Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302 - Enemies on a Narrow Path

As soon as Qin Nan left Ancient City Taia, he immediately utilized his full cultivation. 

Streams of Destruction Will burst outward and turned into a pair of wings behind Qin Nan and Sima Kong's figures. The wings produced a strong gust and propelled the two forward at a shocking pace.


Sima Kong was shocked by the speed.

Wasn't Qin Nan only a first-layer Martial Monarch?

Why was his speed comparable to a sixth-layer Martial Monarch’s?

Wasn't this self-achieved Martial Monarch Realm a bit too terrifying?

"Hehe, Qin Nan, we've known each other since the Eastern Continent. Give a little pat on your chest and ask yourself, how have I treated you all this time?"

Sima Kong collected his thoughts and started lifting his brows and winking to give Qin Nan a hint. 

"Just say what you want."

Qin Nan did not even bother looking at him.

"Say, how did you actually achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on your own? Don't worry, you tell me and I'll swear with my life that I won't tell anyone about it."

Sima Kong said shamelessly.

It would be incredible if he managed to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm by himself too, as he would be able to rob the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, the Martial Principle Sect, and other factions with ease!

"Achieving the Martial Monarch Realm by yourself will require primary monarch force. Since the Monarch Horoscope Contests of the Monarch Ranking and the God Ranking have already ended, it's no longer an option for the time being. As for other ways of achieving it, I have no clue at all...

"Besides, you're too fat, so there’s no chance." 

Qin Nan paused halfway and added without mercy.

"F**k me! What did you say! Did you just call me fat! You can say that I'm ugly, but you can't despise my body! How perfect is my physique—you should describe it as buff, strong, muscular, imperious, magnificent..."

Sima Kong immediately protested against it.

He continued to protest the rest of the journey.

Qin Nan was usually a reserved person with no sense of humor, yet for some reason, he was more chatty when Sima Kong was around.

Maybe it was because he would subconsciously feel at ease when being around Sima Kong.

Time gradually passed. Two hours later, Qin Nan and Sima Kong came to a stop.

A giant mountain had appeared in front of them.

The mountain was over three thousand zhang tall, rising all the way into the clouds. A red glow encapsulated the mountain and from afar, it looked like a godly, crimson sword sticking into the ground.

"The Blood Lotus Wonderland is located on the mountain's waist."

Qin Nan activated his left eye and quickly detected a huge cave around the waist of the mountain. The entrance was covered in a crimson glow, with a few lotuses floating above it.

"That being said, the Blood Lotus Wonderland is rather strange. Not only was I unable to peek through the crimson barrier, it feels extremely sturdy too. I'm afraid that even an eighth-layer Martial Monarch would have trouble breaking it and it doesn't have any weak points, the entrance is tightly sealed..."

Qin Nan's right arm slowly transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

The barrier might be powerful, but it was no match against his saber.

"Don't do it," Sima Kong was startled, "This Abstruse God Space is quite special. I believe the Blood Lotus Wonderland must be some independent space produced by the cultivation will. If someone tries to attack it, the whole space would collapse on its own."

"Collapse? So how are we supposed to go inside?"

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

"A space like this will only be accessible at certain times. For example, the beginning of every month. Usually, you won't be able to go inside earlier, but luckily for you, your man Sima Kong is here."

Sima Kong laughed proudly and stretched. He sat down with his legs crossed in the air and took out three blades of dried red grass before murmuring chants in his mouth.

"The Almighty Art of Stealing, Upending the Heavens and Earth." 

Sima Kong uttered a roar as the three leaves of grass were ignited and turned into three magical flames, which sprang forward and disappeared into the crimson barrier at the mountain's waist.

"We just need to wait the period it takes an incense to burn."

Sima Kong exhaled deeply and rose to his feet with his hands behind himself as if he were trying to say, ‘I'm an exceptionally capable person’.

Soon, the period it took half an incense to burn passed.

The crimson barrier on the mountain's waist began to ripple, as a few crimson lotuses glowed slightly and lit up the surroundings.

An ancient aura slowly appeared from the mountain's waist.

"Damn, according to my experience of roaming across Canglan Continent for many years, this ancient aura is something remarkable. It's highly possible that something dangerous is going to come out from the cave once the barrier is withdrawn..."

Sima Kong muttered.


Qin Nan wore a startled look and glanced in another direction.

He could see nine figures with formidable auras in the distance flying toward the mountain at a terrifying pace.

"Holy crap! Two third-layer Martial Monarchs, a fourth-layer Martial Monarch, and six fifth-layer Martial Monarchs?"

Sima Kong shuddered.

"Mm? Fei Hong? Shi Ang?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

He had met five of the people among the nine.

As for the other four, their titles were Tu Di, Tu Sheng, Tu Huang, and Fei Li.

"Duan Qing?"

Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the others were stunned when they saw Qin Nan.

They never thought they would stumble into him here.

"You know him? If so, we'll spare your lives if you leave right away."

Tu Di whose figure was emanating an aura of the fourth-layer Martial Monarch Realm spoke coldly. His figure was also emanating a shocking murderous intent, which dyed the surrounding rift red.

The fact that his murderous intent was so outstanding was enough to imply how strong his murderous intent was.

"HAHAHA, we can't let them go! Oh Duan Qing, how fated are we, but this time..."

Fei Hong and Shi Ang both burst out laughing, whose eyes flickered with icy murderous intent too.

Lately, apart from the prick called Qin Nan in the Anti-Heaven Alliance, this Duan Qing was the person they hated the most.

Since they had stumbled upon him, how could they let him go so easily?

However, before they could finish, an unexpected change took place.

The barrier of the cave at the mountain's waist began to crack open. Following a soft explosion, it turned into countless illusionary crimson lotuses and floated in all directions.


Following this, several shocking roars could be heard as gigantic beasts rushed out from the cave with overwhelming murderous intent. They immediately charged in the direction of Qin Nan and his friend, Tu Di, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the rest of their crew!

These gigantic beasts each possessed a cultivation of the sixth-layer Martial Monarch Realm!

On top of that, there were twenty-seven of them in total!

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Editor: DOCuinn

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