. On top of this, he also saw four strong forces clashing with one another in the distance through his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

The impact was only possible when an eighth-grade Martial Monarch or above was involved in the battle.

"Based on the reaction of the Sky-Severing Dragon Claw, apart from the four outstanding forces, there are also a few dozen cultivators at the scene. I can definitely go and take a look..."

Qin Nan took a quick breath and concealed his presence as he slowly made his way forward.

With his cultivation, even facing an eighth-layer Martial Monarch, he was still able to escape safely.

However, since he was only in the first space, he preferred not to expose his cultivation yet.

Otherwise, the situation was only going to get tougher for him.

"What the..."

A few hundred breaths later, Qin Nan came to a stop.

Around a few dozen li away was a giant valley where three Martial Monarchs were emitting brilliant glows as they executed a series of overwhelming Monarch Arts, fighting against a five-zhang-tall ape wrapped in flickers of lightning.

The entire valley was trembling continuously due to the battle. The burning flames nearby were extinguished instantly by the gusts produced and a huge area of the space above had astonishingly collapsed.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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