Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108: I Am Not a Pushover

Xiao Chen used the clearly horrifying Great Perfection saber soul and the Great Perfection will of thunder. However, when he drew his saber, the surface of the sea, as well as the winds, remained dead calm, not fluctuating in the slightest.

Control towards all sorts of energy. A very fine control. This was the result of his practice of Saber Techniques over the past year.

Although Xiao Chen’s cultivation had not risen significantly, he already gained control. There were no slip-ups at all; he could move quickly without making a sound. When he used the Azure Emperor’s Drawing the Saber, he could create eighty-one different saber trajectories in the time it took for a spark to fly.

The saber light flashed. As Xiao Chen sheathed his saber, the black-clad old man’s body suddenly burst forth with a resplendent saber light, then split in half and fell from the sky to dye the water red.

Xiao Chen did not retreat, although the remaining three people were only ten meters away. He raised his head and said, “Now we can talk.”

One second ago, the black-clad old man was alive. One second later, he had died without an intact corpse, leaving only the sea that was dyed red.

When the three old men heard what Xiao Chen said, they all felt horror. No one had expected that after drawing his saber, Xiao Chen would be so dreadfully strong.

The anger in their hearts could not possibly surge any higher. Without warning, Xiao Chen killed at the drop of a hat. After killing, he calmly said that they could now negotiate.

“Damn the negotiation. You are seeking death!”

One of the old men had a good relationship with the dead person. He could no longer contain his rage and roared. Then, he stepped forward and cocked his arm to send a punch at Xiao Chen.

The old man drove the surging power of the world, and the water for five kilometers around them soared into the sky, stirring up countless towering waves.

Even though this old man was fast, Xiao Chen was even faster. Just as the old man took one step forward and his foot landed, Xiao Chen thrust his sheathed Lunar Shadow Saber forward. For some reason, the scabbard stopped right at the old man’s throat.

The motion was silent and fluid like water. It flowed very naturally and did not leak out any strength. It looked far from comparable to the commotion from the old man’s unfired punch.

However, this simple move pressed on the old man’s death acupoint. The other two old men did not even have an opportunity to help.

Before Xiao Chen’s calm gaze, the surging seawater for five kilometers around descended slowly. Relative superiority was determined in an instant.

As the waves settled and the water fell back down, it drizzled back to the sea, creating a lot of noise.

“Do you think that I’m still the same pushover from one year ago? Do you think that by simply sending a few Great Perfection quasi-Emperors, you will be able to drive me into a corner? Don’t be so naive.”

An intangible grandeur in Xiao Chen’s level tone deterred the three from taking any action whatsoever.

The three were shocked. This was not an aura but a kind of atmosphere—the atmosphere that was intrinsic to an expert. There was no way to imitate it or purposely reveal it.

Despite Xiao Chen’s extreme youth, no more than twenty-nine years old now, the atmosphere he gave off was stronger than that of these old men who had lived for several centuries. Such a thought was simply incredible.

“I said it very clearly earlier. If we are to negotiate, that person has to die first. If you wish to attack, I do not mind killing a few more people. Let’s see how many Great Perfection quasi-Emperors the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace can afford to sacrifice.”

The old man whom Xiao Chen’s scabbard pressed against said coldly, “If you dare, then do it. The Divine Dragon Palace might still be able to forgive you for killing one Great Perfection quasi-Emperor. However, if you go overboard, then don’t blame our Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace for being merciless when we send out a Martial Emperor to suppress you.”

Of the Sea Monarch’s old guards, the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace was the strongest. However, even the strongest Divine Dragon Palace was still much inferior to an Immortal Holy Land.

The Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace definitely would not have many Great Perfection quasi-Emperors. If Xiao Chen killed off four, the faction would not be able to accept it.

The old man’s words contained a heavy threat. He wanted to take the initiative to scare Xiao Chen and shock him.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. These Immortal Holy Lands did not dare to touch him because the Thunder Sovereign was still alive.

Even if he killed the three before him, the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace would not dare to do anything to him.


Xiao Chen could not be bothered to speak further with this person. He pressed down with his scabbard, striking this person’s chest. A huge force surged out, which caused that old man to vomit blood and sent him flying back one kilometer.

The other two old men quickly moved back to help this old man to his feet. They no longer dared to be careless, showing wary expressions on their faces.

Xiao Chen put down his saber and said indifferently, “Just say what’s on your mind. My time is limited.”

At this moment, the three old men had no choice but to accept the fact that Xiao Chen had killed one of them. One of the old men at the sides said, “Our Young Palace Master wants your Sea Monarch Headscarf. If you are willing to exchange it, you can make your demands.”

Sea Monarch Headscarf!

What do they want with the Sea Monarch Headscarf? Xiao Chen felt suspicious in his heart. However, he did not think too much about it. The Sea Monarch Headscarf was something that he would not sell. No matter what, he could not exchange it. So he did not hesitate to reject them, then turned to leave.

“Azure Dragon King, it is better to make a friend rather than an enemy in the Heavenly Starry Ocean. This is your only chance to resolve things between you and our Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace. As long as you agree, this Young Palace Master can help you deal with the Western Sea’s Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises, get them to stop causing trouble for Heavenly Star Island.”

