Martial Void King

Chapter 180

Chapter 180

Star Formation

Chu Shen did not start training right away. Instead, he did what he promised Aslo. He helped Aslo and Chrissa reach the Nature Stage. Once Chu Shen helped them form their domain, they started to work on controlling their domain with Chu Shen.

They all focused on expanding their domains and not affecting each other when they expanded their domains. For the next two weeks they worked hard until Chu Shen was finally able to not absorb the Qi from his friends. For next week, Chu Shen increased his control over his domain.

Finally, both Chu Shen and Master Ti Wu was satisfied with the level he had reached. “Alright, stop training you brat. You’ve done enough. Now it is time for you to reach the Universe Realm.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “I don’t see how I’m ready. I mean, what does reaching the Universe Realm mean anyways.”

Master Ti Wu grinned. “Well, I guess we should review the other levels of power first. The martial realm was all about collecting more energy inside your dantian and opening up your meridians. The natural realm was about unlocking your element and creating a domain.”

“These are all logical steps, but the Universe realm is not logical. The next step is called soul-searching. The soul is a mysterious thing that can only be grown with unique skills, learning, or fighting. It is directly related to how strong one can become because it allows us to control our Qi.”

“When one reaches the universe realm though, one evolves their soul into the cosmic level. Upon doing so, one can use their spiritual sense to scan hundreds of miles at a time. One can also observe Qi on the lowest levels, seeing each individual part of Qi.”

“The final part is that one can then assimilate Qi into their soul. When that happens, you can attack another person’s soul. You can interfere with their control of Qi, disabling their abilities if they are weaker than you. At the same time, your ability to control Qi will increase exponentially.”

Chu Shen sighed. “Great, so we have to do something weird?”

Master Ti Wu shook his head. “Nope. Remember the Voids Hand? It allowed you to go into your soul a long time ago. Now it is time to go back.”

“Alright master. Just let me get to my bed so I don’t have anyone freaking out this time.” Chu Shen ate some lunch before heading to his bedroom. Informing everyone that he was going to be busy for a while and not to disturb him, Chu Shen prepared for his training.

He sat down on his bed in the lotus position. “Master, I’m ready.” After he spoke, his body became limp as his soul left his body.


Chu Shen appeared floating. In front of him was a large sphere of gray energy and all around him was blackness. “W-what? What’s going on!”

Maser Ti Wu appeared beside him. “This is your soul, I told you that.”

“It’s so different then the last time I was here. It was just a cave with some materials. Why did it turn into this!”

Master Ti Wu sighed. “Because your soul changes. When you create your domain, your soul takes on it’s appearance. Right now that is the current size of your domain inside your soul.”

“Our goal right now is to create a synthetic star. To become a Cosmic Level cultivator, you must create a galaxy from your energy. To officially do so, create a star in your soul.”

“Condense your domain to become solid. Right now it is in a gaseous form and very large. Make it smaller.”

Chu Shen nodded and stretched his hand out. The gaseous sphere started to condense. The gray energy slowly started turned darker and darker as it became smaller and smaller.

Chu Shen continued until finally he couldn’t force the sphere to condense anymore. Now it was pure black and starting to become hot under the immense pressure. Suddenly the entire thing started to catch on fire.

Master Ti Wu grinned. “This part is called soul blaze. Your soul has finally started to evolve. Try not to pass out.”

As Chu Shen turned towards him in confusion, the star exploded. A wave of immense heat burst outwards. A fierce, scorching pain filled his mind as though his brain was on fire.

Chu Shen collapsed to his knees and clutched his head. Throwing his head back he screamed. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!


What Chu Shen didn’t see was his soul. When the black sphere exploded, small black dust flew everywhere. A huge black fog filled his entire soul in a thin cloud. The cloud was covered in a black fire, giving off a sinister glow.

Because of the fire one could barely make out the dust when compared to the blackness of his soul. The fires slowly diminished as did the pain Chu Shen was feeling. Soon, the fires were completely gone.

Chu Shen stood up, his hands on his knees panting. He finally recovered his breath after a few minutes. Standing up, he whirled around to face Master Ti Wu. “What the heck! What was that?!”

Master Ti Wu shrugged. “Well, it’s called tempering. Just like what you would have gone through when tempering your body. Using pain, you can temper our soul and reach the celestial realm.”

Chu Shen sighed and rubbed his temple. “I really do hate you. Not even a warning.”

Master Ti Wu knocked him upside the head. “Is that anyway to treat your master?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “I’m grateful but a warning would be nice.”

Master Ti Wu sighed. “No respect these days. Anyways, you haven’t even become a Cosmic Level cultivator yet. You would be considered a half-step at most.”

“In order to become a Cosmic Level cultivator, you must form a black hole. That will be the center of your galaxy. In order to do so, you must continuously create stars and explode them as you just did. You may not have noticed since it’s now scattered, but the energy from your domain has expanded to two times its size.”

“What you need to do now is create another star and then explode it to create more energy. The more times you do so, the stronger your soul becomes. Eventually you will be able to condense your star one step further, creating a black hole. There needs to be some energy left over to create more stars though so don’t try and rust things.”

Chu Shen sighed. “So I just have to experience a lot of pain huh.”

Master Ti Wu nodded. “Precisely.”

“This is going to be awful.”

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