Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: Method to Repair Meridians

Mo Chen’s words shocked Xiao Chen to his senses. Lan Shaobai and the many outer sect elders standing on the walls all released their bated breaths in relief.

“I startled everyone.” Xiao Chen reproached himself. His mental state was not perfect yet.

It was not that one could not get angry or have any murderous intent. However, this had to be controlled. Otherwise, as one grew stronger and stood in a higher position, it would be easier to fall to a demonic path.

When the many outer sect elders saw Xiao Chen’s sincere apology, they all said that they did not mind it and that they understood.

At the same time, these outer sect elders were all somewhat surprised. The famous Azure Dragon King did not put on airs.

However, after they thought about it, the Xiao Chen in that ray of light had exuded an atmosphere no weaker than that of those major characters who had been famous for a long time already.

This was a very contradictory person who gave these outer sect elders the feeling he was unfathomable.

Xiao Chen thought of something. He asked, “Mo Chen, are there any Medicinal Pills for repairing meridians among the King Grade Medicinal Pills in the Dragon’s Gate Treasure Trove?”

“There are three, all of them of peak quality for their type. After making the repairs, they can even raise the toughness of the meridians by another level.”

Mo Chen had collected all the treasures in the secret room, so she was more familiar with what they had.

Xiao Chen’s anxious heart settled down somewhat. When he looked at the sky, he noticed that the Amitabha Buddha, which he had knocked back temporarily, had vanished from the many layers of Buddhist halo light.

However, he knew that the Amitabha Buddha possessed a vast power of faith and that the injuries it incurred would recover in no time.

Xiao Chen shifted his gaze back to Mo Chen. Just as he was about to say something, Mo Chen smiled faintly and said, “I know what you want to do. You want to make use of this opportunity to completely uproot the faction on Black Flame Island and put an end to this danger.”

After experiencing life-threatening situations together in the Cloud Sea Domain and cooperating with each other in the Dragon’s Gate Treasure Trove, the two had gotten to know each other much better.

Mo Chen saying what he wanted to say saved Xiao Chen some effort. He looked at her and said, “Be careful.”

Still smiling faintly, she left calmly. Her target was Zhuang Zhenghe’s headquarters, Black Flame Island.

Just as Xiao Chen made his breakthrough to Great Perfection quasi-Emperor, Mo Chen had found in the secret canon of the Minor Leiyin Temple the weakness of collecting the power of faith through such false teachings.

The weakness was at the source of the power of faith at the Enlightened Sense Temple, which Xiao Chen once visited. All she had to do was destroy it, then use the method in the secret canon to return the power of faith; then, this incredibly puissant Amitabha Buddha image before them would lose its power source.

Given Mo Chen’s strength, as long as she was careful and did not enter the temple hall, she should be able to deal with the enemies on Black Flame Island, since Zhuang Zhenghe and the Amitabha Buddha image were both absent.

Not long after she left, the Metal Blood Warship led numerous warships to the city wall. Zhuang Zhenghe and his group appeared fearless, directly jumping off the warship and arriving before Xiao Chen and the others.

“Benefactor Xiao, we meet again.” Zhuang Zhenghe looked at Xiao Chen with a smile. He did not show any murderous intent at all.

If not for Xiao Chen understanding his opponent well, he would have been fooled by this smiling countenance.

The set expressions of all the outer sect elders on the city wall were like they were facing a great enemy. They gathered behind Xiao Chen without delay and looked anxiously at the eight quasi-Emperors advancing with Zhuang Zhenghe.

“You should be clearer than anyone else how strong the Amitabha Buddha image is. If you are wise, you will run away quickly. Go back to your Kunlun Continent. Otherwise, this ruined city before you will become your grave.”

A smile remained on Zhuang Zhenghe’s face. However, even a fool would be able to make out the murderous intent in his words.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with Zhuang Zhenghe. He looked at the many quasi-Emperors and asked indifferently, “Who is Fu Lianyun?”

The indifferent question made the hearts of the eight factions’ leaders sink. When Xiao Chen’s gaze swept over them, they felt his killing intent, which chilled them.

Based on the changing expressions of the few, Xiao Chen instantly deduced which was Fu Lianyun.

“Very good. You can die now!”

This statement stunned Zhuang Zhenghe. He quickly moved to the side, trying to block Xiao Chen.

Who would have imagined that Xiao Chen would not choose to charge through? Instead, he leaped up, and his figure seemed to disappear.

When he landed, the Lunar Shadow Saber, in its scabbard, had already stabbed into Fu Lianyun’s chest. No matter how Fu Lianyun struggled, it was useless.

This move startled everyone. They had not expected Xiao Chen to be so bold, daring to jump into their midst all alone.

“You are seeking death!”

The Metal Blood Sect’s Sect Master, Chen Ming, was the first to react, leading the group to surround Xiao Chen, moving as fast as lightning.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The eight figures tore through the air with very piercing screeches. At such a close distance, they only required half a second to strike Xiao Chen.

Even a Consummation quasi-Emperor would be severely injured after taking on attacks from so many quasi-Emperors.

Xiao Chen had no intention of dodging whatsoever. In the time it took for a spark to fly, he shoved the sheathed Lunar Shadow Saber down further, pinning Fu Lianyun to the ground, cutting off all hope of rescue.

After that, Fu Lianyun screamed miserably. Blood spurted out of his wound like a fountain. At this moment, Xiao Chen unleashed his Great Perfection quasi-Emperor aura without holding anything back.

