Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 - Crushing the Three Young Masters

"Flame-Disintegrating Sword!"

"Sky-crushing Monarch Lightning Art!"

Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the others reacted accordingly and fired their attacks. A giant sword engulfed in flames and a lightning ray that was powerful enough to break the sky open penetrated the rain of blood and approached Qin Nan!

"Destruction Domain!"

The Destruction Will exploded from Qin Nan's figure in the form of black glows that spread in all directions. The rain of blood and the monarch arts could only leave large holes on the layers of will instead of inflicting any serious damage to Qin Nan!

"I have to admit that your Monarch Art is extraordinary indeed. Others might have no idea how to deal with it, but you've already taken the bait!

"Transformation of the blood rain, the illusionary killing Monarch Art!"

Tu Di uttered a hollow laugh and performed a hand seal!

At that instant, the drops of blood pouring down from the sky transformed into a human figure holding a blood sword. The tip of the sword fired a formidable sword intent that locked onto the giant hole on the Destruction Domain and stabbed right in Qin Nan's direction!

The entire area was filled with blood-colored figures. At a rough glance, there were at least a few thousand of them, each extremely powerful!

"Is that so? Unfortunately, I've already seen the secrets of your blood rain!"

Qin Nan raised his head and wore a grin!

"You've seen the secrets? How is that..."

Tu Di was slightly startled.

Before he could finish...

"Draw in!"

At the last moment, Qin Nan let out a roar and rapidly withdrew the Destruction Domain. Within the blink of an eye, the domain had contracted into a tiny glow the size of a cauldron and inside it contained a terrifying Destruction Will! 


Qin Nan's left arm unleashed a great might and threw a punch toward the glow!


Following a loud crash the black glow exploded, firing more than a thousand destruction sabers in all directions, shattering the blood-colored figures and the Monarch Arts into pieces!


Qin Nan's hair drifted wildly as he moved once again, charging at Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the others at a shocking pace. He quickly dashed across to each of them while slashing with the Heaven-Shattering Saber, firing streams of terrifying saber intents!


Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the rest were astounded. They immediately executed defensive Monarch Arts or the forbidden arts of their ancient tribes without hesitation!

The tide of the battle changed instantly!

Qin Nan managed to suppress the crew of nine on his own!

"Three steps left, eight steps forward, five steps right, go inside the inn, head to the second floor, break the third window from the right, jump out from the window, take ten steps in the air, break the palace with four floors on your right..."

While Qin Nan was executing the slashes, his left eye was inspecting the desert city and peeking through the forbidding auras and formations while he transmitted his voice to Sima Kong!

"Hehe, these guys were so unlucky to stumble into you!"

Sima Kong was watching the battle taking place as he was advancing in the desert city. He could not help but chuckle, whose eyes displayed a look of pity!

How impressive were the nine Martial Monarchs!

Unfortunately, they were fighting against Qin Nan, the maniac!

"Is he multitasking?"

Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi And, and the others were left in astonishment when they realized what their opponent was up to!

They were not surprised by Qin Nan's strength, nor the fact that he was able to do two things at once!

Every Martial Monarch could easily multitask and some could even do three, four, or five things simultaneously!

However, it was easy to lose focus when multitasking during a battle. Was the guy trying to get himself killed?


Sima Kong activated the Emperor of Thieves' Eyes again and followed Qin Nan's instructions. He was advancing at an incredible rate and was only half the distance away from reaching the altar!

"We can't let this continue, we must take advantage of this chance and crush Qin Nan!"

Tu Di collected his thoughts and transmitted his voice furiously.

"Got it!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang were Young Masters of their respective tribes, thus they immediately understood the situation with a glance!

"Blood Succession Art!"

The other six Martial Monarchs performed an ancient seal simultaneously, producing three streams of power of the Blood Tribe, Fire Tribe, and Lightning Tribe, which surged into the bodies of Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang like three ancient dragons!


Their auras rose violently, as powerful gusts of wind swept the surroundings. Tu Di, in particular, was glowing with the color of blood as if a blood-colored deity of slaughter had descended upon the mundane world!

"The same move again?"

Qin Nan raised his brows.

"Ancestor of the Flame Path, Wrath of the Nine Suns!"

"Ancestor of the Lightning Path, Chaotic Lightning Sword!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang were the first to attack. The tall, imperious, magnificent fiery figure appeared once again, extended his arm and grabbed a gray-white, ten-zhang-long ancient lightning sword from the rift and slashed in Qin Nan's direction!

The world of lightning and fire was summoned once again!

Near the edge of this world, a sword intent of fire and lightning was fired, as if a god in the Heavens had executed an attack that was capable of destroying this world into pieces!

"Ancestor of the Blood Path, Death Upon the World!"

Tu Di made his move at that instant!

Near the edge of the world of lightning and fire, a tremendous blood-colored glow burst out and formed an enormous mountain made up of a pile of hundreds of blood-colored skeletons. At the top of the mountain sat a terrifying figure on a throne, whose eyes were looking down at Qin Nan as if they had traveled a great distance!

The blood-colored figure did not move. It was only looking at Qin Nan silently, yet the aura emanating from its figure resulted in a great sense of danger, which was stronger than the sword intent of fire and lightning and the illusionary figure of the Flame Path's Ancestor!

Obviously, the Blood Path's Ancestor whom Tu Di had summoned had significantly surpassed the Flame Path's Ancestor and the Chaotic Lightning Sword, to such an extent that even the Blood Path's Ancestor was only one step away from having its own consciousness!


Qin Nan suddenly burst out laughing, which shook the sky!

The imperious figure sitting on the mountain of skeletons shuddered as if it were confused about why the mere ant before it was laughing.

"A mere Blood Path's Ancestor dares to look down on me from the throne?"

Qin Nan's eyes turned cold as the monarch intent of the Divine God of Battle that had been quiet for a very long time burst out from his body!

This time, he was no longer holding back, but entirely unleashing it!

"Divine God of Battle, possess!"

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Editor: DOCuinn

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