Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 963

Chapter 963: Conflict between Saber and Sword

The Saber Sovereign and the Sword Sovereign did not get along. Even after fighting for more than a thousand years, they could not do anything to each other. If Qin Shaoqing truly managed to wreck today’s tea party and the Saber Sovereign heard of it, Bai Lang would definitely receive heavy punishment.

Just Gu Jianheng alone was enough to quash the Inferno Saber Sovereign’s disciple, Lin Yan. Although many bladesmen were present, how could there be someone who would dare to challenge Qin Shaoqing?

“What’s wrong? You don’t even have the courage to try?” Qin Shaoqing mocked, “Bai Lang, are all the people you invited trash? You can’t even gather people with courage. I think there is really no need for you to continue this tea party.”

Bai Lang raged in his heart. He simply could not tolerate this frustration. Just when he raised his leg, intending to leap over and accept Qin Shaoqing’s challenge, someone else moved even faster.

Right after Qin Shaoqing spoke, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed into the air.

Brother Xiao, this is my Profound Domain’s internal conflict between saber and sword. It is better that I deal with this!

Upon seeing Xiao Chen come forward, Bai Lang could not help feeling grateful. However, he still advised Xiao Chen through a voice projection not to make a move.

Xiao Chen calmly countered, Brother Bai, how confident are you of winning?

Forty percent.

Can the saber school tea party afford such embarrassment?

We can’t.

Since I already stood up, I am fully confident. Brother Bai, just watch the good show.

The two quickly spoke to each other using voice projection. Bai Lang remained silent after that. Xiao Chen’s questions already clearly identified the crux of the problem.

Qin Shaoqing sized up Xiao Chen, who had come out. He smiled and said, “Bai Lang, is this all you are capable of, letting an outsider step up? It turns out that the Saber Sovereign’s disciples are all so cowardly.”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “The Young City Lord is not necessary to deal with you.”

“What shameless boasting! Do you get a turn to speak with our Young Master here?”

Gu Jianheng snorted coldly and held up his sword. Then, he turned into a flash of sword light, charging at Xiao Chen.

Nine balls of light appeared behind Gu Jianheng and released bright rays. They looked like nine blazing suns, dazzling and eye-piercing. No one dared to look directly at them.

The might of Gu Jianheng’s Small Perfection sword soul spread out. His aura surged vigorously.

On the tall platform, some wooden tables behind Xiao Chen immediately shattered into powder. A few bladesmen stood up and retreated. They circulated their energies to block, their complexions turning somewhat unsightly.

Sword intent was essentially the same as the sword soul. The difference between the two was like water and ice. The latter was much mightier than the former.

A swordsman who comprehended a sword soul held a suppressive advantage over a bladesman who had not comprehended a saber soul.

Unless the bladesman held an overwhelming advantage in cultivation, his chances of victory were slim.

Gu Jianheng used the might of the sword soul, preparing to scare Xiao Chen and force him back.

Xiao Chen’s feet did not move at all. No matter how much might the other party brought out from the sword soul, his body remained like an ancient tree, as motionless as the mountains. If one looked carefully, one would notice that his hair and clothes did not even flutter.

The reason was none other than the Small Perfection saber soul Xiao Chen hid in the Lightning Talisman having already spread throughout his body. With the saber soul having the assistance of the immortal will of thunder, how could the other party move him?

Xiao Chen’s Small Perfection saber soul already gained the immortal attribute. It was now an immortal saber soul.

Absent the comprehension of a will with an attribute that could rival the immortal attribute, Xiao Chen’s opponent could not overwhelm him.

“How can this be?!”

Gu Jianheng’s complexion paled slightly. He stared at the scene before him with some disbelief. He already unleashed the might of his Small Perfection sword soul without holding anything back. However, not to mention Xiao Chen being sent flying back in a sorry state, Xiao Chen’s hair and clothes did not even stir.

Qin Shaoqin’s expression changed slightly. He took a glance and immediately understood what was happening. He called out, “Junior Brother Jianheng, you have not comprehended a will. Quickly move back!”

However, it was already too late. With a loud ‘bang,’ Xiao Chen unleashed the immortal saber soul in him.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The clashing of sword and saber resounded endlessly in the air. Intense gusts blasted out. Saber wind and sword wind collided, and the resulting tornadoes surged out.

Aside from the eighteen stone pillars with the Saber Sovereign carvings, every sculpture and building that the boundless tornadoes passed by in the plaza shattered.

The tornadoes seethed with terrifying saber Qi and sword Qi. Occasionally, lightning and fire flickered in there as well. They were extremely horrifying.

In the instant Xiao Chen unleashed the immortal saber soul, it immediately blasted back Gu Jianheng and Liu Kun, sending them flying into the distance.

Currently, the one clashing with Xiao Chen was Qin Shaoqing. All sorts of mysterious phenomena manifested around the two’s intense fight.

Although this was described as an intense fight, the two people on the tall platform did not even move a step. They only stared coldly at each other, relentlessly unleashing their saber soul and sword soul.

Eventually, towards the end, lightning and thunder surrounded Xiao Chen. Purple saber Qi flew everywhere.

A hot flame appeared around Qin Shaoqing’s body. Snow-white sword Qi flew around wildly, emitting an earthshaking will of destruction.

The two’s auras were raised to their peaks, the saber light and the sword light on their bodies already as resplendent as the sun, soaring to the clouds and spreading for five kilometers around.

The crowd in the Heavenly Cauldron Plaza had moved to the sides long ago, watching the battle from afar.