The eight people charging over all revealed expressions of shock. They felt a vast aura that was so very dense that it was almost solid. This aura surged out in all directions, blowing them back.

Caught off guard, even Zhuang Zhenghe could not block it. He retreated a hundred steps before he stabilized himself.

Xiao Chen glanced back at the group of people in miserable states, then stood up and pulled out his saber, still in its scabbard. He turned around and gently floated into the air before landing back on the ground. Finally, he said indifferently, “Sorry, when I kill, I do not like having people interrupting me.”

The dying Fu Lianyun on the ground used his hands to press down hard on his wound. His face filled with horror.

Fu Lianyun did his best to raise his head and fixed his gaze on Zhuang Zhenghe with some hope. Then, he arduously called out, “Save…me…”

However, who would care about Fu Lianyun at this moment? The group of quasi-Emperors gathered behind Zhuang Zhenghe, all of them looking cautiously at Xiao Chen and not paying any attention to Fu Lianyun at all.

No one had expected Xiao Chen to break through to Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. His aura was like a mountain, far surpassing theirs.

Even Zhuang Zhenghe and the Metal Blood Sect’s Chen Ming, who were both Great Perfection quasi-Emperors, could not beat Xiao Chen in aura.

Zhuang Zhenghe did not say a word. He squinted at Xiao Chen, trying to see through his strength. However, he could not fathom it at all, failing to see what Xiao Chen’s limit was.

So, Zhuang Zhenghe sent out a voice projection. Chen Ming drew his saber and pushed off the ground, charging at Xiao Chen.

The other six Small Perfection quasi-Emperors all drew their weapons and also charged at Xiao Chen while projecting strong killing intent.

At this point, these quasi-Emperors all knew that they no longer had a path of retreat. Even if they begged for mercy, no good ending awaited them. Only by fighting and defeating Xiao Chen could they live.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, forestalling Lan Shaobai and his group from making a move. He stepped forward without drawing his saber, blocking Chen Ming’s saber strike.

At the level of quasi-Emperor, every move stirred up winds and clouds. Such people could change their moves several dozens of times within two or three breaths.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The seven worked together as one, blocking Xiao Chen’s horrifying aura and surrounding him, bombarding him with attacks. Saber lights and sword images flew out, throwing sparks everywhere. A gale blew, churning the clouds.

Because of the clashing of the power of the world, various scenes flashed in the surroundings like fleeting lights.

Xiao Chen moved around nimbly, fighting alone against seven. Even without drawing his saber, he maintained an impenetrable defense, blocking all their attacks.

Aside from Chen Ming, who was harder to handle, Xiao Chen could instantly take down the other six, as long as he drew his saber.

However, there was still Zhuang Zhenghe watching, storing up power and waiting for the right moment to unleash it. He planned to attack at lightning speed, once he fathomed Xiao Chen’s strength.

When meeting Zhuang Zhenghe this time, Xiao Chen distinctly felt that the Bloody Monk’s strength had improved further compared to one month ago.

Logically, this improvement was abnormal. Improving this fast was still impossible even by converting the power of faith into cultivation.

There was only one possibility. Xiao Chen recalled a certain ceremony in the Minor Leiyin Temple’s secret canon and had a rough idea. However, he did not think about it right now. He simply played along with this group of people. Either he would not make a move at all or he took down Zhuang Zhenghe as well when he did.

Chen Ming sent out another strike, forcing Xiao Chen back. Then, he frantically charged over, mocking, “Azure Dragon King, you are really boundlessly arrogant. Do you really think that you can take down the seven of us without even drawing your saber?”

As Chen Ming spoke, the other six Small Perfection quasi-Emperors kept attacking, sending out different strikes. Lights of all sorts of colors, along with various mysterious phenomena, surged out at Xiao Chen with horrifying auras.

Xiao Chen did not reply. He took a careful glance and made out the trajectories of the six’s attacks.

The Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s hand looked like it came to life, like it was his third arm. It nimbly spun around his arm, moving up and down.

Clangor rang out like thunder. Xiao Chen still did not draw his saber. As he glided back, he blocked all the attacks.

It was like there was an unbreakable barrier in front of Xiao Chen. If he wanted, not even wind could penetrate it.

The spurt of energy ebbed after a while before rising and ebbing again in such a cycle.

The principles of the Art of War from Xiao Chen’s previous life also applied in the cultivator’s world.

Before Xiao Chen’s exquisite defense, Chen Ming and his group tired out after maintaining their assault for a long time. From their initial ferocity, they now exposed many openings in their moves.

Zhuang Zhenghe felt frustrated. Even until now, he still could not figure out Xiao Chen’s limit. He cursed this group of people in his heart, calling them trash.

“Xiao Chen, you are called the Azure Dragon King in vain! You can’t even retaliate!” Chen Ming knew what Zhuang Zhenghe’s intentions were. Seeing that he still could not force Xiao Chen to draw his saber, he tried mocking him again.

Very good, the other side’s mental states are in a mess already, and their auras are weakening. It is time to end this farce.

“As you wish!”

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed in them. His gaze became as sharp as a saber. Just one glare sent a chill down the seven’s spines.

His hair wafted everywhere. His body gave off boundless saber hums. At this moment, his body was a saber, his hair strands were all sabers, his clothes were sabers, even his gaze was a saber.

Xiao Chen, who had been passively defending, suddenly rushed over in great strides. His white clothes looked like snow, and his figure was like the wind. In the midst of wind and snow, he quickly charged at the seven people.

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