Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 413

Chapter 413 - Martial Artist Alliance

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

Fuming with anger, the red-haired man smacked the skinny man in the head, “Are you f*cking kidding me? Do you still think you’re a kindergartener? Go get him, now!”

Red-haired man’s yell sobered his minions up, and they hastily surrounded Qin Feng and pounced on him altogether.

Five of them had iron gloves on their hands, and they were fierce. They aimed at Qin Feng’s weak spots such as his head and the back of his waist.

A veil of murderous intent flashed across Qin Feng’s eyes. He hopped on one foot and darted forward.

The effect of combining the Winter Iron Glove and Intermediate Grade Thunder Tiger Fist was incredible.

He released a strength six times greater than an ordinary person and smashed a total of 300 kg into the skinny man’s stomach and sent him flying into the air.


The skinny man crashed into the wall and cracked it a little. The skinny man vomited a few mouthfuls of blood and passed out.

The punch stunned the remaining four people. They were so frightened by Qin Feng that they even forget to breathe!


Qin Feng vanished and reappeared in front of another minion. Without a second thought, he punched the minion’s right hand and fractured his arm with a crack. Excruciating pain raced through every last nerve of his body causing him to scream at the top of his lungs.

“Destroying only one of your arms is a light punishment for touching my beautiful student.”


A breeze blew like a specter in the dark, Qin Feng maneuvered himself among the people. He suddenly appeared in front of the third minion, and without much hesitancy, he smashed that person’s thigh. Plop! The minion kneeled on the ground, and his right leg was distorted. It was broken.

“Your actions are even more appalling. How dare you rub your groin on my student! You disgust me!”


Qin Feng punched the last minion and completely crushed his front teeth. The impact was so great that he swallowed his broken teeth.

“And you! How dare you lick your lips in front of my beautiful student? Do you think you’re a toad?!”

Red-haired man’s four minions were all smoked by Qin Feng within the time of taking a breath. They yelled in pain like ghosts and howled like wolves while wriggling on the floor.

Qin Feng had appeared before the red-haired man and offered him a charming smile. The smile scared him so much that his legs trembled, and he was bathed in cold sweat.

Plop! The red-haired man kneeled in front of Qin Feng.

“Big Brother! Please, please forgive me. I’m ignorant for not knowing your great name. I swear I won’t do it again!”

The man was freaked out by Qin Feng. Qin Feng was too powerful. He was as strong as an ox and as cruel as a demon.

He is not a human. Every time he moved, somebody got injured. They either had their limbs broken or had their teeth crushed. He was even more horrible than them as hoodlums!

“What did you do to my beautiful student just now?” Qin Feng paid no mind to his plea and extended a cheerful smile at him.

The red-haired man began to slap his own face. As he was slapping his face, he pleaded, “Big Brother, it’s my fault. I’m sorry! Please forgive me! Please let what I’ve done just now pass like a wind. I swear I won’t do it again in the future!”

“I’m asking you: what did you do to my beautiful student just now?” Qin Feng roared as a powerful and domineering aura erupted from his body shocking the red-haired man and giving him a headache.

“I--I took a sniff of her perfume with my nose,” the red-haired man hastily made a vow, “I promise; we all just leer at her, and we’d never touch her!”

Of course, Qin Feng knew they had not touched Qiao Shi Shi before; otherwise, he would not have punished them so lightly. He might’ve drawn his Truesteel sword and chopped off their limbs.

“Nose? Tsk, tsk, look at your high-bridged nose. It should cost you a few million to fix it.”

Torrential of gale rose as the sound of his punch filled the room once Qin Feng finished speaking.

The orange radiance flashed, and before he could look at it, the red-haired man suddenly felt an excruciating pain spreading from his nose. His nose crumbled and warm liquid began to stream down dying his face in red. It was scary.

After his work was done, Qin Feng returned to his seat and continued to eat.

Meanwhile, Liu Jie and Qiao Shi Shi were stunned at his side. They still could not regain their senses.

Professor Qin Feng is too violent!

“Oh yeah, Liu Jie. I remember that you were very angry just now, and you wanted to beat them. What are you waiting for? Go get them!” Qin Feng glanced at Liu Jie while eating.

Liu Jie looked at the crippled five people. He swallowed hard and said, “No, I don’t want to.”

“Ai! You’re so kind. How can you bear to see them bullying Miss Qiao Shi Shi and not give them some punishment?” Qin Feng shook his head and heaved a long sigh.

What the f*ck?! They are on the edge of dying. Who would be responsible for their death if I accidentally kill them?!

“What the hell is going on here?! Do you know how hard I’ve worked to maintain a small restaurant like this? How can you people fight and make a scene here?! Who’ll be responsible for my loss?!” a loud voice of great penetrating power echoed through the room. A middle-aged woman with no distinctive waist barged into the room.

When she saw the ravaged private room, her face was instantly flooded with fury.

“Who the f*ck did this? Come out now!”

“Eh?! Why are you here, Shi Shi? How can you idle around when you’re on duty?!” the proprietress yelled loudly when she noticed Qiao Shi Shi.

“You’re the boss here?” Qin Feng stepped forward and guarded Qiao Shi Shi behind him.

“Was it you? I don’t care. You’ve to pay for everything you have destroyed!” the proprietress’ attitude changed after she noticed that Qin Feng had an imposing manner and didn’t appear to be a person she could meddle with.