Only Bai Lang, Feng Xingsheng, Lin Yan, Dugu Jue, and a few others dared to watch from close range.

Be it a swordsman or a bladesman, the path that they walked was much harder than that of ordinary cultivators.

A strong saber intent or sword intent already gave bladesmen and swordsmen the capability to challenge those above their level. If they also comprehended a will, especially a will containing another attribute, such people could only be described as demonic geniuses.

However, at this moment, two such demonic geniuses fought each other on the tall platform.

Bai Lang’s expression turned grave. He muttered to himself, “This Qin Shaoqing really hid himself well. His will of fire actually contains the destruction attribute.

“No wonder he dares to come barging in despite there being only the three of them. With such power, within the same generation, he does not need to fear being surrounded.”

However, the even more surprising one was Xiao Chen. This was a person whom he initially despised and had not intended to invite to the tea party.

Not only did Xiao Chen speak of his Dao during the tea party and provoke all eighteen ancient Saber Sovereigns to manifest, but he even got them to speak of their Dao at the same time. Such a miraculous sight actually appeared during the tea party.

Now, Xiao Chen blocked the Sword Sovereign’s First Disciple, who deliberately came to cause trouble. The shock that all this brought Bai Lang surpassed the imagination.

The two attacked at the same time. Qin Shaoqing drew his sword, which looked like frost, giving off a sharp cold light. Then, he thrust it towards Xiao Chen’s throat.

A surging flame howled behind Qin Shaoqing. He had stored up his energy for a while before unleashing this attack. A volcano dormant for hundreds of years erupted. Heaven and earth shook. Cracks appeared in the ground.

Xiao Chen took one step, and a bright moon rose behind him. With one movement, spring thunder roared. Peach blossoms bloomed for five kilometers around. With his fingertip, he blocked the tip of his opponent’s sword.

A horrifying explosion resounded suddenly, forcing both of them back ten steps.

An intense flaming sword Qi containing the will of destruction surged into Xiao Chen’s body.

The moment this sword Qi entered Xiao Chen’s body, it tore at his meridians, blood, flesh, bones, and skin, displaying a startling destructive power.

This sword Qi was intense and ferocious. Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He used fifty percent of his Law Energy, turning it into purple lightning before he neutralized this sword Qi.

If Xiao Chen had acted later or indecisively, using only thirty percent of his Law Energy, his right hand might have ended up crippled.

Immortal energy flowed down the sword and into Qin Shaoqing’s body. Like needles, it pierced his meridians and bones, inflicting intense heart-wrenching pain on his right hand, which was holding the sword.

That energy was exuberant, filled with a strong lifeforce. Qin Shaoqing tried to eliminate this energy, but a strand of electricity always sparked up, growing again like a seed.

The tall platform below them had long since turned into rubble. Only the eighteen stone pillars remained standing.

The two now viewed each other with a trace of caution.

“This place insufficient for us. If you want to fight, come with me outside the city.”

Xiao Chen spoke indifferently. Then, electric light flashed under his feet. His figure headed towards the outskirts of Heavenly Cauldron City.

At the Martial Sage level, the scope of battle already exceeded belief.

Earlier, in the session of making friends through the saber, the various bladesmen all purposely suppressed their cultivation. Furthermore, they had not intended to make too heavy a move. They had only been exchanging pointers and stopped their attacks on contact, not bringing out much destructive power.

However, now, when Xiao Chen fought with Qin Shaoqing, they clearly had to have a winner. If they did not bring out their full strength, they would fail.

A strange light flashed in Qin Shaoqing’s eyes. Before coming, he had obtained news of Wen Ziran’s absence, so he felt fully confident of success in turning the saber school tea party into a joke.

At the same time, Qin Shaoqing would be able to boost the reputation of the sword school tea party. He had not expected a white-robed bladesman to appear out of nowhere and spoil his plans halfway through.

“I want to see who exactly you are to dare to block me from making my move.”

Within the Profound Domain, Qin Shaoqing could be said to not fear anything. As a result of being a disciple of the Sword Sovereign, he had seen much of the world and felt disdain for most of the cultivators of his generation.

A beam of fiery light flashed by like a meteor, streaking across the sky. A long, flaming tail lingered for a long time. Qin Shaoqing did not hesitate to chase Xiao Chen and leave Heavenly Cauldron City.

Xiao Bai and her companions, who were waiting for Qin Shaoqing far outside the city, suddenly discovered two strong beams of light flying rapidly towards them.

“Something is wrong. Qin Shaoqing probably met with Wen Ziran. We should stand aside and not interfere.”

Yuan Xu’s expression changed slightly as he quickly transformed into his true form, a jade-white Nine-Tailed Spirit Fox with an overwhelming aura. Then, he brought Xiao Bai and Kong Yuan five kilometers away.

Xiao Chen and Qin Shaoqing had exchanged only one move. However, the aftermath made a deep impression on the many bladesmen present.

Seeing the two leave the city, hundreds of bladesmen immediately gave chase. They did not want to miss the two’s battle.

By the time these bladesmen caught up, Xiao Chen and Qin Shaoqing already exchanged a hundred moves fifty kilometers outside the city.

A bright moon hung high in the sky at all times. Night reigned in a radius of twenty-five kilometers.

However, this night scene was not dark. Both Xiao Chen’s will of thunder and the accompanying lightning that flared out occasionally lit the sky.

There was also Qin Shaoqing. Resplendent flames never stopped flickering around him. This night was not dark at all. Instead, it was strangely bright, forming a peculiar scene.

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