The voice from behind stunned Xiao Chen. Heavy murderous intent flashed in his eyes again as an impulse to kill reappeared.

Xiao Chen had not expected that even after he left, the Seven Distinguished Dragon Marquises would not let Lan Shaobai and the others off.

“How about it? Have you reconsidered?”

Upon seeing Xiao Chen halt, that person thought that he was tempted, so he quickly asked.

Xiao Chen did not bother turning around as he said indifferently, “Did I not make myself clear enough? Fine, if you want to make an exchange, bring me a King Spirit Vein. Then, I will hand over the Sea Monarch Headscarf.”


That person who had spoken could not help feeling frustrated. Only a fool would use a King Spirit Vein to exchange for the Sea Monarch Headscarf. Even if one wanted to take advantage of the situation, one should not do it this way.

Furthermore, the entire Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace had only one King Spirit Vein. Aside from the Immortal Holy Lands, no faction would have an extra King Spirit Vein stored away.

Xiao Chen no longer bothered with the three. Now, he felt very anxious and wanted to rush back to Heavenly Star Island.

“Pu chi!”

Just as he was about to head away, the seawater before him split open. Four deep-sea flood dragons, each exuding the might of a quasi-Emperor, roared and put pressure on Xiao Chen.

An ancient war chariot followed the flood dragons. An old man pulled the reins, controlling the four quasi-Emperor-level flood dragons.

Xiao Chen felt a chill streak down his spine. This old man was an expert who was already a Consummation quasi-Emperor, able to suppress him.

This person gave Xiao Chen strong, uncomfortable pressure.

However, Xiao Chen did not feel any fear in his heart. He knew that this was a quasi-Emperor who had condensed a soul for the Heavenly Seal. This person was very horrifying, much stronger than himself.

Even so, Xiao Chen still had the Sea Monarch Crown. By using it on the surface of this sea, he could easily leave, fleeing from this old man without any injuries.

Most importantly, Xiao Chen still had the Solar Plume Feather that Little Yellow Feather gave him. That was the protective measure of the Golden Crow, an ancient Holy Beast. It was more than enough to kill this person.

A handsome youth sat in this war chariot. He showed a cold and proud aura. A deep glow in his eyes said that he was the kind of person that was skilled at scheming.

Xiao Chen had met this person before in Despair City. He knew who this person was: the Eastern Sea Divine Dragon Palace’s Young Palace Master.

However, at that time, Xiao Chen had only given him a casual glance. Since he was much more powerful than this person, he had not paid too much attention to Leng Shaofan.

Now that Xiao Chen gave this person a longer look, he found him very familiar. A person came to mind, the thought startling him. This was the Leng Ao whom he had gone to the Sea Monarch Palace with back then.

“It’s you!” Xiao Chen could not help saying.

Leng Shaofan smiled and said, “The Azure Dragon King finally recalls me.”

“Young Master, he killed Elder Feng!”

The three old men flew over from behind Xiao Chen. Then, they quickly reported Elder Feng’s death to Leng Shaofan.

Leng Shaofan’s expression did not change. He nodded and said, “It looks like it was the right decision to abandon the Four Seas Hero Gathering and rush over here. The Azure Dragon King’s strength is truly incredible. Can you tell me how you cultivated for the past year?”


Leng Shaofan did not show any anger on hearing that reply. His expression did not waver, either. He said indifferently, “That’s fine. Everyone has their own secrets. This is not strange. As the Azure Emperor’s descendant, you were able to sweep through the outstanding talents at your King conferral ceremony. You must have your own fortuitous encounters.

“However, what do you think your chances are against the five of us?”

Xiao Chen pointed to the old man driving the chariot and answered honestly, “This Xiao is not an opponent for this senior alone.”

Leng Shaofan smiled. “This is rather surprising. The Azure Dragon King that can defeat the various outstanding talents in one move each can still be so calm. On further consideration, you must be a smart person as well. Hand over the Sea Monarch Headscarf and state a reasonable price. Even though we are enemies, we can become friends.”

Xiao Chen retorted indifferently, “I have many friends. However, the name ‘Leng Shaofan’ will never be on that list.”


Leng Shaofan’s face sank. Since they could not come to an agreement, he directly said, “Just suppress him and don’t kill him. It is not worth offending the Thunder Sovereign over this short-lived person.”

The old man driving the chariot put down the reins. Then he slowly stood up. Instantly, an overwhelming aura that could topple mountains and flip seas pressed over. The seawater behind Xiao Chen suddenly soared up into a gigantic three-kilometer-tall wall of water.

Now that the four deep-sea flood dragons were not restrained, they appeared ferocious and bared their fangs and claws at Xiao Chen while roaring, strengthening their auras.

Before these strong auras, Xiao Chen felt like two mountains were pressing down on his shoulders. He moved back slightly and held his saber across his chest. Then, he looked calmly at Leng Shaofan and said, “I advise you to think things through carefully before acting. Do not regret this.”

Leng Shaofan laughed and said, “The Azure Dragon King can also feel fear? Unfortunately, it is now not you giving me the chance to regret, but me not giving you the chance to regret. Attack!”

The moment Leng Shaofan spoke, the old man previously driving the chariot snorted coldly. Then, the four ferocious deep-sea flood dragons charged at Xiao Chen.

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