“Of course. We have to pay for the things we destroyed. Name the price. How much do we need to compensate you,” Qin Feng said like a rich young master.

Seeing Qin Feng as a sucker, the proprietress’ eyes rolled as a mean thought flashed through her mind. She then said unconfidently, “Every--Everything in this private room is expensive. The wall is crystal marble. Those plates you shattered are fine ceramic crafts from Jingdezhen. And this wooden floor is imported from Australia. That large chandelier is of German craft…”

Qin Feng gestured his hands and cut her off, “Just name it. How much do we need to pay?”

The proprietress hesitated for a while. Then, she demanded an exorbitant compensation, “Pay me 5,000 yuan! I’ve given you my lowest price seeing that you’re Shi Shi’s friend.”

Liu Jie’s eyes widened in shock, and he almost fainted.

They merely shattered a few cups and plate and soiled the wooden floor. How dare she demand a five thousand yuan compensation! Is this a slaughterhouse?!

It was Liu Jie who was going to treat Qin Feng to a meal, so it was natural for him to pay the compensation. He did not have that much of money. As he was stepping forward to discuss with the proprietress about the compensation, Qin Feng was a step faster than him and halted him.

“Five thousand yuan? Are you kidding me?” Qin Feng laughed.

Seeing Qin Feng trying to slice down the price, the proprietress gnashed her teeth tightly and yelled, “Yes, it is. I won’t let you all leave unless you pay in full!”

“Ahem! Ahem! I guess you misunderstood me. I’m going to say five thousand yuan is too little. It’s so little that it embarrassed me!”

Qin Feng’s word sent a pang of pain to Liu Jie’s heart. He started to think, “Could it be that Professor Qin Feng is out of mind?” Likewise, Qiao Shi Shi peered at Qin Feng with a questioning expression. However, she soon grasped the situation, and she smiled.

“What’re you saying?” the proprietress stared at Qin Feng in disbelief as if she had seen a ghost. She thought her ears had failed her.

“I said, you should ask for more!”

“Then… how about 6,000 yuan?” the proprietress asked with a smile on her face.

Qin Feng squinted. He thought this proprietress was a black-hearted woman at first. She disappointed him.


“Eight thousand yuan?”

“Can’t you f*cking ask for more?” Qin Feng was angered.

“Fine! I won’t be easy on you then. Twenty thousand yuan! Pay it in full or else no one is allowed to leave this room!”

The proprietress was baffled by Qin Feng’s intention. However, no one would reject if someone wanted to give her more money. She blocked the exit of the private room with her gargantuan body as if nobody would be able to leave the room if they were not going to pay the money.

“Okay! Twenty thousand yuan it is! Remember to count this meal in!” Qin Feng smiled into a wickedly sly grin.

The cost of a meal was only a grain of sand compared to the huge amount of compensation. The proprietress agreed to it with alacrity.

“Brat, how are you going to pay? Cash or direct transfer?” asked the proprietress as she exposed her miser-like expression.

With a puzzled face, Qin Feng looked at the proprietress and said, “Why do you ask me? You should ask them! They are the ones who are going to compensate you not me! I don’t have money!”


Liu Jie could not hold it in anymore and laughed. He finally got a good grasp of Qin Feng’s intention. So Professor Qin Feng is frauding those five people! Meanwhile, the corner of Qiao Shi Shi’s mouth arched into an even broader smile. Her face was veiled with could of myriad expressions as she stared at Qin Feng.

The proprietress felt that she was fooled by Qin Feng. She blew her top and glared fiercely at Qin Feng as if she was going to had a life-to-death battle with him. At the same time, the red-haired man and his four minions were shocked by Qin Feng’s utterance that they almost vomited blood.

Not only did he beat them, he was now going to fraud them. He is too shameless!

“Why are you five still zoning out there? Hurry up and pay her. Do you guy still need this young master’s assistance to search for the money from your pockets?” said Qin Feng as he waved his Winter Iron Glove.

Frightened, the five people hastily waved their hand as a sign to turn down Qin Feng’s offer. They had a good taste of Qin Feng’s punch. They did not want to taste it again ever!

“Haha, please wait for a moment Big Brother. We’ll pay for it. We’ll pay for it no matter how much it is!”

The five people began to pull out money. The proprietress was stunned. It was out of her expectation that a flimsy young man like Qin Feng could subdue a group of hoodlums.

The proprietress regretted it, I should’ve asked for more!

The red-haired man and his four minions stayed behind to pay the compensation. Qiao Shi Shi returned to work. Qin Feng and Liu Feng bade her goodbye and exited the restaurant.

Walking under the streetlight outside of the campus, Qin Feng suddenly remembered the thing Liu Feng mentioned to him before.

He turned to Liu Jie and asked, “Liu Jie, what is the Martial Artist Alliance you talked about earlier?”

Professor Qin Feng, you really don’t know about the Martial Artist Alliance?” Liu Jie stared at Qin Feng in disbelief.

“No, I do not. Please explain it to me. What is the Martial Artist Alliance?”

Liu Jie was shocked after Qin Feng expressed that he did not know anything about the Martial Artist Alliance.

After he calmed down and explained to Qin Feng,“The Martial Artist Alliance is a large mysterious organization that brings together all of the martial artists in China. As a member of the Martial Artist Alliance, you can either release a mission or accept a mission from other members. Different kinds of missions give different kinds of rewards.”

“Any kind of rewards?!” Qin Feng had grown interested in the Martial Artist Alliance.

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