Hidden Assassin

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Advertisement and Killing Intent
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi


Han Gangcheng’s mournful cry echoed in the gymnasium. He was lying on the ground, curled up like a shrimp. All the spectating male students winced as if they felt the pain expressed by his posture as well.

Within the whole gymnasium, Chen Guxia was probably the only one that stood up and applauded. From the very beginning, when he heard Jiaming suggest a change to the rules, he had guessed what the boy wanted to do. In a regular competition, attacks against the throat and genitals were forbidden. Since Gu Jiaming knew that he was at a disadvantage, he had come up with a game plan that Han Gangcheng had overlooked. If Han Gangcheng had been more cautious, or at least had not attacked unrestrainedly, Jiaming would not have been able to find an opening. However, due to that mouthful of spit followed by patiently enduring ten minutes of continuous attacks...

If the boy had planned everything from the very beginning, then he was a rare talent, with terrifying foresight.

The worst trait of a genius was their pride, and the fact that they would not be putting their talent to good use. However, the child in front of him clearly had the ability, but was not willing to use it on others; even if he were to make a move, it was used for escaping. However, once he had been forced to such an extent, he acted ruthlessly. In other words, this situation could only be described as Han Gangcheng bringing trouble to himself. It was rare to find a child with such a temperament.

Of course, this assessment was made after the fact; regardless of whether the child had planned it in advance, or adapted to the situation, he still had excellent abilities, even if his tactics had been somewhat exaggerated…

The exaggeration must have been due to him being backed into a corner.

“Hey, this… this counts as me winning, right…”

In the ring, when Jiaming saw that Han Gangcheng did not show any signs of getting up again, he let out a relieved sigh and looked around to find Dongfang Lu. When he naively asked that, loud shouts of anger —mostly by the members of the martial arts club— arose in the gym.


“Kill him!”

“Don’t you dare run!”

The arena instantly became crowded as people wearing martial arts uniforms rushed onto the stage. Some went to attend to Han Gangcheng, yelling for a doctor, while others rushed towards Jiaming, shouting and preventing him from leaving. When Shasha saw the situation was about to turn violent, she hurriedly retrieved her baseball bat and rushed towards the arena together with Lingjing. However they were a bit too late — the ring had already been completely surrounded by people.

Although Dongfang Lu tried to obstruct the martial arts club members, there were too many troublemakers that wanted to fan the flames. They hoped to see Jiaming getting beaten, and if it came to that point, they might even want to join in as well. Seeing that it was possible for the situation to further escalate, Chen Guxia wanted to jump down into the ring to help control the situation, but just as he was about to do this, one of the club members that was closer to Han Gangcheng broke through and rushed towards the trapped Jiaming.

It seemed that the much awaited scene had finally arrived!


Another piercing shriek resounded throughout the gym, the club member that had rushed forward sounded like he was being raped as he covered his eyes and fell to the ground in pain just like Han Gangcheng. Seeing that his painful cries were as exaggerated as Han Gangcheng’s, the audience looked down in between the pitiful member’s legs, then at Jiaming, and realized that he was holding a can of anti-wolf spray.

“Oh, he should be sent to the hospital, water won’t wash it out.” Jiaming shook the spray can and then slowly put the cap back on. He spotted Shasha who was currently running down, turned and said, “Actually… I still have something to say…”

The audience was so stunned by his actions, that they listened to what he wanted to talk about. He took out the can of anti-wolf spray again, and hesitatingly said, “Um, this is a can of a special mix of anti-wolf spray. It’s a lot stronger, so if anyone would like to buy one, it only costs 168 kuai a can, thank you…”

Ever since this aristocratic school had been established until now, there had probably never been such a farce. A fight had just ended up as an advertisement. The thoughts of the crowd were very split up: some of those who had found Jiaming despicable earlier, were speechless now; some found the whole situation absolutely entertaining, while others did not know whether to laugh or not as their face muscles twitched. Jiaming exited the sparring ring and Shasha was there waiting for him. It seemed that she wanted to rush up and hug him like at home, but ended up holding herself back. She only nudged him gently with her baseball bat, while Lingjing smiled and said, “You actually advertised it, so shameless…”

Jiaming only shrugged, and was about to speak, when Lingjing continued, “Oh right, Jiaming. Wanna guess who I saw just now?”

“Who did you see?”

“When I went to the bathroom just now, I bumped into Tsukichi Kaoru! The riot that happened over the Japanese girl was in fact over Kaoru, and she has even learned Chinese! I just spoke to her for a bit, but was rushing to come back. She should be by the entrance of the gymnasium waiting for us right now. Let's go find her.”

“Is it really her?” Shasha was surprised when she heard Lingjing’s news. Jiaming could only mentally sigh before smiling, “Oh, Lingjing you met her already. I was going to tell you guys later. I have known it was her since morning.”


“Haha, yes, she’s in the same class as me, so I already saw her in the morning. However I was too worried about the competition and was kind of nervous, so I forgot to mention it during lunch.”

Lingjing smirked, “You still say it was a competition… are you trying to make me laugh? You were really mean…”

“Hehe, it’s only ‘cuz I had good luck. I originally thought I couldn’t escape this beating, that’s why I spat on him so that I could at least get my revenge. Who knew that it would lead to him revealing his weakness… Haha…”

The three of them laughed and exited the gymnasium. When a few students saw Jiaming pass by, they all avoided him and Jiaming could not help but recall a sentence: ‘Ever since my name got smeared, no one would dare step on my head… Sigh, being invincible is lonely.’

At this point in time, he also wondered if he had gone a bit overboard with his actions. He did not care what others thought about him, in fact he would rather have people ignore him, but Lingjing and Shasha were different. They still had other friends, and had a more normal life within society. Today’s situation did not involve any danger, so he thought it was only a small task he needed to deal with, but if this affected their future, then it had not been worth the trouble.

As they walked out of the gymnasium, they saw Tsukichi Kaoru who was waiting for them by the entrance. After greeting her, Lingjing tugged on Kaoru’s hand and said, “Oh right, Jiaming, Shasha. Kaoru said that she came to China because she wanted to learn martial arts, which is just great. I wanted her to teach me English, so I will introduce her to my family’s dojo. Of course, since the school is too far from the dojo during regular school days, I suggest that the three of us teach her! She could also help us with our English, after all, she’s really good at it.”

Shasha nodded in agreement, while Jiaming smiled happily. However, a sliver of cold and heavy killing intent flashed deep within his eyes.


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