Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 - Challenging the Entire Crowd

The series of events was too fast, such that even the Dragon Emperor, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, and the Diabolic Monarch Beast could not react in time.

The Martial Monarchs, elders, and geniuses never thought Wang Zhanxue would be so cruel that he would turn Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi into half-cripples after defeating them.


An extremely cold snap exploded from above!

The entire dojo suddenly became dim as a giant dragon claw which shrouded the sky slapped in Wang Zhanxue’s direction while emitting a blinding purple glow!

If the attack were to land, Wang Zhanxue would surely be killed instantly!

“Stop it!”

Following a roar, a giant skinny hand reached out from the distance toward the dragon claw!


It felt like the entire sky was going to break into pieces!

Following this, a strong gust swept toward into surroundings, which caused the elders and disciples to feel a slight pain from the impact!

The clash between the attacks of two Martial Monarchs was enough to shock the Heavens and Earth!

Not to mention that they were two peak Martial Monarchs!

“Black-Eyed? Are you trying to stop me?”

The Dragon Emperor, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, and the Diabolic Monarch Beast rushed forward with terrifying auras as they approached the Black-Eyed Martial Monarch as if they would launch their attacks straight away if he ended up confirming his intention!

“Please calm down. Even though Wang Zhanxue has turned the two into half-cripples, we never mentioned that it wasn’t not allowed. Wang Zhanxue might be cruel, but he didn’t break the rules. If you three insist on attacking, I’m afraid you are being unreasonable and would bring shame upon yourselves!”

The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch said calmly.

The Dragon Emperor, Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Monarch Beast were even more infuriated after hearing these words!

Being unreasonable?

Bringing shame upon themselves?

The core disciples of their Dragon Emperor Clan had been half-crippled by their opponent in what was supposed to be a friendly duel, and he was accusing them of not being reasonable?

Wang Zhanxue must die today!

However, at that instant, the badge inside the Dragon Emperor’s Sumeru Ring began to glow, as an ancient, imperious voice echoed inside their minds, “Dragon Emperor, Nine-Tailed, Diabolic, enough! The Black-Eyed is right, we would be considered being unreasonable. For the sake of the bigger picture, control yourselves!”

“God Beast, we...”

The Dragon Emperor, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, and the Diabolic Monarch Beast shuddered.

“They were only half-crippled. There’s still a way to help them recover. That’s all!”

The God Beast blurted out. Following this, the badge fell silent.

The Dragon Emperor, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, and the Diabolic Monarch Beast’s expressions began to switch rapidly. In the end, they could only clench their teeth and withhold the bursting murderous intent inside their chests.

Despite being furious, they had no choice but to obey the words from the God Beast.

“That’s right, let’s all calm down. Let’s be reasonable.”

The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch let out a relieved sigh. Even though he had been promised great benefits, he had no intention to fight against the three Beast Monarchs.

The Dragon Emperor and his crew ignored the Black-Eyed Martial Monarch straight away. They cast a cold glare at Wang Zhanxue for a few moments, before they turned around and set their eyes on Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi’s figures.

“Nine-Tailed, Diabolic, go and help them recover.”

The Dragon Emperor said in a low tone.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Diabolic Monarch Beast nodded. They grabbed Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi’s figures and disappeared into the rift.

The dojo finally returned to normal at that instant.

That being said, most of the people had yet to recover from the shock.

“As expected of the Dragon Emperor Clan which is considered as the powerhouse among the Two-Starred Factions of the Middle Continent. I’ve always heard about how fair and just the Dragon Emperor Clan was. I’m very impressed!”

The old man in the purple-golden robe and the others seemed quite impressed, who brought their fists together as they spoke.

However, everyone clearly knew that they were being sarcastic.

They were actually making fun of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

“Shameless! Utterly shameless!”

“Asshole! It was only a duel, but he dares to be so cruel to them!”

“Wang Zhanxue, your life is mine! How dare you treat our Senior Brother and Senior Sister like that!”

“Damn it, damn it! It’s obvious that he did it on purpose! We can’t just forgive him like this!”

A series of furious voices exploded on the dojo.

They were none other than the Peak Leaders, elders, and disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan!

Even Ao Cangtian who had just achieved the Martial Monarch Realm was so infuriated that his body began to tremble!

Even though the Dragon Emperor Clan would occasionally have competitions against each other on the inside, they had always been united against outsiders. How could they not be angry witnessing Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi being crippled?

If it weren’t for the Dragon Emperor’s order, they would most likely run out of control and charge forward!

In comparison, the others on the dojo including the Martial Monarchs from the other factions were angry too, but not on the same level as the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan!

As for the people of the half-God region, they were wearing cold grins seeing the murderous intent from the crowd.

Not satisfied?

Then come and try to win the duels!


Crazy laughter echoed among the clouds all of sudden!

The owner of the voice turned out to be Wang Zhanxue!

The people on the dojo were thoroughly stunned. He still dared to laugh when the entire Dragon Emperor Clan was infuriated, which the Black-Eyed Martial Monarch had just managed to pacify?

“As expected of the Dragon Emperor Clan! The role model to the factions of the Middle Continent! Fully respecting the rules!”

Wang Zhanxue burst out laughing and licked his lips glancing at the crowd, “However, please pardon me. I do enjoy crippling useless scum when I’m too bored! I know you people of the Dragon Emperor Clan want to kill me. If so, why don’t you all come and fight me right now!

“I’ll let you all have the chance today! In simple words, I don’t care if you’re sending ten at a time, or twenty, or whatever! I’m ready to face anyone below the Martial Monarch Realm!”

He was challenging the entire Dragon Emperor Clan on his own!

...Meanwhile, deep inside the Dragon Emperor Clan, the Dragon Bone Cliff...

Several terrifying saber intents collided into the space like godly dragons rising into the sky from the ocean, which shattered the formations and protective barriers in the surroundings!


Qin Nan frowned slightly.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Screw it, I should leave now!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he slashed forward again with the Sky-Desolating saber intent and destroyed the remaining formations!

A ray of light burst out from the gap where the formations were broken.

With a kick, Qin Nan’s figure flew out through the gap like a beam of light.

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